Jul 27, 2015

Current: 27 Jul 2015: Lost or past opportunities go stale

Some people don't change, chickens in uniform also don't want to change, when I gave them many many opportunities to show that they care for the law but they blew those opportunities and instead behaved like local goons in uniform, :-) now the same chickens in uniform are looking for an opportunity to show that they care for the law, :-)) but I am sorry I am not in a mood to even call them Ya!! my neighbour has been acting little strange but nothing out of normal, which has been the norm for the last 10 years and why suddenly few chickens want to show that they care for law. :-))

Once opportunities are lost they don't come again so one should use them to the best of knowledge and ability, but my experience is, till now there has not been one person, women or men, in Canada or in India who had used the opportunity I offered them on a platter, and 100% cases ran after me for years to get those opportunities back and I move very fast away from them.  :-))

As per my experience, I have seen following few types of people, :-))

Ist Category: These people are very good at getting stuck in every possible opportunity and mostly they put their head in wrong places for people who are actually their main enemies.  :-)) I think MLee belongs to this category, it is very frustrating to even talk to them because they just don't get it, even my biological mother belongs to this category, my mothers name means, "Not Jealousy". :-)  Category V type of people are their main enemies.

IInd Category: This is the most successful category of people as far as material benefit is concerned, they trample everyone in front, back and around them for their personal job or financial security and 90% people of this world belong to this category and they are successful in some way or other, nothing special about them they are just opportunistic and self centered, pick up any person from the street 90% of them belong to this category. :-) Swiss Leech Slime is the best example, which ever party she is in that party needs to be very careful. Category V type of people are their main enemies.

IIIrd Category: :-)) This is a special category, very few and rare they are experts in loosing, :-)) one can call them natural losers, people around them loose, country looses, party looses, family looses, any team they belong to, that team also loose, :-)) they create a perfect Loose-Loose situation for everyone directly or indirectly connected to them,  funny thing is after lot of planning for decades, conspiracy, a very high level drama etc. they also loose. :-)))))))))))) Bitch from hell belongs to this category, which ever party she is in that party will always loose some way or other, end of the day they will loose. Category V type of people are their main enemies.

IVth Category, Again very few, these people develope things with their own hardwork and then they bet them all on some annonymous person, expecting political gains, :-))))))) Category V type of people are their main enemies.

Vth Category: This is a very special category of people, a true specimens, they learn very mundane  things in a very hard way and after take a very long time, and ordinary people call these things common sense, :-))) I call these people "Pale Cowards", :-))))))))))) mainly they suffer from ignorance of a very high level, so their ignorance causes them to learn things very slowly, they can not take more then a few bytes every few years and cannot move then few millimeters every year, snails would appear like Usane Bolt compared to these people. :-)) And they don't take U turns, they keep digging till they get stuck, but they never give up, their ignorance never lets them give up. :-))
Category V type of people are thier main enemies, :-)))))))) yes this is true. :-)))))))))))

Tell them a truth: They will take atleast 10 years or more to validate the simple truth, :-) by the time the entire situation would change and such a truth would be useless and redundant. :-)) they are the main hurdle in todays world, I would say get rid of them, terrorism is now a days their main game, they will play it till they get stuck in it very badly, :-)) then they will change, they need some game to play, they can not sit without doing anything they need to poke into something with or with out reason and they call it being smart. :-))

VIth Category: These people don't give a damn about anything, and they are so free willed and so selfless that they would never consider If they will loose or win, so they sometimes win and sometimes loose big time, but over all they do fairly well for themselves and their families, and they are darlings of the supreme power, I think my biological father belonged to this category, yes they loose because of few bad habits or bad cultural influence otherwise they are all right, very few and very rare and mostly are troubled and tormented by the Category II, III, IV and V, even family members are involved.

VIIth: Under this category only one or two come in every era, :-)) These people know things the way they would unfold and they know who will give them benefits yet they go for greater good for the humanity, family, larger groups of people, but they are not stupid, they are very calculative, they can be very good, yet they can cause great damage to the evil, so they are evil for evil and good for the good, they can be very selfless to very selfish depending on situation, as long as someone deserving is winning they will not worry about anything, so they are mostly subjective, mess with them at your own perils :-))

Bottom line: For any culture, country, race, get rid of Category V, in uniform or no uniform, If one wants to grow, live in peace, harmony, and under one large religion called humanity, get rid of these people as soon as possible.
Two miracle this week:

1) I purchased a green shirt from Sears, for 14.99$ liquidation price and washed it with other similar shirts of 5 different colors, while ironing the unwashed soap formed a dagger like image on back of this shirt, right in the centre, :-)) which vanished on second wash. :-))

2) First time in my life I took a spoon of Chawanprash a jam made of natural herbs, spices  and roots from India, I purchased it in an Indan store, Singh Village, first spoon of my life and guess what it contained sand, first bite was like chewing a hard crystal of sand. :-)) it cost me 8.99$, it was sealed.

I think both of them were some proxy game for some annonymous person so they failed. :-)

My wife complained even serials purchased form Maxi Cie or Super C, also contain sand, particularly the one containing raisins.


