Jun 29, 2015

Current 29 2015: Twisted and Perverted folks are responsible

I am not sure why people are attracted towards their destruction, more then towards better life, I think genetically everyone is inclined towards destruction, look at twisted Leech Slime (65 yrs old), I have warned her so many times in past 10 or more years and yet she wants to die in my hands. :-)) Leech has to understand this simple thing, I am her "death", in waiting, in Hindi we call "I am her Yama". :-)) actually she should run as far as possible from me, may be to Mexico or Cuba, but "Vinasha kaale Viparita Buddhi", meaning when destruction is near the mind also does not work in your favour. :-)) And I did dissect Leech in our biology class. :-)

And the other perverted S#!t (75 yrs old) is playing some game which benefits no one, same thing with the pale cowards I don't have any idea for whom they are playing, even with them no one is benefiting, even they themselves are in such deep S#!t, yet they continue to play their shitty games.

And Bitch from hell, I would like to see her spend her life in a prison, counting bars, that would be a fitting reply to a fraudulent character who plays with new immigrants.
David Cameroon:  He said it is not Islamic terrorists who are killing people it is some twisted and perverted characters, and Islam is a peaceful religion. :-)) he is absolutely right, it is the twisted and the perverted who are responsible for all the mayhem.

But David Cameroon did not clarify whom were they bombing for the last 20 years then, and a religion which begins with blood and pain (mutilation of private parts), how can that be a peaceful religion. :-)

And he also did not tell who are responsible for creating characters so twisted and perverted, may be he should ask MI5 or MI6. :-)))

Equality: LGBT??

It is so funny how people lost their common sense and are dancing like puppets, they say and do anything when told with a little money to go with it, I am talking about the gay pride parade, they are talking about equality, there was this bollywood heroin, S Jaitly, :-)) she said, there is no equality between LGBT and normal people. :-))

I think she does know, in this world (her own country India)  we have yet to achieve equality for:

Men and Women,
White and Black,
Visible majority and Visible minority,
Higher caste and Lower caste,
Rich and Poor,
Politically connected and politically not interested,
Liberals and Conservatives and other types, :-))

and many more are there and look where her priority lies, "equality for LGBT and normal people".

I am not being homophobic, but the way LGBT is being put as a major distraction by all political parties, :-)) it would not be long when normal people will be prosecuted for having normal sexual relations, i.e. Men with Women ( Read 1984 by George Orwell). :-))

Like I said, for personal political reasons people will make this such a priority that only LGBT will be tolerated and normal people will have to find nooks and corners away from eyes and ears of all the intelligence communities to engage in sex, :-)) it is not a joke, this will happen not very far from now, and this will happen more among the pale communities then non pale communities. :-))

Nip it in the bud or :-)) this will be the major reason why one will not see any pale folks after 2060 on this earth.

All the best, because that is one direction I would not take.

Air India Bombing: 1985 Canada

Air India flight Kanishka was blown in midair in 1985 just outside Canadian border, the flight departed from Toronto and transited in montreal and left for London.

It seems the investigation by RCMP is still open and ongoing since 1985, which is kind of a surprise for me, because in Canada the police does not look into cases more then 6 months old. :-)

Anyway I think too many people were involved in this bombing, hence the truth remained hidden, it is like Sep 9/11 too many people when involved the truth take a long time to come out and now it has been 30 years since the flight went down.

My opinion is, given the parties which were then charged so got involved, there was a mass international cooperation to pull this flight down and that cooperation one can see even today in Canada, when uniformed policemen escort rally's with pictures of terrorist who assasinated a prime  minister of a foreign country or pulled down an Air India flight, are taken out openly in Toronto and Vancouver and elsewhere in Canada, and the Candian government does not even raise their eyebrow, and RCMP says they are investigating for 30 years. :-))

I think everyone from, Indian government, Canadian government, RCMP, local Police, CSIS, and few paid Sikh, everyone who could contribute to this tragedy using their not so august offices, like Sep 9/11, did with out any shame, and poor innocent 320 people on board got killed for nothing.

I think the families of those who perished should sue Canadian government, RCMP, Air Port authority of Toronto, Montreal, Indian Government, Air India to get the truth out.

There will be another day when the Canadian government will ask for an apology for this also, not to the Sikh Community but to the families of these 320 people who got killed.

Investigating for 30 years, what a joke..................................tch tch tch
Alberta and minimum wage to 15$ by 2018:

At least someone felt the need that even people in the bottom rung need some raise, 10 years of Conservative rule and Ukrain, Ukrain, Ukrain, or Russia Russia Russia, people of Canada were never a priority of Harper, :-))

15$ minimum wage should have been 5 years back every where in Canada, and at least Alberta will do it for their 35,000 minimum wage people, but by 2018.

When it is the turn of bottom rung people, even a $ is seen like a fortune, and a million for the top rung folks is like ah!! peanuts, :-)) I think NDP will bring lot of changes in this country, good for the people of Canada.

Or they will have to break their head with Harper or Liberals for another 5 years or so, all we will hear is Ukrain, Ukrain, Ukrain, or Russia Russia Russia. :-)

My estimate is the minimum wage by 2018 should be 21$ and illegal immigrants will then be paid at least 12$ per hour, now they must be getting 6 or 8$ per hour cash.

Actually Quebec used to be in the forefront in such issues, but this time Alberta took lead.

If they lead what happens,

If "Bitch from hell",  leads, then everyone will be screwing each other for 5$ worth of donuts,

If "Leech Slime", leads, then everyone will be screwing each other for no reason and nothing. :-)))

If pale Cowards lead, which they are doing now, everyone will screw each other with no end in sight.

If a pale man or women (white person) leads, only white people will benefit, which has been the case for the last 100 years :-)) others are screwed for no reason or for nothing.:-)))))))))))

If a Punjab man or women leads, only Punjabi close to him or her will benefit, :-)) and everything has to be Punjabi, food, furniture, clothes, religion, music and every where you will have Gurudwaras. 

