Nov 26, 2014

Current 26 NOV 2014- Caucasians the troubled race

Ferguson USA, This is one best example which shows, what is the current thinking of the visible majority, and people in important positions just refuse to address the issue, instead they would like to tarnish the image of the victim.

Simple question one need to ask themselves;

1) Why is it always a white cop Vs some black teenager, we never hear an Indian cop, a Muslim cop, a black cop killed a black teenager, it is always a white cop with issues who kills a black teenager.

2) Why is it never a white kid killed by a white cop or a black cop, :-)) we know white kids are neck deep in drugs, teen sex, and many other criminal activities, they are allowed because they belong to the visible majority, and they need to be protected.

3) And always the jury is packed with visible majority, movies had been made, law has been turned upside down to study the issue but the situation remains as such.

I think it is a simple case of keeping pressure on the black community, and for that police is the only tool all politicians use, whether it is Canada or USA or India, it is the police department which carry's out the dirty work for the politicians.

So to keep the pressure every few months a black teenager is gunned down on some or other excuse, and I am sure the cop involved is always assured in advance that nothing will happen to him, so hard headed cops carry out such cowardly acts for the greater interest of the visible majority.

I am not black but I have been given so many traffic tickets, one for 675$ also, :-)) this ticket was given because my first speeding ticket was going to expire, the record for speeding stays for 10 years, so the first ticket was given in 2002, in 2012 it would have gone from the records, but someone who is keeping tabs on me, immediately gave another one for 675$ and I tried to contest in the municipal court, and everything from documentation to the presiding officer of the municipal court were manipulated and I was denied the opportunity to present my side of the story.

In this case the municipal judge, some Richard C, a pale person behaved in such a shameful fashion, he did not keep the dignity of the court, but they don't care, all that matters is to manage the situation for time being, and for whatever service he rendered for the sake of visible majority, he must have got some favours. :-)

So what matters is integrity, value for the oath they take, what value they give to the country and its constitution, because a police man's uniform is nothing but the country's constitution, but it is raped over and over and over again and instead of punishment, 99% of the time they are awarded and lauded for their courage, which is mostly an act of a coward, :-) but the puppeteer is not bothered how it is done, all that matters is the job be done, :-) and result is "MESS", like Ferguson mess.

So I am not writing just based on hearsay, it is my own first hand experience, how visible majority rights are protected by the police, politicians, judiciary, media, all are involved in this :-) even if the person in question is a fraudster, a person of low morals, no ethics, but all that matters is skin color, which needs to be protected by all means.

Given the repeated incidences of such cowardly acts, where a white cop kills a black teenager with his service pistol or gun and walks free, it only shows the Caucasian race is a big failure, they came late on this earth but could not settle down and suffer from such insecurity, :-)) the level of insecurity is such that they watch people 24/7 because they are not falling in line or not supporting their fraudsters. :-))))))

An most important of the all they suffer from ignorance, the level of ignorance is so high that the world suffers because of it where ever they put their hand, take case by case, where ever unnecessary bloodshed has taken place or conflicts are happening, you will always find some Caucasian person involvement and it is always a mess, may be we should start calling them Messy race or troubled race.

The reason is simple a Caucasian person always thinks about his race his skin color, it is me, mine and myself, so this race has failed big time, and funny thing is they are looking for aliens in distant  galaxies.

If anywhere any alien species exists and even if they know that NASA has been sending signals, they would never reply and would not like to disclose their situation or position, given the nature or mentality of the Caucasian race, :-)))))))))))))) it is for their own safety, the "Me Mine and Myself", race will do nothing but harm, so I am sure any intelligent species that exists anywhere in this universe will never respond to Caucasian race, responding will be like, in Hindi we say, "Aa bail mujhe maar", meaning it will be an open invitation to trouble. :-))))))))))))

My suggestion to all countries where visible majority is not Caucasian, they should be on high alert if they see any Caucasian person (Male of female) loitering in their country even as a tourist, they should immediately arrange to watch that person 24/7 till he leaves their country, this is for their own good, one blink and you might be in trouble.:-))

The trouble is he will create the trouble and will blame the victim for everything and will point at human rights and escape etc even though the human rights in his own country might be in shambles.

And don't fall for Liberals or Conservatives or Republicans or Democrats blame game, they all belong to the same kind, in Hindi we say, "Ek hi thaili ke chatte batte hain sab", meaning they all are tits and bits of one single sac. :-))

The troubled race.

A glimmer of hope: recently in Montreal a speeding police car hit a car at 120 km/hour and there was no emergency, result, a child 5 years old died in that crash and the cop walked free, but it seems the Couillard government has ordered a probe in to this incident, only time will tell if the cop walks free or he is punished for that reckless behaviour.

Not only police cars, even Ambulance service, Fire service are frequently used by the puppeteer community to scare people on the streets, one might ask why? Ignorance is the only answer.

