Mar 27, 2015

Current 27 MAR 2015- Sunshine list

Sunshine list released by Ontario government:

Some 1,11,400 people are listed who made more then 1,00,000$ CAD from government of Ontario, and that includes some 4000 police constables and officers, andone Constable made 2,50000$ CAD from over time, I am surprised or what was he doing??

And the police chief of Ontario is making 3,50,000$ per annum, and Ontario's Hydro chief made 5,00,000$ and it seems his successor will get close to 1 million as salary. :-)

I was not aware that police gets over time pay also, :-)) 2,50,000$ per annum, wow!! I would have tried to get into police in 2001, :-)) I amde a mistake, then some pujabi boys and girls were joining police as constables, :-)) 2,50,000$ and that to over time. :-)

I am still surprised what must they be doing, watching people from neigbours homes and claming over time, and the rate of overtime is between 68 to 85$ per hour, and a minimum of three hours is given each time, so straight 240$ each time, and no questions asked, free car, free gas, I think Quebec government also should publish its sunshine list.

Here in Quebec police constables must be making more, and they are protesting that they are under paid.

Canadian average income is 25,000$ per annum
Canadian per capita income is 42,000$

Starting salary of a constable is 70,000$ + perks + free car + free gas + Over time pay, paid duty fees

I think the starting salary of a police constable should not be more then 25,000$, and if they get killed on duty then their family should be given not less then 1 million$ + other incentives like free education for children, etc.

Actually the police does nothing, ask any one the answer is,  they do nothing and why so much is paid to them.

70,000$ wow!! for doing nothing.

I wonder how much Hydro Quebec chief must be making, and how much Mr Simard must be making, he is busy doing favours to people with influence and his favours are very nasty, like watching people in their homes 24/7, watching children in schools, watching people in gas stations, all these are done as favours to people with some influence in Ottawa or Quebec city. :-))

Now I know why the electricity is so expensive in Canada, all that money is needed to pay the top cream of Canada 1 million salary to manage Hydro. :-)) Then there must be over time also.

Cost of electricity :

India: for a home of two bedrooms, 1 fridge, few fans, 450 Rs per month, which is about 6,000 Rs per annum.

6000 Rs  which in CAD is 100$  per annum, ok 150$ per annum,

Quebec-Canada: 195$ per month, for a home of two bedrooms and a laundry room, 2 fridges, no fans, no air conditioner, but one water heater and few base board electric heaters, which in CAD is 2400$ per annum

India is 150$ per annum
Quebec-Canada is 2400$ per annum

CEO of State electricity board salary as per 2006 pay commission must be around 80,000 Rs per month, which is 96,00,000 Rs per annum, which in CAD is 19,200$ per annum.

CEO Ontario Hydro is 1 million $ per annum

CEO Quebec Hydro is ???

In India there is frequent power cuts, due to shortage of electricity,
In Quebec the power went off for more then 8 hours this winter.


Mar 25, 2015

Current 25 MAR 2015, Ghost problems

Back in India it is said that If someone is possessed by a ghost, the best thing to do is give that person a nice and sound "chappal party", which sounds very under developed but it seems it works, the ghost would leave the body and retire in to the white light, which is none other then our bright sun. :-)

"Bitch from hell", is one such ghost, and she has possessed many people in the past and present, and I think which ever political party is effected by this ghost, all party members should pick up some flip flop and give that person a nice and sound flip flop thrashing (Chappal party), then see the ghost would leave her or him and th epolitical party might reduce their losses. :-)

I think "Root Cause" has been possessed by this ghost "Bitch from hell", for a long time, and she and her bunch of ass kissers, needs to be dispossessed from this ghost. :-))

By the way flip flops are available at any dollar store for a dollar or two. :-))

Problem with this ghost is she changes the persons character and the person possessed by this ghost starts behaving like her, greed is the main trait of this ghost. :-))

Apart from greed, the person pssessed looses the ability to differntiate right from wrong, morality takes nosedive, all that would matter is what this ghost wants. :-))

And all those ass kissers (pale cowards), possesed by this ghost need to take the "chappal party", as soon as possible before the damage to their psyche is permanent, so save yourself and your political party, which is your bread and butter, from this ghost by taking  this "flip flop ceremony".

