Feb 24, 2015

Current 24 FEB 2015, Canada going Satan way tch tch tch

Canada going "Satan", way, :-)

One thing everyone knows is that we are surrounded by two energies, positive and negative, and then there is the food that you eat which designs your mind, hence we also say, "you are what you eat".

And food is of three types, Vegetarian, and devoid of Onions and Garlic, Vegetarian with Onions and Garlic, and Non Vegetarian, some might even say Eggitarian, or Hindu type of Non Vegetarian which lacks beef (Mad Cow Disease) and pork (Worms), the first type keeps the mind clean, and is suitable for positive thinking and since it does not contain Onions and Garlic, people do not suffer from lethargy or excess sleep, then the second type is Vegetarian with induced lethargy, but Onions gives a good body to any dish and fried Onions taste really good, but too much Onions are bad for health and breath, but I like to cook with Onions, Garlic, and Ginger. :-)

Even though the mind might be clean and alert because of Vegetarian food with out Onions and Garlic, it is very much capable of taking in the negative energy, the thoughts are the carriers of energy, and if a person with clean mind thinks dirty, dirty thoughts will take very dirty negative energy and it is a loop, same thing with good thoughts, good thoughts are carriers of positive energy and they induce positive thinking and again it is a loop, because with positive thinking the mind, body and soul gets richer and richer pushing the human to higher levels of living.

And negative thinking push the human to lower levels of living, towards evil, which many religions have called, Satan, or Shaitan or Devil or just Evil, and once Satan takes hold of your mind, and if that mind is fed non vegetarian food, one can imagine what that person is capable of in terms of negativity and evil.

So in terms of Physics the energy is either positive or negative, and there is this "field", but in reality it is as alive as you and me, and Satan is as real as you and me, and all it needs is a mind with evil thoughts, or mind which is sucking negative energy, same thing with the other side, which we call godly energy or positive energy, it needs a mind, clean and with positive thinking.

A person in Satan's control will be mean, and suffer from low esteem, cunning, always planning to hurt, block or spoil others, :-)) and a person who is in control of his own actions will be child like.

Now Canada is going Satan way, because the the top cream of the society is very negative and that is so attractive to the Satan that once it will get hold of it, it will be a long way before we will even see any thing positive, simple example is, look at the middle east, it is in the grip of the Satan, Satan likes only destruction, evil in its pure self, here godly energy is helpless because the minds are all corrupt with negative energy and where there is negativity only Satan gets to rule, godly power or energy is kind of helpless, it remains a spectator waiting for people to prepare themselves to take the positive energy, so that it can do some damage control, but given the current situation, it is hardly getting any chance to do some damage control.

And taking a u turn from total negativity towards positive energy is a very tough task, because it is a loop and it is controlled by Satan and its forces, :-) imagine Satan is drinking blood, source is provided by both the sides, heads and the tails, and you want to stop it from doing so, basically it means you will have to fight Satan to free your mind, and since you are used to eating food packed with violence, it is impossible to free your mind, thoughts and yourself from Satan.  :-) basically it means you are screwed with little or no hope of any return to normalcy, it is an abyss.

Secret: Bring yourself to a level which is so high that even if you take negative energy, Satan will not be able to control you. :-)) but first, one will have to reach those heights of positivity, and which you will never loose once you gain but you will get the ability to use both positive and negative energy with out the Satan's meddling, which means you will be the master of your actions. :-)) 

Anyway point is Canada is going towards Satan way. :-))

Faith begins where logic ends, and religion also begins where logic ends, and logic for us is what we can see, but there is that logic which is still invisible to us is also playing its part. :-)

Go folks go destroy yourselves, we will watch your destruction with awe. :-))))))))))

Then there is IQ, EQ and SQ, people are not clear what IQ is and EQ is already being discussed, and when will we reach there, where we will discuss SQ.

Given the above scenario,

Person with high intake of negative energy, has high negative IQ
Person with high intake of positive energy, has high positive IQ,

Person with high intake of negative energy is emotionally strong but can perform only negative tasks, and is emotionally very weak to perform any positive acts, and vice verse, so a person with evil thoughts is having very high EQ but it works for him only when he performs negative tasks and when he or she has to perform any thing positive it is beyond his or her understanding  or even imagination and might find herself or himself out of place, (Most or majority of pale folks fall in this category) :-) and my suggestion is please don't stop, eat as much beef as possible and it should be old, frozen and rotten the best. :-))) because Satan loves such folks who eat rotten, old, frozen beef, full of toxins. :-)) and better if it is eaten raw.

Satan hates vegetables. it thinks sissies eat vegetables.

Now a person with high negative EQ might be very successful in the material world, and most successful people in terms of wealth fall in this category, but they hardly do any good to the world, but exceptions are always there.

What makes the actual difference is SQ, spiritual quotient, a person with a high negative EQ can not have any SQ, it has to be positive EQ, but then the material success might not be there. :-))

Some real CON ADA:

I was reading on some online news website, I think it was msn.com, a story about how refugees suffer after they come to Canada, and most end up living on less then 11,000$ per year, and the main reason is they can not speak English or French, and it takes time to learn English or French and start working, and the comments section was loaded with comments from natural born Canadians, whose comments were :

"I have news for you. Many natural born Canadians and seniors live on less than that".

"I have always felt when reading stories like this, that these people have expectations and they feel like we owe them or something. So many Canadians I know struggle financially, living from paycheck to paycheck, paying taxes and still not able to save for a rainy day. They fail to realize that there are many Canadians living the way she does. It saddens me to hear a refugee or immigrant suggesting that the Government change the Pension Plan to suit their needs when they have paid nothing into it. All I have to say is this, if you come here to Canada to live, then you must realize that not everyone in Canada is filthy rich, not everyone can afford luxuries, so just suk it up and do what the rest of the low income families do, "the best you can" with what you got. STOP expecting to be treated BETTER than thousands of other Canadian families who have paid into the Canadain Pension Plan all of their working lives".