They have a very distorted picture of psychology and hypnotism and they practise this to scare people on the streets, and I am sure the police car that hit the car with a 5 year old must be on such a duty, you can call "ball bursting exercise", and must have failed to apply the breaks or the breaks must have failed, because again most cars in Canada, If I am not wrong, 99% or 100% I will not be wrong, are fixed with electronic devices by the car dealers with or without total knowledge of what they are fixing, to keep tabs on their movement and these gadgets can actually hack the computers and control various functions of the car, as all modern cars are controlled by computers, so in this case if this police car was being controlled, then the cop might have been totally helpless, but since he is cop, he should be well aware of such devices, because they are used openly without much concern for privacy or law or any fundamental rights. :-))

If interested to take a look at such electronic gadgets, please visit Apt no 3, 1480 Rue Crevier, Saint Laurent, H4L 2X3, this is not the only apartment where such gadgets are freely used, it is one such apartment where Police Quartier numero 6 operates for some Caucasian person, who is a fraudster or a sadist, to take a look just tell the people in this apartment you are from police and are at their residence to update or check if the gadgets are working properly, they will allow. :-)))))))))))))

Frustrating part is the dealers will never cooperate with the owner of the car to unearth those gadgets, if any employee surprised! tries to help, he looses his job or is transferred, and the police keeps tabs on all local garages from getting into that, sorry this is one shade of the ugly side of Canada, which is very ugly and neither Conservatives nor the Liberals are doing anything to change this, yes Conservatives have apologised for some of the errors of the past with first nations, but not for what they are doing now. :-)))

And do you think after reading this, they will feel little ashamed or guilt, noway, :-)) they think they are predators so they will feel great. :-))  so what you do with such a race, stupid, ignorant, violent and stubborn.

I think by the end of this century 2090 you will not see them walking on the surface of this earth, few countries like Iran etc, will have one or two in their zoo's, where they will try to mate a male with a female to increase their population but the paper will report, "it is a failure, the male Caucasian wants only male and female wants only female, what can we do, this we can not encourage because it is against our religion and nature". :-))))))))))))))))))))))))

Europe will be occupied by Africans and middle east, North America by native Indians, Chinese, Mexicans, in 2090 children will ask questions like, How does a Caucasian look like, the parents will say, don't worry we came to know Iran has few of them, :-)) we will go an a vacation to see them.

The placard in the zoo will read: Careful, a failed race, now in few numbers, highly sensitive, insecure, ignorant and violent, keep your distance and do not communicate, or feed, and males stay away from males and females from females, they have strong affection for same sex, which was the main the reason for their downfall.

Which means all the hard work Caucasian race has done to protect their race might vanish in a jiffy because of their own ignorance and foolishness, not because someone will do any thing, no one has to do anything to something which is destroying itself, but no one will have any sympathy also for them, other races have been here for a long time and they have survived many ups and downs and they have understood one simple thing, to survive we need every single yoni, well there are 840,0000 yoni's or species to maintain the balance.

And except this race no other race feels that nature does not need people, nature is incomplete without people and only reason it is failing because of Caucasians not able to fit in.

Ya! hurting people from other race will not help the Caucasians, they will have to rediscover themselves, they will not be the first race to vanish from the face of the Earth, many have gone before, even Dinosaurs vanished, :-) so as and when certain race becomes very unstable it goes extinct, this is a simple rule nature follows, giddiness or no giddiness, what can we do anything about it. :-)

Aum Tat Sat!!
Challenge for Liberals in 2015 elections

The biggest challenge for Liberals in forthcoming elections in 2015 is to retain their current number of seats, which itself will be a herculean task. :-) they are making it very difficult for themselves.

Gaining any thing above that seems impossible,

May be they know that they have no future so they have already given up to NDP or even Conservatives. :-)

Caucasians: ?? white and black fight

When I say "it is going to rain today", it means it is going to rain. :-)  there is no other hidden meaning or read between the lines kind of information, it is simple and straight.

If I said, Caucasian race will vanish from the face of earth by end of this century, it is again a simple statement, there is no hidden meaning or read between the lines, there is no left or right or terrorist no 75 or 65 or anything else.

It seems the two national parties of Canada are playing some proxy games with color also, one of them is white and the other black. :-)  sorry it has nothing to do with what I said above.

If you see both the left or right parties are packed with only Caucasians, :-) then where is the difference.

It is like: When we say , "Dinosaurs vanished from the face of earth 60 million years ago", it is a simple statement.

I have no idea why cowards complicate everything, and sorry I am not Caucasian or white or black.

Mentally Ill women and girls

The news item in most Indian newspapers reporting that mentally ill girls and women are treated like animals by the women caretakers in India and their relatives leave them in mental institutions with wrong address and contact details is really very sad.

This is the result of 60 years of no governance by women led political party, which runs like a family private business, very sad, because humans are supposed to be smarter then animals, but when I look around I see only animals, be it schools, be it hospitals, government offices, private offices, I hardly see a human being.

And more painful is the caretaker a women slaps a 11 year old girl whenever she feels like, women has been hurting women, this is the norm.

And Indian girls and women should not feel they are isolated in this world, this is the same situation in Canada also, fat ugly pale women (They are not only physically ugly they are very ugly from inside as well) with political connections are hurting only girls and women, and they are not even care takers, they are doing this for some political mileage, it is the same norm here in Canada also.

This will only change when women starts respecting other women, which is a dream. and men are blamed for sorry state of women in this world, first deal with women who hurt innocent women and then deal with men.

I can only pray for those poor souls for a peaceful life.

Even though I know all this is a result of past karma, still I pray, may god give them some peaceful life.

Can not expect governments to do anything about it, because they are busy stealing from the people and are not able to do anything for the people who are sane, ordinary people are under attack all the time from official criminals.( Read governments)

Bottom line: Girl child is as vulnerable in Canada as she is in India or any third world country.


If people want to learn something, they request for admission, but not the Caucasian folks, they think it is their birth right to get admission with out conditions,  :-))

If you want to learn and be my desciple, first I will see if you are even ready to become a desciple, :-)

Minimum 5 years is needed to prepare yourself as a desciple, then once ready you will have to earn your admission, then the learning begins. :-)

What do you think it is west, where skin color is a qualification. :-)

This is true learning, divine presence is also there, :-) and if you are not ready then even if you stand on your head for a decade, it will not help. :-)

Humility is the key.

The ladder of learning is from your current situation,

e.g. if you are a wild animal, then you will have to climb following levels to reach the human level from where the actual learning begins.