Matadors in Spain and Pale Cowards in Montreal Canada, :-)

Matadors in Spain prepare their bulls before the fight in such a way that the bulls are subdued and can barely make out what is happening, and then the matador with his fake fight wins the fight and rest is all drama, the matador is like Leech Slime or Bitch from hell,  pale cowards in Montreal are somewhat like matadors of Spain, only difference is they try to subdue the so called nails standing out in the visible minority with their electronic toys and then they loose to them. :-O (this is ass laughing) :-)

This is the speciality of Pale Cowards they get kicked almost every day and night but instead of accepting defeat they tell cock and bull stories and act like they are in control. :-))

When they get kicked badly they run water taps :-OOOO)))))))))))))

That is why I said they belong to Category V type of people, whether they are with Bitch from hell, or Leech Slime or anyone else, they will never let the person get the reality or real picture, they keep everyone busy and upbeat with cock and bull stories. :-)) and in those stories they never tell how they are getting kicked day in day out, :-))

That is why I said they are no 1 enemy of everyone, :-)) but Pale cowards always interpret things in a very special way where the reality never comes out, the real picture is entirely different from what they croon or they scream on top of their voice, :-)) the truth is always under the wraps. :-))

Pale cowards should know that their monopoly no longer exists, :-)) and what they can do, we can do million times better, if they are in large numbers and with proper network and electronic toys, we are more then 30 million in number and with super powers and invisible, :-))  pale cowards stand no chance If we turn offensive from defensive, they should be happy that we are in a defensive position.

And all those who are my family are under our protective shields, touch them and see what happens, I think Pale Cowards already know this, so don't brag and give wrong hope or hype to people like Leech and Bitch from hell, let the reality dawn upon them so that they are grounded and see the real picture this is good for everyone, or else it is your choice. :-))

If people like Leech Slime and Bitch from hell wants to fight with someone including me they will have to do it themselves, and If Pale Cowards fight for them then you know what can happen to Pale Cowards, it is irrelevant where  you hide, we can always reach you. :-)))))))))))))))

Take it as a suggestion, or warning or recommendation it is up to you dim bozos  :-)).

If you want Leech Slime or Bitch from hell, it is your choice, but I will have nothing to do with them, it is you people who wants to kiss their ass, so go kiss, :-)) I would like to kick their arse, If not for me for the world for sure. :-))

Jul 17, 2015

Current 17 Jul 2015-What else can be done for the comfort of white man.

Obama goes to jail: :-) At least after 6 years in office Obama felt that he should look into something he should have done at the first place, given his family background and his wife's background, but he is not alone, this is the trend of world leaders all over the world, personal benefit first and then think about the world If you get time, I think Obama's are already millionaires, :-) but there has been hardly any change in the lives of millions of people who had hoped that he will bring some change in their lives, so instead of Obama changing Washington, Washington changed Obama. :-))

And Mr Obama said, this world is safe now, because Iran has been stopped in its tracks, but Mr President what about tons of those things with Russia and they are not listening to you, also President of USA said, "we have stopped Nuclear arms in that region", I think Mr President in that region even Israel, Pakistan and India comes, who are all Nuclear powers in their own rights, who is going to stop them, then US logic might be, "They are all our friends", so it is OK.

What can be worse for USA that it is made to dance to the tunes of some socially sick old women from Canada, :-)) yes! this is the plight of USA, I don't know how it works, how can a Canadian control USA and its elected politicians, this is something I am unable to digest.

Same thing for Quebec, it is controlled by one person from Ontario, :-)

India is controlled by one person from Canada, and that one person ruined Congress-I led India, what ever condition Congress-I is in today, it is the result of direct instructions followed by Cong-I and its cronies and now the same person is instructing BJP, :-)) One should see Rajnath (Home Minister) and his speech, which has changed now a days and will appear lot common to speeches made by George Bush Jr when he was the president of USA. :-))

If BJP does not take precautions and keep its head above water (Trouble and mis directions from puppeteers from west) they are sure to end up where Congress-I is today, because the one person who tries to play around with world leaders is a very sick individual but due to some reason he is on the top (How I am still trying to figure out) and puppets ( All the intelligence agencies) follow him blindly and now he has assistant evil puppeteers, very sick women, these people are not bothered If a child goes hungry or an innocent person ends up in a prison, all they want is leaders world over (mostly elected) dance to their tunes and play their stupid proxy games and those who refuse are isolated and might as well face sanctions, (e.g. Russia, Iran), I think one such leader who refused to dance to their (Puppeteers from west) tunes was Mrs Indira Gandy and as a result India got its Nuclear capabilities, solved Bangladesh problem, and Non Aligned Movement was at its pinnacle which was an object of envy for the NATO, but she bumped into wrong people due to her son, Sanjay Gandy, who wanted to turn India in  to US overnight, as result she got involved in Emergency followed by Punjab Issue as a distraction, otherwise I am sure she would have solved Pakistan problem also. :-))

Because If any leader particularly from east dances to the tunes of puppeteers from the west, they will not be able to do any thing for their country, e.g. Nawaj Shareif of Pakistan, so instead of being a puppet in some anonymous persons hands be a puppeteers of your own destiny or take a good look at Cong-I. :-)))to reach their it takes just one election. :-))

BJP and its elected lot are following some instructions passed by puppeteers from west, but I am sure neither Mr Modi nor his party members have any idea who they are following, because the puppeteer is hidden to general public, so they operate through Intelligence agencies (CSIS-RAW collaboration) and diplomats, :-)) so ask Congress-I did they know whom they were following, I am sure the answer will be no, it was some babu in Delhi who was passing the information, and one of these babus is from Bihar, and this babu wants Nitesh Kumar to get that western support. :-)

How you will get into their games, :-) It is always cock and bull stories, and once you get into them there is no return, the Canadian cowards are good example, once they are engaged into something they never return back, they die with that thing, :-)))))))) the U turn is not taught to these people, they are taught just keep digging in one direction and even though world war was over long back there might be still few Canadian cowards digging in that direction, and once they die they are replaced with new recruits and they are told just dig in that direction and don't look back, :-)) and that Canadian coward digs in that direction with out asking any questions, :-)) and they never stop, If someone stops them today in 2015 and tells them, "Oh! Bozo, world war II was over long back in 1945, he will immediately call you a traitor and will get back to his digging. :-)))))))))

Today the situation of Canadian cowards is they are stuck in a hole they started digging in 2001, and they have dug up such a huge, deep and wide hole it is impossible for them to get out of it, and this hole was dug for me, :-))))))))))))))))))))))))) and situation is they need my help to get out of that hole, meaning I will have to cooperate with the diggers in some concocted lie where I will be the asshole and the diggers (That includes those nasty sick old women) the hero's. :-)))))))))))))))))))  This is white mans logic, white man always thinks like a chicken, "what else can be done for the comfort of a white man", this is his or her simple logic and all the puppeteers and puppets in the west follow this one commandment very religiously, :-) and they want all non white communities that includes Mr Modi, Obama, Rajnath Singh, etc. to work towards this goal, and Terrorism is one channel that goes towards it.