If a Gujarati Man or women leads, then only few Gujju folks will benefit, :-))

If a black man or women leads, only white people will get benefit, e.g. South Africa, Obama :-)) I don't know what is wrong with them, they suffer from some kind of slave genes, or they have suffered so long they might have a slave gene which does not allow them to stand up to those people who torment them. :-))))))))

If a Jew leads, everyone dies.    :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))  ??????? :-))

If a Muslim leads, everyone will have to get their private parts mutilated, and convert to Islam, :-))

If a Christian leads, then all Native people, Children, women and non Christians are in trouble. :-)

If a Frenchman or women leads, then English will takeover and french will leave. :-)))))))))))

If a English man or women leads then, Only the Queen in Bukingham palace is rich, Scotts, Irish, all loose in a big way, then what will happen to Indians and Pakistani? :-)) they clean toilets in London Airport. :-)))))))))))) and we have already seen this, they looted 160 countries for 400 years or more and they still have a Veto in Security council of UNO. :-))))))))))))))

If an American Leads, we have seen this since 1950 onwards, :-)) it is very tough for countries which do not follow their dictum.

If a Spanish leads, it is mayhem of all kinds, it is chaos, It is noise, and what not.

If a Canadian (born in Canada and pale)leads,  Everyone will loose their privacy, confidentiality, and will be under surveillance 24/7 and will be subjected to various government sponsored illegal medical research, like brain research, nothing will be free from tracking devices, homes, cars, schools, hospitals, government offices, private property, shopping malls, dentists office, airports, flights, taxi, :-)) and for small small health problems one will have to look for help outside. :-)))))))))))

Native people, Children, New Immigrants, Visible minority everyone will be subjected to racial profiling 24/7.

If a Mexican leads, then every where you will have drug cartels, and only white people will benefit, others will screw each other for nothing. :-)) scary, how people in Mexico even sleep.

If a Swiss leads, Only Swiss will benefit, others will screw themselves, :-))))))))))))))) but others can always save their illegal wealth in Switzerland so that Swiss remains filthy rich.

If a Greek leads, :-))))))))))))))))))))))))  Everyone will default and live on 60$ per day wage or pension. Scary situation.

If a German leads, Then USA and Russia will be in cold war for ever, and others will screw each other, they are the smart folks always they have the upper hand. :-))

If Chinese leads, :-))  They have the Intelligence, Mullah, Liquid Cash and determination and Buddhist culture, only problem is they consume anything that moves and they occupy any land and claim it is theirs. :[

If an Indian leads, which Indian??? big question, Punjabi, Gujurati, Malayali, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Oriyya, Tamil, Kanada, Rajasthani, Pahadi, Bihari, Gorakha, Assamese, Kashmiri, :-) then the other things come like, religion, caste, rich or pauper.  :-)) but who ever leads, white people will benefit, black will suffer, poor will suffer, rich will be filthy rich, lower caste will suffer, higher caste will rule, :[

If a Pakistani leads, :[[[[   Nothing can scare the hell out of you.........:-)) Nightmarish :[[[[[[ and either China or USA, UK, Canada might be dealing for smallsmall things or taking control.

If a French Quebecoise leads, :-) Everyone will have to talk quebec french, walk quebec french, la la la la la la la la and some Bitch from hell from Ontario will call all the shots. :-))

If a Native Indian leads??  We have no idea, poor folks have been in trouble since a long time, so I have no idea how they govern ? their situation is worse then refugees in their own motherland, first the French and English took away what they deserve, then the impersonators from Canada took away what ever they deserve, and now there is a new breed of impersonators, pale folks from Switzerland, Mexico, Cuba, and even Jews wants to lick away whatever is sticking to their mouths. :-))

Joe Norton has come back, instead of selling Lakota, he should consolidate all true Native folks and try to form a political party, my heart bleeds for the native people of Canada and USA. :-(

And see where they are suffering, in Canada and USA, two most vocal or audacious countries which preach human rights all over the world. :-)))

Jun 25, 2015

Current 25 June 2015- Distractions, lies, cover up and Eidetic Memory.

Canadian mafia managed by few pale folks are not able to find a heavy distraction (like the Confederation flag in US ) for forth coming elections, :-)) because all the corrupt wants Liberals back in power, because with Trudeau as prime Minister they can turn every thing in their favour. :-))

NDP is not getting any support of all the corrupt in Canada, so they will have to depend mostly on their agenda and any track record they have with people, they already have my vote. :-)

Liberals are getting all that support from all the corrupt in Canada, and it seems all the geniuses are working for this party, :-)))))) they should remember "too many cooks spoil the broth", again the reason why Liberal could win only 30 seats in last elections and I don't see any change in this ideology.

Conservatives are like blind folded walking zig-zag looking for third or fourth term and were /are advised mostly by the same corrupt folks who want Liberals and Trudeau. :-))  I think he is like Rahul Gandhi of Cong-I in India. :-)) and all that support Conservatives in Canada got all these years from these corrupt folks was because they were waiting for Mr Obama to finish his second term. :-)))))))))

I am not a fan of family legacy, If father was a prime minister and then son also is a prime minister, or Husband was a president then wife is also a president, but Mrs Obama can make a good president, still this ideology does not work with me, I would prefer fresh minds, with fresh mindset, aren't we tired of same names over and over again, Clinton's, Bush, Trudeau. 

One can tell If a person has his own mindset or borrowed ideas, :-)) out of the five people from major political parties in contention in Canada, I think Harper and Mulcair up to some extent are able to keep their personal mindsets alive even though there might be lots of ill conceived ideas thrown at them, and If you see Harpers 10 years, lot of ideas were implemented in haste because of certain lobby's or external pressure, and  Green party and Bloq Qebecoise are not yet ready.

And who else is working overtime for these parties, your friendly local police stations, :-) RCMP and many neighbours, left, right, left, right, left, right, :-)) Pathetic display of sycophancy.