1) Wild Animal
2) Animal
3) Domesticated Animal
4) Human like creature (Mind is still like an animal)
5) Human with Spiritual initiation
6) Human being, Viola!! here the learning begins, only when Mental and Physical plane are in tandem. (Warning: Here you will start to dislike the world around you :-)))

From here it is a long way, with descipline, integrity, truth, selflessness, there are 9 levels which will take you to higher versions of human being. :-))

It is a very time consuming process and most fail because they look for short cuts. :-))))))))

Humility, Patience, Anger management, etc. are the keys

Do you have the stomach for this?  :-)) I don't think so.

Nov 19, 2014

Current: 19 NOV 2014

Another one month and 2014 will be history, :-)) and people who have run out of time are going to be a step nearer to their expiry date, :-) and still they are taking baby steps. :-))))))

I know the terrorist no 75 wants lots of things like they used to be in 2001 or before, but if that was possible then look at the long queue of dead folks (This includes Hitler) who would like that kind of thing, past is past, it is not possible to change your past, but at least you can take proper steps today so that your future is better.(What ever little future is left)

If given a chance I would like to start all over again from 1989-90, :-)) but is it possible, not possible.

But unfortunately people don't understand this simple rule and continue to live in the past.

So my suggestion to Terrorist no 75 is instead of looking at past, I would suggest go to the nearest hospital and see a doctor, tell him or her your story of short cuts and ambitions, and also tell what all you did to achieve that, they might suggest a good psychologist, and if you take the help of your human resource terrorist, she might arrange for an clinical psychologist, :-) see that shrink and I am not sure even he will be able to help you, :-))  because the trauma you suffer is from your past life.

Anyway, I wish terrorist no 75 good luck with her sessions with a shrink. :-)) and hope your destructive thoughts will diminish with time and only way you can do that is by letting go your anger towards all those who tormented you in your past life. :-) I think she was one of the Jews who were tortured by Hitler, so in this life she tried hurting people with reason or with out reason.

Other then this I have nothing for this women, Oh the terrorist no 65, what about her?

She came into existence because of terrorist no 75, so she too will have to do the same, other then that she has no role.

If there was any hope, even 0.00001%, I would not have called them terrorists no 65 & 75.
Modi and his ways,

If you see Mr Modi, any person might feel that what is so difficult about it, :-) he makes things appear so easy, so people who did not move a inch on their own might as well feel ah!

Funny part of this story is Mr Rahul Gandhi, says, government means the weakest of the weak should get power, but where was he when his mother misruled India for 10 years, only 5 months ago. :-))

75 million $ aid to Fiji made Congress-I see red, :-)) may be they want to construct toilets for the poor people with those 75 millions, :-)) but what were they doing when Mr Manmohan Singh was PM for 10 years. :-)))))

Amazing folks amuse me over and over and over again.

Their slogan is simple,

"Na hum kuch karenge no kisi ko kuch karne denge".

Wailing wall and women of Israel.

For centuries Jews have been fighting for the wailing wall and when they finally occupied the wailing wall, they did not allow their women to pray near the wailing wall, :-) instead they constructed a separate corridor away from the wailing wall, where women would look at the wailing wall.

I think in 2013 or 2014, Israel's top court allowed women to go near the wall but are not still allowed to pray in certain religious fashion. :-)

I think Terrorist no 75 should take up this issue with Israel. :-) instead of building castles on some one's existing or not existing personal life. :-)

Actually women who are menstruating are considered impure even by our religion and are not allowed to enter the temple, kitchen or even touch water, because of the blood involved, so during those days women should have personal rule not to touch any thing divine or food etc.

But women who have crossed menopause should be allowed, but separate corridor is not in good taste, at least not for a religion which fought for this wall with numerous Muslim kings for centuries, and even British. :-)

The funniest part in the history of wailing wall is the role of British, when they guarded this wall and would not allow people go near it. :-))))))))))))

Palestine:  Spain and UK had approved Palestine as a state, which is good thing, at least they have shown their sensitive part, US is still in a dilemma. :-)

Best place for the Terrorist no 75 & Terrorist no 65,

Given their destructive mentality, anti social nature, and love for mess, I would suggest these two women should look for a place in any official terrorist organisations, in Canada/USA, like NSA or CSIS etc or even Europe, :-)) or if that does not satisfy then there are so many old and new terrorist organizations created in Middle east by the official ones, :-) and Terrorist no 65 is already having an Islam connection, her vagabond husband was from Egypt, so all she has to do is look for him and join him and do what ever you want to do, and given your skin color west will always support you.

As per Jehad: The person who kills himself gets 6 or 7 virgins, :-)) I guess same rule must apply to women also, 6 or 7 young men if you blow yourself up, but please do it outside Montreal, :-)) some remote area and not near the official buildings, there are good shooters inside these buildings. ;-)

Terrorist no 75, I guess she is preparing to leave Canada and settle down in Israel, to settle the age old issue of Wailing wall. :-))

Ferguson USA burns,

The reason why it is burning is because there was this one "gun", :-))

Imagine the same situation and the cop did not had any gun in his possession, the situation would have been totally different, may be a scuffle or the cop would not dare to act like a superman, he would call for back up and follow the person till the back up arrives. :-)

Imagine the same situation if the cop was 6 foot plus and heavy built, the situation would be totally different.

Imagine the same situation with a balanced jury, instead of 9 white, and 3 black, it could be 3 Chinese, 3 Indians, 3 white and 3 black, :-))

Bottom line: Police should not carry guns when they police neighbourhoods, and the cops should be minimum 6 feet tall and heavy built.