So BJP can take up this issue at their risk, but the benefit of this will only go towards the west, yes, you might end up spending money and expose your security loopholes to the west, :-)) it is like the currency conversion game, the benefit is always towards the chickens, take a good look at chickens they always comb things towards them never away from them, :-)) does not matter the finance minister is UK educated Manmohan Singh or Jaitly from some Indian university, whether the US economy goes up or down, Indian currency will always be devalued, :-)) whether Greece is bankrupt or Russia, Indian currency is always in danger of going down, :-)) but If India just for the sake of discussion goes bankrupt it will not effect US or Canadian currency, even Greece, it will only devalue Indian currency like Zimbabwe.

This is not economics, this is bullshit!!. :-))

Back in 1966's Indian economy was in peanuts, and one US dollar was around 7.8 Rupees and today the Indian economy with a growth of 10% :-)) ok 5% and third largest GDP etc. the one US dollar is around 60 Rs, what does it suggest, Indian economy has gone down 10 times or US economy has grown 10 times with growth rate of 1 or 2 %, ok US is a very large economy some 10 times bigger then India, but Canada, how can Canadian or Australian dollar be at 50 Rs, their GDP is not 10 times of Indian GDP, or they don't hold more gold then India, :-))

So dear economists in India, that includes Noble prize winner in Economics, I am sorry I forgot his name, he said If Mr Modi wins this elections I will do something to myself, :-)) my suggestion to him is please don't do anything to yourself, try to understand how this currency conversion game is played out always in favour of four or five currencies, US$, UK Pound CAN$, AUS$, Japan YEN, and Euro.

One simple question I would like to ask these five or six currencies, what do they have to back the value they carry, what is it, Oil, Gold, Silver, what is it, it is just paper and how can paper currency in US or UK be of more value then paper currency of India or Greece or Zimbabwe. :-))

How long will you be fooled and exploited by the white man, how long??? this is a direct question to people like Mr Modi, three hundred years of British mis- rule in the history books is not enough to open your eyes. :-))

To play this dirty game of currency conversion like chickens, India will have to play like Chinese Yuan or Japanese yen, so India go with your paisa forget about Rupee. :-))

Judgement of Bitch from hell:

It needs some back grounds from the past, because past is very important to understand the present and if you can understand the present then you can plan effectively for the future, so past is very very very important to remember and understand.

When Bitch from hell called me on my cellphone, May 11 or 12th of 2001, around 11:30 pm, I was alone in my home and I had rented an apartment for 800$ a month and was expecting my wife and my daughter on 19 May 2001, as their visa was dated to expire on 19 May 2001, this was a mischief by Canadian High Commission in Chandigarh, they send us Visa papers on Jan 1, 2001 and they were supposed to expire on 19 May 2001, so I had to hurry, resign from my job, get funds consolidated, and come to Canada, get myself a job to start earning and then call my wife and daughter, and luckily it all happened, when they arrived on 19 May 2001, I had one appointment letter in my hand and second one with Bitch from hell and company was in progress. :-))

So Bitch from hell asks me to see her the next day in Markham, so I visit her and she tells me If I would like to see a pharmaceutical plant in Varennes Quebec, and she tells me everyone speaks English there and they will arrange a french tutor for me, and she arranges for a visit to Varennes.

So me and another Indian PhD guy visit Varennes, airfare, limo service to pick up from home to Pearson airport and from Montreal airport to Varennes plant.

So we are greeted by SC, CG, CP and another lady SP, Head of QC-QA, she was CG boss, SP was later fired just before I joined, she worked only for 2 or 3 months, :-) I guess she was the first in the list of employees fired just like that.

So after some initial talks we were taken to old Montreal for a visit, but the actual purpose of the visit was to show us the adopted child of CG, a 3 or 4 year old black girl, :-)) so with all of us in the SUV, CG takes us to her daughters daycare centre and pick her up and then takes us around the old

Helene also had a 3 or 4 years old black child from her black husband,

So the adoption theory Leech tried to tells me is not her original story it was given to her by Bitch from hell and it was taken for granted that I am already into it because of couple of white women with black kids, :-)) some psychology. :-))

Then the second employee gets fired a Romanian Production manager, :-) and like a Mafia, every employee is told to keep away from her, I don't remember her last name, :-) .

The point is Judgement of Bitch from hell:

SP Head QC-QA joins and gets fired with in three months of her joining, I think CG was instrumental in her firing because CG was a hot commodity in Bitch from hell's book, someone who can manipulate and throw things around, this is vocabulary of Bitch from hell, "throw the things around".

CG, her pet, joins 2000, gets promoted in 2001, and gets fired in 2002, thanks to Leech.
Evalina joins in 2000, gets promoted in 2001, and gets fired in 2002, again thanks to Leech.
Helene,  joins 2001, gets promoted in one week, and leaves in 2002.
JS, Joins 1997, a PhD from UK, joins as Supervisor R&D and remains a supervisor till 2005, as far as I know, :-)) and most of the time Bitch from hell called him her teacher who taught her nuances of pharmaceutical industry, but pls note, JS never worked in a pharmaceutical industry before Dimethaid, he worked in a cosmetic company. :-)))))))))))))))))
Head QC-QA joins in 2002, works for three weeks and leaves scared of Leech. :-)
QA Manager Robber forehand, who got fired in his previous three assignments, is given this important position in a sagging company. ;-) I guess only a MBA can do this.
Leech: Joins 2002 as Associate QA, in few months is QC Manager, in few months again is back as specialist R&D-QA and then gets nominated in some political party as a genius. :-))
MLee: Bitch from hell ridicules her for her skin tan and praises CB skin tan in front of her. :-)) and today Bitch from hell is hanging on to this hapless girl for all her political and fraudulent ambitions. :-)) Joins in 2000, gets promoted in 2003, and leaves in 2005.