"Are you stating that a refugee should get as much or more than one who has paid pension, taxes etc all of there life. If it wasn't for our generosity to the hard done by people of every other nation there would be more money left over for our natural born citizens".

"Yes, If don't work here you get nothing but what your allowed nothing more and nothing less suck it up butter cup, if want more go back learn more but we'd be paying for that to".

"I've got news for her.. Many of us natural born Canadians are living on that or less.. The headline should read, many Canadians... not just immigrants... To her if she doesn't like it , should have stayed home".

"After a senior has been in Canada for 10 years they received Old Age Security even if they haven't worked a day or paid taxes in Canada. You're only entitled to receive CPP if you paid into it and that's the way it should be. There are Canadians who were born here live on $1100.00 a month or less too. Welcome to the real world!".

"While I feel sorry for the lady but the fact still remains that she shouldn't be coming here if she is not able to look after herself. It's not up to the Country to look after her she has to make it on her own, now a days Canadians find themselves facing the same problems she is experiencing. All the things she is facing should have been taken into consideration before she came here. I think one of the big problems is the lack of communication between these people and our government on just what the difficulties will be when coming to our country at her age. As already stated there are Canadians living here that are facing serious financial difficulties before retirement and after without a language problem. Allowing single older people to immigrant here especially with kids is a serious step and means considerable difficulty in getting employment and providing proper living conditions".

"Robert the term is "Refugee" not immigrant. If Canada brings in refugees, it is incumbent upon us to do what we can. Immigrants come to Canada with their eyes wide open through discussions with our embassies abroad. Please don't use the terms interchangeably".

"Morning I am a senior living in Canada on OAS, and CCP Just over $1300 per month.. I was born and worked in this country since I was 16 years old. You can come to this country from anywhere else if you live here for 10 years whether you WORK or not you (and most don't work) are entitled to those to pensions Which is BS. That is why most of those people come to Canada and enjoy our health care system and pensions. FREE.. The government needs to jack up the eligibility time to 20 years and if you don't work you are not entitled to does pensions... Same goes for a another segment of our population Which get more then the working seniors and they never work".

After reading all these comments, I think there is a huge communication gap between the government and the people, and same way between immigrants, refugees and the people, and the government, and no government, Liberal or Conservative did any thing to remove this communication gap.

On eof my client, he is in his 70's and he took precautions and saved for the rainy day by investing in RRSP's, and a home, etc, but to his shock when his time cam efor the pension, Canadian government deducted all those savings from his pension and he gets some 400$ per month, because he has some saving and a home, which I guess is paid.

And it is not a laughing matter, things are very serious for many including the native people in Canada, and old refugees, immigrants who come here and are taken for a ride by mafia extentions of the political parties like Liberals and Conservatives.

And the way Canadian government projects itself is a different story and many get attracted, like the per capita income, Canada projects 42000, and which is just misleading figures, reality is reflected in the above given comments. :-) and now we are going down towards nadir point.....tch tch tch.

As per the Astrology, after 2016 the times will changes, even for me, so I am just waiting for 2016 to arrive, :-))  right now it is Saturn-Rahu, nexus which is working against me and everyone.

So let us wait till 2016. :-)) after all we are not running out of time, like many others, :-)))))))))))))

So it is 2016, I guess after April or May.

 I think the time will change because NDP will come to power and the two mafia political parties (left and right) will bite the dust, the pale cowards have clearly given the indication that both the parties are dead against people of Canada, that includes me. :-)) they are interested in the welfare of one or two people. :-))

Feb 23, 2015

Current 23 FEB 2015- ICC World Cup Cricket 2015 coverage in Hackerville

ICC World Cup Cricket 2015: We in Canada have so many channels for cricket, but only Bell Canada is covering ICC world cup cricket 2015, and they are selling the entire season for 200$ even to its subscribers and I think as a regular Bell Canada subscriber it is an open loot.

Then we have CBN channel, Common wealth Broadcasting channel, and it is busy showing us all old footage of last years or this years cricket.

Then we have another Cricket channel, CRK ATN, same thing with this channel they are also showing highlights of old cricket matches and only 30 minute talk shows on world cup 2015.

Then there is Sports net one, it is busy showing tennis, and now and then they cover highlights of world cup 2015. apart from these there are some 30 channels which cover sports, and all are busy with our national sport," face bashing sport", sorry we also call it ice hockey. :-))

I think Canadians will be interested in Cricket, only if players are allowed to kick each other in face, if this is allowed I bet Canada will take interest in this sport and then we might not call it a gentleman's game, :-))

So this season thanks to Con government, we Canadians are deprived of Cricket, it is like pay 200$ or forget it. :-))  So we said forget it, and out Canadian team could not qualify to play in ICC world cup cricket, but Afghanistan did qualify. :-)

Another interesting point in this world cup is, UK has three teams, Ireland, England and Scotland. ad only teams which did not win the world cup are :

New Zealand
South Africa

So I tried to connect through some scrapper websites like smartcric, but by mistake I downloaded some app and the computer stopped from functioning.

So this weekend I tried to reinstall windows XP in my old computer which has been in coma since it suffered hackers pique, so after few tries it came out of coma and started to function and even before I could restore it properly, the hacker came back and with one touch to his key board sent the old computer back in coma, :-)) for a moment I forgot I live in hacker ville, :-)) and the government is Con which serve only hacking.

So my computer needs a change of circuit board so I let it rest. :-))  for a moment I felt I should send an email to Mr Stephen Dion, MP Liberal party of Canada, that his constituency, Ville Saint Laurent has been changed in to a hacker ville. :-)) then I thought it will be like asking a hungry man to do some guarding duty. :-)))))))))

Even our prime minister's name rhymes with hacker, Stephen Hacker. :-))))))))))))

Feb 18, 2015

Do you know someone ? I don't

It is really good to see some smile on the face of Mr Kejriwal, :-)) I don't expect him to do anything huge, but small small things which can bring smile to the face of ordinary citizens who do not know anyone from ruling class. :-)

Today morning, Mr Kavi Vishwas of AAP was narrating few funny things on TV and he told that top 10 bhanjans in India were written, sung, music directed, acted, and filmed by Muslims, :-)) I knew that few of the bhajans were sung by Late Rafi Sahab, but all 10 top bhajans produced by all Muslims is really surprising to know.