And Mr Phillipe Couillard, premier of Quebec is being pushed towards those ideas of hate and crime by the same folks who pushed Pauline Marois towards them, :-)) which means Mr Couillard's bad time has started, :-))
In the year 2002, I purchased my first computer of my life, and I spent good money on it, and there was this web cam to experiment, :-)) after many sessions, one photo in which I was sitting on a chair and my elder daughter, then 5+ years old standing in front of me, we liked this picture and wanted to print it properly, while talking about it with the Leech Slime ( Ya! same 65 years old shit from Mexico or Switzerland) I gave her that picture for printing and she did print it on a good quality paper, but I am sure that picture (with her total knowledge)  also ended up in all kinds of wrong and disturbing minds ( of course pale cowards) and the rumour mills started running and one can imagine what all must have been created from those ugly, disturbing sick minds, even today they are pursuing that sick idea from apt no 3, 1480 Rue Crevier, Saint Laurent, Quebec, H4L2X3.

Some three or four boys, each one of them sit in each bedroom of their apartment with electronic devices watching down into our apartment 24/7, I think Leech Slime is still looking for some thing to hang on to. :-))

So I call her Evil!!, because only evil mind can think like that.

In 2003-2004, One guy, his name Melon Lee a vietnamian working as a toilet cleaner, :-) in a company called Dimethiad in Varennes, Quebec, would sit in a small dinghy dark room every day for hours, and I used keep all my solvents like Methanol in that room as it was part of our R&D, as many people have died after drinking Methanol, I would keep an eye on him, what ever was his purpose for sitting there, so as a responsible employee I reported to everyone in the top.

Everyone ignored me like it was not important, but Bitch from hell, :-))) ( Ya! the 75 years old shit from Toronto) whom I could reach after many calls, one Mr Edward who was working as receptionist who later joined RCMP, :-)) did not let me speak with her, but I got her late around 8 pm, with some inside information, "how to contact bitch from hell", :-)) she did not want to talk to me, :-))) and I had to clarify few things with her, one was about Malon Lee sitting in that small room where lot of solvent Methanol was stored, and another issue was Leech not able to understand the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative analysis and calling me twisted, though she got all the discussion through emails exchanged between me and the Leech Slime, the genius, :-)))))))))))))))) and our supervisor, I always sent her blinded emails, so when I got her on phone, it was around 8 Pm and she was still in her office, that was the first time when I spoke to her after office hours, and she was so furious, she started screaming and I could hear she was trying to connect few things on her table, I guess it was some recording device. :-))

Issue was the genius had no idea what was Qualitative and Quantitative analysis, and her pet in QC informed her that I took some quantity of some chemical and did a test, so the genius immediately wanted to make a case of it and wrote a email to our common supervisor, :-)) and this guy though he would agree in private but in the emails he would not confirm, :-)) and Bitch from hell would not respond, so the emails were addressed to the R&D director, Judith, poor lady had no idea what we were talking about later she left the company, in these emails the genius (Leech Slime) called me "Twisted", because like any other puppet I did not accept her misunderstanding of simple terms in Chemistry, :-)) I did not stop there I continued with the discussion trying to explain the terms and later called Bitch from hell. :-))

She started to scream, at top of her voice, she said, "Leech Slime is a peer, a genius, and no one should oppose her ideas", :-))))))) even though she might be completely wrong, but when I spoke with her with reason, then she said, "You blinded me otherwise I would have responded", which was a lie, then I told her about Malon Lee sitting in that room, and certain other things like leaving his cleaning cart blocking the door when I reached there, :-)) I think the receptionist used to inform Malon Lee that I have arrived so he would run to the rear door and leave his cart leaning against the door and chit chat with the store keeper, which was like a daily event.

Leech had a big hand in these mischiefs and every day she would ask me "anything happened after I left". :-))  which means before leaving she would tell certain people to do some mischief,

To this the Bitch from hell, said, " Only you see all these things and no one else see anything like this, I think you need therapy, I will talk to Cindy  (Human resources Manager) and she will call you and discuss about this, I was dumb stuck, :-)) what!!!!! I said to myself, " this women is the one who is running all that racial things in Varennes and she acts like she likes truth", Chantal one of her pet told me, "Bitch from hell likes truth". :-))))))))))) then I had no idea that Leech Slime was nominated in to liberal party as a genius by Bitch from hell. :-))

Next day Cindy called and said Bitch from hell told me you need therapy, :-) and she said  wherever you go to get one please ask for clinical psychologist, because your case is very severe and you need professional help. :-))))))))))))))))))) nothing happened after that call, I also did not do anything or go any where, but instead I started to look for other companies, :-) the management was up to some thing so one should run, but before leaving I thought I would give one last try and see the CEO, because the CEO used to send me birthday greetings (I still have them) and when she visited Varennes when Mr Bernard Landry of PQ visited our plant in 2003, she said "I am counting on you". :-)) 

So in the month of August 2004, I left for Markham Ontario, and met the CEO, :-)) after listening to me the "B!$#@", asked me to see the Bitch from hell and her team, :-))))))))))) Leech Slime was called to Markham, and next day we had a meeting, but the Bitch from hell was very upset to see my nerve, :-)) she did not like me returning the next day for the meeting with Leech, she must have thought I would take flight after the CEO also revealed her position as a part of the corrupt group and our supervisor tried his best to install fear in me, he said, "now anything can happen, there are lot of PhD's driving Taxi's, :-)) and very interesting thing was he was more interested to find out what was in my bag. :-)) the spy, :-)) his office was small space near the washrooms, he would sit there and look outside all day and this he did for many many years, :-) I think from 1997 to 2005, :-))

The next day, the supervisor was like he choked on his own balls, :-) what a coward, he could have handled the situation, but he sat like a puppet with his dick in his mouth, then again the Bitch from hell after screaming few non senses, she gave a letter (which I still have) which read, "You need therapy  for missing your office and appearing with out notice at the head office, and salary was also deducted for a day, and also I was put on probation for three months. (Screw and control)

And they told me they have given similar letter to Leech Slime also and any thing awkward if happens in these three months, R&D will be shut and both of you (Myself and Leech) will be fired.

