Aug 27, 2014

Individual Courage

Long time back, there were this neighbours of my uncle, all black belt in judo and karate, even the two girls were well trained in judo and karate and the girls were in college, one day the elder girl was returning from the college by walk, and on her way near a police station, :-) about 1/2 a km from her home, a small boy about 6 or 7 years old playing with his old torn tyre took a look at her and passed some comments, the martial arts learned girl of 20 came home running and informed her black belt brothers and fighter ex defence father, about a boy who made some comments, the two brothers ever ready to fight ran towards the direction and came back disappointed that there was no one, then they took her with them and there was that boy still playing with his tyre, the brothers could not stop laughing and came back and informed their father about the eve teaser, :-)) then the news came to me and I could not stop laughing, but the father took is very seriously and he gave her a nice thrashing, because she was trained martial arts and she could not confront a small 6 years old.

What was she lacking, "Individual courage", though she was well educated and well trained in martial arts, but what is the use if she lacked individual courage, all she learned was useless, today she must be around 50 years old, mother of children, hope her children do not lack individual courage. :-)

I have seen this lacking in 99% people and they hide behind the excuses, :-) and this is the only reason why one person rules and rest simply follow him, I think generally unmarried women lack this due to lack of experience, and once they get married they slowly develop it, and few turn into brats, because too much courage is also too bad, we are not taking about nut cases or madness here.

Challenge is too keep your cool and yet keep your individual courage at a very high level.

Men mostly are good with individual courage but not always.

So I thought I will give small small exercises to cowards and their two clients Bitch from hell and Leech slime to develop some individual courage.

Level Maternal

Take your car, with out informing any one, including family members and drive around the city for few hours and return home safe.

Then slowly increase the distance and enter new localities, but all by yourself  no one should know where you are, or it is a waste.

You can do it by walking also, but don't take public transport or move with any groups or people.

The best location is India, because every street has a bunch of local dogs and these dogs think the street belongs to them, even a small puppy barely able to walk will bark at you, :-) and little reaction from you, they run for cover, :-) same thing with people, here in Canada we don't see people or dogs but there are cowards everywhere, they are enough, cowards behaviour is similar to the behaviour of street dogs in India. :-))

Level 10th grade

Change your country, go to a new country all by yourself, and with your own earned money look for accommodation, and a job, earn and call your family members, and settle down in the new country.

For this level, Canada is the best location, here the fraudulent characters fish for new immigrants in HRDC centres, airports, bus stations, shopping malls, and these characters are well connected with the government of Canada and political parties, so Canada is the best location. :-) Though I did not had any prior knowledge of this system in Canada, it revealed itself slowly over a period of 10 years or more. :-)

Most immigrants under independent skilled category have already done this, that includes me, if you have family or friends already in the new country then it is a waste, do the application all by yourself no agent or middle man should be used.

Level 12th grade

In the new country, try to keep your culture, your religion, your opinions, and your political will, and refuse to co operate with any criminal activities, fraudsters, etc, and face the music for not co operating with the fraudulent characters. :-) I have done this. :-)

Level Graduation:

Stand alone with your opinion and stand, no matter how many people try to pull you down, stay put and continue to live in the new country, and face the fraudsters and their political friends, and fight the rumour mills and manipulative characters, blogging is the best way, but keep your point of view and continue to live.

Level Post Graduation:

Face politically fraudulent people well connected with the national political parties, and face all that they throw at you through all the government departments and continue to live in the new country and still keep your point of view and freedom of expression, and try to teach them a lesson and offer them your expertise, how to live like a king. :-)))))))))))))

Level PhD,

Face all political parties not only in the new country also in your home country and all the diplomatic hegemony against you, because the new country like Canada, will ask your home country folks to help them, :-) face all the propaganda against you by everyone around you and related to you, but still keep your point of view, opinion, thinking process, and continue to live in the new country and travel to your home country as well, :-) and do things that cause frustration to all those tormentors involved in your new country and your home country, and keep a smile on your face, and move freely, like the jungle belongs to you. :-)))))))  by the time your reach this level the nature will already be co operating with you. ;-))

Level Post Doc,

Ask them (The tormentors or cowards or domestic terrorists)  to kiss your ass. In the new country as well as in your home country and just live your life.

Level King

Just live your life. :-)

So basically this is one of the hard ways to test your individual courage and all along you should remain alone without help from anyone or even advance information will not help in developing individual courage. :-) Because when with backing even a small puppy barely able to walk barks at strangers that is not individual courage.

Note; If you panic at any stage, think that your are not yet ready for that level, so go back to your previous level, and please take time, this might take decades, :-) there is no short cut.

All the best.
Cowards &Bitch from Hell & Leech, and Individual Courage.

Cowards have clearly told me it is not their cup of tea to develop individual courage, they can not live a second with out their network of cowards. :-)) they are like bees, and ow a days they are busy in my groin. :-))))))), cowards think if they sting my groin like bees, that will cause some sexual excitement, itching does not cause sexual excitement fools, the organ for such excitement is brain, but as long as the mind remains detached, it will not work. :-))

Bitch from hell, It is too late for her to start anything due to her old age, so probably she should take the night watchman's job in Apt no 3, 1480 Rue Crevier, because the young man in that apartment is falling asleep, he is not able to stay awake and watch me sleep all night, and at the same time he has to tap the floor also, tough job, since Bitch from hell is old, and might not be getting enough sleep, she should try this job. :-)) Please call Police Quartier numero 6 for this position. :-)) This job will be better then the job at road crossings. :-)

Leech: She is not able to bring that change, she wants to sit piggy back like 2003, but it is too late for that, but she has a better chance to develop individual courage, she had already passed 10th grade level by moving out of her home country and she repeated it many times, only now due to cowards in Montreal she too has become a coward. :-)) and my suggestion to her is stop using your groin for thinking, go up, there is this organ called brain for thinking, I guess too many cobwebs are blocking your thinking process.