Myself: I join 2001 July, and gets a 6,000$ increment in early 2002, way before Leech joins, and after Leech joins I am not able to do my work, as per Leech and Bitch from hell, and I remain R&D chemist till Bitch from hell is fired herself, thanks to Leech, :-)) and I am fired in Nov 2004, thanks to Leech again. :-)

Cindy is also promoted in 2002 or 2003 as HR Manager and I think she still works there. :-))

Only people with pale skin were promoted under Bitch from hell, some with in one week, or few months or one year, and colored people like JS and me remained where they were, that is a bad judgement, she is not fit to judge anything.

Bitch from hell: She has a weak ear and greedy mouth, So she will trample those who trust her and she will also loose at the end, and those like me who never trusted her also loose, it is "loose loose situation" for everyone.  :-))

Leech: She has a simple policy, to move up you need to fire those who are above her or might be in contention. :-) but in contrast to Bitch from hell, all those who kissed her ass like Psycho, Malon, she got them promoted and would take care of them, she might treat them like dogs, :-)) because she always preferred Psycho to sit on the floor near her feet, which Psycho did with much enthusiasm.
:-)) Leech in 2004, fought tooth and nail to stop my two years finishing gift, but when I was given, she walked out of the Cafeteria during the gift ceremony. :-)))

Leech: She will trample hundreds under her feet for her personal growth and comfort, I think she is most appropriate for the western world, because it was her who told me, "What can be done for the comfort of white man",  :-))  Enjoy!!!!
Why they know nothing about me?? :-))

The reason why those who worked with me know nothing about me is because they never had time for me, :-)) and it was always some monologue they had to read which was probably given to them by some coward from time to time and whatever and whenever they said had no connection with the situation or the moment, and only person (i.e. Leech)  who sat with me during lunch in 2002 for few months would stop me by saying, "Why are you telling me this", :-)) so I never spoke, I was silent most of the time and some logorrhea would go on and on and on. :-))

If people were/are like "Me Moi and Myself", all the time how they will know about others, other cultures, other countries, other religions, other civilizations, :-)))  and few who wanted to talk but were scared of the people like Leech. :-)))))))))))

So the end result is other then lies and rumours no one knows anything about me or they never tried to find out about me, I guess someone assured them that is not needed, the pale cowards would take care if it. :-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Yes! Pale Cowards are sure taking care of it, they are playing their own game, :-))  I am not sure why they are obsessed with my left arm, shoulder, elbow, palm and fingers, and as usual my groin and both feet., even sole of the feet. :-)

:-))  And now who is who, meaning what is proxy for whom I have no idea. :-)) probably they expect little pain would move me, :-)))))))) so they try to damage, I repair, they damage and I repair, this goes on and on and on.
What can be done for the comfort of the white man??

It seems pale cowards are not getting, If I had to work for the comfort of the white man, I would have been born in some pale family but look at me do I look pale from any angle, :-)) so my dear pale cowards, I suggested that only person who can do something more for already comfortable white man and women is Leech Slime, because "what else can be done for the comfort of white man", is a thought that came from her and she is very pale from all angles. :-))

But she has one problem, she can be a subordinate but not a leader even that for destructive cause not for any thing constructive, and anyway she needs a leader who has a weak ear and greedy mouth, like Bitch from hell, so put together, these two women can do wonders as far as manipulation and creating mess is concerned but at the end, only Leech might get some benefit, rest assured everyone else will have to satisfy with almost nothing. :-))

This is the hard truth, look at every single employee of Dimethaid from 1995 to 2005, except Leech no one even from the pale employees has got maximum benefit, she got both financial and political, irrespective of who was with Bitch from hell or not, :-)) so folks just kiss Leech Slime's ass and behave like dogs, she might throw some crumbs at you. :-)))))))))))))) but Dimethaid as a company is no longer there which is again the hard truth. :-)))))

I think by now it should be clear to "the pale cowards" like them I am also fooling around with their emotions and feeling etc. :-)))) and like them I am also going round round round without any purpose, agenda or focus or idea etc.

So don't mess with me!!!!

White people impersonating Black people for political purpose:

If I had to work for the upliftment of black people, then I would have taken birth in some black family, but I did not, :-)) and as far as white people impersonating black people for political gain are concerned, helping them is a non existent dream.

Bottom line: I am neither white nor black or Latino and neither Punjabi nor Gujarati. :-))

Past catching up!!

2003, Leech Slime got nominated in some political party, ( How I know, the day every one came to kiss her, someone kept a note in the cafeteria in french which read, " Elle Ete Elu", so dictionary meaning says "She got elected", :-)) Anyway, the issue was how to replace the CEO ( With CEO cooperation)  and Leech came to me and asked me how to do this, and I innocently said, it is the share holders who hold the power to replace her, i.e. Leech came back after few days with a web address, where few employees like MC were already members, that web address was for share holders discussing various things about the company, and CEO was a big topic, how she was not able to function properly, and few employees either were holding shares or just impersonated someone to add comments, like how she needs to be replaced, and Leech wanted me to join them, :-)) I was not that fool to get into it, :-)) so when they did not see me in the forum, she was very upset, and said something like, you are like my father, useless etc. etc. :-))))))))))

Question for Bitch from hell??  Why would a below supervisor employee (not holding a single share) get involved in something like replacing CEO and what could be the interest??? :-)) Bitch from hell was the director operations then. :-)) but she also got replaced with the CEO in Aug 2004.