Before elections Mr Kejriwal said, "I am travelling in business class because I want all common people to travel in business class", now he is saying common people will have to live in Jhuggi and Jhopadi (huts), so what ever happened to common man travelling in business class. :-)

Apart from that the general tendency of people is I know so many people, :-)) I am surprised I hardly know anyone, :-)) and when I see or read any news, I hardly see a name I know him or her personally, like a class mate or a relative or a neighbour, every person in India or Canada or USA, I only see strangers. :-))

Not that I lived in one place like a frog in a well, I have moved more then 40 times in my 48 years and I hardly know one person who is popular in any field, even scientific field, :-)) what ever happened to so many people I grew up with in so many cities, :-)) I guess all of them are still trying to make both ends meet, :-)) because all of them come from middle class.

Many people I have observed feel very elated or great if they come across some one popular or wealthy, "I know him", is the reaction with a huge smile, and my question is always, "Does he or she know you", :-))  because I know who Harper is or Stephen Dion or T Mulcair is, but do they know that I exist. :-))

When ever my father would go out he would look for people he knows, sometimes even a tea vendor, a coolie (porter) a railway clerk, etc, would acknowledge his good wishes and he would be so happy, and he would say with a big smile, "He remembers me", my question would be, and?? :-)) I know lot of people get offended with such logical questions, but when he was down, except a barber, hardly a person he knew visited to see him. :-))

And even today I know that barber who runs a small salon in my parents locality, and he is the only person who knows me. :-)) actually I never gave much importance to this thought that people should know me my idea always was it is better if no one knows me, so that I can sit in peace, but when I came to Canada, Access human resource centre in Scarborough trained us for networking and I took it very seriously till I moved to Montreal. :-)

And many people take pictures with popular figures and put them in frames and tell everyone I know this person, and I always felt, and? does that person even remembers he took a picture with you, :-)

My Father-in-law, in a different ways knows how to use such people when needed, like getting heavy bags checked in an Airport, with out checking the actual weight, :-) the person will push the bags on the belt by telling the counter clerk, "Our people", :-)) my question, what about all those who paid the same fare, and are standing in the queue. :-)

Now If I see, In India I hardly know a single person who can stand with me shoulder to shoulder, given my character, well If you talk about opportunists, hundreds are there but a person who keeps a global point of view and will not get in to "our people", kind of day to day politics, I think zero.

Now in Canada, there is no chance for such a character, because Canada is a country based on communities, everyone is living in their own cultural or religious space, and they don't see each other, and all are being watched by CSIS on the name of security. :-)) the motto of Canada is " birds with similar feathers flock together", :-)) and I think CSIS and its subsidiaries would like to keep it that way, because it helps them in collecting information or placing electronic gadgets where ever they need with out any hassle. :-)

Even the number of opportunist people I know are in ten's or even less, Canada is country which inculcates strangers every where. :-)) like I said it is like a college, you join, you either leave or stay, you will remain a stranger, but not for CSIS or other government agencies which might be writing your biography.

I think In Canada, the biographers in CSIS and related agencies get busy the moment a baby is born, because you never know where you can use that baby for, so many international programs are supported by Canada. :-))

When I came to Canada, in first three months I did so much of networking that few people were surprised that so many people knew me, :-)) but after 14 years, I don't know who my neighbour is.
:-)) and all those with whom I tried to maintain a network are no more in my contact, thanks to someone very socially sick :-))

But today I feel free that I don't have to answer many people for every small small things, :-)) which I have to when I was new in Canada and that was the result of too much networking, :-)) and when people don't get that information in time or they come to know about some event that has taken place in your life from a third person, they feel offended, all that headache is not there. :-)) 

While I got married I called few friends and classmates from my MSc, two came, and went straight for lunch and left, did not even meet me, :-)) and when my daughter was born, after three months, her cradle ceremony was celebrated with lunch by my in-laws, and I paid for the Video, and I called few people from my office and everyone came, then I called few of  them for my daughters first birthday in a hotel with dinner, everyone came, but when my father passed away in 1999, few came and left with out even meeting me, they saw my parents home which was  a middle class apartment, with improper paint, that is what he could afford after he retired, so they left with out even saying hello, and one fellow could not keep his mouth shut and said, your parents home looks very bad, you should do something about it, I did in 2010, :-) and I called everyone for lunch as part of the ritual on 13 or 14 day of my fathers funeral, only two came, :-))

Basically what I have observed is people 99.999% are just opportunists, they want credit for doing nothing or doing very little and where you can not sit and talk like funerals they don't go.

Why would someone take the headache for free, :-)) people do things only when their comfort is at stake or their personal comfort needs an upgrade. :-))

I liked one line Kavi Vishwas said, "there is no saint with out a desire".

In fact saints have more desires then any one, it needs little thinking why? :-) may be some other time.

I read a joke yesterday, it is about how many people know you,

It seems bob knew people and one day he is out with his boss and other colleagues and at one point he stops to say hello to someone, and boss is offended that bob knew him, so they have a challenge that bob does not know Obama, but in front of the white house bob is shaking hands with Obama, boss is surprised, then he says, I am sure the pope does not know you, they go to Vatican, and Bob is standing with the pope in his balcony, suddenly the boss suffers a stroke, bob goes to visit him in the hospital, :-)) and asks him what happened, he asks, oh1 you had a stroke because pope was standing with me, boss says no, I had a stroke because a guy standing next to me said, who is that guy standing with bob?. :-))

Feb 16, 2015

People should mind their business

When I started my career like any other middle class guy, I joined with out much ado and demands, and expected that hard work and perseverance will be paid but surprisingly found out that a multi millionaire,  and people up to 25 years senior to me were playing dirty politics to stop me.

