Feb 10, 2008

Dhana Bhava- 2nd House-House of Wealth

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Dhan Bhava/Second house: relates with wealth, assets, family, speech, eyes, mouth, face, voice, food.

1-2. Combinations for Wealth.

If the Lord of Dhana is in Dhana bhava (second house), or is in an angle, or in trine, he will promote one’s wealth (or monetary state). Should he be in 6th/8th/12th, financial conditions will decline.

A benefic in Dhana bhava will give wealth, while a malefic instead will destroy wealth.
3. One will be wealthy, if Guru (Jupiter) is in Dhana bhava, as the Lord of Dhana, or is with Mangal (Mars).

4. If Dhana Lord is in Labha bhava, while the Lord of Labha in Dhana, wealth will be acquired by the native. Alternately these two Lords may join in an angle, or in a trine.

5. If the Lord of Dhana is in an angle, while Labha Lord is in a trine there of, or is drishtied by, or yuti (Conjoined) with Guru (Jupiter) and Sukra (Venus), the subject will be wealthy.

6-7. Yogas for Poverty. One will be penniless, if the Lord of Dhana Bhava is in an evil Bhava, while the Lord of Labha Bhava is also so placed and Dhana Bhava is occupied by a malefic. There will be penury right from birth and the native will have to beg even for his food, if the Lords of Dhana and Labha Bhava are both combust(Posited close to Sun), or with malefics.

8. Loss of Wealth through the King. Should the Lords of Dhana and Labha Bhava be relegated to Ari (6th), Randhra (8th), or Vyaya Bhava (12th), while Mangal is in Labha Bhava and Rahu is in Dhana Bhava, the native will lose his wealth on account of royal punishments.

9. Expenses on Good Accounts. When Guru is in Labha, Sukra is in Dhana and a benefic is placed in Vyaya Bhava, while Dhana’s Lord is yuti with a benefic, there will be expenses on religious, or charitable grounds.

10. Fame etc. If Dhana’s Lord is in own Rasi, or is exalted, the native will look after his people, will help others and also will become famous.

11. Effortless Aquisition. If Dhana’s Lord is yuti with a benefic and is in a good division, like Paravatans, there will be effortlessly all kinds of wealth in the native’s family.

(“Paravatansdau” of the text denotes Paravat, or such other higher Vargas: Dhan’s Lord should be in Paravatans, or in Devalokans, Brahmalokans, Sakravahanans, or Sridhamans in the Dash Varg scheme).

12. Eyes. If Dhana Lord is endowed with strength, the native will possess beautiful eyes. Should the said Graha be in Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya Bhava, there will be disease, or deformity of eyes.

13. Untruthful Person. If Dhana Bhava and its Lord are yuti with malefics, the native will be a talebearer, will speak untruth and will be afflicted by windy diseases.

Kalyana Verma's Saravali.

If Mars, Saturn and the Sun occupy the 2nd House, the natives wealth is destroyed.
If weak Moon aspects the 2nd House, such effects are more pronounced. 
Mars and the Sun in the 2nd cause afflictions to skin apart from causing poverty.
If Saturn, posited alone in this House, is aspected by Mercury, he will be greatly rich.
Even, if the Sun is posited in the 2nd House in aspect to Saturn, without aspect of others, poverty will come to pass. 

Benefics in the 2nd House cause advent of money in many ways.
But, if Jupiter posited in the 2nd House remains under Mercury's aspect, or Mercury so posited in the 2nd House in aspect to the Moon, the entire wealth earned by the native will be deprived. 

Weak Moon in the 2nd House in Mercury's aspect denotes, that even the ancestral property will be destroyed; not only this, other sources of income will also be hindered. 
Should the 2nd House [from the] Moon be aspected by Venus, plenty of wealth will be earned. Same is the result by aspect of another benefic (i.e. Jupiter).

Grah/Planets in 2nd bhava and their effects

If Sun is in the 2nd Bhava, the native will be endowed with servants and quadrupeds, will suffer facial diseases, will be deprived of happiness and wealth and will lose money through royal displeasure, or through thieves.

If Moon occupies the 2nd Bhava the native will enjoy incomparable happiness and friends and be wealthy. If the said Moon be Full, the native will be very affluent and will speak less.

If Mars occupies the 2
Bhava, the native will be poor, will eat bad food, will possess an ugly face, will join bad men and be bereft of learning.

If Mercury is in the 2nd Bhava, the native will earn wealth through his own wisdom, will enjoy food and drinks, be auspicious in speech and will have good course of conduct.

If Jupiter occupies the 2nd Bhava, the native will be rich, will enjoy good food, be an eloquent speaker, be fortunate, be charitable and will have a beautiful body and face.

If Venus is in the 2
Bhava , the native will enjoy abundant food, drinks and wealth, will derive excellent pleasures, be endowed with good speech and will amass great wealth.

If Saturn occupies the 2nd Bhava , the native will have an ugly face, will enjoy worldly prosperity, be devoid of his own men, will render justice, will later on (in the course of his life) go to other countries and will earn money and conveyances.

If Rahu occupies the
2nd Bhava, can become quite wealthy, but wealth is also a source of personal instability and extremes in the behavior of the family, and they will identify socially with the underclass or a foreign culture, unusual values of food tastes, and very high entitlement to eat and drink as they please.

If Ketu occupies the 2nd Bhava, native will be disconnected or of peculiar speech, odd values, detachment from money & family traditions, can make it difficult for the person to access & express their true values.
May have strong intuition & a psychic insight into the past, may make you conceited, or feel deprived.

If the second house or bhava is empty, then look for if any benefic like Jupiter, Venus, Shukla Paksha Moon or Idependent Mercury is aspecting that house, then the effects will be good and if the bhava is aspected by a malefic like Saturn, Mars, Krishna paksha Moon, Mercury conjoined with a malefic, or other afflicated grah/planets, Rahu and Ketu, then the effects could be bad, in case there is no aspect then just check the properties of the properties of the sign/Rasi and deduce the effects, there is a possibility of Rasi aspect also, which also needs to be checked.

An empty house, with out any aspects from malefics is much better then a house with a malefic or afflicted grah or aspected by a malefic.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

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