Idea is to hold the person possesed by this ghost, and thrash with flip flops till the ghost leaves the person, and each slap should be as hard as possible, some times it would take days depending on the level of ghost., and "bitch from hell", is a very stubborn ghost, so it might take many sessions of chappal party. 

India Vs Australia, Second semi finals,

Australia has been known for sledging for a long time and this time also Rohit Sharma has been a victim of this sledging, and this semi final will be very aggressive, as both the teams wants to satisfy their egos, as both the teams have won the cup two times or more.

I think Australia has a very small edge, but India is full of surprises. :-)

Like I said India is full of surprises, they surprised us all by such a disappointing performance, I think every player exept Dhawan and Dhoni had their focus some where else, :-) and on the other hand the Australiam team had their focus on the cup.

I did not expect them to even qualify for quater finals but reaching semi finals is a big surprise, and I am surprised who are the selectors in the board, they all should be fired, who selected Jadeja, he is not suitable for even Ranji Trophy.

Anyway, the host countries, Australia Vs Newzealand in finals and I think given the intensity New Zealand might win this cup hands down.

Mar 20, 2015

How difficult is it to be neutral ???

The umpiring of recent quarter final match between ICC world cup defending champions team India and first time ICC world cup quarter finals appearance team Bangladesh showed how difficult it is to be neutral, the umpires were from Aleem Dar from Pakistan and there was another white guy as umpire, and I also felt they did not keep their decisions up to the ICC level, though I am an born Indian myself and would like team India to win always, but winning a match fare and square gives a very positive feeling and every one is happy that team India deserved the win, but now there will always some talk how the Pakistani umpire gave a wrong decision and it was not very complicated issue, it was a simple catch of a full toss ball, and with so much technology around that every thing can be torn apart digitally and when such a simple decision is mugged in plain public view, it looks cheap.

I know that team India is in a brilliant form and can win any match fare and square, they don't need to resort to such cheap tricks particularly with a team like Bangladesh which is still in its learning phase as far as world cup is concerned.

Now there are protests in Bangladesh, because the decision was not correct, even a layman can tell, but ICC president Richardson a British academic, an South African feels Umpire's decision is final,
I think he should look into it, If the Pakistani umpire was bribed by someone or was it a decision made under pressure, and the pressure can be from anywhere, I am sure it is definitely not from India, it can be from some western country or some political party in west, like Liberal party of Canada or democrats of US, or Conservatives of England or UK etc etc, because there is this huge proxy was going on between left and right political parties all over the world, and Liberals are in the front of this proxy war, so are Conservatives. :-)

Now a days there is so much talk about India -Pakistan, any channel, any program where ever it is possible India-Pakistan friendship is talked, so I guess this was also an attempt to show the world that a Pakistani umpire can be in favour of an Indian team.

I would say OK, someone in Pakistan is trying to amend their past mistakes, which is welcome but not at the cost of a third country, in this case may be thought the Umpire Aleem Dar Pakistan or someone who is stuck with Pakistan due to the left Vs right political proxy war wanted to show some that Pakistani people are not against India or Indians, that is fine but why Bangladesh should loose.

Yes when India and Pakistan are playing, then they can show anything they want, and that will be between two countries.

