Feb 13, 2008

Yuvati Bhava- 7th House-House of Spouse/Business/Protection

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

The 7th house or the Yuvati bhava: (Yuvati = Woman) is one of the most important house, the natural 7th house is Libra and the lord of the 7th house is Venus, and Venus is also the natural karaka for marriage, or spouse.

Yuvati Bhava: Relates to marriage, marital life, life partner, long journeys, partners, business, death, the portion of the body below the navel.

Effects of Yuvati bhava; BPHS

1. O excellent of the Brahmins, listen to me detailing the effects of the 7th house.

If Yuvati Lord is in his own Rasi, or in exaltation, one will derive full happiness through his wife (and marriage). 

2. Sick Wife.

Should Yuvati Lord be in Ari 6th, Randhra 8th, or Vyaya 12th house, the wife will be sickly. This however does not apply to own Bhava, or exaltation placement, as above.
3. Excessive·Libidinousness/Death·of·Wife.

If Sukra is in Yuvati, the native will be exceedingly libidinous. If Sukra yuti a malefic in any Bhava, it will cause loss of wife.

4-5. THE 7TH LORD.

Should Yuvati Lord be endowed with strength and be yuti with, or be drishtied by a benefic, the native will be wealthy, honorable, happy and fortunate.

Conversely, if Yuvati Lord is in fall, or is combust, or is in an enemy’s Rasi, one will acquire sick wives and many wives.


If Yuvati Lord is in a Rasi of Sani (Saturn), or of Sukra (Venus) and be drishtied by a benefic, there will be many wives. Should Yuvati Lord be particularly in exaltation, the same effects will come to pass.

7-8½. Miscellaneous MATTERS.

The native will befriend barren females, if Surya (Sun) is in Yuvati. Chandra (Moon) therein will cause association with such female, as corresponding to the Rasi, becoming Yuvati. Mangal (Mars) placed in Yuvati, will denote association with marriageable girls (those with menses), or with barren females.

Budh indicates harlots, mean females and females, belonging to traders’ community.
Wife of a Brahmin, or a pregnant female will be in the native’s association, if Guru is in Yuvati. Base females and females, having attained their courses, are denoted by Sani (Saturn), Rahu/Ketu in Yuvati.

8-9½. Mangal (Mars) denotes a female with attractive breasts. Sani (Saturn) indicates sick and weak spouse. Guru (Jupiter) will bring a spouse with hard and prominent breasts. Sukra ( Venus) will bring one with bulky and excellent breasts.

10-13½. Malefics in Vyaya and 7th, while decreasing Chandra is in Putra denote, that the native will be controlled by spouse, who will be inimical to the race (or family).

If Yuvati Bhava is occupied, or owned by Sani/Mangal, the native will beget a harlot, as his spouse, or he will be attached to other illegally. Should Sukra be in a Navamsa of Mangal, or in a Rasi of Mangal, or receive a Drishti from, or be yuti with Mangal, the native will “kiss” the private parts of the female.

If Sukra is so related to Sani, the native will “kiss” the private parts of the male.


The native will beget a spouse endowed with (the seven principal) virtues, who will expand his dynasty by sons and grandsons, if the 7th Lord is exalted, while Yuvati is occupied by strong Lagna Lord and a benefic.


If Yuvati Bhava, or its Lord is yuti with a malefic the native’s wife will incur evils, especially, if Yuvati Bhava, or its Lord is bereft of strength.


If Yuvati Lord is devoid of strength and is relegated to Ari 6th, Randhra 8th, or Vyaya 12th, or, if Yuvati Lord is in fall, the native’s wife will be destroyed (i.e. she will die early).


If Chandra is in Yuvati, as Yuvati Lord is in Vyaya and the Karaka (indicator Sukra) is bereft of strength, the native will not be endowed with marital happiness.


One will have two wives, if Yuvati Lord is in fall, or in a malefic Rasi along with a malefic, while Yuvati Bhava, or the 7th Navamsa belong to a eunuch planet.

If Mangal and Sukra are in Yuvati, or, if Sani is Yuvati, while the Lord of Lagna is in Randhra, the native will have 3 wives. There will be many wives, if Sukra is in a Dual Rasi, while its Lord is in exaltation, as Yuvati Lord is endowed with strength.

22. TIME OF MARRIAGE (upto Sloka 34).

If Yuvati Lord is in a benefic’s Bhava (or in Dharma, as Subha ( Auspicious) Rasi so means), while Sukra is exalted, or is in own Rasi, the native will get married at the age 5, or 9.