Not that I stopped, :-)) but why would a multi millionaire compete with me, when I was already loyal to him and was  reporting to him, :-) I could never understand.

And more then me he was more interested in my life, basically he wanted to design my life, with whom I should get married, how that women should be, etc. because his fear was what If I get huge dowry and start my own industrial unit for active pharmaceuticals, :-)) like he started with his wife's money. :-))

And his fears came true, when he came to my marriage, all my in laws were loaded with gold jewellery, poor fellow decided there it self that no growth for me, and I took a decision to leave his company when I visited his multi floored mansion to give him the invitation of my marriage, he made me sit near the shoes, and refused to offer even a glass of water, basically he showed me my worth.
 :-)) not that I was showing off of anything, I was as humble as a blade of grass, but I don't know why he felt he had to show me my place (in terms of wealth). :-))

Other people have been more interested in my life then I have been,

I just started working in 1990 and people started suggesting don't buy those fast bikes, a moped will be better, then something called Mofa was released, :-)  so people (who came by bus) suggested Mofa will suit me, :-)) but I purchased a Hero Honda and all those people were very unhappy that I did not listen to them. :-))

Then about my marriage, and then car which I never purchased in India. :-)) I just told one person that I am planning to buy that new car Maruti Zen that was released in the market last week, that's all every one (mostly seniors) ran to buy small 800 Maruti cars and started suggesting that the new car will not suit me, I should go for an old fiat.

:-))) then the Canadian thing came.

Here in Toronto, same thing people would suggest, you should buy a Honda civic used, and then drive for few years and then go for Honda accord used, :-)) when I asked them, "how much would a Toyota Camry cost",  with a loud laughter they said, "he is dreaming for a Toyota Camry", I said yes, that to a new one. :-)

I did, with in 6 months of my arrival in Canada, I purchased a new brand 2002 model Toyota Camry, the receptionist of our plant was surprised, she said, I am impressed, probably she thought I would come in a old Honda civic,  like our other Indian colleague. :-))

The people started talking, where did he get money for a new car, I have been working for so many years but I still drive an old car. :-))

Then one such employee who was selling his house came to me and offered his house for 1,60,000, and I jokingly said, that is too cheap, I can not live in such a small house, that is it, he went around spreading the new information, probably, he has lot of money etc, etc. :-))

The few people felt It is because of the new car I was getting respect in the plant, so it was stolen in 2003, expecting I will go for an old car, but I got another new Toyota Camry 2003 model, one should have seen the people's faces, what another new one. :-))

Now I don't even work in a company or talk much with people (particularly pale folks), but there are  many of them who are still more interested in my life then I care, :-))

I am not with any political party or with any organization, but people are so much interested in my life, where do I sleep, how do I sleep, with whom do I sleep, who is my wife, whether the mattress is soft or not, etc. etc. What I eat, what I drink, How I wipe my ass, with what, how I take shower, :-)) and with availability of technology (with CSIS) this curiosity has gone to obsession.

I think if people devote all that time for their self development, they might achieve many things they just dream. :-)

I seems I am their bread and butter, what will they do with out me and with their sorry lives If I am not their topic of discussion. :-)))))
PDP-BJP, Jammu and Kashmir,

I think BJP's loss in Delhi is causing some problems for BJP, even PDP is using it as an excuse, :-)
and the 11 point offer by PDP shows its true colors, BJP should take time now and resolve their stand on each and every point raised by PDP, because BJP stands for the entire India and PDP is not able to even take a stand for people of Kashmir, they are more interested in Pakistan. ::-)

I think BJP should educate people of Kashmir what exactly PDP is with the point they have raised, which clearly shows they do not want to stay with India or even they are interested in Kashmir or people of Kashmir.

Another option is Jammu and Kashmir can be separated into two states and BJP forms government in Jammu and PDP in Kashmir, and then BJP should turn Jammu into a developed place in may be 5 years, then people of Kashmir might change their political idea. :-)

Now BJP should understand why Congress-I left J&K to National Conference, :-)) with the 11 points offer it is very clear PDP is not interested in peace in that region, they just want to play in the hands of Pakistan, which in turn is a puppet in the hands of western powers.

BJP can also offer 11 points, like

PDP should occupy POK,
PDP should be responsible for any terrorism in J & K, since they are soft towards extremists and Pakistan
Article 370 should be repealed as everyone from PDP, NC, Hurriyat and Pakistan are hiding behind it.
Pakistan should never be a part of any talks with regards to J&K, because Pakistan did not exist when J&K joined India.
CM in J&K should be a BJP candidate, and Kiran Bedi is the best for this position.
Sri Nagar should be adopted as a smart city but under BJP leadership,
Dal Lake is a heritage site,
Shalimar Bagh also should be a heritage site,
No Non Muslim should leave Kashmir,
Border between Pakistan and J &K should be sealed for ever.
PDP if wants can leave India and join Pakistan and see if they are even allowed to move freely, leave alone talk.

Bloody Opportunists.

Feb 12, 2015

Current- Your Wrong can not be My Right

"Your wrong can not be my right", wrong is wrong, and right is right, irrespective of who is supporting it.

Canada-CSIS/CSE, Canadian spy agency wants to play police also, and for that they must have been pressing for new legislation, the reason for this I think is, CSIS and their subsidiaries in various parts of the country have been involved in scores of illegal activities, and particularly in Saint Laurent, Quebec, a Liberal strong hold for last 20 years, and CSIS probably wants to convert all those illegal operations in to legal operations as most of them might spill on their face and the reason why Liberals will not oppose this legislation is because most of these illegal operations are in Liberals constituencies.

The mafia extensions of the two parties Liberal and Conservatives have been using CSIS and its subsidiaries for political propaganda, which means using electronic voodoo to force people to join their mafia like political party, and more crime they will commit more legislation they are going to ask.