It is ok I thought I will motivate the cowards to live better, but if they want to live in those crevices and cracks, it is their choice.

I guess if you are a cockroach you remain a cockroach all your life. :-))))))))))))

Sexual Excitement, Brain, Groin and Mind.

This is for cowards, If sexual excitement was that easy, Itching in groin, and filth in brain is not enough for the sexual excitement, :-) mind needs to be attached for the body to react, :-)) if Mind is detached all the filth will remain in the brain, and itching in the groin can be scratched off, :-)) but the action that cowards want will never happen. :-)

Ok! You could pump enough filth in the brain, but now the challenge for the cowards is to find that mind which normally processes this function, :-)

I am very well aware of the cowards intentions, :-)) Happens people lie and create rumours, it does not mean cowards will have to turn the lie or rumour into a fact. :-)) ask the rumour mongers to take a U turn.

Sorry bad luck cowards, try to find the mind.  :-)))))))))))))))))))))

By the way there are five types of minds, which process various functions of the body. :-)

Good luck!! :-))

Oh! By the way there is another major issue for your intentions to succeed, even if you find the mind and attach it to the brain, there is this thing called "morals", it has been in its highest mode since I gained consciousness, I am not sure how you will do that, turn a highly moral person into a immoral person.

There will be more issues but I will reveal them once you succeed in finding the mind.

Good Luck once again!!

Aug 25, 2014

My World and the external influence

Let me give an incite to my world, because cowards in Canada/USA/India are struggling to get an idea of my world, so that they can give a head start to the dumb women who had already wasted her 73 years. :-))

First and foremost, I was born and brought up in a very simple, middle class, away from civilian life, my first 23 years were mostly in defense camps, which means, very vegetative, simple, surrounded by nature and outside life ends by 8 PM, Gardening was the major pass time, but the people around us were always from 30 different languages, 25 different states, 10 different religions, 1000 different castes and creed, so multi culturalism is my forte. :-)

My Civilian life started after my 23rd year and it was shocking to see how people lived a immoral and manipulative life, it was a different world from which we were unaware, our environment was a secure, well within certain physical limits, with good security around us, but civilian life was like you are surrounded by "Bitch from hell", and you need to take care of every small small things, or they are gone. :-))

It was not as scary as Canada, because there was still hope with certain government departments which might work to stop any "Bitch from hell", trying to steal, though we were surrounded by many "Bitch from hell", 24/7  but they needed an opportunity to steal, I am sure this situation has not changed in India.

But Canada is changing fast, under Conservatives, now people like" Bitch from hell", need not look for opportunity to steal, the opportunity is provided by the government agencies, which includes the corrupt police, the information is provided by these government agencies. :-))

I used to have small small dreams, very small, but not any more, I was a very practical person right from the day one but little romanticism crept in now and then, and fantasies were non existent, I never had fantasises, but now I am having more fantasises, I think that has to do with Canadian illegal Brain research, but thanks to "Bitch from hell", my fantasises break the moment she appears in  them.

My Fantasies are actually designed by cowards so you can imagine what would they be, :-)) but I have a system so it turns them into something else and I am safe and does not fall prey to the cowards intentions. :-))

Hype: It has no place in my world, does not matter how big it might be, if you are a piece of shit, after all the hype, in my world you are still going to remain a piece of shit, so don't waste your time , money and energy here, it will not work, it did not work when I was 25, why would it work now, my first employer wanted more then a good employee from me, he wanted a slave, for that he tried to use hype, but nothing changed, I worked 5 years with him and he remained an asshole for me, till I resigned, though he suffered and is still suffering from what I showed him in terms of ability.

He could have simply awarded me for my ability, may be we could have done many excellent things, but he wanted a slave and not an employee and he wanted all the credit to himself, so he lost me, his main game was to award those around me, because they were slaves, :-)) fool.

So don't waste your time on hype, I use hype to make fun of people and not to jack them up. :-))

Fear: I am the most scared person in this world, I am afraid of almost everything, :-) but I have no fears. :-)) difficult to understand,:-) For me Mr M K Gandhi was the most courageous individual in the history of mankind, even more then Hitler. :-) I will give an imaginary situation.

If Canadian government under the instructions of "Bitch from hell", had to deal with Mr M K Gandhi in one room and Hitler in another, Hitler might agree with out much sweat to the dictum's of Bitch from hell, but M K Gandhi might not budge from his stand no matter what. :-)) It is called individual courage.

Authority: If you put your glasses on the bridge of your nose and use high pitch to show that you are an authority figure, I would rather make a caricature out of you or use you as a butt of all my jokes then give you any attention, don't try that, If you scream I will show you my lung power. :-)))

Authority for me is a person who has to organize the resources to facilitate and make lives of people easier.

