Apr 11, 2008

Chakras-II - Svadhisthana chakra

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

In my Previous posts, Chakras Introduction and Chakras - I, I have given the general account about these beautiful, subtle, invisible, non material, nerve centres or energy centres present in the
Astral body of each and every human being, One can visualize like a key chain with three leaves cut like a human body, one is your physical body which is visible and second is the Astral body and the third is called the causal body, pull them together it is one body, separate them you will feel three.The second Chakra, the Svadhisthana Chakra, Fig A- Svadhisthana Chakra- drawn by me.
The two tube kind of things are actually Sushumna nadi, though I have tried to show it like it a physical entity,but it is not a physical entity, it is a Astral entity

The Mandala is Water otherwise called as Jala Mandala.
The Zodiac sign is Cancer,
The Mantra is Vamn or Vang,
The Endocrine Glands connected are gonads.
The no of Petals are 6, which are six yoga nadis which appear like petals. 
The space in this chakra is like a crescent moon or form of a conch,
The color of this Chakra is Blood red, like Vermilion,
The area of Knowledge is Unconscious.
The Energy is called Kundalini, Dakini Shakti, or just Shakti.
The Deity for this Chakra is Lord Brahma.

Swami Sivananda Maharaj says:

The SVADHISHITHANA CHAKRA is located within the Sushumna at the root of the
sexual organ. It has six petals and is pure blood-like red (vermilion) in colour. 

Concentration on this Chakra frees the Yogi from fear of water. 
He gets several other psychic powers, intuitional knowledge and freedom from the faults of the mind and the senses. 
He becomes an object of love and adoration to all beautiful goddesses, and recites all the Sastras unknown to him before. 
He becomes the conqueror of death and moves throughout the universe fearlessly. 

In his Pdf document he says:

He who concentrates at this Chakra and meditates on the Devata has no fear of water. 
He has perfect control over the water element. 
He gets many psychic powers, intuitional knowledge and a perfect control over his senses. 
He has full knowledge of the astral entities. Kama (Sex), Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Lust for many things), Moha (Moha for a son or a wife), Mada (A bull in a rodeo), Matsarya and other impure qualities are completely annihilated. 
The Yogi becomes the conqueror of death (Mrityunjaya).
So the first Chakra gives Earth element, and the second Chakra gives Water element.

There is this site http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/chakratest.php where you can answer few questions it tells you if your Chakra is Open and If open at what %, it is good way of finding out but I am not comfortable with the word Overactive, because nothing is overactive, the Chakra is supposed to be 100% open then only the Kundalini energy can flow freely towards the Shasrara Chakra.
There is another site http://www.chakraenergy.com/ here too you can test if your chakra is open or not.

Other Interesting sites are :


Basically all these sites deal with the natural effects due to these chakras but none of them actually deal with the supernatural effects from these chakras, like it is detailed by Shri Sivanada Maharaj, because when people who study a lot and almost understand everything, they also perform various Yoga Asanas and even after that they do not feel the ultimate effect due to these Chakras, but all the hard work doesn't go waste, the mere opening of Chakras extend all those effects which are detailed out in these sites, which are very natural and have nothing to do with the Kundalini Energy or the Serpentine power.

I know when a person reads all these the first impression is not to believe and if that person happens to be from westernised west (Because Easternized West is also there) then there is no doubt, he will ask a doctor, or a person who works in a morgue or who performs postmortems, did you ever see these things in a human body, and the answer is always NO, again the question to such a person is did you ever See a remote signal, and the answer is always NO. :-)) Yes we do not have physical mechanisms to measure many things, like no of taste buds, no of smell buds, quantum of sense of taste and smell, it is limited to the feeling of the person only, a person lacking this kind of sense can only tell If he can smell or not, feeling with Chakras is also similar, only the person can tell if he feels something happening in his back or not a tingling sensation when these chakras are open and the kundalini energy, the serpentine power flows though it, and when it reaches the Shasrara chakra, it is yet another feeling, but in initial sessions, the feeling subsides very fast, only after a long time, one can feel that it stays put, yes it definitely needs time and patience and lots of personal observations.
I am not sure If women also can get this attenuation like men, because when it comes to spirituality, Men are gifted and for women, it is always men who are the medium to attain that levels of spirituality, hence, in India it is given lots of value and importance that a women worship her husband with out guilt and doubt ( Called as Pati Vrata Dharma), it doesn't matter how her husband looks or what kind of character he has and how much he earns.

Well I know the modern liberated women would not like a single word I have written, but what I am talking about is for spiritual growth and ultimate liberation and not for a successful executive life.

One more point about these Chakras is many people have tried to de-mystify them by saying that they are just centres of nerves and if open they give a better life and they should be only 50% open, if they are open more then 50% then it is overactive etc hence the questionaire to see if they are open or not.

But all this does not go well with the purpose of Chakras and why they should be open and how one can check if they are open, there is a very subtle way to find out if they are full open or not, again for this purpose one has to go deep into your inner world. I would say this is beyond the scope of this level. :-)))))))

More to follow: Manipura Chakra- The third Chakra- the seat of fire.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

SIanala, Montreal, April 2008

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