 (But Leech Slime showed her true colors during those three months (Aug 30 2004 to Nov 30, 2004), because she knew no one will touch her because of her political connection, so she went full throttle and when I could not take any more shit from her and her new puppets, even the old management was gone, it appeared Leech Slime was in control but I am not sure, one day I blew my top and I was asked to leave, but Leech remained in the R&D", :-))

(I still have the letter) :-)) I have some bad habits I don't throw documents just like that. :-))

And in presence of everyone, I warned Leech to keep her hands of me, because she had this bad habit of touching and falling all over me, :-)) then we went for lunch, the director of R&D a Philippines lady who replaced Judith, and our useless supervisor, Leech and Me, there in the car Leech told me about the number plate of the Porsche that belonged to CEO, :-)) probably she wanted to tell me top to bottom they were all in something, but what ?? it remained a secret, now I can guess.

We went to a Greek restaurant, I was still thinking about the events of the two days and trying to figure out what these folks were up to, me and the director ordered Greek Salad, :-) which I could not eat because of olive oil, and all along Leech kept looking at the lady director and kept smiling, and suddenly she got up from her chair with a big laughter and called her paramour Carlos. :-))

The Supervisor left for the airport to drop the Leech, and myself and the director left for Markham office, and outside the head office the CEO disembarked from her Porsche car, she walked up to us showing of her assets :-)), she said "I am counting on you", :-)) and she walked towards the main entrance, the R&D director a Philippines lady looked at me and and said don't worry I am with you, but I was sure she had no idea what these women were cooking.

After some time when ever I revisited many many times to that situation to understand why the Leech was smiling and laughing while looking at the Philippines lady became clear, :-)) I think there was a talk among these women that I am fascinated by women's breasts, and while sitting in that restaurant Leech was trying to emphasise to the Philippines director about my gaze, :-)) actually I was not even looking at her and Leech was sitting on left side behind me so no way I could gaze at her flat chest. :-)) I am surprised how people make up stories out of nothing.

When I met the CEO she was properly dressed, and the next day these women must have had a gossip session and in that the CEO must have been told about showing some breasts to the angry man (they thought I was angry), :-)) and this idea must have been from the Leech and the Bitch from hell, :-)) so the CEO tried to show me some breasts to distract me from the actual issue and I did take a good look at them, they were  falling out of the small improper dress of her, :-))) and same thing must have been told to the lady director, so in the restaurant I was facing the director and Leech was on my left, and the dumb supervisor on the right, hence the Leech must have thought I was looking at the directors breasts, :-)) she was completely covered and at that moment I just wanted to go home and think about my future actions. :-)))  

Now would any one like to work with these corrupt evil group of people.  :-)) unless one is insane enough to take all that shit for nothing. :-)) It is just shit nothing else.

And can you believe it, Instead of giving some piece of advice to the Leech Slime that If you have no fucking idea what qualitative and quantitative means, take help or learn like they told Robert and Instead of telling that Vietnamian idiot to stop going any where near the chemicals and solvents and mind his toilet business, these women wanted me to get therapy. :-)) just like that go to a clinical psychologist. :-)))

Now I know why this guy Malon Lee used to sit in that small dinghy dark room, but it is of no importance. :-)))))

Now any one who reads this, tell me in what mindset a group of people would do such a thing, only when they all together are in to some scam, and when I met the CEO, it was all clear, they were just mismanaging the small, no product pharmaceutical company for money or something it has to do with Quebec, because this plant in Varennes was bought after 1995 Quebec referendum, why would bunch of people in Ontario buy a dysfunctional plant in Varennes Quebec with no product to sell, unless there was some political motive, this plant was very close to Mr Bernard Landry's residence in Verchere.

Then I revisited my first session with the supervisor, Bitch from hell and George a senior guy, a Jew, I guess she was a very close pet of Bitch from hell, :-)) Bitch from hell said, "George will tell you about our R&D activities" and she left, then George in presence of the supervisor told me a story, how they were unable to proceed with few projects and few products and that is the reason why they were sending me to Varennes from Toronto etc, :-)))

Then it appeared they were having lot of trust on my credentials but later visits to that situation cleared my misunderstanding, :-)) George was actually telling me how I have to stop projects from moving ahead and not let one product see the market, :-)))))))))))))))) because this is what they have been doing, :-)) and Bitch from hell was very upset when I wrote a piece of information to the guy in Markham taking care of the renovations of the bigger building in Varennes, it was about HVacs which were purchased way before the building was even ready in Varennes. :-)))

I wrote all this because lately I was getting this vibes that these women were trying to paint entirely a different picture, so I have jotted few lines exactly as they happened with out any thing more or less.

Fortunately I have eidetic memory, :-))   I can recount things when I was 1 year old, :-))  there must be some purpose. :-)))))))))))

Pale Cowards and their perspective:

Pale cowards have proved again that they are blind to 95% of things what normal people see, so what ever I have written, Pale cowards could see only this line:-

"You need professional help", :-)) and I guess as per pale cowards that professional is the Leech Slime, the genius, :-))))))))))))))))))

And they did not read, '"She got up with big laughter and called her paramour Carlos".  which shows how ethical this women was/is, she had 4 or 5 failed marriages, 5th one an Egyptian ran away to Egypt and she still carries his last name, :-)) and she started to live with another man who actually saved her from some deep shit she was in Mexico. :-))

And I as a person would not trust a women with such a back ground and no one should.

This is the basic or bottom line problem of the entire west, "Pale cowards", they are the real problem, they can not see what normal people see, even small 10 years old children can see, these buggers can see only that is in favour of their pick. :-))

Pale cowards are , numb, insensitive, unprofessional, dumb headed, mentally disturbed, sick to the core, and what do they pick is something similar to their mentality, or character, which mostly is disgraceful characters to not only the west but to the entire world.