23. If Surya is in Yuvati, while its dispositor is yuti with Sukra, there will be marriage at 7th, or 11th year of age.

24. Sukra in Dhana, while Yuvati Lord is in Labha will give marriage at the age of 10, or 16.

25. Marriage will take place during the 11th year, if Sukra is in an angle from Lagna, while Lagna Lord is in Makar, or Kumbh.

26. The native will marry at 12, or l9, if Sukra is in an angle from the Lagna, while Sani is in Yuvati counted from Sukra.

27. Should Sukra be in Yuvati from Chandra, while Sani is in Yuvati from Sukra, marriage will be in the 18th year.

28. Marriage will be in the 15th year, if Dhana Lord is in Labha, while Lagna Lord is in Karma.

29. An exchange between the Lords of Dhana and Labha will bring marriage 13 years after birth.

30. Ones 22nd/27th year will confer marriage, if Sukra is in Yuvati from the 8th Bhava (i.e. Dhana from Lagna), while his dispositor is yuti with Mangal.

31. Should Yuvati Lord be in Vyaya, while the natal Lord is in Yuvati in Navamsa, marriage will be in 23rd/26th year of age.

32. Either the 25th year, or the 33rd year will bring marriage, if Randhra Lord is in Yuvati, as Sukra is in Navamsa Lagna.

33. Should Sukra be in Dharma from Dharma (i.e. in Putra Bhava), while Rahu is in one of the said Bhavas (i.e. in Putra/Dharma), marriage will take place during 31st, or 33rd year.
34. The native will marry at 30, or 27, if Sukra is in Lagna, while the 7th Lord is in Yuvati itself.


Loss of wife will occur in the 18th year, or 33rd year of age of the native, if Yuvati Lord is in fall, while Sukra is in Randhra.

One will lose his spouse in his 19th year, if Yuvati Lord is in the 8th, while Vyaya Lord is in Yuvati. The native’s wife will die within three days of marriage due to snake bite, if the native has Rahu in Dhana and Mangal in Yuvati.

If Sukra is in Randhra, while his depositor is in a Rasi of Sani, death of wife will take place during the native’s 12th, or 21st year of age. Should the ascendant Lord be in his Rasi of debilitation, as Dhana Lord is in Randhra, loss of wife will occur in the 13th year of age.


Should Chandra be in Yuvati from Sukra, while Budh is in Yuvati from Chandra and Randhra Lord is in Putra (from the Lagna), there will be marriage in Karma year (10) followed by another in the 22nd year and yet another in the 33rd year.


lf Ari, 7th and 8th are in their order occupied by Mangal, Rahu and Sani, the native’s wife will not live (long).

Note: Where ever it says "Wife", one should read it as "Spouse".

Kalyana Verma Saravali:


If Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury be in the 7th, in any manner (i.e. one of them, two, three, or all of them in the 7th), or other divisions falling in the 7th House, or, if the 7th House be in aspect to these, one will procure a wife corresponding to the planet/s and Rasi in question.

46. Should the 7th House contain malefics, or fall in malefic planets' divisions, the wife of the native will be destroyed (i.e. adversely affected). These results can be deduced from the Ascendant and the Moon, the stronger of them having more significance. If the Moon be in the 7th (from the Ascendant) along with Saturn, the native will marry a widow.

47. The number of wives will correspond to the number of heavenly bodies aspecting the 7th, or the Navamsa past in the 7th House. There will be a single wife, if Leo, Aries, or Scorpio rise in Navamsa, or, if Mercury and Jupiter join together in the 7th House.

48. If the 7th House has many divisions of Venus and the Moon, or is occupied by these two, there will be plurality of wives. Specially Venus in the 7th will cause such an effect.
49. Jupiter and Venus related to the 7th House will confer a bride of the same caste, while the Sun, Mars, Saturn and the Moon denote a female belonging to a mean order. As per Ketumalacharya, Venus and Moon related to the 7th House will cause relationship with whores.

50-51. Mars in the 7th House will make one go devoid of wife ( Lord Shri Rama also had Mars in 7th and we know the Ramayana, he is separated form his wife Sita devi for many many years and then again when the Demon King Ravana is killed and everything becomes peaceful, he sends his wife away suspecting her chastity, so anyway they remain separated). If he is, while so posited in aspect to only Saturn, the wife will certainly pass away.

Should Mars and Venus be together in the 7th, or 5th, or 9th, the native will beget a languid, or deformed wife.

52. It is the unanimous opinion of all the sages, that, if the Moon and the Sun are, respectively, in the 12th and the 6th, both the native and his wife will be one-eyed.

