Feb 11, 2008

Sahaj Bhava- 3rd House- House of Co-borns

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

The third house or the Sahaj Bhava relates with the younger co-borns.

1. Should Sahaj Bhava be yuti (Conjoined) with, or drishtied (Aspected) by a benefic, the native will be endowed with co-born and be courageous.
2. If Sahaj’s Lord along with Mangal (Mars) drishties Sahaj Bhava, the native will enjoy good results, due to Sahaj Bhava. Alternatively these two Grahas may be in Sahaj itself.
3. Destruction at once of co-born will come to pass, if the said 2 Grahas are together with a malefic, or in a Rasi, owned by a malefic.

Female and Male Co-born.

If Sahaj’s Lord (The lord of thrid house) is a female Grah, or, if Sahaj Bhava be occupied by female Grahas, one will have sisters, born after him. Similarly male Grahas and male Rasis denote younger brothers. Should it be of mixed nature, co-born of both sexes will be obtained. These effects be declared after assessing the strength and weakness of the concerned.

5-6. Should Sahaj’s Lord and Mangal be together in Randhr Bhava (8th house), destruction of co-born will result. Happiness in this respect will come to pass, if Mangal, or Sahaj’s Lord is in an angle, or in a trine, or in exaltation, or friendly divisions.

7-11. Number of Brothers and Sisters. If Budh is in Sahaj Bhava, while Sahaj’s Lord and Chandra are together, as the indicator (Mangal) joins Sani ( Saturn), the effects are: there occurred the birth of an elder sister and there will be younger brothers. Furthermore, the third brother will die. Should Mangal be yuti (Conjoined) with Rahu, while Sahaj’s Lord is in his debilitation Rasi, there will be loss of younger brothers and/or sisters, while three elder brothers and/or sisters were attained by the native. If Sahaj’s Lord is in an angle, while the significator (Mangal) is exalted in a trine and be yuti with Guru (Jupiter), 12 will be the number of total co-born. Out of these two elders and the 3rd, the 7th, the 9th and the 12th of the younger co-born will be shortlived, while six of the said twelve will be longlived.

12-13. There will be one co-born, if Vyaya’s Lord (some texts read, as Labha’s Lord) joins Mangal and Guru, while Sahaj Bhava is occupied by Chandra. If Chandra is lonely placed in Sahaj Bhava with Drishti of male Grahas, there will be younger brothers, while the Drishti of Sukra denotes younger sisters.

14. Adverse Grahas. Surya in Sahaj Bhava will destroy the preborn. The afterborn will be destroyed, if Sani (Saturn) is found in Sahaj Bhava. In the same situation Mangal will destroy both the preborn and later-born.

15. After estimating the strength and weakness of such Yogas, the effects, related to brothers and sisters, be announced.

Kalyan Verma's Saravali...

When the 3rd House is owned by a malefic and is occupied by a malefic, the co-born are destroyed. Conversely, a benefic's Sign being the 3rd and occupation of benefics therein will cause happiness thereof.

Now explained below is the method to ascertain the number of co-born. The number of Navamsas past in the 3rd House denotes the number of brothers following the native.

If other planets aspect the 3rd House, the said number (caused by Navamsas) stands increased. Saturn placed in the 3rd in aspect to Mars causes destruction of co-born. But Venus in the 3rd and in aspect to Jupiter increases happiness thereof.

Mercury placed in the 3rd House, in aspect to Mars (or in aspect to the Sun, as some texts read ‘Bhaskara Drishtah' instead of ‘Angaraka Drishtah'), the native's friends are destroyed.

Grah/Planets in 3rd House or Sahaj Bhava.

Should the Sun be in 3rd, the native will be valorous, strong, will lose co-born, be dear to people, good-looking, very learned and will conquer his enemies.

Should the Moon be in 3rd, the native will protect his co-born, be always delighted, valorous and will be endowed with learning, robes and food.

If Mars be in 3rd, the native will be courageous, unconquerable, bereft of co-born, be delighted, will have all virtues and be famous.

If Mercury occupies the 3rd, the native will always toil hard, be devoid of near and dear, skillful, endowed with co-born, very cunning and fickle-minded.

If Jupiter occupies the 3rd, the native will be greatly humiliated, be vile, ever successful, will have digestive deficiencies, be defeated by women and be sinful in acts.

If Venus occupies the 3rd, the native will be happy, rich, conquered by women, be vile, little enthusiastic and will be bereft of luck and paraphernalia.

If Saturn occupies the 3rd, the native will be dark in complexion, will maintain physical cleanliness, be base, will have indolent attendants, be courageous, charitable and will have great intelligence.

If Rahu occupies the 3rd: the mode of communication would be peculiar, excellent writer if L-5 and Budh are strong, strange ideas, travel to far lands, Can fabricate stories for instrumental purposes, but is also a great short-story writer, whether it is beneficial or not depends on Rahu's Lord.

Too out of place for conventional business, but may succeed as a trainer or a language teacher, The immediate younger sibling is odd or will have strong foreign interests, If Rahu is conjoined with malefics, the siblings mental health may be an issue of concern or it could be the Karaka for birth of twins.

If Ketu occupies the 3rd: The native will Loose contact and support of siblings, will suffer from weakness, courage, self-made wealth, neighbor, etc for an ultimately good results of calm inwardness would be required.

Might be a natural meditator, enables you to conquer your enemies, become quarrelsome, & gain wealth, you have few friends, constant pain in your hands, fear, anxiety, worry & instability.

Ketu can give much affluence but it will not let you sleep with peace of mind.

As per Lal Kitab Rahu in third house gives undue protection to the native from all problems....

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, Feb 2008

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