People should be in high alert when people like Bitch from hell, Leech Slime are the only people who get promoted, that tells about the culture of that society, it is shameful, very shameful, it is a disgrace to the entire humanity, and that also would suggest that this culture needs a serious review by a most critical eye, it needs a complete overhaul, so that such characters do not get any say.

This is called dusra!!!! :-))
Victim No!!

I don't think I feel I was a victim, I think I bumped into some nasty shit too early, I arrived on 17 Mar 2001 in Toronto and Bitch from hell called me on May 6 or 7th of the year 2001, :-))) and I joined Dimethaid on 01 July 2001, that is too early to bump into some nasty women, and she not only exposed me to some most nasty women I ever imagined in my wildest dreams, women can be this mean and this nasty, I experienced too early in Canada. :-)))

That does not mean women in India are not nasty, or mean, there are very nasty women but they are too good, they know how to handle situations with men, :-)) may be they learned that art living wth some most nasty men in the world, :-)) who also belong to India. :-))

After this bitter experience I am like, "Once bitten twice shy", :-)) It will take lot of time before I will overcome my bitterness, it is still there, and pale cowards rubbed salt to the injury, so it will take some time but I might not be able to forgive them for what they did.

But people like Leech Slime (65 yrs old) should stay away from me. :-))


Jun 18, 2015

Current 18 June 2015, Hackerville's government websites hacked

Our top soldier, tries to speak some truth about behaviour in armed forces of Canada, and even before he could say anything he was shushed by almost everyone from Conservatives to Media and even people, and everyone is saying it is not acceptable. :-))

I fail to understand what is not acceptable, Lawson speaking truth about the sexual behaviour in Armed forces of Canada or the sexual behaviour in Armed forces of Canada as told by Lawson, I think he should have been asked the details what happens to women when they are surrounded by men 80 to 20 ratio in Canadian armed forces. :-))

Media should have asked about the details, Peter Manbridge of CBC TV who interviewed Lawson should have tried to get details what happens, when he said "we are biologically wired", but every one shushed him and apology for what?? :-)

I don't understand apology for what? for speaking the truth or trying to expose some behaviour which is not acceptable. Lawson has again proved that it is so difficult to speak truth in Canada, and may be this is the reason why no one comes forward to speak the truth, every one is happy living in a shell made of lies.

In Telugu there is a saying for this, "Musuku Lo Guddhulata", meaning boxing inside a shroud, but if it comes out it is not acceptable.

Native Indians in Canada had suffered and continue to suffer so much at the hands of pale folks from Europe, and this has remained under wraps for so long and today it is in open, and see who has to apologise, Pope.

If Lawson's of then governments were allowed to speak the truth, then Native kids would not have suffered all that they have gone through for nothing, just because some sick numb fellow on the top wanted to control this part of the world, which was never his world to begin with.

Point is everyone seems to be OK to keep the bad behaviour of men in armed forces/RCMP or towards the women soldiers under wraps but no one wants to deal with it and address it, it is like women are being told by everyone this is your problem and you have to deal with it your way, but the government or media or even people are not ready to deal with it or even address it as a problem, because it undermines Canadian forces. :-))

When such problems surface I don't what happens to all the so called development. :-))

Governments websites hacked in Hackerville (Canada) :

I think in Canada there are five major hackers who have ability, facility, means and funds to hack servers with such precision,

1) CSIS it self, This is a Canadian screwing agency paid by our tax dollars and now they have Bill C51, so what do you expect. :-)) and recently on national TV the Assistant director of CSIS said, they hack.

2) RCMP, RCMP is like the logistics and executing manager, even they have all those capacities like CSIS to hack anything electronic with such precision.

3) Local police stations: They have everything like RCMP and they hack every single electronic gadget in their jurisdiction, that includes teen kids cell phones and  ipods of children.

4) Armed forces, but they are not insane to hack government websites, I am sure they are very disciplined.

5) USA & UK agencies like NSA, CIA, FBI, MI5 or MI6 and other 16 intelligence agencies all have the ability to hack with precision. :-))

One location where these hacking gadgets are kept and used is Apt no 3,( 5&7 also might be keeping them), 1480 Rue Crevier Saint Laurent, Quebec H4L2X3. and Police Quartier numero 6 is loaning the gadgets to this apartment and they might be working for Liberal Party of Canada, it is in Liberal constituency of Mr Stephen Dion MP. :-))

This is same as residential school thing, today they are doing it, tomorrow they will apologise.

I think this has become the nature of pale folks, do it now and ask for an apology in future. :-))

Vote for NDP:

1) They want to abolish the corrupt senate.
2) They are against bill C 51
3) They have never managed Ottawa
4) They are with new ideas and new mindset, only problem is they might be armtwisted by Democrats of USA. :-)

So Vote for NDP or is there any other party good enough to try this elections.

Jun 15, 2015

Current 15 JUNE 2015- G7 or Grocery stores 7.

The best news we heard last week was from NDP leader Mr Thomas Mulcair, "Abolish Senate", :-) this will not only reduce burden on the government and it will also curb the illegal activities these folks do for themselves or for the elected representatives, :-) I think there should be no place for any nominated position in the government, but unfortunate things is almost every country which boasts of some form of democracy has a house full of nominated people who are mostly burden on the exchequer.

Other things NDP can do are,

1 Ban all kinds of fire arms on the streets, which means even police , RCMP or any other security outfit should not be allowed with guns on the streets, they can carry batons. :-)
2) There should be some form of mid day eals for all children in Canada/Quebec, which will reduce lot of stress on the part of parents, and they can be stress free what their kid will eat in the lunch time, but the food YMCA is catering in many schools in Quebec, is substandard and kids have been complaining of many foreign material in the food, like human hair, rotten items etc.  I think this is a shameful thing for Canada, which boasts of being a member of G7. :-))
3) Education from Pre Scolaire to University should be free for people who pay Income Tax and Sales Tax federal and Provincial. or
4) There should be no Income Tax, and only Sales Tax or purchase tax and then people would not mind paying for education and health, but current situation is they have to pay income tax, sales tax, and many other taxes, and forced contributions and also they have to pay for education and health, which is too much.
5) Private Doctors should be the norm and doctors should not  be on government pay scale.
6) Roads should be of top notch from coast to coast, I think roads are what people need more then twice daily, and look at the roads in G7 country, :-))  Indian roads appear much better.