Police is not court and police has no right to punish anyone, they have to just file charges, for which you don't need a gun, you need evidence, police should leave prescription of punishment to the courts.

We are still living in pre medieval era. :-))

Nov 17, 2014

The new Canadian Style of politics :-) the future

The new style of politics, folks in Canada are playing, is very easy and no one will know how it is happening, though it is packed with cowardice, :-)) not new for folks already suffering from it, :-) but it is also packed with contradictions,


"You are a baby in front of me",

"but I am your daughter, though I am 75 years old terrorist". :-)

" You are a baby in front of me",

"but I am your daughter", though I am 65 years old terrorist". :-)

(Note:I am 48 yrs) :-)

So in this new style of politics a old witch who has wasted her life looking for short cuts to get rich and popular, she now thinks if she calls herself my daughter, she will get some political mileage. :-))
What an absurd thought but folks are not shying away from it, they are very excited, the cowards are very excited, " Vinasha Kale Viparita Buddhi",

Another e.g.

"This world runs with money and only money",

"please I am your brother, sister, daughter, wife, mother, father, neighbor, dog, cat etc.etc. there is no end to these relationships, but don't ask for money".

"This world runs with money and only money",

"but we would like you to give an airline ticket for free or no extra fees", :-))  

Another e.g.

" We are powerful people, don't mess with us", we control this world",

"but, please please please we touch your feet, say I am good, I am nice, I am your guru, I am this, I am that, please please please",

:-))))))))))  Yes this one keeps the smile on my face  most of the time. :-))

Another e.g.

" Sky is the limit", "There is no song you can not sing, there is no thing that you can not do",

"But but but please we are in deep trouble", please please please co operate in our fraud", :-))) 

This one is out of this world, folks here they want me to cooperate in their fraudulent activities", :-)) and who is running around with this placard, the custodians of the Canadian law and order. :-)))))))

Another e.g.

"Sun sets in west", :-)

"I am the Sun, so do Surya Namaskara", :-))))))))))))))

Another e.g.

" Dham Dham Dham Dham",


"Please call us", :-)) Please call us, Please call us.

Another e.g.

" Please we will have coffee", "cough", "cough", "cough",  :-))

" But there is everyone before you, you are the last, but please please please call us". :-))))))

(Coffee is 6$ a medium size bottle) :-))

Another e.g.

"We are the masters of toilet ministry", so we will not let you relieve yourself",

"Please please please let me be the tissue paper of your toilet". :-)))))))))))

" She is the turd", :-)

And sink, wash basin, shower, bath tub everything is ours",

"but please please touch your private parts and play with them , "we want to watch", today is our day", :-))))) and don't touch tomorrow because it is not our day",

(Note: If people are not able to make any sense of all this, that is all right, it needs lot of focus to understand these new style of politics in Canada, :-)) only few cowards understand them and I do because I have lot of free time) :-))

Another e.g.

" It is too cold today", " so don't take any shower", :-)

"It is very cold today, " Are you not going to take a hot hot shower", " because it is our day today".

:-))) same thing with brushing your teeth etc. etc. :-))

Another e.g.

" You are watching this channel", it is our program", we will disturb you so much that you can not watch it", TV goes all multi colored.

"Please please please watch it watch it, today is our day". :-)))))))))

Another e.g ( This is heights of stupidity)

" You said hello to your daughter or spoke to your mother, or talked to your wife",  they are all us.

" Please please please talk talk talk to them, they are us", :-))))))

There are so many of these ways which are used by these cowards, 

Another e.g.

Sometime back I said, "kitchen sink politics", that's it, Kitchen, Oven, Vessels, Fridge, Onions, Tomato's, Rice cooker, washing dishes, cooking food on right or left stove, Cashew nuts :-))  every thing is politics for the cowards and they spend so much time on collecting data. :-))

"Kitchen sink politics", means, politics of house wives, who show all their tantrums in the kitchen sink, when they are upset they kind of throw vessels in the sink and make excessive noise, or when they are ok they wash dishes silently and might as well be singing :-))))))))) and look what cowards have turned a kitchen into. :-))) actually cowards distributed all our vessels, plates, spoons, among two or three national level political parties. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

"Toilet Ministry",  means: this is a place where we relieve our self and nothing else, it has no other importance, when we visit this place we get rid of some stress, my neighbour walks with me every time I walk into my toilet and he sits in the bathtub recording, :-))) same thing while I walk into my kitchen, I don't know, what he must be recording. :-))))))))))))))))))

Same thing with Garbage, you throw what you don't want, cowards played garbage- grbage day in day out, and suddenly they removed all the garbage bins and changed the collection system. which is OK, garbage bins were very filthy to watch. :-))

So cowards did not want to leave anything untouched, so they distributed our household things, family members, rooms, furniture, :-)))))))) among the two or three national level political parties, Liberals, Conservatives, etc. meaning If I sit on one sofa it would mean to them that I am supporting some party and other sofa would mean another party. :-)) and If I sleep and cover myself with a bed sheet even that is politics. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

In all this nonsense, I am not getting anything :-)) other then little discomfort, some one from these two political parties will get some mileage, this is the new style of politics in Canada. :-))))))))))))))

And once they win they ignore you like who the hell is he, "bloody insignificant fellow, we can mash you like a bug". :-))))))))))) I have seen this three four times in the past 14 years.

(It is a product of a very sick brain, which otherwise should be in a mental asylum, but she is leading Canada now. :-))))) So Canada which is already a fucked up country as far as human rights are concerned, is going towards hell. :-))))))))))))))))))))

If the sickness deteriorates, we might see something like this in future or may be 2015.