Noise: As a kid I used to play among huge defense vehicles with shrill horns, mostly Russian make, I had easy access because my father was the boss of such exercises, so your sirens, shrill horns from Police cars, Ambulances, Fire trucks remind me of my childhood (6 to 12 yrs old) days when we would play with sirens, they were installed to warn the people for any incoming aircraft's from Bangladesh during 1971 war. :-)) people in uniforms, that is were I grew up, My father was always in uniform. ;-)

So people in uniform if they insult the uniform, I don't like it.

Family: Since we lived in a close family till I got married, and I never lived away from my family for more then a year, so family stands first and no family is with out children.

Individuals, people who live independent lives amuse me, how they can even live like that.

Gold/Silver: I have none, I don't like to wear them,

Tattoos: I think weak people need something like a tattoo to project their stand, I have no tattoo's and I would not like to have one.

Alcohol/Sedatives/Narcotics: You need help, please ask for help.

Alcoholics/Addicts: Please don't feel weak and unwanted, take some spiritual drink.

(Note: Some misguided people particularly in west think spiritual journey can also be experienced with drugs, that is just the drug effecting your brain and nothing to do with spirituality)

Smokers: Please send them to Guantanamo bay and keep them there.

Cigarettes: Ugly, smelly things people shove them down their throats to die faster. ;-)) (This is my daughters definition) :-))

Homosexuals: Please get therapy for better understanding of sexuality and take an African safari in the wild and look for one animal which is trying to screw same gender, if you find one please let me know, I will take therapy.

Old Women: I suffered at the hands of my two grand mothers, psychologically, they treated me like doormat, so I am not very comfortable around them, and as if that was not enough, the two old bitches did the same to add insult to injury.

Older Men; I never saw my grand fathers, they passed away years before I was born, and my father too passed away at 62, and never lived with any older uncles or relatives, so I have no experience with older men.

Children; They are the future, and they are closer to god and god manifests through them, so I see GOD in them.

Women: Always an enigma and will remain so. :-)) Never had an idea how they will react. :-)) scary, so mostly I stayed away from them. :-))

Physical relationship: Only with one, my wife. And now I don't crave for it.

Physical kisses: I could kiss only one women on lips, my wife. :-))

Mental relationships :-)) please don't ask for my innermost world. ;-) not yet.

Friends: Since we moved a lot from one city to another, one locality to another, one house to another, I have no long time friends, and I am not bothered if I have none, it is the culture we grew up in, most of the times we did not had time to say good bye, we just packed and left. :-)) but short time friends plenty, I was the ring leader all my life, and kids would wait out side my home for me to start the days activities. ;-) but they too changed as they too moved.

Like: People don't like each other because they suffer from same disease, or have same color, or look alike or have same religion, or eat same food, or watch similar movies, :-) people like each other when the chemistry clicks, which is mostly mental.

And Chemistry can not be controlled by Government agents of Canada, :-)) they might be able to cause short memory loss, or stimulate the brains certain parts to cause sleeplessness, or cause sleep, or cause giddiness, etc, but they can not control the brain 24/7 like a computer. :-))

Bottom line: No government can make two people friends, leave alone lovers. :-))

Lust; Shankara charya wrote in his Bhaja Govindam song, youth with out Lust, lake with out water, relatives with out money are useless. :-)

Love: Love is God.

Truth; Truth is God.

Lies: Are escape routes, should use them in very extreme situations or harmless situations, but we have created a world on lies. :-))

What troubles me most: women hurting women, physically or psychologically, I could never understand what is the basic problem of women when they turn so mean to hurt other women, be it relatives, or strangers, and this menace is universal.

When rich folks steal from poor, When Children go hungry, When government hurts citizens.

There are many more.

What else, hope this information helps the dumb women to get some head start, but still you can not beat me. ;-))

you want to know the reason, why you can not beat me.

" Because you depend on 1000 people to move an inch, I don't", I move miles on my own steam, advance information need not always work in your favour, it can also work in entirely opposite direction. ;-))

By the way someone wants to know how much gold we have, we are Indians so we do have small amount of gold, :-)) Canadian government should start a new department, gold evaluation, :-)) then cowards need not work so hard through international diplomacy to get an idea how much gold one is having. ;-)

In Bengaluru Airport, some Indian jack ass asked my wife on 24th June 2014, does she have an estimation of the gold she was wearing, particularly he asked about her Mangal sutra, which every married women in India wears it, :-)) my suggestion to that Indian jackass is ask your wife if she has any estimation of her Mangalsutra. :-)))))) she might kick his sorry ass.

(Note: The declaration form given to passengers clearly states, if you have anything worth less then 10,000$ you need not declare, :-))

In Montreal Airport: Another Canadian jack ass asked the same question, and funny part is, when my wife said about 4000$, he then calculated and told her it is around 3500$, :-)) and then he let her go.


Can some one shove that declaration form up their ass so that they can update themselves, and also the person ( I am sure it was Bitch from hell) needs one up her ass too. :-)))))))))))))))))))

Curiosity is good but it needs to be kept in control or it can turn into an obsessive, chronic disease, then you suffer from severe obsessive curiosity, which means no piece of information will satisfy your curiosity, it is like drug addiction.


Aug 20, 2014

Why? please ask yourself Why?