Actually Leech was so badly stuck in 2004 :-), only option she and her evil friends saw was to get rid of me, because Leech had failed on all fronts as far as I was concerned, so my very presence was like standing near a volcano for Leech. :-))))))))

Bottom line: If you touch the past with twisted lies then I will post them as they happened and my facts are not twisted or lies, they are as they happened, because I don't suffer from ego.
Weak Ears:

It means two things, one you don't listen very well, and second it means you believe anything that is told to you, any cock and bull stories. :-))

Greedy Mouth:

You bite more then you can chew and yet your sights are on other peoples food, :-))


Jul 14, 2015

Epilepsy or Seizure disorders and Vedic Astrology

Epilepsy (Seizure disorders) : Epilepsy is a neurological disorder and the source of Epilepsy is the brain, and Epilepsy is considered a chronic disorder and the main symptoms being recurrent unprovoked seizures.

It is estimated that close to 50 million people all over the world suffer from some form or type of Epilepsy and there is no cure in Allopathy (English medicine) but with medication the symptoms can be controlled.

Brain is all electrical, so it appears when ever there is a traffic jam of electrical signals in certain neurons the brain triggers a sudden high electrical jerk causing all muscles and body to go into seizures, the purpose might be to clear of the electrical traffic jam.

It is estimated that young children suffer from this problem but over certain period of time they are free from it, and even old people are vulnerable to this problem.

Astrology and EpilepsyThe important elements in a chart.

1) Lagna, Ascendant, and Lagna lord's position
2) Moon, its position and its status as Moon controls mind
3) Jupiter, Planet of knowledge
4) Saturn, Planet which can cause severe sickness
5) Mercury, Planet responsible for communication and speech
6) Mars, Planet responsible for anger,
7) Rahu, Is a shadow planet and it enhances the effects of the planets present with it or effects of the lord of the bhava or house it is present with.
8) Ketu, Is a shadow planet and it reduces the effects of the planets present with it or effects of the lord of the bhava or house it is present with.
9) Virgo is a very vulnerable house for sickness, and lord of Virgo is Mercury so it might effect communication and speech etc.
10) Tanu Bhava or 1st house as it represents all physical
11) 2nd house is responsible for Vak Shakti, Speech, Face, Tongue, Right Eye,
12) Planets in certain Nakshatra, Like Saturn in Hasta Nakshatra
13 6th, 8th and 12th houses, the dusthanas afflicted or with papa or krura graha Mars, Saturn,
14) Dasha and Antara dasha dosha,
15) Bhadhakas and Marana karaka Sthana or Planets,
16) Relationship between planets
17) Negative Strength of Planets, check Ashtakavarga
18) Avastha (Situation in terms of age, maturity)  of Planets
19) If Rasi and Navamsa charts are not enough for information one can move to other divisional charts.
20) Argala, Virodhaargala, Istha devata, Rahu for rebirth, Atma Karaka, etc.

& The current trend of too much electronics around growing children, so I think children's bedrooms and play rooms should be free from any electronics and electrical equipment, but now a day with out a game boy or IPod or IPhone children's life is not complete.

It might appear almost every planet has something to do with Epilepsy or any other brain related ailment, but these are the factors which can individually or collectively contribute to it.

There is this chart sent to me by someone in UK, the issue is the child born on 29 Dec 2009, 10:07 pm, Barnstaple UK, suffered fits at the age of 2 years and 9 months and since then his health has been not good and he has problems with his speech, though he is going to school, so the parents tried almost every thing but no relief seems to be in sight, though the child suffered only one episode of fits and has been more or less in stable condition and is going to school.

The child just 6 years old, so normally it is recommended not to read charts of children below 21 years old, but since there is a problem I tried to read it and here is the analysis.

Rasi Chart

Tithi: Shukla Trayodashi, Nakshatra, Rohini 3 pada,

Lagna is Leo, and the house is empty, Lord of  the house Sun is in Putra bhava, or 5th house, and this house has a 7th house dhristi of Jupiter,
2nd house, is Virgo, Saturn (10 degrees) is present in Hasta Nakshatra, Pada 1,
3rd house, Libra is empty,
4th house, Scorpio is also empty,
5th house, Sagittarius, Lord of the house Jupiter in Kumbha or 7th house, Sun (14 degrees), Mercury retro (26 degrees), Venus (11 degrees) and Rahu (27 degrees) are posited there,
6th house, Capricorn, empty,
7th house Aquarius is with Jupiter (1 degree), Lord of 5th and 8th house and it has a 8th hosue dhristi of debilitated retro mars,
8th house, Pisces, empty,
9th house, Aries, empty,
10th house, Moon in Taurus, and Moon at 18 degrees is exalted here, Moon in Rohini, Pada 3,
11th house, Gemini is with Ketu (27 degrees) and has a 10th house dhristi of Saturn,
12th house, Cancer is with Mars retro (25 degrees), and Mars is debilitated here (Neech Avastha) Lord of Cancer is Moon,

Navamsa Chart D9

Lagna is Virgo and is empty,
2nd house is Libra, Lord of Libra Venus is in 11th house, and it has 7th house dhristi of debilitated Saturn from Aries,
3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th house are empty
4th house, Rahu and Mercury retro
6th house, Mars retro
8th house, Satrun debilitated
10th house, Moon and Ketu in Gemini,
11th house, Venus in Cancer,
12th house, Sun in its ownhouse Leo,

If we go house by house, Lagna is free from any afflictions so by birth the child is physically healthy and with Sun lordship and Jupiter's dhristi, he should be very good looking and bright,only hicup is Lordship os Kumbha, Saturn in Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra.