My problem is I have never lived in single community or like I never was a part of birds of same feather flocking together, I have lived all my life in Multi cultural, multi religious, multi colored communities, so it is very difficult for me to understand how people support each other just because they look alike or speak same language, or go to same religious place, or have same skin color,.:-)

The Canadian pale cowards have been trying very hard to teach me that birds with same feather flock together, OK I understood but there are rarely any other bird which has same feathers as mine, :-)) so that is why I said I fly solo, :-)) then the problem is the birds of pale feathers wants to control me, which is not possible If I fly solo, :-) so they want me to join people with same feathers as me, so I would like pale cowards to find such people who have same feathers as me. :-))

For me merit is the only criteria, and I am neutral not because I choose, I am neutral because of my brought up or culture, being neutral is part of my life, :-)) I have seen people taking sides, the most ridiculous thing people do is take sides because they have same skin color, :-) or they have same last name, or same religion, or due to some similarity, :-)) and now pale cowards and their proxy games, this has gone to a new low level, sneezing, hiccups, running nose, itching, etc, etc, even pain in particular part of the body is also being used as similarity to get together, then that contradicts the policy of pale cowards, " birds of same feathers flock together", :-))

Back in 1995, one of my ex colleague of a different caste would match every thing, He said, I am MSc Chemistry, You are MSc Chemistry, I am Technical officer, you are Technical officer, You ride a bike, I have a scooter, Your elder child is a girl, mine also is a girl, I have a son, you might have a son, the he asked your wife is fare or dark, I said she is fare, he said, Oh! my wife is dark and he stopped there and started to think deeply, then he started again did you ever met with an accident where you broke your bones, :-)) I said, No, he said I did, I fell from my scooter and broke my leg, and he settled in his chair with a sad face. :-)) two important things he had which I did not, bank balance and a home. :-)

Basically the point I am trying to make is that people find reasons to feel sad, because their glass is always half empty, and then they feel comfortable and think they can only survive if they support each other, If I support people with same skin color then only I will survive. :-))

One should see this Indian movie PK, it clearly shows how people have opened various shops to survive, and thrive, ya thrive and one stone comes their way they fall apart.

So I think the biggest challenge where most people fail is when they have to be neutral or when they have to play umpire or referee, it is not a powerful position but it is of great responsibility, and rate of failure is very high, 99.999% fail.

People who lived all their lives like a frog in a pot hole, will fail to be neutral umpire, because every time they will win they have this family of frogs to take care of because so many promises, :-)) some times even before they win they bring out all the paraphernalia to share the spoils. :-))

Some one will have to tell them, wait! wait! the game is not over. :-)))))))))))


Mar 9, 2015

Current 09 March 2015- World's daughters

Since last week, everywhere from BBC to all online websites only one thing is being talked about, "India's daughter", by Leslee Udwin, and every one, particularly the most intelligent have been talking about and writing comments, and feeling great that finally someone has addressed this issue, which India has been trying to hide, and to do that India banned this documentary, so Ms Udwin gets more media coverage :-)

It seems she paid the rapist 40,000 Rs to get the interview or she might have paid 40,000 Rs to the tihar jail authorities to get an interview with the rapist, and get an idea how a rapist would think or would like his victim to do while he is violating her.

Because the world will loose in a big way if we would not know how a rapist thinks, and Ms Leslee Udwin has done this favour on all of us, now we all know what a rapist wants while he is violating some hapless women. :-)

Leslee Udwin, Is from Israel, I am not sure If she is Jew or not but she is from Israel so must be Jewish,

Nation Master:

So as per nation master, in Israel which has a population of 8.059 millions

2008: 1243 women were raped (reported)
2007: 1270 women were raped (reported)
2006, 1291 women were raped (reported)
2005  1223 women were raped (reported)
2004  1319 women were raped (reported)

Though other countries have reported for 2010, but for Israel data in nation master is available only up to 2008.

I am surprised that Ms Leslee Udwin never felt that she should make a movie about all these rapes and telecast all over the world, to expose how badly 0.16% of women in Israel are raped every year.

May be she thought Israel is not on the political spot light and why people will read or see when big offenders like US, South Africa, UK, and India are leading the list.

As per Nation Master:

2010:  USA had 84767 rapes (reported), which means rapes not reported are way above this number

2010: South Africa had 66196 rapes (reported) and the website suggests that South Africa has close to half a million rapes every year, which are not reported.

2010: India had 22172 rapes (reported) and unreported number might be way above this given the size of the population

India is followed by Mexico, Australia, Sweden, Russia, given the population of Russia, only 5000 women are reported raped per year.

