Dec 23, 2014


One week and 2014 is gone, :-)

Numerology: If I look back, number 1, 4, 8 and 13 have come very frequently in my life or in a way have been connected to me or my family.

4, is my younger brothers birthday
4, is my elder daughters birthday
my mothers house number is 4, but the building number is 5

I came to Canada on 17 ( total is 8)
The Apartment number in Toronto was 8, building number 780,

Montreal Area code is 514 (total is 10, further it is 1)
My first apartment in Montreal was number 8,  building number was 2150 (total is 8)
Second apartment number was also 8,  building number was 2200 (total is 4)
My third apartment number is 1 but the building number is 1480 (total is 13 further total is 4)

My car plate number was 008
My  current car plate number is 844

My father passed away 13 Mar (Total is 4)
My Sisters birthday is 13 Mar
My wife parental house number is 13
My current office door number is 13 and building number is 555
My roll number in my school was mostly 13 or 31

Many more numbers have always been 1, 4 , 8 or 13 and any year ending with 4, 1984, 1994, 2004, and 2014 have been very different then other years. :-)) I think I will have to wait for 2024 for another year full of discouragement from all spheres of life. :-))

I will not write about number 5 because I don't want Albino fools to work on it for extra effects, I want to see it like it is destined. :-))

Albino (Pale) fools have been working very hard with little results, :-) they want one of their fool to lead them, but I am not supporting them or their fool, :-)) actually the reason is I don't know why they want my approval, I am not one of them, meaning I am not Albino, :-)) they will have to search the Internet.

"How to upgrade an Albino fool among Albino fools", :-)))))))))))))))))))

The purpose is to upgrade an Albino fool and all contestants are Albino all those who vote are also Albino, but why bother colored folks including me. :-)

By the way I predicted that the entire race of Albino fools will go extinct by 2090, let me tell how that will happen.

1) Homosexuality or Lesbianism is the reason.

2) Already it has taken roots, and Albino fools in their enthusiasm to show the world that they have freedom of everything are encouraging homosexuality left and right.

3) This trend will pick up as a race for propaganda, the two main political parties will compete with each other in increasing the number of people living a homosexual life, slowly by 2060, all Albino fools will be homosexual and lesbians, if anyone would try to be heterosexual, he or she will be subjected to torture by pale cowards (Government agents) with their electronic toys, :-)) as a result they will suffer from impotency or frigidity, and there will be no children born to Albino fools, :-)) and by 2090 there will no Albino fool left on the face of this Earth. :-)))

I would say good riddance.

To see that I will have to live till I am 124 yrs old. :-)) which is little difficult but not impossible :-)

Somewhere Dinosaurs will be joking: Did you know that another race has gone extinct on earth, they started f%$#@# each other. :-)))

And they prosecuted those who did not had any scratch marks on the thighs. :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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