Liberals : They will give Ebola virus to people, which would mean, If people suffer from Ebola then they are supporting Liberals.

Conservatives: They  will give SARS or Pig flu or Chicken flu or Bird flu, to the people etc, which would mean, If people suffer from such a flu they are supporting Conservatives,

NDP: Since no one is playing any proxy or such games for them, if people are sane and healthy that would mean they are supporting NDP. :-))

Cowards might loose their both legs and have a frozen brain, which would mean they are not required any more.  :-)))

Something like this, :-)))))))))))

Canada pull up your socks, and put your belt on, more sickness is coming your way in the name of politics.  "Brace yourself".

God save the Queen. :-))))))))))))))))
Age and Maturity,

Maturity does not reach people just because they lived 85 years or 100 years, maturity comes by experience, and exposure to life's ups and downs, basically it means a mature person has gone through more then others. :-))

A 75 years old or a 65 years old might have spend his/her life in Tim Hortons, stuffing their faces with donuts, and coffee, but when it comes to life, they might not have the experience of a 40 years old from a third world country, which means a 40 years old might be more mature due to his or her life experiences then a 75 years old from Toronto. :-)))))))))))))))))))))

And maturity can not be bought or arranged, one has to go through the life experiences.

If you say Toronto is cold, well I would say in Toronto, we have heating in the air tight houses, in the car, in the bus and in the office, and in the Tim Hortons also, but I have lived in a cold place in India for 5 years, house either made of brick and cement or wood with gaps in the floor, with out any heating, or jackets, or gloves, :-) no boots, I think all we had was a small coal stove, wollen gloves made by my mother, canvas shoes, and a wollen sweater and first thing in the morning was to get milk in an aluminium can. :-)) and few lazy people would add their cans as well and my father would never say no. :-)

And no car to take us to the milkman's house, had to walk back and forth in cold mornings and by the time we would be home our hands were frozen and stuck to the aluminium can's handle, so warm them over the coal stove to release them, collect water from natural water springs in buckets, and climb the hill, by the time we would reach home bucket would be half gone, :-))

So maturity does not come free of cost it comes at a great price.

And a mature person need not look old, with gray hair, or with difficult physical movements, :-) a mature person can be a young person with great experience.


Nov 11, 2014

Politics, "The dirty linen yet to be washed."

It is so disturbing to hear that people who are supposed to lead by example and are actually breaking the law and rules like there is no tomorrow, very shameful.

Sheila Copps, Ex deputy Prime Minsiter, MP Liberal Party of Canada, has claimed that she was raped twice by MPP, some 30 years back, more shocking is when she was on a tour with another MPP, while they were working on violence against women and that MPP raped her and it seems police did nothing, they just warned the culprit to keep his distance. :-)

For me it is not a shock, that police did nothing, police in Canada is really doing nothing, they are involved more in politics then the actual politicians, :-)) the police is actually the propaganda machinery for the parliamentarians, which is shocking, so they don't have time to deal with crimes, like Sheila Copps said, "police did nothing".

But one thing more disturbing is, why is she talking about it today after 30 years, she was no ordinary person, she was an MP, and after she got raped twice she went on to represent people, and kept the secret that she was raped twice, this is also unpardonable action, if she was an ordinary person then we can understand, what a women goes through in such an event, but MP.

So my doubt is, is she stuck with the some of our Canadian cowboys, who are always fishing for some person to use in their regular blackmailing games, now they will blackmail Liberal party of Canada, :-) with Sheila Copps, I am not saying there will be no more such cases, it is the tip of the iceberg, look at the culture, society, promiscuity is a way of life, so such incidences go unnoticed, RCMP, Police, no organization is free from this, so how many people you are going to punish. :-)

This is only the tip of the iceberg, harassment, sexually violence, physical violence, "Jean Chretien in one of his biography, we pushed him into the lift and threatened him", or something like that, :-)) asking police to take care of those who do not toe their line, all these are normal ways of the parliamentarians in Canada. :-)) 

Though they dress up like gentlemen in dark suits, but in reality they are monsters, that is why I said I don't like these suits because they hide the real personality of the person and even donkeys look like well dressed horses.

Now back to our Terrorists no 75 & 65, these women have committed so much crime (not directly) with people just to get rich, and lead a comfortable life, and look who is doing their dirty work, again it is the police.

Terrorist no 75: On the day of my joining in June 2001, I saw this 61 years old married women kissing an married employee (most employees female expressed he was good looking), square on his mouth, is it a part of the Canadian culture?, where do you draw the line?.

Terrorist no 65: She would fall all over me, while I was working, I did not take it as sexual harrassement, because in those days I used to call her "mom", because she said she has no children and wanted to adopt me, :-) well she did not adopt me or anything but later I realized she was just playing a game. :-)) and I had no idea how a mother would touch, because my biological mother never touched us boys, once we were 5 yrs old and only time she touched us was when she had to hit us. :-))

Then one day Terrorist no 65 told me she kissed an male employee (She said he was gay) on his mouth, and then she told me, you don't do this. :-)) like I was a casanova running around kissing women, :-)) I could barely bring myself to talk to them freely, that is because of my culture, maximum I would do is a hand shake, which I don't think I did even that in India. :-)

Now for me, all this was part of a culture, :-)) so I did not raise an eyebrow, I thought that is Canadian way of life, but employees kissing each other on Christmas eve or any other occasion would stop at 2 feet distance with me, and just shake hands, probably my body language was reserved and not physical. :-)) then I felt may be we are retarded, but today I feel so great , thank god I did not touch any person, because in India, if you touch a women, it is deemed as sexual harassement, but here it is a part of the culture, I have seen senior employees touching young female employees like they are giving them massage, :-))I have seen married women wearing plastic breasts on top of their dress on halloween, ;-)) It all looks harmless and fun untill it turns ugly,  I don't know if that is part of the culture or exploitation under the garb of culture. :-)) like once I saw on a T Shirt of a women, it read, "recycle women". :-)

So If Sheila Copps or any other women did not object to kissing, as part of the culture, then men who do this kind of things on a routine basis might be taking it easy, :-) so now imagine how many girls in ttheir teens might be going through this kind of thing, just because it is a culture to freely kiss any women in public. :-))

So the best culture is say, "Namaste from a distance", :-) no problems.