The website claims, unreported rapes as highest in

South Africa about half a million, followed by
Egypt, 2 hundred thousand
UK, 85,000
China, 32000

Then there is this story making rounds, a lady professor named A B Sickinger of Leipzig university in Germany has refused an Indian student from getting internship in her biochemistry department because she felt her female friends will be at danger because of India's rape culture, though the German councillor had done some damage control but for her information:

Germany: 2010, 7724 women were raped (reported)  and if you check every year from 2010 backwards, around 8000 women are raped every year in Germany, total population is around 80 million.

Germany 80 millions population, 8000 women are reported raped, which is 0.01% women are raped.
India, 1250 millions population and 22000 women are reported raped, 0.001% women are raped,

As per these figures, Germany has a better rape culture then India. :-) and it stands 7 in the list, it tops in the list of fraud in Europe, and it also stands second in the list after UK, in violent crimes in Europe, and Ms Udwin did not find any rapist in Europe or UK (85000 rapes per year) to make a movie.

Canada: 2010,  576 women were reported raped and every year close to this number of women are reported raped in Canada, I am surprised how the rapists in Canada are able to hoodwink CSIS, because in Canada every single citizen  including the prime minister is watched 24/7 by CSIS,CSE and local police stations have direct access into people's homes, and population of Canada is around 30 millions. :-))

And if you see the % of rapes then it is slightly higher then India, 0.0019% of women in Canada are raped and I guess they are never caught so no movies by Ms Leslee Udwin. :-))

If someone like BBC has to do research on the minds of rapists why only India, there are bigger offenders USA, South Africa, UK, and Ms Leslee Udwins country Israel is also in the list with  10 times higher % of rapes given the population, reason is there is no political advantage to few people in Canada/UK and US if they make moves on all these rapists.

And when it comes to reporting, I think in India, as far as middle class is concerned, touching a women or a girl with out her consent is seen as a crime, which includes family members, then there are two different cultures where sex flows freely, one is the rich class, everything is hidden and under wraps, and second is the poor class which is open with out any security and most rapes which are reported (my knowledge is newspapers) are those that happen in the poor class or by the poor class.

And in India, as far as my knowledge is concerned, a women immediately knows the intentions of a man who is touching her, because the culture of touching women does not exist at least in middle class or even upper middle class, and I have never seen or heard or even come across one case in my 34 years of life in India, so I asked my colleague who is born in Delhi and lived in Delhi all his life, when told that India has around 22,000 cases reported every year, he said, "Oh! 22000 cases reported are not correct", I asked him, "how many cases did you see in your 30 years life in India", he said "zero", something, I asked another colleague of mine who happens to be from Jalandhar Punjab, same answer, zero.

But when it comes to USA and Europe, the general rapes are not reported because I think the victims are not in a position to differentiate between culture or rape, promiscuity is high, partners are exchanged freely and at a very young age,  so the numbers reported do not represent the actual figures.

What ever, the bottom line is the world daughters are violated by few men and most women (including Leslee Udwin) talk about it as if this is their main entertainment, which  is bad for the world culture.

And regarding this case in Delhi, which took place on Dec 16, 2012.

Government in India then in 2012: Congress -I, a women president, Sonia Gandhi lives in Delhi.
CM of Delhi, Shiela Dixit, from Congress-I a women again.
India's daughters creator, A Jew from Israel, a women,
BBC,  :-))(Never found one rapist in UK to do the research what goes in their mind while they rape.) I am sure there must be some women who is behind this documentary and telecast world over.

I think this case was a premeditated violent crime by few individuals (Mostly women from power circles) in Delhi, and UK, Canada, :-) "Bitch from hell", is Jewish too, then we have a very experienced Swiss women as far as free sex is concerned in Montreal, she can go to any length, and as per their request these men were engaged, the crime was planned and the women was also targeted in advance, I don't think it was a random pick, and the level of violence was also raised to such a level that no other story of rape reaches its level.