And the new legislation is required by CSIS for their domestic operation, till now they have run these operations with out any fear or concern for warrant or legal backlash, but now I think few of these illegal operatives working for CSIS are suffering from nervous break down. :-))))))

Imagine a CSIS/CSE operative has cornered someone for some purpose or as a favour for some rogue fraudster having links in Ottawa, but then he or she will have to explain the entire thing to RCMP or Police to close that operation, and that might create new problems, so why to have a separate RCMP, Police, why not one person can do everything, Spying, Policing, Judging, and Punishing, and in future they might as well occupy the parliament, it will be very easy to carry out any operation legal or illegal.

Wrong is wrong, and right is right, it does not matter who is holding the wrong as right, wrong remain wrong and giving too much power to spy agency is wrong, no matter who is supporting it.

Conservatives can not get away by saying Liberals are not objecting, I would say who are Liberals, that 30 puppets in the parliament, NDP is opposing, which they should tooth and nail, but the truth is all are pale, so my expectations from them are nothing, as they are digging their own grave, they will end up doing it, because that is where Canada is destined to reach. :-))

Mr Harper is behaving like he was elected by intelligence agencies and not the people, this situation is between rights of the people Vs Intelligence agencies, and Mr Harper seems to have forgotten that it is the people of Canada who elected them and not the intelligence agencies.

If they want Taliban like powers I suggest they should leave Canada and settle down in Kandhar.

I think this season we are going to have lot of problems watching this world cup, because CSIS/CSE are not going to let people in Canada watch this game, because CSIS/CSE are scared.

One might ask what CSIS/CSE has to do with ICC Cricket world cup, :-))  I would say naive fellow, they want to control this world and control every election results, every game, every single decision, every person on this earth, they have already covered  Canada, so they are moving towards the entire world and want the same 100% surveillance rights like they have in Canada. :-)) The evil is growing.

By the way Canada could not qualify for this world cup, any new team or new country has to win one match in teh qualifying rounds and Canadian team has not won a single match so far, Oh! sorry we are busy kicking each other on ice, we call it national sport "Ice Hockey".

I think the finals will be between Australia and England.

and England will win this world cup 2015.

India will loose because of  M S Dhoni and his ambitions. :-)) I think he asked for 40 crores to act in a movie based on his life. :-))

He makes 100 crores or more per year, I don't know what people do with so much money, where do they keep it, and RAW is not doing anything in India, here in Harpers Canada, CSIS/CSE tries to control my checking account which has some 30$. :-)))))))))))

Modi and his expensive dress:

Mr Modi should understand that he is living in India, and India is run by few rich Indians, who are in turn controlled by their masters in various foreign countries, this includes Congress-I also, :-)  and in this India, a chai wala had become a Prime Minister, which is still not digested by Congress-I and many such puppets.

Mr Modi, in such an India, a chai wala who had become a Prime Minister is yet to be tolerated by these puppets, how will they tolerate if he wears an expensive dress and tries to show some style.

I think that was good, and Indian prime Minister should have every right to wear what ever he wants, but there is a catch, please don't talk about being Gandhi wadi, because these two things do not go together, either this or that.

"Agar duniya se dar ke jiyenge to kuch bhi na kar payenge, Logon ka to kaam hain kahena".

CPI(M), JD this and JD that, DMK, Congress-I, all the corrupt politicians are so worried that If the clean up continues then their future is in danger, hence all the noise. :-))

Feb 10, 2015

Current 10 FEB 2015-Delhi and elections-Look who was scared

Delhi Elections  2015 "Jo Dar Gaya Wo Mar Gaya".

10 Feb 2015, will go down in history of politics as Kejriwal day, wow! sure people in Delhi were fed up with Congress-I and BJP for in action, Congress-I is a party of rich people, we can understand and it got its treatment many many times in recent past, but BJP is a party with its leader from lowest sections of the society and yet people are not getting any help.

I think the Crow instead of landing on Kejriwal's camp it landed on BJP, Amit Shah's camp, this defeat is a defeat of Amit Shah of BJP, Kiran Bedi is a women who is lost, she does not know what to do with her life, :-)) some times Anna, sometimes, Kejriwal, sometimes Congree-I and sometimes BJP, so now she can rest and my suggestion to Kiran Bedi is go for spirituality, settle your mind, body and soul, then you will see what you have to do with your life, otherwise Amit Shah's of this world will continue to use her.

In a way it is good for BJP to have strong Kejriwal in Delhi, because Delhi will not sleep under Kejriwal and active Delhi will work in favour of Modi, so that Modi can do something for this country and its people.

One thing I fail to understand about people is why don't they do something when they have power.

Let me give an example from my experience.

There was this employee club, with some 300 employees, there was some money, but the club was being run like a grocery store by a senior officer, accounts were like his personal property, and when I took charge, there were 10 people who were not part of the club yet they tried to block me from dong anything, including the management, :-)) and when I asked for accounts, they were up in arms because there were no accounts being maintained. :-))

And it took me 3 months to put back everything in order and after that I would go once in the evening for few minutes, there were 4 people who were running it on a regular basis, and I maintained accounts got it audited by our company CA and gave a copy to the club for their information, was it difficult, not at all.

And I guess it remained in that functioning state after I left it, I think the main reason, why things don't happen is people do not know how to do things and what to do first, etc. so everything remains a mess, and the hero worship is another factor, one person is treated like a god and rest are forgotten, this is what happened in Congress-I and they have not yet learned lesson and I think it is time we should forget about Congress-I, and may be AAP works with sound planning they can replace Congress-I in 4 years time and contest next general elections with a bang, I think Modi and his men will have to hurry up with their projects.

People like Amit Shah have a small problem, they run a good campaign, they win, but after that they loose focus, and Delhi is a good example how Amit Shah lost focus and brought Kiran Bedi which was the biggest folly.

And it is very clear that the agenda of Mr Amit Shah is not people, it is BJP, which is very correct according to his position, but this can not be the only agenda of Mr Modi, people will have to be the number 1 item on his agenda, or please look at Congress-I, :-))))  because they did not keep people on their priority list.

Any way Modi or Kejriwal as far as people get help it is always good in democracy.

