Feb 28, 2008

Chakras - I - Muladhara Chakra ( Base Chakra)

नमः शिवाय!

In my Previous post, Chakras -Introduction, I have given the general account.

The base chakra is called muladhara chakra in Sanskrit, I have drawn this chakra based on the information provided by Swami Sivananda given in the end and not from its visual manifestation The place is called Kunda and the energy Kundakula.

Fig C3: The first and foremost Chakra or the Base Chakra is Muladhara Chakra.
Mula meaning the Base, it is a 4 petal lotus like Chakra, with the Brahmdvara in its center, where the "Shakti" resides, and this Brahmadvara remains closed by the head of the Kundalani, the Serpentine power, it lays there inactive in three 1/2 coils. this point lies exactly near the end of the spine in the flat area between the Anus and the testicles of a human male, this area is called "Kanda".

The Mandala is Earth, Bhu Loka.
The Zodiac sign is Taurus
The Mantra is लँ .

The Endocrine Gland is Prostate, Adrenal.
The no of Petals are 4- Parmananda, Yogananda, Virananda and Samajanada
The Linga positioned here is Swayambhu (Meaning self created)
The Vayu or Air here is called Kandarpu Vayu
The color of this Chakra is Crimson Red
The area of Knowledge is Unconscious.
The Energy is called
कुण्डलिनी  and is काकिनी योगनी , काकिनीरूपधारिणी  मुलाधाराम्बुजारुढ़ा। The Deity for this Chakra is Shri Maha Ganapati.   
The Randhra or opening is Brahma Randhra, and Brahma resides here.

The Purpose of yoga is to activate the Kundalini (Sanskrit meaning, to sit on the ground in a 3 1/2 circles) to reach the Shasrara  where Shiva resides.

The Chakra is related with, ability to live as a human being, ability to survive in this world, since every one comes here alone, the lucky ones then get introduced to the Parents, so this Chakra remains open and active and functioning in an infant, because it gives the energy and push to live, survive and learn, if this trait is kept in an continuous flow, the Chakra is bound to remain open through his/her life, but this trait stops and it happens with the majority, because they depend a lot on their parents and go through a phase where they get immense security, protection and stability, as a person starts to gain independence the Chakra opens and vibrates to extend the required energy to allow the person stand on his/her feet, so in a way all those people who live a independent life, earn, raise a family, support their kids this Chakra is open in a very physical sense, but it has Spiritual side also which is more important, which connects the physical side with the inner spiritual world. It is like a priest who worships daily with heart connected elsewhere so would lack divine connection, or it is like a telephone which is good and the carbon vibrators are good, but it is not connected to any telephone company, once connected to the divine energy the psychic energies manifest, and this is not possible with out the help of the eternal energy or superior energy or simply god or super conscious.

For Physical flexibility one can do Asans, but once you cross into the mental realm, you will not need your physical self, yoga it self means, meeting of the atma with Paraatma, which is all beyond the physical plane.

Few asans which might help in initial stages of the sadhana, and Asana is the third stage in the Astang yog process, so before physical flexibility, one need to put both Yama and Niyam in place in all spheres of their life.

This Asan is Sukha Asan, which is simple Siddhasana, the actual Siddhasana requires one to keep the ankle of one leg close to the anus and the ankle of the other leg resting on it, or just crossing it like in a sukha Asan, like I have tried to show in my drawings. The name Siddha itself suggests that this Asan is for the purpose of realizing Siddhis or Spiritual Powers.

This is Sarvangasana, but still I would suggest watch these Asanas on the website http://www.bandhayoga.com/flyarounds.html through their 3D pose viewer.

Now here one needs to have lots of patience, because first you will have to stabilize the Bija Mantra for the first Chakra, which is लँ , it is laya, the flow, and please take note that this is a vibration so start slowly and take time to sink in to the mmmmmmm part of the Mantra, mmmm is shiva, the bindu.

There are four more Akshara Mantra for each petal or each nadi of the Chakra, see the Fig C3, I would suggest everyone interested to learn the Alphabets of Devanagari (Hindi or Sanskrit) then it would become very easy to chant these Mantras. 

Swami Sivananda says:

The MULADHARA CHAKRA is situated between the root of the reproductive organ and the anus at the base of the spinal column. It is here, as I have already mentioned, that the two Nadis, Ida and Pingala, meet the Sushumna., hence it is also called Triveni, in French it is called Trois-Rivières

The Muladhara Chakra is two fingers above the anus and two fingers below the genitals and four fingers in width (i.e. If you sleep on your back). It has four petals (Nadi's) of crimson hue. 

In the pericarp of this Chakra there is a triangle in which the sleeping Kundalini coiled-up in 3,1/2 coils in Kunda, note for Vishnu it is seven coils, so it is th econnection between the 3,1/2 coils and the 7 coils

She (Shankini) holds her tail in her mouth and covers the mouth of the Brahma-dvara with her head, the gateway to the Seat of Brahman, when a person dies the soul departs the body from this dvara or the door, and it is called going towards the south direction where the god of death Yama's abode is there, and the one who is self realized and works his or her way up towards the Brahma randhra (Shikha sthana) leaves the body from here, and is called going towards north, this is also one reason why people when they bathe in sacred rivers like Ganges, particularly in places like Kasi (Varanasi) they bathe in that part of the river which is going towards north and not towards south.

But please before you start building a new desires on this bit of information, read Adi Shanakaracharyas NIrvana Shatakam, https://ianala.blogspot.com/2018/12/blog-post_20.html, where he says Self is not even desire for Moksha. sorry. :-)

The Yogi who concentrates on the Muladhara Chakra gets full knowledge of the Kundalini and the various means to rouse it to action. As soon as the Kundalini is roused, the Yogi gets the power to rise up above the ground, he gets full control over his breath, mind and semen. 

(I would say, 'o' deluded man, If you do not experience this then what have you done by living in this human body, it is just beautiful, so don't waste your time trying to control things in this material world, work towards this and enjoy the bliss.)

His Prana flows through the Sushumna and all his sins are destroyed. He gets knowledge of the past, present and future. 

He is immensely happy. (Irrespective of his or her bank balances or who is controlling it) :-)

Mind, Prana and Virya (Semen), control one of them the other two will automatically come in your control.

The drawing of the Chakra, lot of people have tried to draw with all that mystic colors and curves and things like that, I have tried to keep it simple as per Swami Sivananda Maharaj's explanation.

More to Follow: Chakra II.

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, Feb 2008


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Your drawing of the muladhara chakra is astounding! I would love to see more of the chakras, where can I see them? THANK YOU!

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All Chakra Drawings are in this heading, Ultimate science

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Muladhara Chakra