Why? it is a three lettered word and is such a beautiful question, which when asked could not be answered by the most respected saints of this world. :-)

So when ever someone tries to pull something with out the knowledge of any person or party involved without their knowledge, then this question should be asked, Why?? :-)

Then see, how the people who think they are master minds are stumped with open mouth and no sound, :-)

This has been my most favourite question of my life time, Why? and then see people trying to find an answer and fall flat on their faces. :-))

The scriptures also talk about it, when saints said, God created himself and then created this world and then humans etc, well everything is ok, then this simple question was asked by an ordinary person like me, and the saint was stumped and said, this is one question no one could ever answer.

The they come with defense, fools are not to be included in such discussion, so anyone who asks why? is also a fool, :-)) because rest everyone is highly intelligent because they understand your motive or intention, except the fool. :-))

Now bunch of people connected with Canadian government want certain things from certain person, there might not be any reason why they want, it could be just, they just want it because they are in the government, and people who accept such requests are gullible citizens, but the one who asks, why? is unwanted by the government of Canada. :-)

I have a colleague, who makes lot noise about huge home taxes, welcome taxes, school taxes, etc, and as he happens to be in the worse tax bracket, above 45000$, he gets nothing from the government but he has to pay every single tax, the government proposes, so he feels the pain, I was once in that bracket and felt that government was unjust, so my friend made lot of noise about unjust taxes in Quebec in particular and Canada in general, then I asked him. :-))

Then Why? did you vote the same government, :-))

As expected there was no Answer. :-))

He is not alone in this crowd, millions are in Canada, USA, India, they make lot of noise, and when the time comes to exercise their franchise, they fail to make noise and vote the same old party holding the government. :-))

Beauty of democracy is so simple, just exercise your vote in a proper manner, it is ok, still the same old party might win, but at least you will not regret that you voted the party and received unjust treatment, but people don't do this, they get carried away by the last minute promises of the politicians.

And I think this time in India, people did exercise their franchise in a very appropriate manner, and they will see the result in few years to come, and the party which got kicked out has not yet learned its lesson, probably the skin is too thick to feel the pinch. :-))

Or it will take few years to feel the pinch, particularly when the new governments efforts will bring the promised results. :-))

India: Only few months have passed and Modi's government is still working to move the huge mountains of stagnated and unfulfilled promises and the old government responsible for that is trying to create and impression that Modi has not fulfilled his promises, :-)) Someone should tell them do not worry people of this country are well aware of everything and will compare their performance after 5 years when the reelection will come. :-)) or to be just, after 10 years is the right answer.

Yes after 10 years of Modi governance, if there is no change in the country, then give him what the old party got, but for 10 years to pass, we will have to wait more then 9 years. :-)))))))))

Telangana: Well KCR must be getting the reality of being a non Cong-I, Non BJP, Non TDP CM, and how difficult it might be to even move a inch, because in Telangana repeated governments of Cong-I had created such a non functional system, that would need many years of continuous efforts to undo all of them and then move forward, but then TDP is going to be in Hyderabad for at least 10 years, for Telangana it would be like a sharp double edged spear in the bed. :-)

If KCR wants that Telangana and its people should see some growth and change in their lives, he will have to move very slowly inch by inch but make sure he does not stop, :-)) I think the recent survey was in a very good direction, at least it will show them who is who, and who is getting maximum benefit, though they might not deserve.

How many air conditioners is a very good question, that will show how people use power and what is their social and economic condition, same thing with how many bedrooms. :-)

If government is conducting a survey, people should not forget to ask the simple question, Why?

This will keep the government on its toes, the problem starts when people stop asking questions like Why? the government turns in to a dull system feeding their lazy bodies and lazy party. :-)

And check any state or country where ever a single party has held power for more then two terms, the lethargy creeps in the second term and it rests till they are kicked out. :-))

For Modi government, the main trouble maker is west, because west is comfortable with Sonia Gandhi and her clan, with Modi it is a different equation and the first impression is in a terrible shape for both sides, to mend that and take a huge leap is too much for any current politician, :-)

So west will look for internal and external  trouble makers who can do things for them against Modi's government, who can be Adani, Chandra Babu Naidu, various Chief Ministers of BJP, Shiv Sena, RSS, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, all these are in some way connected with the west, not that Modi is not aware, but still spears in the bed are not advisable when you have a government after 10 years of opposition rule.

It is always better to keep spears outside the bedroom. :-)

Amit Shah in Telangana is too early, because everyone knows what Chandra Babu Naidu is looking for, he has invested lot of money in settling in Hyderabad, and their are millions like him who moved lock , stock and barrel to settle down in Hyderabad, and now they have to leave in 10 years, which would be very difficult thing to swallow for people like Chadra Babu Naidu. :-)

BJP will have to be very careful with TDP and other parties like it, :-) it is too early to play with things for those who supported you in whatever form, BJP should should take at least 2 to 3 years before they even touch issues like Telangana, they should let KCR do what he wants to do, after all people of Telangana are also citizens of India and BJP is responsible for India and its every single citizen.

BJP should ask itself, Why? Chadra Babu Naidu supported them in the last minute in 2013, he is being backed by the same people from far away continents who also backed Ex and Late CM of Cong-I, who died in a helicopter crash. :-)

So please ask yourself Why?


So I always ask myself Why?