Purpose: Like the drama of terrorism, the way India and Indian men are being targeted it is sure a brain child of a very sick person outside India, who did not think about a hapless women, her family before using them in his or her political drama, Congress-I and Shiela Dixit had been politically punished by people, rapist should have been punished by now, I don't know why the delay, and someone should ask them how they are feeling while they are hanged and the main culprits (Political) in UK, Canada are still free and at large.

And there might be people like Leslee Udwin who might as well collect royalty from this movie. :-)
United Kingdoms Daughters,

Another documentary by some Harjit Singh, "United Kingdoms daughters", this trend started by Ms Leslee Udwin will continue for many weeks, and every time it is done, a hapless women will have to suffer again and again, because few people ( particularly women in power circles) have gone numb and insensitive towards their own race.

Quebec Racial vibes,

Few pale cowards who function in Quebec as domestic terrorists, were supposed to get a big boost in their inter racial conflicts, throught their civil rights legislation concerning religions and religious symbols like head cover etc, which were started after 1995 referendum, but due to huge win by liberal party of Quebec, their plans got disposed, but they have not given up, :-)) some how they want people who wear head cover like hijab, or turbans to fight with those who do not, trying to create a divide in the society, french Vs Head covers, and people who are neither french nor wear any head covers are the one targetted for a negative reaction, this has been the liberal brain child since 2001.

And If I am not wrong this thought is flowing from Ontario, few very sick people who are supposed to be in some mental asylum are talking politics and their politics is to make people fight with each other, like they did with Sri Lankans Vs Blacks in Scarborough Ontario, and in Quebec as the french community is always hyper due to their frustrations, some sick person is trying to exploit these vibes.

I experienced this behaviour when I came to Quebec in 2001, there is this petrol bunk managed by some Moroccon guys, and then I was new in Saint Laurent, but the behavious of these folks was not normal, it was like they are being asked to behave in a particular manner, but I ignored their behaviour and I think I have bought gas from them since 2001, but lately in 2014 their behaviour has become too rude, either due to business pressures or due to too much pressure from these pale cowards.

My Suggestion to pale cowards: If Pale cowards want pale folks to get good reviews for their behaviour, they should behave nicely with one and all, automatically you will get good reviews, but asking other people (People with head covers) to behave badly and expecting that people will feel good about pale folks or people will give good reviews about their behaviour is foolishness, that is pale folks culture, so If someone is expecting good reviews for good behaviour, one will have to behave nicely, even though we behave nicely we are not treated nicely or given any good reviews, so we don't expect, we just ignore, because it has lot to do with culture. :-))

So people be careful when you deal with people in Quebec, many are paid decoys, some sick person in Ontario does not like peace in Quebec, and when ever any thing happens, it is always due to some pale coward working from back stage. :-)

For quite some time they have been looking for trouble in Quebec, and they have not given up yet.

Mar 4, 2015

Current 04 MAR 2015- Irresponsibility & Indignation

"Hinduism is a way of life and not a religion", it is a culture and has given birth to many religions and has embraced many religions", it is like river Ganges.

Idaho state senate begins their session with a prayer performed by a Hindu priest, and it seems many objected to this, some due to half knowledge, some due to prejudice, some due to ignorance, and some are right in their objection not because they knew why they were objecting because they too suffered from ignorance or prejudice, but the objection stands right in its own way. :-))

I think this prayer in Idaho state was a result of chain of events, beginning with Obama asking Indians to respect all religions, and then two temples in US were desecrated recently, I am not sure If US wants to go secular way or change its constitution to secular from a christian state. :-)

Prayer is normally a good message asking the natural powers for well being of self, family, fellow men and women, all living things, cows in particular, country, etc. and a prayer irrespective of any religion can be demonic, like many people in US believe. :-))

A prayer will be answered or not is up to the natural powers who take care of this universe.