Because, Modi, Amit Shah, Rahul, Sonia, etc. etc. are not important, important are people, because it is democracy, and to keep democracy up and running we can loose many leaders but not the people and democracy.

So Congratulations Kejriwal, he deserved it, and may be Kejriwal will do something for the people

"Kitne Aaye Kitne chale gaye

Lekin Log wahin ke wahin,

So Khao Piyo lekin kuch to karon.

Aakhir praja ke bina Prajatantra kaisa".

So this should be a lesson for BJP that a door through which Congress-I went is always open in democracy and the door is controlled by people who vote.

And Amit Shah should stop feeling and behaving like a king and he doesn't have to run his Ashwameda horse every where in all directions, and please keep away from Telangana,  it is just a baby and let KCR handle that baby.

And elections are not won or lost because some mother gets sick or how you celebrate Gandhi Jayanti, or what you think about certain things, what people want is some development in their lives.

And people who have no idea what they have to do with their lives, what suggestion they will give you Mr Modi,

Modi Ji, Aap to Yogi hain

phir kaise Arjun ban gaye,
bhar siraf duryodhan ka raj chalta hain ,
or duryodhan ka matlab hi hota hain, mis conception. :-)))

Feb 9, 2015

Hacker Ville -The best country to live in the world-in 2015

Todays Globe and Mail, showed some guts and tried to feature a write up on how easy it is for hackers to hack cars and manipulate them while you are driving, and it seems all the manufacturers are exposed to this problem in Canada.

There are some 15 computers in my car and each computer has some software, and is controlling some function of the car, so the wireless entry points is one way hackers can get into your car and manipulate everything from software to the key functions to their advantage so that tehy can control the car while you are driving, the main purpose is mischief.

But the actual problem is not this one which the paper did not address, the actual problem is 99% cars in Canada and Quebec in particular are hacked by security agencies like local police and CSIS, :-) and they do not hack the car using available entry points rather they use their power to get access into your car at the service station and install their gadgets, so that they can see you  and your family in the car and also they can see where you are going.

And my car was taken to a garage, they had three days so the car must have been ripped open piece by piece and the sick guys installed every possible electronic gadget or what ever technology they had with them in 2009, what ever they have installed they can see me and also they can see where I am going, the streets in front and behind, and delivered the car after three days. I think all this hard work is  a part of racial profiling Canadian style. :-))

Today in Canada in general and Quebec in particular it is impossible to keep your electronics free from hacking by local police and CSIS, even childrens IPOD's, teenage girls cellphones, are not spared.

Since I bought my cellphone and my elder daughter bought hers, I could never speak to her on her callphone, when ever I call her number my phone jams and the screen goes dark, and her phone looses battery power and goes dead, this problem we faced in India also when we visited in 2010, it was my cellphone from FIDO and we got her a new phone in India  and her cell phone would never get charged or loose power, or would not connect.

Recently in Place vertu, Saint Laurent, I was near Canadian tyre and I called her number, she has an Iphone with FIDO, I called her number to find out where she was in Palce Vertu, same thing, my phone jammed, and her phone went dead, I don't know why some one has a problem with family members communicating with each other, I guess Canadian sleuths have nothign else to do and they all this technology developed by easy money given to them by Liberals and now by Conservatives, so some where they have to use that technology.

Is Mr Harper getting these informations, I think he is given exactly opposite information by the same guys . :-))))))))) or the people close to Harper must be under Liberal control so he must be getting all the opposite information, because he is doing things which are in opposition.

So this morning when I saw things not normal and are changing towards worse, I told my daughter, some one very sick is controlling Canada or Quebec now. :-))

I wrote to dodge boulevard, and immediately I got a call, the guy on the other side appeared more interested to find out what I am going to do with my car since it is hacked or it is in hacking mode 24/7, he said, "you want to change your car", :-)) they are not bothered if you have problems with your current car, they just want to sell another one and then behave like they behaved before once they sell the car, after sale service is very bad.

I told him the problem, and asked him if it is with in his control to do something about it, he said nothing.

I tried to write to Chrysler Canada, but their customer care centre is more secure then their cars, all my emails bounced back, I  said to myself I wish their cars have something like that, every attack should bounce back and not change the systems. :-))

But I am surprised at the bunch of guys who have all the time to sit in a hidden spot and watch you drive same old path over and over again for 5 or more years, :-)) so they are so free that have nothing to do in this big wide world other then watch a guy drive his car. :-)))))))))))) or sleep in his home, :-)) and they work in three shifts. :-)  May this is what Harper meant when he said they will increase jobs in Canada. :-))

I think all these guys are totally fucked up and can not lead a normal life of their own, they suffer from some rare disease of obsession and I am not sure if there is any cure for such a disease. :-)

They must be like this when they leave for work:

Honey I am going to work I have to watch the same old guy I have been watching for last 10 years, driving his car, or sleeping in his home,

or Honey I am leaving for work I have to slow down the traffic on Cote Vertu, :-))))))))))))

Or Honey I am leaving for work today I have to watch some one take shower in his home, so I have to make sure he rubs his groin. :-))

Or Honey I am leaving for work I have to block the traffic on Auto route 40,

His wife might as well say, why always on Auto route 40, they should also put you on Auto route 20, for a change. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Or today I have to drive at 15 km per hour speed on a high speed road,  and keep the traffic slow,

Or the children might be like, papa papa where are you going in the night,

I have to work at some apartment, watching their TV, :-))

Children: You can have your own TV and watch them here in our home

No No CSIS wants us to watch TV in someone's home from some other apartment and we record all the sequence of channels and report to CSIS. :-)))))

And when such a guy meets his relatives what must he be telling, Oh I work for CSIS,

doing what: Oh Secret work.

I think some one should come from behind and kick his arse and tell them he slows down tthe raffic on busy roads when the traffic is at its peak.

Sorry folks, This is Canada and Quebec in 2015- Not so best place in the world to live. :-)) thanks to Liberals and Conservatives.