Why? Bitch from hell", did that did this, is doing this or that, you will get an idea, :-) same thing why cowards are doing this or that, Why Leech is doing this or that, Why Liberals are not doing this or that in their own constituency, Why Conservatives are doing this or that in Saint Laurent, Why my neighbour keeps changing but continues to do what others did silently or by making some noise, :-)

Why? Should I do this or that, :-))

Any Answers please. ;-)

Read this non sense:

Leech and her cowards say: It is "Bitch from hell", everywhere. :-))

Bitch from hell", and her cowards say; It is Leech responsible for everything. :-))

I say: So what? Why I should be bothered? :-))

" The one who is responsible for everything will get back what ever they give to others including me"

I know who is running after whom, that answers all questions. :-))

Just ask yourself, Why???

Cowards clarification and Warning for "Bitch from hell",

Yesterday cowards clarified in their neanderthal ways, that both the women are responsible for everything that happens in Canada/Quebec and they are just mere puppets who can not raise their tails, hence they keep them tucked in. :-))

Warning for Bitch from hell:

"Bitch from hell", needs to be careful about her family members, Leech and her cowards are targeting family members of Bitch from hell, like her children and grandchildren, so take precautions and keep them under alert.

Canada is turning into a open terrorist country, till now everything was hidden and under the blanket, now everything is going to be openly done, the cowards are loosing patience, :-)) so they want to play Hitler- Hitler. :-)

I gave bitch from hell such a good opportunity to screw Leech back in 2004, but Stupid "bitch from hell" screwed me, and that was a blunder on her part, so now she will pay for that blunder, she created this demon and this demon is running loose.

I guess she can only create demons but she has no plans to keep them under control.

Aug 11, 2014

Current, 11 AUG 2014-Psychology

There is a saying in Hindi,

"Bura Jo Khojan Main Chala, Bura na Miliya Koyi,

Jo dil Khoja Apana Muja Sa bura Na koyi",

As on today, it suits the "Bitch from hell", and her corrupt friends in Ottawa, :-)) so my suggestion to her and them is get yourself psychologically evaluated, better if you get it done by a group of top clinical psychologists. :-)

By way the saying means,

"I went looking for bad in the world, and I did not find any,

But when looked back in my own heart, I was the baddest",

Why I have quoted this saying for them is because they have been searching for bad in me and many others for almost 10 years now and even today they are sitting empty handed, so after such an effort they having nothing in their hand to blackmail me or anybody else, :-)) that is because there is no bad, and while doing this, they have committed so much bad that they are diverting the attention to Malaysia. :-)

And I would suggest that when you and your friends in Ottawa see the clinical psychologists, tell them what you did while you were looking for bad in others....tch tch tch

I am sure the clinical psychologists will put you and your friends in a straight jacket and then put you under 24/7 surveillance, with an electronic anklet, and they might request elite forces for theirs and Canadians protection. :-)

And they might recommend all the universities in Canada/US to rewrite the entire syllabus of Psychology as a subject, because the current syllabus is not enough to recognize people like "Bitch from hell" and her friends in Ottawa as threat to society, and Freud and Carl Jung might turn in their graves after listening to your story.

And they might as well take appointments with other clinical psychologists to get themselves checked if they are living in real world and dealing with real people, :-) Some of them might as well write a book, "Bitch from Hell", and her friends in Ottawa, a must read for all those who are interested in Psychology of humans.

And once this book is published, Most Canadians might think of migrating elsewhere, even Afghanistan would look very secure and safe. :-))

Before this women does more damage, someone should throw them into some dungeon, so that people in Canada can live safely.

I call her friends in Ottawa "Cowards", a common term for anyone who hides and attacks, but they have divided themselves in two two groups, and I call them Pigs and Crows. :-))
Conservatives Vs NDP vS Liberals, and the hidden cowards

I was thinking since Conservatives have become like Liberals and are doing same mischief as them, there should be some equation.

So the equation is:

Conservatives if they commit any mischief, and blame left parties, then they should loose one seat per mischief in 2015, = And that one seat they loose per mischief should go to NDP, :-))

Fare enough!!!

This is "Bitch from hell", policy, which has been adopted by the cowards, which means never give the credit to the one who works for it, always pass it to someone who did nothing, so in this proxy war, NDP has been neutral, so If Conservatives loose because of their  own foolishness, or oversmartness,  then NDP should get benefit from it.  ;-)

Like Liberals lost in previous elections because of their mischiefs, foolishness and oversmartness, as a result NDP got the benefit. :-)))))))))))

Nice equation for 2015. :-)) "Nothing is permanent", the moment you settle down thinking this is it, things start changing, I guess this is natures way of telling us, you are just a temporary visitor on this earth, so don't make permanent plans. :-)))

So my suggestion to Conservatives is continue with your foolishness like Liberals have been doing since 1995. :-)))))))  and give maximum benefit to NDP. :-))
Biggest joke of the century, :-))

A 73 years old women makes permanent plans for her political, financial, social future and at the same time tells a 48 years old he has no future, his life is finished. :-))))))))))))))))

Banking  in Canada:

If you keep your money in any bank in Canada, you get nothing as interest, may be 1% some banks, but you will have to pay 1 dollar for every transaction, including ATM transactions, :-) and if you take a package, you pay minimum 4$ for a limited number of 10 transactions per month, and you will never read an entry which would read, interest    tch tch tch!. :-))

But if you borrow money from any bank, most credit cards the interest rate is 19.9% for purchases and 21% for cash, and the a separate cash fee is charged on the balance every month till your balance gets down to zero, or for a 100$ cash you might end up paying 200$ over few years, :-))

Then CIBC has come with a special 11% Select Visa card, which is a good sign that banks are realising that they have looted the people enough on credit cards with high interest rates.

