Dec 12, 2014

International Yoga Day June 21

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

June 21 is declared as International Yoga Day by the UNO, and this is one beautiful gesture UNO had made, actually yoga should be made mandatory for every school and every educational institution and minimum five Asanas which are the most important should be taught and each and every child should practise them at least till they get married, and if they can continue it is always beneficial.

Following are the main five Asanas:

1) Padma Asan, Normal Lotus posture, or those who can not due to bow legs they can use Sukh Asan.
2) Sarvang Asan,
3) Uttar Paschimot Asan
4) Mayur Asan
5) Shirsh Asan

And one should be able to hold each asan for at least 5 minutes every time they do it, and Brahma Mahurta 4:30 a.m., before the sun rays hit the Earth, is the best time to start.

We had regular yoga classes in our school and we were taught all these Asanas on a regular schedule, which was the reason why I continued it even after my schooling.

Elaborate Astang Yoga course should be available on UNO website for everyone to download for free and read and practise, they can get this from Swami Sivananda ashram website for free.

Above given asanas only give benefit to the physical body, but they do little for the mental and Astral body, for that higher yoga needs to be practised, Pranayama is one of them.

I have seen on the TV, people are told to do Kapal Bhati as a regular exercise, which is good but it does not do the complete good, if it is done with out proper process of body cleaning etc.

Whatever, International Yoga Day on June 21 of every year is very good and I liked it more when they called Yoga as a science, it is a science and has not been explored by modern scientists.

Yoga not only helps people with their body issues, it also helps with mental issues, astral connectivity issues, and many more issues which we are able to see, feel or sometimes, we don't even see them or feel them, but a yogi can see or feel them.

The most beautiful part of Yoga is control on everything, Anger, Senses, Mind, Desires, Happiness, Sadness, etc. and once a person experiences all these, one will never live with out Yoga.

The goal should be to attain the status of Yogeshwar, of course which will need lots of discipline, integrity, openness, food, etc. but it is not impossible. :-)

Aum Tat Sat!
Padma Asan:

Sukh Asana

Sarvanga Asana

Uttara Paschimot Asana

Mayur Asana (Peacock Pose)

Shirsh Asana

Each Asana should be held for minimum 5 minutes with normal breathing, or one can practise by holding the breath also, but if during those 5 minutes if one feels any discomfort, please slowly discontinue and sleep on the ground flat like a dead body which is also a Asan, "Shav Asan", for 5 minutes till your breathing returns to normal, and If you are going from no 2 to no 5, don't jump like a frog from Asan to Asan, takek your time and between each asan you can do Shav Asan for few minutes till your breathing returns to normal.

During the Asana, one should try to listen to the body sounds, and feel the stress and identify the location of the stress and then work on it with your prana, sounds easy but it needs lot of concentration and practise.

There is a big misconception that Yoga should be done like an exercise, purpose of yoga is to tune your body, Mind and Soul, and should be done with out any physical exhaustion, better if you play some very soothing music at a very low volume, like Shruti of Veena or even Jazz sounds good.

There are many warm up asanas, which should be done in the beginning, "engine daud" is one of them people like to do, it is like jogging in one place with movement of both hands and legs like a locomotive. :-))

Beginners should start yoga in a very calm atmosphere and with out any hurry and worry, and better in the presence of a learned person, same thing for Meditation, begin in a very serene, calm location, but eventually once you get hold of it, you can do anywhere in a soccer stadium or  even in a rock music concert hall, meaning once you get the mastery, the location becomes meaningless.
Sanskrit as a mandatory subject,

Modi Government should see that Sanskrit is made a compulsory subject along with English and Hindi, not just rudimentary Sanskrit but on par with Hindi as a language.

Benefit of this will be North to South , East to West in India Sanskrit is available but is used by very few elite, once it is made mandatory then a Kashmiri will speak freely with a Tamilian in Sanskrit and when they write they can write in their scripts, same with Gujarati to Assamese, Sanskrit is one language which can actually dissolve all the difference due to Languages in India.

Even today a priest in Kashmir if he can speak Sanskrit, then he can freely communicate with a Sanskrit speaking priest in Tamilnadu or Karnataka or Andhra in Sanskrit, though they might write in their own scripts.

Well Sanskrit brought differences of caste in India, it might as well remove those difference when a lower caste person cleaning a toilet speaks in Sanskrit and very well understands what the priest in the temple has just chanted. :-)

The differences of I am elite and he is low might go away and then a Brahman might as well work in a municipal office cleaning roads and sewers, all speaking Sanskrit, :-)  then once this happens all government offices If function in Sanskrit then the need of Caste based reservation system will go away, instead a economy based reservation system will be needed, because the common factor which brings all lower castes together is economy, and there are many forward caste people who are poor, but they get nothing from the government and they have to fight for everything in a huge competition, which is not fare.

Conversions to other religion,

I think one should be free to change his or her religion any time and any number of times, :-) after all the purpose of religion is to take you to the portal of spirituality, without spirituality a religion is another political office.

If people in India who were forcibly converted to Islam by Mughals and Turks for more then 900 years, then those people If they feel they want to come back to Sanatana dharma, they should be allowed.

But one should understand that all people living in India irrespective of their religions are Hindus, because being a Hindu is live a particular way, Hinduism is a culture and not religion, the real name of religion is Sanatana dharma, or Vedic Dharma, those who follow Vedas or Gita, Puranas, etc.

Bottom line: Whether you call yourself a Sanatana dharmi, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, one that will not change is "One God", so how does it matter if you are what religion.

Yes current world, Islam has been tainted by many from with in and most from outside, so I am sure many Muslims must be very uncomfortable when they travel abroad, particularly to Europe, and North America.

I think there should be no issue if people want to join the main stream of India, or majority population of India and change their name to some Subramanium or Pradeep Kumar, it is all fine.

But even Subramanium or Pradeep kumar will have problems in North America. :-))


ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala Montreal, 12 Dec 2014.

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