Nakshatra, Rohini, Pada 3, It falls in Gemini Navamsa, Lordship is Mercury, and it bestows power of mind and speech, Rohini natives are honest, beautiful and pure and Rohini is a productive Nakshatra, Rohini is wife of Moon.

Moon: Is Exalted in Taurus and is absolutely fine and is in 10th house will bestow a very promising public career, e.g. Obama has Moon in 10th house.

Jupiter: Jupiter is in Kumbha, Lordship is Saturn, which is afflicted, so Jupiter might carry that and has a 7th house dhristi on Lagna, few people have sighted that Jupiter at the time of ascendant rising might cause Epilepsy.

Saturn: Is the main reason for all the suffering due to its position, Aavastha, period, Dasha, Antara Dhasa, in this case, Saturn is in Hasta Nakshatra which gives roga yoga and it is present in Virgo, Virgo it self is vulnerable for sickness, and it seems around 1st week of August 2012, when Saturn and Mars were in transit in Virgo and Saturn left Virgo in 1st week of Aug 2012, they together inflicted this effect on the native.

Saturn needs to be kept as far as away from the child, Saturn likes dirty places, places full of clutter, old things, meaning Saturn needs to be made weaker so that the effects go down and Mercury needs to be raised.

Mercury: Virgo has Mercury lordship and effects Speech and Communication but the native will regain as the planets have moved away from Virgo, and only after 25 to 30 years they will return together to Virgo and this period was very sensitive for not only this native but for the entire world.

Mars: Mars in Asresha or Aslesha Nakshatra, pada 3, and is debilitated 18 degrees (high debilitation is at 28 degrees Cancer) in Cancer, and is also retro, in 12th house, 12th house is responsible for pleasure, and moksha, women in Hindu households are recommended to wear corals because corals are believed to control anxiety and anger, it more like rage which needs control.

2nd house Virgo is afflicted with Saturn in hasta Nakshatra, pada 1 which causes roga yoga, and lord of Virgo Mercury is in 5th house 15 degrees apart from Sun and retro, which means some past Karma needs to be resolved, 5th house is also shows past punya, 2nd house in Navamsa chart is also afflicted with 7th house dhristi of debilitated Saturn, Saturn in 2nd house as such slows down the natives ability of speaking.

Rahu and Ketu; Rahu in 5th house and Ketu in Labha bhava, 11th house are not in the equation here.

Dusthana: 6th, and 8th houses are empty but 6th house has 7th house dhristi from debilitated Mars, and 8th house has 7th house dhristi of Saturn, but their position is much better then most other houses, 12th House is afflicted with Mars debilitated.

Dasha: This native had Monn mahadasha when born and was all right till Around Aug 2012, and Mars Maha Dasha started from Aug 2013 (Lahiri) and will remain tll Aug 2020, and next Dasha is Rahu from Aug 2020 till Aug 2038 followed by Jupiter for 16 years, followed by Saturn for 19 years and followed by Mercury (17 yrs), Ketu (7 yrs), Venus (20 yrs) and Sun (6 yrs).

Antara Dasha: Venus Antara dasha and Saturn Pratyantara dasha during Aug 2012 and Venus is combust 11 degrees, Sun 10 degrees Saggitarius.

Bhadhakas (Road block): For Leo which is Sthira rasi (Fixed sign), 7th house and its lord are Bhadhaka, 7th house is Kumbha, Aq, and lord is Saturn and Jupiter is in Kumbha,

Marana Karak Sthana: Rasi Chart none, Navamsa, Sun in 12th house and owns 12th house.

Relationship between planets: Saturn in Virgo is freindly to Mercury the lordship, Mars in Cancer is friendly to Moon the lordship, Jupiter is not so friendly with Saturn its lordship, this signifies the comfortability of planets in their respective houses, for Argala, Saturn in 2nd house, so Virodhaargala from Mars in 12th, Saturn is a permanent enemy of Mars, but friendly temporarily, but Mars is OK with Saturn.

Strengths of Planets: Atakavarga,

Sun is 3 low average,
Moon is 5, High Average, the exalted Moon will bestow high average strength in a positive way,
Mars is 5 high average and as it is debilitated negative strength will be high average,
Mercury is 5 high average
Jupiter is 5 high average
Venus is 6 high, as it is combust, the Antara dasha of Venust will be uncomfortable for the native,
Saturn is 3 low Average

(Below 3 is low strength, 3 to 5 is average, 6 and above is high Strength)

Avastha of Planets: The importance of Avastha is to see what situation the planet if a happy powerful in its youth will give happy and strong results, and a happy, powerful planet in its old age will give happy, strong but slow results, and a child like planet will give very scarce results, in this case,

Sun is average, and a child,
Moon is high average and in its youth,
Mars is in its middle age and high average so the effects will be very uncomfortable
Mercury is in its middle age, and it is posited with Sun, it is not combust, results will be high average but slow,
Jupiter is an infant, and high average,
Venus is a child, and combust,
Saturn is also a child and low average which is a positive sign, so the negative effects will be scarce or little or momentary.

Conclusion: This native suffered a momentary injury due to Saturn in 2nd house, Virgo, Hasta Nakshatra, Venus Antara dasha and Venus gets debilitated in Virgo, Saturn pratyantara dasha, Mars and Saturn transit through Virgo during Aug 2012, Jupiter as bhadhaka, its dhristi on Lagna, it was a collective effect of all the above, but the injury was very small and will heal as Moon is very positive, as Mercury is responsible for speech and 2nd house lordship is Mercury, a clear green, Emerald in panch loha or gold on little finger, as little finger is also responsible for communication, might enhance Mercury to help him regain his speech and other communicative abilities. 

If Saturn in 2nd house slows down the natives ability of Speech, Rohini Pada 3 Nakshatra bestows power of mind and speech.