But If people are creative, they can change anything, I remember when I joined Indian Immunologicals Inc in my home town in India, there were few women 4 or 5 working in production, but people warned me that here few folks use women to settle their scores so stay away from that one, this one, they told me one senior manager was transferred because he did something to a young trainee veterinarian and her confirmation of probation was due, so the senior group which belong to one particular caste kept her probation in hanging animation and probably asked her to blame the senior manager, because he was very dynamic and was challenging the top executive, so he paid the price for it and was transferred to Kolkata, but he returned to the plant few years later, and he was there when I joined, and I have not seen in my entire career any one that dynamic, clear minded and authority, work minded, If he called one of the assistant managers on telephone, the asst manager would stand up in his chair out of fear, and another would start stammering, but he was all praise for me and it was him who pushed for my confirmation on time, but he left due to voluntary retirement scheme, and there also his dues were blocked by the same director, so he left without any financial benefits, and when I left India he was CEO of some multinational company in India. :-) he was not my caste,or creed, all that mattered to him and me was output.

So when I joined in 1995 I was also in probation, and I lived 35 km away, so one day while I was going home on my bike, the same women still a trainee veterinarian waiting for her confirmation came running towards me asking for lift, I said OK, while many employees were watching us while they waited for the bus, I gave her lift up to certain point somewhere near her home and left, the next day more then ten employees warned me to keep my distance from her, :-)) given the reputation, the poor women left the same year when her probation was not confirmed after 5 years, she was lady like with me and she also told me her side of the story and warned me about the single caste group, :-)) so I continued with my probation with information about the two sides and I got my probation confirmed in an year with a compliment that, "for a promotion all I need to do is put little more efforts", which never came, :-)) because the single caste group kept working against me till I left for Canada in 2001. :-))

This group worked against anyone who was good at work and had traits of going up the corporate ladder, and I was so surprised, the director liked them all, and he was always surrounded by them.

"Jerks like jerks". :-))

Bottom line is if people plan together and they belong to one single interest, they can pull anything.
:-)) all they need is people who look and listen to only one side. :-)) and all my life I have seen most people doing that only, they don't have time to even look for the other side.

So Sheila Copps and MP and Deputy Prime Minister opening up now is little too late, but she might lead a way where more will open up revealing the number of "p", in   Hypppppppppppopotamus. :-))

which will also reveal how liberated is western women in her home country. :-)

Then there is this story of Mr Gomeshi, I was surprised how CBC could get involved, when there was no complainee, :-)) Did Mr Gomeshi play a game to trap CBC, :-)) anyway everything is possible when money is the criteria, and when you have cowboys swarming like bees anything is possible, so never read any news item like it appears, try to think pros and cons.

Then we have the story of NDP MP's harassed by two Liberal MP's, :-)) probably someone must be consolidating their position, because the Canadian cowboys are dividing everyone into two groups, left and right. :-)))))))))
Political party and the Kings and Queens, :-)

First thing there should not be anyone person holding all the power if there is democracy in the party.

Imagine, someone from your family gives you the political party as a gift on a platter, and you don't know what to do, :-)) or even if you know what to do, if people do not like you or the party members feel you should go, or after the elections if it is clear to you and others that the party did not do well because of you, I think that should be real terrible at a personal level, you can not leave and start a new business and live an anonymous life. :-))

But that is the price one has to pay, if you want to be king and queen in a democratic setup, so the best thing to do is always stick to democracy.

This is what Cong-I should do, they should bring democracy in to their political party, then there is a chance the kings and queens of Cong-I can survive and get a fresh life, and they can always come back with new energy and ideas.

So use democracy as a tool.

I did that, when I was pushed as a general secretary of the employee club, the purpose was to show the people how useless I was, because my detractors were unable to hurt me in the work place, ;-))))) but I am not auseless person, so I did what I do always, :-)) so instead of bad words I was getting compliments, and instead of sticking to it, I called for fresh elections after one year and voluntarily chose a new general secretary and moved out.

There was nothing else remaining to do, so there is no use sticking to something which will not do any good to your reputation.
Conservatives and Punjabis in Canada

I think Conservatives are planning something with the Punjabi community in Quebec and even Canada, let us see time will show us what is the plan.:-)

Punjabi community does not understand politics like many others would, they should be careful and weigh every bit of information that is passed among them. :-)

Which again is very difficult for them.

New way of Propaganda by cowards for Left and Right.

On any oven you will find four stoves, 2 on left and 2 on right, and people use them depending on on the size of the vessel and no one will ever suspect that there are people in Canada, who actually use it as a game for political propaganda, absurd!! :-) but it is true.

Again it is your neighbours apartment which is handy, so they watch your oven and record on which stove you are cooking, we mostly cook on the right stove because the small exhaust is closer to it, but the cowards are using some heating device which actually burns the bottom of whatever is in the vessel, and if you leave it for 5 minutes, your dish is gone, it will burn in the bottom. :-) for this the neighbour sits in the laundry room and concentrates on whatever you are cooking, sometimes the pressure cooker builds so much pressure that it spills all its contents out, though the gasjet and everything is fine.