CAA has conducted a contest " Hall of Shame', for Quebec roads, after few roads were nominated the repair work were taken up like near Sauve and Hubert.
:-))) If one can open their eyes, ears and brain they can see millions of things which are yet to be done, but people from all political parties are shut and open to only one or two puppeteers.

Schools in Quebec are with out proper parking facilities for teaching staff, asking for parents would be like day dreaming.

I should say Conservatives have been in power for more then 10 years now with out any proper policy change from Liberals, except for few things, in fact they have policy like, no long gun registry and at the same time they also have a terror attack in the parliament, a long gun was used by the so called terrorist, :-) ( I am sure no one saw the 35 bullets ridden dead body of the the so called terrorist. :-)) and Canadian media so loyal to the government they don't ask a question, they just jot it down word by word and print what ever is given to them, good boys and girls. :-) 

What else Canada needs to become "Marche Canada", Monarchy is there, half baked democracy is also there, nominated senate is also there, and loyal media is there, only we have to borrow clergy from Italy or Vatican city for apologies, :-)))

(Note: Many might not know "Marche", is a french word for Grocery or convenience store. :-)

And to fight this kind of terror Conservatives have passed bill no 51, and at the same time they have warned anyone registering long guns in Canada. :-))

I think only some kind of genius can run a party like this, other wise with such policies no party can hold power for more then one term, or it is the dumb opposition which has no ideas what to do which gave advantage to Conservatives.

The Liberals are focused on my left arm, they think this is it, :-) I think they have come to a conclusion that the best proxy for "Bitch from hell", is pain in the left arm, what else one can expect from a women (75 yrs) who calls herself "bitch from hell", :-)) the queen of lies. :-)

Indian Marines adventure in Myanmar, :-)) Bravo!!

That is the spirit, learn from China and NATO, just invade, :-)) and claim it is ours, do it with Pakistan also, that would be appreciated by even nature,. :-))

Canada or Marche Canada. :-))

Yes that is right Canada a member of G7 is fast becoming a grocery store, :-)) any thing is available  you should know the right person, better If you know the genius. :-)

RCMP is to begin with some time back I read some one called them, "Registered collectors of Members of Parliament", but I think they are "Rascals collaborating with Mean people", :-)) this suits them better.

Then we have CSIS and ISIS, difference is :

CSIS is Canadian, and it screws Canadians in Canada and abroad, so they can be called "Canadians screwed internationally and in society", and now they have bill 51, thanks to some genius. :-)))))

ISIS is Islamic from Middle east, they screw Muslims in particular and everyone in general in Middle east, thanks to few misadventures of NATO, which I think can stand for "North Atlantic Terrorist organization". :-) But it seems Canada is very eager to import it in to Canada, :-))

Please use your indigenous shit that should be enough. :-))))))))))
How do you move from point X to Z,

Normal people would go or take the shortest route to reach point Z via Y or even direct to Z, but I have seen a shit in Toronto who started from point "X"  way back around 1993 and then went through point q, t, p, l, n, o, u, r, v, to b and c and then y and from y, she is going to k and this took her 22 years and still they have to reach point "Z", :-)) by the way they have run out of time but they prefer one baby step at a time. :-)) and If I read pale cowards messages correctly she is managing Liberal party of Canada. :-))))))))))

Now it makes sense why Liberals are in Deep Shit.

I bumped in to this shit in 2001, as If the shit herself was not enough, she brought another shit as a genius or peer in 2002 and both these shitty women won't just go away and mind their business, It seems I have become their bread and butter, other then me they have no other agenda. :-))

Another point to note is, they have Plan A to Z and the first plans is "Screw and Control" and the last plan also is  Screw and Control. :-)))

I know lot of people,  including some 4 to 5 PhD's are waiting for some returns for all the cooperation they extended to these shitty women in pulling down a small pharmaceutical company from 7$ to 0.1 cents worth, but that is their fate and I would say bad judgment, even I left the good one and took the bad one.

If it is possible, someone should invent a"Time Machine", so that I can go back in 2001 and take one of the other options which were in my hand, then at least politicians and political parties would not be weighing their political future on my personal life. :-)

Bad or Poor Judgment:

If there are two separate Vehicle identification numbers, it means there are two separate cars, but If some genius thinks it is one car, that is very poor judgment.

If You think a person is a genius or a peer and after few years your thinking changes to an idiot, that is very poor judgment.

If you think you can fool everyone always, it is a poor judgment.

If you think you can fool someone with cock and bull stories, it is a poor judgment.

If you think Immigrants come to Canada because they are desperate, your judgment is very poor.

If you think everyone is a refugee in Canada and they are looking for heaven, very poor judgment.

If you build castles on lies or cock and bull stories, very poor judgment.

If you think life is ike a movie, very poor judgment.

If you think people will fight for you with your enemies, very poor Judgment.

If you think people will forgive you after you tormented them for 10 years, very poor judgment, I would say you should rather keep your neck safe.

If you think people forget things after few years so you can build a new story with lies, :-)) there are people who don't forget things, unfortunately for you I am one of them. :-))))))))))))))))

People with poor judgment should not try to show their intelligence, again that would be poor judgment.

Jun 4, 2015

Current 04 JUNE 2015, Cowards running out of ideas

I am surprised to note that FIFA actually allowed one person to hold their top office for 5 terms and that person claims he is clean, :) while everyone else are neck deep in corruption and fraud, I think no public office should be allowed for more then two terms for any one person, it should be mandatory to leave any public office after two terms, I think US has this system for the office of President, which is very good.

And Canada has put turf on all 6 venues for FIFA women's football, and I think that is not fare, If men play on grass then women should also play on grass, when everyone is objecting particularly those who play on it then it should have been considered, but how can one tell people who have no idea about the field they are managing.