53. If Saturn occupies the Ascendant, while Venus is in the 7th identical with Ganda Rasi and the 5th is bereft to beneficial aspect, the person acquires a barren wife.

54-55. One will be devoid of a wife and an issue, if malefics occupy the Ascendant, 12th and 7th, while decreasing Moon is in the 5th. Both the native and his wife will be immoral, if the 7th in aspect to Mars and Saturn. House falls in the various divisions of Saturn and Mars, while Venus is posited in the 7.

56. When the 7th House is occupied by Mercury and Venus, the native will be bereft of both wife and progeny. If however this combination receives the aspect of a benefic, there will be obtainment of a wife at an advanced age.

57. Should the Moon, along with even one of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, be in the 7th, the native will be opulent.

Note: The numbers as prefix are the serial number of the Sanskrit Sholakas related with each translated statement.

Grah/Planets in Yuvati bhava- 7th House and their effects

If the Sun is posited in 7th, the native will be poor, insulted, will suffer bodily diseases, royal displeasure's and imprisonment, will take to bad ways and will not be well-disposed to his wife.

If the Moon is in 7th, the native will be amiable, happy, will possess a good physique and be sensuously disposed. If the weak Moon is in 7th, the native will be pitiable and weak.

If Mars is posited in 7th, the native will lose his wife, will suffer from diseases, will take to bad ways, be miserable, sinful, devoid of wealth, distressed and emaciated.

If Mercury is in 7th, the natives wife will be very learned, beautiful in appearance, will not be of good descent, will promote quarrels and be very affluent. The native himself will be very great.

If Jupiter occupies the 7th, the native will be charming, will acquire a beautiful wife, be greater than his father, be an eloquent speaker, a poet, a superior person and be learned and famous.

If Venus occupies the 7th, the native will be very beautiful, be happy with his wife, will enjoy great riches, be devoid of quarrels and be fortunate.

If Saturn is posited in the 7th, the native will always be subjected to ill health, will lose his wife, be bereft of wealth, will present himself ugly, be sinful and will do very mean acts.

If Rahu is posited in 7th Bhava: The spouse might be from a foreign land or might belong to lower class, Marriage represents entitlement to satisfy a personal desire at the expense of social stability. 

Spouse may be entirely successful but the foreign behaviours are a permanent source of change and movement in the natives life. Excellent for international business negotiations, where the spouse becomes a significant partnering asset.

 Also good for counseling/advising for multi-cultural and taboo relationships.

If Ketu is posited in the 7th Bhava: Ketu does not obstruct marriage but keeps the native in a restless dissatisfaction with the spouse, or the native might have a disconnected, inappropriate or unavailable spouse, Ketu is the tail of the Serpent "Naga", it belongs to no one, has no power, the spouse might be withdrawn, often narcissistic or so concerned with their own selves that they cannot participate in partnerships. This can be very tiring to the native since, the mind would always be worried about something or other regarding the spouse, and the spouse will be in a very difficult position, a patient and loving spouse can tax himself and a careless and mindless spouse can ruin the relationship, but Ketu does not take the native to that extent, Rahu will be pulling him the other corner in exactly the opposite direction.

Here we are just seeing the 7th house and not marriage, because to deduce the combinations for marriage, health of marriage, spouse, type of spouse, longevity of the marriage, dangers to the marriage, no of marriages etc. can be seen from many other angles, 7th house just tells us about the Spouse in general and relations with business partners. etc.

The most appropriate planet for a very beautiful marriage would be auspicious Venus in 7th and that 7th house should be either Pisces (Venus exalted) or Libra (Venus own house and Moolatrikona) , with Shukla paksha Moon, and a shubha dhristi of Jupiter from Gemini or Jupiter in Cancer (Jupiter exalted) and similar combination should be present in the Navamsa, Jupiter disciplines Venus and the Moon adds its charm, and Venus as its is adds feminine beauty.

Note: Rather it is a warning, this is for parents, please don't try to find a short cut to match the charts of your children and get into a vicious circle, :-) because life of two individuals is at stake, and it is them who have to live that life together, or best thing don't match the charts, just go for it like in west, :-) and many women they come with questions like I want to check the chart of my boy friend, :-) If you are in love please don't check the charts unless there is some serious problem, :-) because once you check and find out one of you have Moola Nakshatra then your parents will panic. :-)) checking charts is strictly for arranged marriages only, where parents go looking for brides or bridegrooms, and not for people in love.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal Feb 2008.


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