Feb 4, 2015

Current 04 Feb 2015: "THE CROW" from Canada & Irresponsible CSIS

A small story from my primary class Hindi book,

There were two set of birds, peacocks and crows, and as birds of same feather flock together, peacocks live together and so do the crows, and one day a crow finds a peacock feather and it finds it very beautiful.

So the crow pins the peacock to its feathers and starts behaving like a peacock and slowly goes near the peacocks, and when the peacocks see this they push the crow out of their place with their beaks and the crow feels bad that it is not being accepted by the peacocks, though it has a peacock feather.

So the poor crow still with the peacock feather walks back to the crows and crows find her different like a peacock and they too push her out of their place with their noise and beaks.

Now why nature had given the name "CROW", to "Bitch from hell", alias T No 75, :-), does it mean Bitch from hell is trying to be a peacock or is it that she is trying to tell me that she is a peacock and nature tells me , no no she is a crow. :-))  nature is very careful because it does not want a destructive character like her to go anywhere.

In 2010, when I visited India, we had a chance to visit a dog's temple, :-)) an idol of an upright standing dog is actually worshipped, and it is a big temple, and in the centre there is an idol of Lord Shiva also.

Dog is also called Bhairav and is supposed to be a pet of Lord Shiva.

When we reached this temple, believe me a large black crow also landed in the temple, and in a corner there was this small tree smeared with some sweat stuff and millions of house flies covered that tree trunk. :-))

One thing is clear, the crow (75 years old) wants to go somewhere, but it can not because of its own rumours and lies, so she can go only If I go, which also means she will have to prove that she has actually to do something with me, which is very difficult because again it was she who kept me out of her inner circle or confidential circle. :-))

This is called, fall in the pit which you created, :-)) so the Crow is in deep shit, it is her own creation.

And I am not in a position to extend any help to any one, so SORRY crow, :-))  again it is her who is responsible for my situation also. :-)))))))))))))))

And hundreds of cowards in Canada/India are suffering because of this one Crow. :-))

"Vinasha Kaale, Viparita Buddhi", :-)) When the end comes the mind works in negative direction.

Delhi Elections:

I think with this elections, Kejriwal 's political career will be over, reason the Crow is with him, :-) the same Crow was with Congress-I, and see where it is now, and now the Crow herself is in deep shit, and has been trying very hard to fly, is now  trying to help Kejriwal getting elected in Delhi.

I think it is the people of Delhi who will elect their leaders, and only they have the right, no one else should have any say in this matter. at least not a Crow from Toronto.

And I would say may the best person who will do something for the people of Delhi may win.

And Crow will take care of Kejriwal, he is doomed. :-)))  so anyone who wants to go down should link himself or herself with this Crow which is also a terrorist no 75.
Black and White:

The pale folks in Canada have been playing this Black and White game, actually both the left and right political parties are packed with only pale folks, In Conservatives you see one blue turban rest is all white or pale and Liberals is all white or pale, but one of the party is calling it self Black and the other White.

I have not seen one black politician in Canada, yes I see them washing dishes in Tim Hortons,  still I am not sure which one is which. :-))

White is anyway useless and Black behaves like slaves, and only after 2090 Blacks will get real freedom from Whites, that is when the whites go extinct.

For me they all are white only, listed for extinction, let me repeat the reason for extinction.

1) Homosexuality
2) CSIS (Other similar intelligence agencies like CIA, NSA, MI5, MI6 etc.) control over reproductive organs of women and men,

Imagine, Canadians in future will have to take special permission from CSIS, like a certificate to bear children and CSIS will hold the control to allow women to ovulate or not and to allow men to ejaculate or not. :-))  please don't laugh and say humbug, :-) they already have the technology and are using it on many Canadians.

I think the so called "Free Speech and Freedom", has gone the wrong way, people of this country do not have the right of free speech and freedom, only the intelligence agencies have.

What can be worse for humanity when a spy agency like CSIS will control your ovaries and testicles, I am sure If George Orwell was alive he would have died again :-)) a country which brags for its freedom of expression and in 1997, UNO called it the best country to live in, that is when I applied.

Today CSIS has the technology to control Ovaries and Testicles, :-)))))))) the first question that comes to my mind is why someone would develop such a technology if it is not to control the masses.

I am sure Mr Harper is still sleeping. someone put a bucket of cold water and push him towards CSIS, after he is the representative of people and he should investigate CSIS for every single technology and they are using it illegally on Canadians.

And this disease will spread through their excellent networking to every single intelligence agency in this world.

Good luck folks, :-))) This is called "you dug your own grave and now the Crow is trying to fly.
The Crow:

It just claims that she is responsible for what ever you did, and she might as well claim that people are afraid of her, :-)) she just claims.

She is not alone, many people do that kind of thing, but she is master of "just claim', politics.
:-))  She might not even see you or know you or met you, she will just claim you are her pet. :-)))))

Oh! he is my pet, he will do whatever I tell him to, :-))  really!!

The first company I worked, the MD I used to report, was like the Crow, he was telling cock and bull stories to his partners, that I was just a puppet, and I was doing things only because he was guiding me, "he is just a chemist", and when I resigned all hell came down on him, so he has to convince his partners why I resigned. :-))

Because the big question must have been, If he is your pet, and a puppet why did he resign. :-)))))))

To cover it up he tried everything from ambitions, growth to threats, when nothing was working and I was adamant to leave,  he said, one phone call to the Kadapa Reddy and he will throw bombs at you, I told him I can give him my address if he needs. :-))

But rascals really brought crude bombs and stored in a quarter 100 feet's away from my quarter and luckily they exploded in the night with out hurting anyone only the building got damaged.

I was sitting outside my home till 11 pm that night, my family had gone to my in-laws home, and around 11PM, I went to sleep and the bombs stored in the attic exploded blowing the door 100 feet's and 16 inch wall of that quarter cracked open like a water melon., the children and women in that home were sleeping under that attic and  were safe. 