Try a clear Emerald on wednesdays and see how it helps the child if results are positive continue for entire week, and under observation let him wear it for ever, it will help him in his studies also, and whatever Coral, Pendants, should be used on experimental basis, If any thing causes negative effect on the child, better to be removed, Hanuman Kavacha is OK, Satudays are governed by Saturn so take refuge in the Lord Venkateshwara or Balaji, play devotional music, or Vishnu Shasranama which good for everyone.

Avoid dark colors, use light green or light colors for clothes, wall paints, objects, toys, etc.

Jul 13, 2015

Current 13 JUL 2015-Lessons to Learn

Lesson to learn:  Never dig a hole so deep and wide that it becomes difficult for the digger to come out of it and might need the help to climb out of it. :-))

This is a lesson for Leech Slime and bunch of cowards over enthusiastically working for her for the last 10 years or more. :-)) There is this pale coward in Saint Laurent he has been banging his head against the floor for last 10 years or more.

Leech has to run now, may be to Mexico, or Cuba or Luxembourg or Switzerland or even Egypt, because Canada is going to become a very dangerous place for her, like I said there are too many people thirsty of her blood, :-)) so Leech run, :-) the pale cowards who have been very supportive of you have no where to go, they have sealed their fate with their stupid games.

So she has made so many enemies for herself that I need to do nothing, I will sit and watch the rat run for its life. :-))

I remember James Coburn was Leech Slime's favourite Hollywood hero, :-))

Another movie, Good, Bad and The Ugly, Leech Slime gave me a copy of this movie back in 2003, and this weekend it was screened on some channel, I think this movie in a way depicts the three parties involved in the Canadian Monkey Business.

1) Bitch from hell (Blondy)
2) Leech Slime      (Mexican)
3) The pale cowards (The Bad)

:-)) The bad gets killed first, who is in a blue uniform and has a large following of soldiers, and then the Blondy and the Mexican betray each other, in this story also we have Bitch from hell who is a Blondy and Leech Slime is a Mexican, :-))))))))))))

So as per this movie, Blondy, The good and the Mexican, the Ugly share the loot 50-50, but in the current Canadian story, Bitch from hell is not as good as Blondy from the movie, she is very greedy, so Leech Slime, "the mean", will have to forget about the loot and run for her life. :-))

Pale cowards think, like movies, in real life there are no escape roots once anyone is trapped, :-)) and I think unlike movies, real life has 100 options always available, it is only the parties involved need to forgo their ego and grudges. :-))

NDP and Finance Minister,

It seems NDP is looking for a finance ministerial candidate, they should take a look at Amanda Lang of CBC TV, she talks so much about finance all the time and even O'leary can not match her acumen, so they should consider her as a serious candidate for the finance ministry, If they win.
My Gujarati Friend:

One of my Gujarati friend, who is around 50, has been very vocal about few pale folks and their kids taking up Sanatana dharma ( wrongly called Hindus) and dress up like renounced sadhus in Orange clothes and they distribute bhagavad gita to strangers in Montreal in a ISKON temple, yes i.e Hare Rama Hare Krishna cult, and this man from India believes that these pale folks have balls to take a foreign religion and learn Sanskrit and also teach Sanskrit to people and he felt that Indians have no such balls and including him do not talk about their culture and see these people they are talking about a different religion and culture. :-))

"Balls or no Balls", I felt everyone involved are either too free to do this or are so misguided that they have no idea what they are doing that includes my Gujarati friend, he donated 2000$ for construction of a temple here in Montreal, while they already had a temple and can barely say few lines of Hanuman Chalisa. :-))

The Orange clothes or Kashaya Vastra are worn by people who renounce the world and it is a symbol that they need to be left alone because they have nothing to do with the world, but these pale folks at ISKON temple have their children wear them. :-)

Children need to grow up like any other children and attend school and play, Spirituality and religion should begin after they turn 40, and they distribute Bhagavad Gita booklets to strangers, :-) instead of wasting their money on small booklets of Bhagavad Gita, you never know where they end up, someone gave a similar copy to my wife few years back and I never saw her reading it, :-) they should conduct satsang where people who can not read or understand  Sanskrit should be preached, discussed the essence of Gita, because Gita is the only scripture which tells about what to do with that one god, "the final message", or the bottom line all other scriptures stop at.

More then distributing, reading, and even understanding any scripture, and how you dress, most important thing is what you implement from any scripture, other wise every thing you do is a waste, someone said, knowledge is useless If it does not translate in to Bhakti, or devotion, mere perfecting the Sanskrit  grammar or learning a liturgian language will not do any good in terms of spirituality.

Jul 7, 2015

Current, 06 Jul 2015, Football, La Ronde, Leech Slime, Proxy games

Women's world cup football: Even though Japan's team was very good and their passes were so perfect, they could not convert them in to goals, USA beat them 5/2, and I think women football has a  long way to go, before it comes anywhere near Men's football, but it was good, I am not sure when we will see our Indian women's playing football. :))

Surprisingly USA team was all pale, even though the president is half black, there was not one black player, poor black people must be dodging bullets on the streets all the time, so no time to play football.

And Canada has to borrow a Black person from Cameroon to give away the cup, otherwise in Canada we see only pale folks impersonating everyone else. :-)) even black people are being impersonated by pale folks for political purposes. :))

And one more thing I observed during these games, in Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, the stadiums were packed with only pale folks, where are the visible minority in Canada, Canada is supposed to be a country of 160 nations, but If you observe the stadiums they are packed with only pale folks, :))

May be visible minority in Canada are so busy trying to make both ends meet, they have no time for football, though Stephen Harper gave away the best young player award to a 19 years old black girl and he made sure the bubble gum chewing coach and mother of that black girl stand very close to him, and the mother of the black girl was called "tenacious", Canadian women's team had few colored players.

La Ronde: An amusement park on a small island St Helena south of Montreal, was also packed with pale folks, very few colored folks were there, you can count them on your fingers, :-)) where are the visible minorities in Canada, they don't have time for football, La Ronde, most of them come in the lowest income bracket and with that income it is not possible to pay for entertainment, sports, and amusement.