FIFA has officials I am sure they never played football in their life,
Cricket Board is managed by people who never played Cricket,
Pharmaceutical companies are managed by people who either left Science after high school or never liked Science, :-))

My experience is most pharmaceutical companies are managed by receptionists who have more say and power then the scientists working in the lab, I thought this was only in India but even here in Canada/Quebec this is the norm, scientists are treated like doormat by these receptionists and other administrative staff which is very sick.

Like this If you take any organization, people who have nothing to do with the line are actually on the top positions. :-))

RCMP: Now they say because of lack of training, funds and guns the RCMP officers could not enter the parliament and stop the shooter, :-)) which clearly tells how dangerous are these RCMP officers with loaded guns and no training, :-)) Canadians need to save their ass.
Actually the problem with RCMP is not because of lack of funds or guns, it is the following two issues,
1) Recruitment policy
2) Training after recruitment
Like any other government office, or even any private place of work in Canada and Quebec like Tim Hortons, the recruitment policy is based on skin color, pale skin in Canada/Quebec is a qualification and personality is not given any value, and this is the main reason why incompetence has creeped in almost every department of Canadian government, and this has not happened recently, this has been the norm since a long time, the policy is
Pale on top, Brown in middle and black in bottom, :-)) In a way it is apartheid.
If you take a look at the courses in Cegep in Quebec that lead to the recruitment of police officers, you will find only pale skin students in those programs others are either discouraged or not allowed to join them, there might be exceptions one or two, I am talking about general policy.

I think most non pale applicants are rejected how they handle the gun even before they are recruited, which is absurd, and If one can take a look at the recent parliament hill shooting not one RCMP officer looked like he had any minimum training to handle guns and they shot 56 bullets to kill a single man, and some 35 bullets hit the man but he kept fighting, that shows the level of training imparted to these officers.

The police officers in Canada/Quebec start their day with a huge breakfast and then they go around the streets making some noise, and then retire in their shells watching locals living their life through so called illegal surveillance, and they are so addicted to this racial profiling and watching people in their homes that running after the shooter mus t have been like a herculean task and out of the normal.

The funny part was, when the shooter stops his car and takes few moments to get down from the car with this long gun, while three officers in plain clothes are watching him with pistols in their hands, and once the shooter is out of his car and is walking towards the gate, the three guys with pistols in their hands run helter skelter to save their lives, :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))  they had pistols in their hands and they were about 10 feet's away from the car. :-)) now tell me what they would do If they had more money or bigger guns they still be running away. :-))

I think Government of Canada should dismantle RCMP and put it to rest in some museum, like CIA, RCMP has lost its significance in current era, so when something looses its significance that should be dismantled and placed in a museum, otherwise to keep their importance they end up committing illegal things.
First Nations: Cultural Genocide.

I think where ever the English went, they committed "Cultural Genocide".

It was very sad to note how their children were taken away and treated like animals by Canadians, some 7 generations of children were taken away and we talk about Hitler and his evil ways with children and Jews etc but nothing about Canadians and English men doing this.

I think it is very shameful that we have people among us who might have been part of that, and no one is talking about any punishment to them, few words of sympathy and then back to your life, have a donut and cappuccino and that is it. :-))

Like Nazi's were pursued and punished over a long time, every single person responsible for the cultural genocide of first nations should be pursued, found and punished in court of law.

After all it is a question of 6000 or more children.

It is also very sad to note that some 15,000 first nations children are still in foster care, foster care system has actually failed big time in US and Canada and now India is talking about foster care system.

I am not sure how long children around the world will be subjected to all these inhuman conditions to settle personal scores and proxy wars, people have no guts and courage to settle personal scores face to face.

In this regard pale folks not just in Canada or Quebec, every where around the world have been the worst offenders.
9 Senators down: :-) Ottawa

It seems 9 Senators in Ottawa got stuck in the net of Auditor general and one of them is threatening that "If you wash dirty linen in the public then this is what happens and then you will have to pay the price also", I am not sure whom he is threatening but folks take cover, they might as well behave like terrorists. :-)) See FIFA "If I am going down I will take everyone with me", is the norm.

Long time back in one company in India,  few huge milk tankers vanished in the middle of the night never to be found, though there was two tier security present, and after few years the estate manager who managed the security then also, constructed a huge big house beyond his means of earning and everyone (except me, he did not invite me) had a sumptuous lunch and congratulated him, and he did not loose his respect any where, his children were sent to US for higher education and what not. :-))

In the same company an honest employee one day lost control on his ethics and mis appropriated 8 Rs, :-)) yes this is really laughable, just 8Rs, which in Canadian funds is 10 cents, :-)) he was caught by the accounts for mis appropriating 10 cents and poor fellow under pressure pleaded guilty and he lost his reputation in the company as a thief who tried to steal 10 cents, :-))) and he also lost his opportunities to climb up the corporate ladder. :-)))))))))))))))))

And his name was Ramachander, :-)))))))))) I guess parents should name their children very carefully, like when people listen to this story they laugh but when you tell them the the name of the person, then the reaction is, Oh!! he should be hanged for that, after all his name is Ramachander.

When petty cash runs in millions of dollars in Ottawa, few Senators must have taken 10,000$ or more thinking no one will ask or say anything after all they are the ruling class. :-)))  They should be careful now the thinking is changing, the people who swindle huge milk tankers and will not let others steal 8Rs are fighting tooth and nail to reach the top. :-)))

The Evil five are here and they would say "Cover your ass".
Conservatives-S Harper,

It is sad to know that after 10 years in power Conservatives are in such a situation they have to dance to the tunes of someone in the Liberals camp, :-)) and fortunate thing for Harper is Liberals do not have enough seats in the parliament, :-)) NDP has some seats but again NDP is not the party of choice for these folks who control Democracy in Canada. :-)))))))))))

What ever I write here somone is following it word by word and is using to distribute the bad ideas to people like Harper ( Train Ukrain police) :-))  and Conservatives and good ideas are kept for future use for Liberals or democrats under Hillary Clinton etc, even Obama did not get them because he is black and these people are keeping the ideas for Hillary Clinton, again they waited almost 8 years for this, :-)) now I get it why pale cowards just fooled around for the last 8 years, they just wanted these 8 years to pass.  