Objection is right, because a priest who reads a scripture might invoke natural powers asking for safety of cows, and other animals, and we know cows are kicked and eaten in US, so a person who just had a cow meat in breakfast takes part in a prayer knowingly or unknowingly where a prayer might be said asking for safety of all living beings, which includes cows also, this will turn all those present in prayer session to sinners. :-)

Then that prayer will do more damage then good, so it is always important, first gain knowledge of any prayer or scriptures being read, and then get in to it, after all people might not be serious,:-) for a cow eating white man everything might be a joke or humbug, but the natural powers take everything very seriously when ever they are invoked.

So few who were objecting that cows are worshipped by Hindus so their prayers should not be said by cow eating people is perfectly right, and should be followed, just because a person eats a cow, does not make him or her a sinner, it is different issue they might suffer from mad cow disease. ;-)

"If I read a prayer that I will protect cows and then eat cows I am a sinner".

" If I am a priest and I read prayers every day to protect cows, and then read prayers for cow eating people, even though I might not consume cow meat, still I am a sinner".

Actually even the thought that, I want to eat cow meat will be considered a sin.

So the priest will have to go through some rituals to cleanse himself of this sin he committed in Idaho State Senate, may be his and the hosts intentions were good, but what he did is not good for him.

I have seen people just walking in to religious congregations, like it is a birthday party, one should take precautions and find out the purpose of the religious congregation, and what is being said, read, or asked for, you might find yourself in direct violation of what is being performed, and sometimes to get rid of the sin it might take ages and many many lives might go waste, though there are many ways described in scriptures to cleanse oneself after such violations, but it takes lot of serious study, discipline. so the best thing is eat your beef and don't worry about a thing, this is the best thing for people with out a religion. :-)

The reason for such a statement is, If nature wanted you to do any thing with spirituality, then you would be born in a family where both the parents would be religiously inclined and devoted to some form of worship, if you find your parents non religious, then this life is not for wasting your time in religions, prayers, and spirituality. this is a simple logic.

But one can always begin, and that would need lot of study, purpose, and devotion to begin, it is not like music classes, start to day and forget the day next, once invoked the natural powers need to be dealt with, appease them or fight with them, but never ignore or insult them.  :-))

e.g." If I am conducting a prayer, and few pale cowards watch it from my neighbours apartment and then they try to insult the proceedings or insult the person, or try to disturb the prayer, directly or indirectly they get tied to the prayer, :-)) and that time If I ask for something for them, :-)) which they have no idea what I asked for them, :-)) they will have to perform it, :-)) or they are doomed for many many lives, :-)) yes a simple looking priest can do so much damage, your Satan brain can not even think of. :-))))))

The main reason why people suffer with out any reasons is this, they invoke natural powers knowingly or unknowingly and they ignore them or insult them, and then they suffer for many many lives, and a white man is not able to understand why people suffer with out a reason, :-)) because a white man understands only one thing, "lust", :-)) and lust is the basis of a white man or  white women's life.

The bottom line is: If you are non religious, have no faith, stay like you are and enjoy your life, whatever it means to you. :-)) worship the "goddess lust" in all its rainbow colors. :-)) why worry about poor cows. :-)

White man asks: What is natural powers? :-))
Cricket World Cup & Rapist in Tihar Jail.

Indian team will have to be very careful from media persons (paid by mafia, or mafia extensions of political parties) who might try to instigate them to get mad, :-)) like the one did with Virat Kohli, the purpose is to keep them upset through out during the match, BCCI should file a case against the media person who instigated Virat Kohli who was training for his next match in an international arena, for tress passing, instigation and even terrorism etc. etc.
Reason is simple, some one is not happy that India is on top of the charts.

These are the same people who got access in to the Tihar jail to interview the rapist, and are projecting the rapist as a hero, all are involved, BBC of UK, CNN of USA, CBC of Canada, everyone is involved in this thing.  :-)) ( I always said, where ever there is anything bad, you will always find, Canada, UK, US, there) :-) it is their nature what can people do.

It is a shameful act by the Media, the rapist is being shown as a hero and the victim a dead girl is projected as the real culprit, that to on international TV.