Lot of such technologies are being developed in Canada. I am not sure what is the purpose, may be they want to chow everyting as an accident. :-))))) sick folks!! en very sick folks!!.

Now I remember on the day of US elections, I was cooking on the left side and Obama won the elections the second time, :-)) it look so stupid but it is true.

Which shows there are so many useless folks in this country. :-))

Nov 4, 2014

Terrorism, Heads and Tails, Drama at what cost-II

Globe and mail : "More you write less you will make". :-) 

(I have been making less since 2005, and I started writing since 2006, and then I did not make anything for three years, but I used to write, and since 2008 I am making less only, thanks to Liberals and Conservatives. :-)) so don't give me this crap. :-)

Yezidi (Or is it Yehudi) women being sold like slaves, meaning a new tail is being created, and Canada goes bombing from air, I am not sure how the bombs find the targets, do they have eyes and ears, "Kurdish oh! Canada, sorry!! we are looking for ISIS", :-)) boom!! really I am serious do we have such bombs, I read somewhere US has such drones. ;-)

Or it is like we have some near expiry bombs in stock and after a long time we have this opportunity, so let us drop them somewhere in Iraq. :-) so there must be some collateral damage, which would mean more tails would be created.

Mr Thomas Mulcair: By bombing, the recruitment to ISIS will increase and it will be counter productive.

Mr Stephan Harper: By not responding it is growing like Cancer.  ( Do we have any cure for any form of cancer?)

By the way Mr Harper, we do not have any cure for any form of Cancer, it is tackled by multiple ways of treatment, not by just surgery.

Long gun registry:

Mr Harper, few bureaucrats are trying to bring back the long gun registry as a log, we will not tolerate that in Canada. :-)

"May be we will bomb them later, once they also grow like cancer in Canada". :-)

I think Mr Harper suffers from political myopia, and unfortunately like cancer there is no sure at this moment for political myopia. :-))

What Canada is supposed to do is run an international campaign to stop all kinds of guns, and warfare, but suffering from political myopia, they are repeating what US has failed doing for more then a decade and more interesting thing is they are repeating exactly in the same place where US has failed.

This is what I meant when I said, "Stir the hornets nest", and hornets are all over middle east and see who are getting stung, poor yezidi (Yehudi) women, can our cowboys stop this, I don't think so, so Canada should open their immigration gates for these people.

And in this mess created by our cowboys, there must be people who would like to be hornets and do what they wanted to do for along time, settle their personal grudges with local communities.

I think Mr Thomas Mulcair is absolutely right that it is going to be counter productive.

When you stir a hornets nest, you don't continue to smoke them, either you kill them all, or you leave them alone so that they can settle down, but what our cowboys are doing is smoking them.and letting them sting all those innocent people who come in their way.

This has no end, and we will keep hearing about this CSIS vs ISIS war for a long time, by the way CSIS is Canadian intelligence agency, :-)

"Attention seeking mission".

I was thinking is CSIS planning to get attention that they are damn against any kind of Islam, :-) I would say it is a very good plot, :-)) but do we have enough army (armed) to counter any backlash from them, US has a huge army and political will also, but even they ran out of money fighting tails after tails created by them.

Mr Harper, peoples lives are more important then your third term as prime minister.

"Canadian Electronic Groin Attack",

"I have a better idea, Canada should open its refugee quota for only ISIS fighters and take them all and place them in Saskatchewan, and let cowards work on them with their electronic toys, particularly the groin attack, because the kind of technology Canadian sleuths have developed, the sexually hyper ISIS fighters will love the electronic stimulation . :-))))))  this way Mr Jean Chretien will also be very happy. :-)

Then one by one they can be used in our Canadian style parliament attacks. :-) because homegrown or imported what is the difference. :-))

I am sure Mr Harper will be very happy with this idea, :-)
Long Gun Registry:

It seems Conservatives argument is cost of maintaining such a registry, (They spent 1 billion to host G8-G20 in Ottawa) and Police wants this registry because it gives them an idea who has a long gun, and few police officers think it is a waste of money, because such a registry serves only one purpose that is when a registered gun's registration expires they can go seize it, etc.

But above all the arguments, they forget one simple thing, guns are meant for killing. irrespective of they are registered or not registered, so instead of having 7 million unregistered guns, it is better to know who has a long gun or any gun.

Crazy culture.

Favorite game of Canadian Intelligence agencies:

Canadian intelligence agencies listen to two people's conversations and use that information to create misunderstanding between those two individuals or if a third individual was the topic of discussion, by misinterpretation if there is not enough negative information and just by passing if there is enough negative information. :-) (They highly paid for this work by the government of Canada) :-))

For this purpose they use microphones which can record the sound of a cockroach walking, meaning very sensitive microphones, or break into telephone conversations, fax, photocopiers, cameras etc. and these gadgets are placed with out any concern for privacy, confidentiality or any other moral values. :-)

This technique is not just used to create misunderstandings between two or three individuals, they use this between two or three communities, parties, between other sister agencies, government departments and governments, and even among various family members, and I am sure they must be using this technique to put two countries at loggerheads etc.etc.

And they are obsessed with visible minorities. :-) Immigrants, refugees, skilled workers, visitors, parents of the immigrants, skilled workers. :-)

And I think if any person from visible majority or even  visible minority with morals or conscience tries to stand up against them, following few patterns are used against them.

1) He/She is crazy, or mentally unstable,
2) He is a serial killer,
3) He is a womaniser, or homosexual or paedophile or all of them, :-))
4) He is home grown terrorist recently changed to Islam,
5) He/She is a threat to security of the country,
6) He is a drug addict, or drug dealer etc.,
7) He had a illegal gun and suffers from depression, suicidal tendencies etc. etc.,

So they try one of them or all of them to placate that person and get rid of him or her. :-) and for this purpose they use lots of electronic gadgets, based on X-rays, Infra red, Thermal, lasers, etc.etc.