TD Bank also has a new card, Emerald Visa and the interest rate is 4.5% to 19.9%, based on your credit history, which is also a good sign.

Hope banks will make less profit and give or share some of their huge profits with investors, even a small banking account is an investment in a bank, there should be minimum interest rate, because the bank uses that money for higher profits through credit cards, so they should share a small fraction with every client of their bank.

And to open an account, you need to carry your biodata, :-))))))))))))))) and please don't ask about the privacy and confidentiality of your information, your signatures, your account information, because in Canada, these things do not exist. :-)))))))))))

Minutes after you gave your signature to the bank, your signature might be an electronic entity floating around in almost all government and non government agencies in Canada as well as in USA. :-)), it is like USA has a right of information on every person this earth. :-)

Sorry!! This is Canada, "Nothing is yours", everything belongs to the Crown, even your signature. :-)
Fraudster from Calgary,

We have one fraudster from Calgary, who owe us some 1800$, and he has been dilly dallying for quite some time and now he refused to pay.

One client used his Credit Card to buy a ticket to India and he paid cash to this Fraudster, and this fraudster took cash from the client and gave him his friends credit card, who is an pakistani living in Lasalle, and that Pakistani it seems refused the charges on his card. so now Airline is aksing us to pay that 1800$.

The ticket was issued as a good gesture as everyone in this were know to the agent, and now after they used the service now they refuse to pay. :-)

Our past experience with Police regarding a similar case where tickets worth 25,000$ were issued and the amount was never recovered, and police behaved like it is not their job to deal with fraud in Canada, and RCMP in Montreal were so upset that we were complaining about it.

So in this case also I am sure there is no use going to Police. :-)

I guess Conservatives might be behind this Fraudster refusing to pay, otherwise people don;t behave like this, that to a young man.

So Conservatives should ask this man to pay up, and One should see his facebook profile, with high flying life style, cars, bikes, and what not, but he can not pay 1800$.

If Bitch from hell, the Fraudster of all fraudsters is involved, some one should give her a nice thrashing with a split bamboo stick, till she stops such crimes.


Aug 8, 2014

Current 08 AUG 2014-All four seasons

Last two days I have been tracking the flights from Hyderabad to Chennai, Chennai to Frankfurt, and Frankfurt to Montreal, and guess what, up to Chennai everything was clear and had an idea where the flight was, and once it flew for Frankfurt, there was no information on Frankfurt airport website if the flight had landed, and also for Air Canada 875 there was no information if it had taken off from Frankfurt for Montreal.

Montreal airport website suggested, Air Canada 875 is 10 minutes early, but on Frankfurt airport website it was like, it is good for you to stay in limbo, :-) but Hyderabad, Chennai and up to some extent Montreal airport are up to date.

Then the same merry go round at the Montreal Airport, I saw many getting lost in that Jantar Mantar,  looking for parking at the Airport, please go slow and read carefully the instructions, while you keep an eye on the pedestrian and other vehicles behind you, :-)) and one wrong turn and you go for a 15 minutes drive out of the airport. :-)) but I did well and found the parking, but many others were not that lucky, one blue car was stuck between two direction, eventually he took the wrong direction. :-)

As expected there was some delay at the Montreal airport, the crows were all over the airport, :-)
so I expected at least 2 hours delay but my kids and my wife emerged after 1 hour 10 minutes, so it felt good to see them back, :-)) though they looked little tired after a long painful cattle class journey.

But 2 months in India kind of turns you into a nut, the noise, the continuous mela, crowds, but Life is only in India, there is no other country where life is blooming in all its vibrant colors like its democracy, one should know how to enjoy that.

And as usual cowards/crows with their preconceived notions ran an campaign in India, trying to tell my family that they can not live in India and how difficult the life is in India, :-)) as if they went there to settle down, :-)) this is sure the job of the crows, :-)) Leech :-)))) wasting their money and energy to cure the world of the yellow color they see 24/7. :-))

I suggested don't cure the world of the yellow color it is you who needs treatment, :-)) but you know when one suffers from Insecurity, there is no cure, it is like someone suffering from suspicion, there is no cure for both the insecurity and suspicion.

So finally there are two groups suffering from Obsessive compulsive disorder and Attention deficient disorder, Cowards and Crows. :-)

Then few prices from India trickled in and I started comparing with Montreal,

Milk, 48 Rs per KG, Montreal 2.2$ per liter, (In Indian Rupees it is 120 Rs)

Vegetables, 4 times expensive in Montreal,

Lamb Meat is around 400 Rs per kg in India and is fresh and you can choose what you want, Mourletos Montreal, 22 $ Per kg, you have to accept what is available, (which is 1200 Rupees) almost three times expensive.

Chicken is very expensive in Montreal almost 5 to 6 times, eggs, and you name it.

Rent: Don' ask, 50% of your income goes into rent, because the landlord extracts all his taxes from the tenant. :-)) and landlord gets lots of tax credits for what a tenant is paying and tenant gets "ghanta", and In India the rent is based on space, size, locality, and amenities and no more then 20% of your basic salary, only in few cities it is either 30 or 40% of your basic salary. :-)

Insurance: If there is no claim, then the premiums go down and eventually after 10 to 12 years the premium is zero, but in Canada, the insurance premiums go up even though there are no claims and every year registration is 380$, which includes contribution, and no one will tell you what is this contribution for, I guess it is politicians comfort fund, same thing in traffic tickets, there is a contribution and no one will tell you what is this for. :-))

Every two years driving license renewal fees, with contribution, and taxes, same thing for houses, every year taxes, taxes, taxes.