But they failed to understand one thing, what was good 8 years back might not be even significant now, so what a waste of time.

Someone from Liberals camp has promised Hillary Clinton that they will make her the next president of USA. wow!!  what a confidence.

Don't you think first you have to wash your ass first with whatever water you have and then wash others asses. :-)))))))))))

Jun 2, 2015

Current: 02 June 2015- Who stole our summer???

Actually I want to publish only one post every month, but so much is happening and I am forced to publish more then one post every month, :-))  few people suffering from Obsessive compulsory disorder, and also addiction, very chronic addiction are giving me so much data I some times feel I should have my blog connected to my brain and all I had to do is speak my thoughts and they should get published, ya! that also means I am getting very lazy, :-)  and Canadian weather is also responsible for this, every one is lazy in this country no one wants to work, last year and this year also we are heating our apartments in June also, who stole our summer??

Actually to me it appears that the weather of each country somehow got linked with the mentality of the people running it, :-)) and as the mentality in India appears to be too hot, so the weather is very hot there, and in Canada the mentality of these folks is very cold so the weather is getting cold even in June, and another thing is reverse games, few people who were supposed to be responsible since they were directly responsible for how governments should work have been playing reverse games, meaning If some advise was given to them they suggested exactly opposite, :-) particularly the Conservatives did this, also Indian government also did, :-)) even a good advise was reversed, so I think this is also the reason for reverse climatic conditions, like cold in June when people expect summer. :-))

It seems Africans are getting lots of rain, while many parts of California and India are going dry.

Then there are my favourite "pale cowards", :-))  my my my  my what a breed, :-)))))))))))  who take everything very literally, :-) they think If they use cold wavelengths of Infra red rays, the weather of Montreal will be hot, :-)) but it is getting cold, may be they think I am like one of the elements or something, :-)) so these fellows addicted and suffering from obsessive compulsory disorders continuously expose me to cold Infra red rays from my neighbours apartment, forcing me to start heating the apartment when the temperatures are 15 degrees outside and 25 degrees inside. :-)) This is cowards science. :-))

And I did not sign any consent form for this experimentation. :-)) I guess Canadians do not have to sign such forms. :-))

I was also thinking does it work that you expose someone with cold waves or rays of Infra red light and expect the weather to pick up towards summer temperatures, but it is going down :-))

But to my knowledge there are deities who govern elements and various factors of weather, and in olden days in India If the weather got too hot or too cold or too dry, they would try to appease these deities with Yagna and got relief, but now even Indians they look towards London for answers. :-))

There was this guy (Lord something) :-) from England visited India in 1835 and wrote in one of the newspapers, " what morals, what wealth, what a country, I have not seen a single beggar, what ethics etc, and then he added, to truly dominate this country we will have to destroy there culture and replace it with our English culture, and then that is what they did and left with a remark, "Ah!! Country of snake charmers", :-)) and irony is truly dominated snake charmers even today look towards London for all answers, :-)) while they sit on a treasure of well researched wealth of knowledge. :-)))))))))

While Indians are breaking their heads with Germany and French languages, there is no other place on Earth where Vedas are researched more extensively and seriously in London then elsewhere. :-))


Imagine, 50 years back someone would place a TV in front of people and switch it ON and OFF from a remote point, people watching it would say, magic!!! but today ask a kid 2 years old, the answer is where is my remote. :-)

I think there is nothing called magic and anything that people are not able to explain, it was/is called magic!! :-)) I guess "magic", is a layman's term. :-)

Another situation, Imagine, 50 years back If you took people from middle Earth taken to north pole and just before the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) appear, wave a magic wand and said, "abracadabra", and zoom, northern lights would appear, people would be just stunned with that magic. :-)))

So when there is nothing called magic then it being white or black does not make any sense, recently my kids talked about some game called "charlie charlie are you there", :-)) on a piece of paper, draw a square and write "yes", on two opposite corners and "No", on the other two opposite corners, place two pencils on top of each other like on X and Y coordinates, and ask, Charlie Charlie are you there, the pencil would move sometimes for YES and even for No, :-)) I said OK If Charlie was present then he can answer YES, but how can he answer NO, :-))

My suggestion: say Charlie Charlie are you there, If you get the answer YES, then ask him to go to hell. :-))))))))

Then there is this Ouija board to call spirits, :-)) one can see the demo on you tube, :-))) I was thinking how people find so much time and money to do all these stupid things.


555 Chabanel Ouest, it is a huge building and most of the drama also happens here, ;-) mostly around 10 am and 3pm, one can see long queues of people smoking and  flinging the ugly cigarette butts everywhere, once it hit me on my body,  :-)))))))  but that is not the issue, the issue is national bank has kept a small board on which it is written, " ZONE NON FUME", meaning smoke free zone, and every day one can see folks standing next to it smoking and all these folks are pale. :-))))))

I was surprised to note that people in Quebec had filed a class action suit years back against three tobacco giants, and this week they got a multi billion $ decision from a court, and it seems the plea was they were not aware that cigarettes were injurious to health, :-)))))))) and they want compensation for smoking them. :-))

I think manufacturers clearly inform through printing on their packs that "Cigarette smoking is injurious to health", If people don't read this then it is their problem, one can not expect the manufacturer to go to each and every smoker and tell him, "that ugly thing in your mouth can kill you". :-))

If someone comes to you and says, what should people do to avoid smoke related ailments, "just don't smoke", but I have no answer if it is related to second hand smoke from people standing near a non smoking zone, :-)) I guess governments will have to issue tickets for smoking in public and exposing people to second hand smoke, I think China did a wonderful thing but to put such a law in force is a challenge, but it is better to have a law in place then nothing.

Thanks to my father I hate that thing called cigarette and  the smoke.