The best defence they have if questioned: He/she is crazy.

The logistics manager of such gadgets is the local police station. :-)

The operators or users of such gadgets are mostly youth in their 20's, these young men are developed by the local police station, and definitely they are paid. :-)) it is your tax dollars which are wasted like this and now conservatives -Mr Harper wants to increase this funding. :-) because it helps them control those who will not follow their diktat. :-))

(So the best democratic reaction would be to Vote for some other party other then Conservatives in 2015, but keep in mind this system was very much in use during Liberal party of Canada's rule also) :-) So that leaves us with NDP only.

The location of such operations: Closest vantage point, which is mostly the neighbours apartment.

Purpose: To keep the superiority over all other communities, because Canada is a country with divided communities. :-)) and I think the Canadian intelligence wants to keep it that way, because it works in favour of the visible majority.

White, Brown, and then Black is the hidden apartheid code strictly followed by these intelligence agencies of Canada.
New bill to be tabled to protect girls and women in Canada

Conservatives are going to table a new bill to protect girls and women from their families, it says Canada will protect girls and women who have come here for a better life at any cost, very good!

I have a small problem,

Does it include protection of girls and women born in Canada from Canadian intelligence agencies, police and other criminal outfits which operates in coordination with Canadian government agencies and hurt girls in their homes and schools.

Know this Canadian terrorist: Terrorist no 75

She is a women , 75 years old, half Jewish, lives somewhere in Toronto, and does not believe in law of the country, and is pro to any form of terrorism, but she has good connections in Ottawa. :-)

She has lived like a frog in a well called Toronto, surrounded by men who crawl on their knees, so she thinks all men are like them, her husband would clean her shoes every time she walked outside. :-) (She should take up a world tour and experience real life away from donuts, coffee and ass kissers), she smokes, and might be alcoholic.

She likes men who follow her command,  like she asked one such man (marketing manager) in front of me, "XYZ say good morning to ABC,", and that ass did exactly what she told him to do , he said "Good morning ABC", until then he was standing unconcerned as if he is least bothered about who goes or who stands, this guy was well in his 50's.  what an ass!!.

All her life she must have kissed all those people's arse who were above her in terms of age, authority, position and bank balance. :-))))))) so she expects exactly same from people below her in terms of age, authority, position and bank balance. :-)

My experience:

If she is a member of a team, she will not cooperate with anyone or with the leader of the team, she will do everything to create problems for the team and the leader, she will be like I have nothing to do with them..

If she is second in line, she will create so much mess for the team leader and the team members.( If she is behind anyone, second in command, I would suggest that person should immediately fire her and replace her with someone more dynamic. :-)

If she is given captaincy of a team, she will destroy the team and screw the team members for no reason, it is her brain which makes so much noise and spews negatives fumes 24/7.

Her favourite game is screw the team members for no reason and consolidate her position, does not matter the opposition wins at her teams cost, :-) all she wants is some bunch of ass kissers who would run around her giving her unnecessary attention, :-)) even if they don't get paid, they should treat her like a queen. :-))

If anyone who does not  do the above, is an enemy for her, and she will use everything at her disposal to attack that person,  what a pathetic parasite. (Even real parasites would think twice letting her any where near them) :-)

So I have nothing for her, and as per me and the nature, she has no role to play  in whatever I will do, in fact Nature is dead against her, the reason is simple she is so anti to society and people.

Every time she makes a move nature gets disturbed and sends out fearful vibes, If I could study her brain,  I want to see why her brain generates so much negative energy.

She carries so much destructive energy in her psyche, I am not sure from where she got all this negativity, She once told, her parents were very slack and careless.

Keep an eye on this terrorist, she escapes the radar because she is a women. :-)
Shadow Terrorist: Know this one as well, Terrorist no 65

There is one more Terrorist in Canada-Quebec, 65 years old, no religion, no morals, no family, no friends, no relatives, no law, no nothing, just an animal but a coward, this one is a shadow terrorist, it lurks behind people like a shadow, and will do everything nasty but will remain as a shadow, and will always blame others for her faults and actions. :-))

She has a very wrong impression about herself that she is a psychic and no man can resist her, :-) but unfortunately she could not tell what is happening behind her back. :-))

This Terrorist no 65 was jacked up into politics by the Terrorist no 75, she promoted her as a genius, a peer, and what not. :-)) that was 12 years back, but today I think the equation is something else, no more genius or peer. ;-) probably because she did not get that kind of promotion. :-))

And the logic was, "I promote you and you promote me", but as I said Terrorist no 65 is an animal she does not know all these things, she might have just forgotten who promoted her etc etc :-)) so the equation today might be like no 36. :-)) I would say bad judgement on part of both these terrorists.

Location: Is your neighbours apartment, will move with you like a shadow, because it does not want to miss one single moment. :-)) which also means this animal so scared that it does not want to miss even one second with out watching you. :-)) it suffers from paranoia. :-) and hallucinates, is a movie buff, lives in the movie world, can not differntiate between real and unreal, she thinks people follow movies to live their lives :-)) suffers from very low self esteem, is a smoker and alcoholic.

It is her fears which she indicts on others. :-))

Whatever, the reason why I am writing about them is, instead of fighting with each other or between the two political parties, Liberals and Conservatives, they are fighting with me. :-)) I have not voted for any of them in any elections, I voted for PQ instead, and I have not joined NDP yet. :-))

And both of them are targeting my income. :-(