An average Canadian pays three times taxes on a single wage, and at two places, one federal and one state, they simply suck you dry.

Then above this you have two groups, Cowards and Crows, always wailing, waaaaaaaaaannnnnnn, if someone asks what is that wailing noise, oh! they are our Canadian pale cowards and crows, they are wailing 24/7 and everything is a reason for wailing, waaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn. ;-)

But why, one might ask.

Oh! they want only the pale folks to live a better life, so their job is to follow others and you know what wail, waaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Forget about them, they have been doing this since they came to Kanata from Europe, first they were doing with native Indians, and now with the visible minorities. waaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn

So bottom line is : Don't compare Canada with India or any other country. :-)) Ask parents of Indo Canadians why they can not live in Canada for more then few months, they run away back to India, the answer for that simple question is there is no life in Canada, we live a life of an animal in Canada. :-)) don't like it, that is true, Canada is a zoo.:-))

If anyone wants to see Canadians, don't just walk on the street, those are all with face masks, want to see real Canadians in their real habitat with or with out distrubing them or theri habitat, just walk into on eof the local police stations (LPS), and ask :

I want to see Canadians in their real habitat...

LPS: Do you have any friend in Ottawa??

You want a friend in Ottawa.....Just tell any pale person on the street, you are good at stealing, fraud, Paedophilia, sex abusers etc. in no time you will have friends in Ottawa. :-))))))))))))

Then use that connection and go to any LPS

From there you will be given access to certain special technology, where you can see Canadians in their original habitat, uncut, unedited, and if you can pay, you might get a chance to disturb the Canadian in his own habitat, all LPS have this technology, you can also specify, Indo Canadians, Africano Canadians, South east asian Canadians, etc. etc.

This facility is available in US also, meaning you can watch Canadians in their original habitat from US, I guess it costs little more and you need to have strong friends in Washington.

The best free pass or seasons pass is given to special friends by two groups in Canada, Cowards and Crows, I am sorry I am not aware of their hideouts, two bitches work with them, they might be able to help get those seasonal passes. :-)))))))))))

Try finding "Bitch from hell", in Toronto and "Leech Slime ", in Montreal.

All the best, Summer season is ending soon, but it is open in Winter also, you can have all four seasons pass, but for that you will have to be too good at fraud. :-))))))))))))))

Don't complain or talk about it with anyone, otherwise you will be asked to see a clinical psychologist. :-))))

Aug 1, 2014

World Trade -01 AUG 2014

 World Trade:

It is real scary to know that a group of selfish countries can actually use an international
organization of bygone era like WTO to arm twist an independent country from stockpiling its agricultural products, it is scary and I think what India did is what US is doing on almost every international forum.

Simple example: Israel Vs Palestine, UNO, US will never support for a Palestine state because Israel is its military friend or may be a bed mate, even though it might be known openly that people in Palestine are suffering, and Canada is a hopeless case when it comes to violence of any form.

They safe guard the interests of their country and also of their friends like Israel or NATO members, so if India chooses not to sign some stupid biased trade agreement, it has every right to do so, and India has a large internal market which needs to be taken into consideration and India is by and large an agriculture based country unlike US which is a weapons based country.

I am sure all these countries in North America and Europe are running out of reasons to keep their currencies at a higher value and import stuff from China and India and many other developing and poor countries for peanuts.

This has to change, one country can not print paper and get everything else in return for that paper, there needs to be something solid behind the value of a currency, something like gold, silver.

Now take for instance US dollar, they can print them at their will and buy whatever they want from any country, that is bull shit trade, and countries like China have 2 trillion US dollars stockpiled and that has happened because of biased western trade agreements, China has been always the most favoured nation for US, Canada and Europe and the result of such long spells of biased trade, China is holding 2 trillions of US dollars.

Then between China and US, there might be many secret deals, which no one knows, at least India is not told, :-)) likewise there are many countries which might as well be having secret trade agreements with US and its NATO friends, and US expects all other countries which strive hard to earn those US dollars to buy mundane items like Oil, they want them to just take everything lying down.

(Note, Not just US, almost every country might be having secret deals with their friends but the way US does it is alarming and appears very unjust)

India should be congratulated to take a stand for its billion people, who otherwise might be robbed of their fundamental right for food, which is grown in their own country, the farmers in India are already not paid well, the middle man is making a fortune by just selling them to the consumers, with such biased trade deals these middle men will sell the product directly to foreign countries if they make little more profit then selling them in local market.

How absurd must be a global trade agreement which restricts a country from stockpiling its own food products.

Uncle Sam tells the country: No you can grow rice but not stock it, sell it to us, or our friends we will give you peanuts, or green printed paper, we can print that paper with out any restriction. or else face the wrath of the world, see all our puppets they dance to our tunes, or we will enter them and screw their country, look at Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Libya.

I say: What about Russia Bro!! don't want to enter Russia... :-)))))))))))))))

US; we are United states of surveillance; Mmmmmmmmmmm No!! look for small small countries with out any defence, that fuels our patriotic flavours. ;-)

I ask: What exactly west is looking for and expects from the world.