The Crow is in similar situation, she must have told cock and bull stories to all the cowards, and now not a single thing is happening like she claimed, so all the noise. :-))

Well there is always a downside to any politics and this is it for just claiming. :-)))

CSIS & Supreme Court of Canada & Conservatives

(CSIS= Canadian Security Intelligence Services)

Old adage was, "walls have ears", now due to irresponsible CSIS, the adage in Canada is,

"Walls have eyes (x ray vision) and ears", so live and visit at your own peril.

CSIS: This organization is run like a grocery store, there is no log for any gadget, device, and majority of the work is carried out as a favour, so people who are involved in fraudulent activities, stealing from private sector or even public sector, and many other criminal activities are taking the help of CSIS, like if a fraudulent person from Toronto wants to keep tabs on certain people, she is using CSIS. :-))

And warrant?? I don't think CSIS ever takes any warrant for any of its activities in Canada, why would they worry about a warrant for international activities.

I think Mr Harper should be given a free hand to help CSIS whatever it wants, money, freedom to screw anyone in Canada and outside Canada, so that CSIS can expand its activities to such an extent that entire Canada will spy on each other for CSIS. :-)))

There must be many outfits in Canada which copy CSIS functioning and carry out their own spy activities with  the help of corrupt local police and we might be blaming CSIS. :-))

When I visited India in 2010, where ever I went the police followed in large numbers, and in Tirupati, a policemen who was driving the Cab asked me If I was from Muscat, and when I said no I am from US, then a cop joined him in his cab and a plain clotheman warned the driver, this is your last chance.

This is what CSIS is doing internationally, they tell local agencies that the person in question is from middle east, even though the person might be from Canada, :-)) because Canada is a big player in the drama of terrorism and any bad person has to be from middle east and of Islam religion.:-))

The moment I reached my home town of Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, I got a message from Canadian High Commission on my cell, it said, "welcome to Andhra Pradesh (name of the province in 2010) please if you need any assistance please call us at " some number was given. 

And one day in 2010, I was returning home with my daughters and my sister and her daughter, it was 9 pm, and a auto driver tried to act smart, when I shouted at him then he left, and with in minutes I got another message from Canadian high commission, it said, "welcome to Andhra pradesh, if you need any assistance please call this number at Canadian High Commission", :-))

So CSIS must be involved in these kind of mischiefs also, meaning they would ask local agencies like RAW in India to harass the Canadian citizen visiting India and then send messages to the Canadian citizen offering help, I am not sure what is the purpose but this sure happens.

Most Indo-Canadians who travel to India report bad behaviour from Airport authorities in India and in Canada, that is when they enter or leave India, and when they enter Canada, :-))and many other people who visited to many other countries also reported this kind of behaviour.

And I think all this is international activities of CSIS to harass Canadians travelling abroad, the local agencies of those countries are given mis information, like, I think in my case the local agencies in India were told I was from Muscat, :-)) and the local police was so alert, and hundreds of RAW agents were all over the place with the local police even inside the temples, it is my mentality to remain calm in any adversity that keeps me going other wise slight provocation could have created lot of trouble for me and my daughters (both Canadian) because an irresponsible agency like CSIS was having some fun at the cost of some citizens of Canada.

Whatever, no matter how much one might beat the drums against this agency, they are bound to take us where like I said Canadian women will have no control over their ovaries. :-)))

There are people who will push this agency to that extent, Crow is in favour of this, so is the other piece of shit from Montreal. they are numb, insensitive, self centered people and above that they are pale. what Supreme court of Canada will do, :-)) Ask Mr Chretien he will tell you the powers of Supreme Court of Canada. :-)))

Another very serious thing carried out by CSIS and its international partners is, targeting parents of Canadian citizens in their home countries, when they travel to Canada, most of them get sick and leave Canada with in months, and once they return India, most of them suffer from artificial symptoms of various ailments and are attacked in their homes by RAW-CSIS and its five eyes partners, I don't know what is the purpose, that they have to target old people who are not even Canadian, or from Middle east.

One thing is clear,countries like Canada, USA, UK, and others involved in the drama of terrorism, are trying to pull other countries like India, France, etc, into this drama, so that it turns into a major international program, countries like India need to be very careful, program against terrorism is ok, but first make sure it (so called terrorism) does exists and after you burn your hands the truth might come as,  terrorism was just a mirage created by the west for its personal gains.

West is using double edge weapon, one edge is NATO and its propaganda against terrorism, and the other edge is the Islamic outfits who are controlled by NATO.  Imagine India gets stuck in this mess, because west will do anything for Pakistan, it is their ally and permanent first wife, India is just a concubine for time being. :-))

Jesus Christ save Canada and its Citizens from CSIS and the sick people pushing it over the edge..
Obama comments about religious intolerance in India,

Obama should first know that India is the only democratic country which is secular by constitution and is the only country where religious minorities get reservations in education and jobs, even USA is not secular, it is a christian state and we all know how well Muslims are treated in US, Muslims and most south Asians refuse to transit  via US because of this special treatment. :-))

I still remember my visit in 2002, it was an official visit to attend some conference, and the way I was asked to remove everything and the way I was given the last seat in the flight, :-) I was not even a Muslim, :-)) OK then 2001 Sep 9/11 was very fresh.

But then in 2009, I visited US with my family by road, same treatment, special treatment for Canadians, OK I understand CSIS was playing some mischief and it does always with Canadians leaving or entering Canada.

"Please before throwing stones at others clean up your backyard or people living in glass houses do not throw stones at others".

What is Canada?

Canada is a school, managed by CSIS and many such organizations, :-))

New immigrants are like new students who are given special education, where they are taught that white is superior, Brown is middle and Black is inferior, and this apartheid system is followed silently by all Canadians. :-))

Otherwise CSIS comes down heavy on them through their electronic gadgets.

I think white is incompetent and useless, Brown is very competitive and independent, Black is still suffering from after effects of 100's of years of slavery.

And white hides behind both black and brown.

White is on the top of all places, :-)) brown is either independent or in the middle, Black is always on the bottom and for all the menial and hard work.