I did not expect BBC, CNN, CBC to stoop so low and are not bothered about the dignity of the girl, who is already dead, and her family who must be going through hell because of all this negative irresponsible publicity, not because of the rapist, but because of the irresponsible media like BBC, CNN, CBC who are projecting him as a hero.

"Aaaakh Thuuuuu", I spit on the face of these TV Channels and the low lives behind this, I know there are some fat ugly stupid pale women behind this indignation, these are numb insensitive bitches.

One should have seen on CBC TV, an RCMP officer in his best dress with a journalist, talking about how they are working against terror, and they sat near some media room where there were lots of TV screens, and few people, the RCMP officer said, this is a highly secret location, we don't show this to people ( while showing it on national TV) :-)) poor guy was reading a script, :-))) and he said, we are watching suspects 24/7 from here, and also lesser criminals like, the journalist helped him, "fraud",   then he continued bankrupts and the people who can move very fast, :-)) and the journalist read her part of the script, which appeared both the scripts were written by one person. :-))'

I am not sure what the RCMP officer meant by , "People who move very fast", the journalist a duffer did not ask what he meant by that. :-))

So this election season (Oct 2015) , Canadians will be forced fed "terror dish", cooked in the kitchens of Liberals and Conservatives, top chef is Harper and his assistant Trudeau,  :-) after eating this dish people will have to vote that party which will screw the Canadians more. :-))))))))))))

After this election, we might have interviews of terrorists in BBC, CNN, and CBC, who might blame the soldiers of Canadian Army, and US army for not cooperating in their terrorist activities, the terrorist might say something like this, :-)

" All the politicians from Liberals to Conservatives, even the PM of Canada are Ok with our terrorism, and we have killed so many soldiers, and now they are killing soldiers in their own country, but it is the soldiers who are not cooperating with us, or we can turn this world up side down, please vote for the political party which keeps the capacity to screw you in the best possible manner on the name of terror, after all the terrorist drama has to go on for few more decades". :-))

And then the home ministers of various countries will object on national and international TV after the interview is already aired.

Now I have an innocent question? :-)) (Imagine a baby seal with its thumb stuck in his mouth)

Why are white people (who control the west) so scared and so particular If people in Canada can read and write Arabic, :-)) is it because all the instructions from CSIS/CSE and other such agencies to the terrorist outfits are sent in Arabic language and folks in these agencies are scared that what if some one with the knowledge of Arabic language breaks into their communication and finds out the truth, that it is them who are controlling these terrorists outfits.
Though through Wiki leaks the world has been clearly told by these agencies that anyone breaking into their communications will be prosecuted like Assange, :-)) If  Wiki leaks is a part of this drama, no surprises, :-) and now Mrs Hillary Clinton is also involved in this racket of mis communication, how irresponsible, she should have known that in a democracy, the elected folks should follow every single dictum of the folks in the secret service or the government, may be they missed so many messages which had the potential to create few more hiccups in the grand international drama of terrorism :-)) and since the communication was not available to them officially they could not use it, how bad it is for the security of the country. :-)
How low are we going to go to keep few individuals satisfied and comfortable. :-)) well Satan might know. :-))

Canada and its system,

Actually I was thinking Canada in fact is a very developed and advanced country, it has

Museum on Human Rights some where in Winnipeg, :-)

It also has a privacy commissioner, :-)) yes please do not is serious..........:-) oops!! sorry

But the truth is before Bill 51, entire Canadian system can be shut down by one person, probably a nominated person by the ruling political party, :-)) and imagine what will happen after Bill 51, even privacy commissioner is worried, I think he will have to move underground. :-)))))))))))))))

And they still want to call this half baked monarchy, with hidden apartheid, a democracy, and they are very proud of it and its health system, which discourages people from getting treatments and are asked to wait for months before they can even see a specialist.

And one more thing I came to know last night, that Conservatives who does not want Canadians to watch cricket world cup on free websites, they want them to pay 200$ to bell Canada in addition to the monthly 80$ subscription rate, or you will have to watch college tennis when ICC Cricket world cup is on. :-))