We want all countries to surrender to our will like Canada did, it has handed over its 30 million citizens and visitors to us, we can do whatever we want to a Canadian by pressing one key on this keyboard from NSA head quarters, and they should take dictation from us, what they should do with their people and country.

I ask; Or

USS; Face sanctions, we will destroy them, their economy, their social fabric, we are the biggest terrorist country of this world, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sorry!! that came out little too much, I mean we are the most developed rich country, with a fundamental right given by our constitution to enter any foreign country and teach them how to live, and establish democracy, and we believe in diplomatic negotiations and not arm twisting.

In privacy: Jesus that hurts our ego, and our pride, ohhhhh!!! it hurts we have to beg and deal with countries which stood with begging bowls 50 years back, now look we have to sit with them shoulder to shoulder, why can't every country be like Canada, Pakistan, Israel. booooooooooohhooooooooooo

I say; Then change, you have exploited the world enough on the name of trade agreements, sanctions, democracy, and what not, this is 2014, and people in every country are awake and educated, so change and be another country and not try to be police of this globe, you know the most corrupt department in any country is always the police department.

USS: What do you want?

I say: Peace for the billion of people on the globe who have no say, that includes US citizens, Canadians will wake up after few years, they have yet to understand that they are the only country on the globe which is run by foreign nations.

Non biased trade freedom, any two countries should be able to do trade on their terms with out any third country or an international organization arm twisting them, and that trade could be simple barter also.

Any country should be able to buy Oil, Fuel, Gold, Silver with their currency or with any of their resources, but today they can not, they have to earn US dollars by selling their resources at peanut prices, which is working always in favour of so called developed nations.

USS: Then how will we survive, we have always manipulated world economy, IMF, World bank, to our advantage, if we do trade on real value basis, we will not be able to spend trillions on invasions, weapons, and we have to maintain 800 military bases all over the world, we are keeping our war ships near all countries who are neutral or are not NATO members, how will we do that.

I say; That is your problem, you should have thought about all this before taking over those bases from UK in 1945.

And stop this madness of surveillance, Free children from your grip of 24/7 surveillance, free our politicians, prime minister, leaders of political parties, army, police, from surveillance, may be then Canadians will get some freedom from this mad 24/7 surveillance, this disease has captured the minds of our RCMP, Local Police that every inch in Quebec, Canada is under surveillance, I don't know what do they watch but they are not free in schools, hospitals, police stations, banks, government buildings, private buildings, our printers, computers, cell phones, children i pods, teenage girls cell phones, nothing is free from hacking, your sickness for surveillance has turned Canada in to a Hackerville, people have turned into a three dimensional figures on your computer screens, who can be manipulated with a touch of key on your keyboards.

USS; That is our fundamental right given by our constitution, and we can not amend it.

I say: Uncle sam, your constitution should apply to your country and not Canada or India or any other country.

USS; We are global power, only super power, economic and military, we will do what ever we want.

I say: Well then you will face more international leaders like Mr Modi of India in all the international forums where bias is the basis of day to day functions.

USS: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!  In a corner Canada; ee he hee ee he ee he he he he he!!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Political Science Lesson;

Chanakya of India wrote "Political science", in BC, i.e. more then 2000 years ago and he said,

Saam, Daam, Dand and Bhed should be followed when faced with an opponent, which means, kings should use these methods to appease or take control of an opponent, it might not apply today in its totality as there are no kings, except in some cold places, :-)))))))))))))) who still wear a crown after brushing their teeth. ;-))))))))))))

Saam: Is to pacify, suggest, talk, negotiate, diplomacy, etc.

Daam: Is when you find out that your opponent is strong, and has a point, buy him, pay him his price, it might work or it might not work.

Dand; Punish, which might mean go to war, invade, this should not have any place if you live in a democracy, but you know all kings are not strong as far as morals, ethics or principles are concerned. :-))

Bhed: Find the secrets, weakness, and blackmail.

So first always it is SAAM, then DAAM and then if the situation becomes desperate then DAND and BHED.

These four methods have always been in use every where but in various other forms, like in West,

The first method followed against anyone who acts like Charlie Chaplin is DAND and BHED, both at the same time, and these two methods do not work with everyone, like SAAM and DAAM  also do not work with everyone.

SAAM and DAAM are never considered in west, because it is against the huge ego of pale folks, be it Canada or US or Europe.

It all depends on what is the agenda?

So always first find out what is the agenda, not from hearsay, always straight from the horses mouth.

And I think this is the reason why west has been failing so regularly on almost any project they take up on an international platform or with any individual who is not pale. :-))

Price: Free :-)))))))))))))))
Proxy Games: 7 billion Proxies. :-)

:-))  The Canadian cowards have bitten more then they can chew, now everyone in this world is a proxy for the two bitches, :-))

That is OK, 7 billion people can be proxy for two desperate bitches, :-))  but there is a catch, if even one proxy looses the bitches should also loose,  in that case Canadian cowards will have to see that every single proxy wins all the time. :-)))))))

Let me see if Canadian cowards can handle that. :-))))))))))))))))))))

Always bite what you can chew. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))

Eat the cake or have it:

Either you can eat the cake or have it, you can not eat the cake and have it too.

And I think the reason cowards are failing repeatedly is because they want to show to someone that they can actually eat the cake and have it too. :-))

Well, it is not possible, nature does not allow that. :-)

And bottom line is:

"Crow can not become a cuckoo", :-)) Vrai!!!