I think Pale folks they have some other source of income, may be there is some hidden system which funds all their activities free of cost, otherwise, check any outside event you will find only pale folks, be it Canada or USA, bars, restaurants, football stadiums, La Ronde, Circus, anything, only pale folks in Canada are able to afford, visible minority in Canada who come from 160 nations all around the world are stuck in a system, which is hidden apartheid, nothing else. :)) Hope one day it will come to light.

"Sky is the limit', :))  The pale cowards were very upset to see us spending money at La Ronde, :)) and they call us "silly",  so for those pale cowards who could not sleep, :-))  the tickets were free, and car parking was also free, so we could spend some 8 hours with 40$ :))  so don't worry like any other visible minority folks we also can not afford visiting places like Football Stadiums, La Ronde, :)))  by now the RCMP must have started an investigation to find out how we visited La Ronde.
:-)))))))) but don't worry they will investigate it for more then 30 years...........tch! tch! tch!

Because it is expensive business and in the current system of Apartheid in Canada it is not possible for any colored folks to do that. Sorry If we disturbed the peace of some pale cowards. :))

By the way the parking spot selected for us by the pale cowards and the people managing parking at La Ronde was excellent, it was on the edge of the island,  one feet away from 30 feet drop into the river. : ))))

Some information for people visiting La Ronde:

1) Start around 9:30 am in the morning, and even though you might reach JCT bridge in 30 minutes, it will take you at least 2 hours to park your car, it is that efficient, :)) and keep in mind you might be given a spot on the edge of the island, one mis-step and you might find yourself in the river 30 feet's down, there are no railings or barricade to stop your car. :))  so good luck.

2) Buy the 'season dinning pass' for 90$ and you can have snacks, lunch and dinner and rides.

3) Once you enter, take the small train and go around to get an idea what all rides are available and then you can select which one you want first, otherwise there are 5 or 6 roller coasters, the one we took was very shaky and rough, no amusement only 30 seconds of torture, then our friendly pale cowards are there with their special effects, they give you what the ill designed rides can not. :)) ya!! you guessed it right that one thing which pale folks have given to this world, "pain". :-))))

4) Other games, If you want to waste your money your are free to do so, they are all backed by special effects of the pale cowards, :))  probably they were helping the stalls make money, I tried to throw a ball and my arm twitched too low and the ball hit the floor, :)) so don't waste your money, watch other people wasting their money you will get an idea, and there will be people in orange T Shirts who will barely allow you to breath, they follow you like tracking dogs. :))

3) Leaving early is a better idea, because the exit is so efficient, it takes 2 hours to get out, it is a bottle neck which does not allow more then one car to pass from three directions, so If you leave around 6 pm, you can reach JCT bridge by 8pm, and after 9pm all those roads are blocked by the police for crackers show.

Suggestion, I think If people are left alone to park their cars where ever they want once they enter the area the bottle neck and 2 hours delay can be avoided.

Bottom Line: La Ronde will give you an excellent idea how Montreal is Managed. :-)))))))))))))

Small Story from the past: Leech Slime  ( Ex Switzerland, Ex Cuba, Ex Mexico, Imported by Canada)  :))

In 2001, within few months of my joining, Bitch from hell, ( New readers, this women from Toronto calls herself Bitch from hell, so don't worry ) summoned me into her office and told me I was on a hot seat, reason my colleague, chantal P (A PhD from University of Montreal) complained to her that she was not able to understand anything I was doing, so Bitch from hell told me I was on a hot seat. :))

Actual problem was S Corboy, the director, a raw idiot, who wanted me to do everything and Chantal to just sign, which is never my style, and during that meeting Bitch from hell told me she wants to replace S Corboy with a PhD in Bio chemistry, this was in Sep 2001, and nothing happened for months, but the situation continued to boil and S Corbeil was not happy at all because I was not allowing piggy back, which they were so used to with her previous colleague another Indian. :))

[Question for Bitch from hell; After 1995 Quebec referendum, when all companies were leaving Quebec, why did a small pharmaceutical company of yours chose to buy a dysfunctional small company so close to Mr Bernard Landary's home Vercher Quebec. ] :))

Then in 2002 the Chantal G QC Manager played a political game to show me in poor light and pulled Chantal P in to QC, and I did the same thing, I pulled one of her employee in to R&D, :)) and to this I was given a compliment by Bitch from hell, she called me "Bad Scientist". :)) but MQ could not stay in R&D for long there was too much pressure on him from CP, CG, SC and we have to work and share equipment in QC.

Then Bitch from hell asked me to check the filling line for its efficiency and based on my report, which said it was being run at 10% speed, we had a conference call in my office, SC and Daniel in my office in Verennes, and Bitch from hell, JS in Markham, then SC, Daniel and the Maintenance guy who helped me find the information leave, but SC continues to come to serve tea.

[Question for Bitch from hell: Why would a director of a company who is replaced continue to visit and spend hours with Human resource assistant "Dying Living", and serve tea in the conference room, why would someone do that, was he paid for those services.] :))

Leech Slime joins, a PhD in biochemistry, :)) she joins in QA under Helen as QA associate, :)) and first few days she conducts herself as if she is the one this broken, dysfunctional company was waiting for, :)) she occupies one big table in  the cafeteria and does not speak to anyone, reading some paper and eating her lunch, perfect drama  and she acts like she is know it all kind of person, she asks my supervisor JS ( a PhD from UK) " If you need any help in anything ask me", I am impressed I say to myself, "what a confidence", :))

Then abruptly MQ leaves R&D and joins WA in USA, so Leech Slime joins R&D in his place, not as a R&D Chemist but they create a new flimsy sub department and they call it R&D-QA and she is given a new position Specialist, :-))  It seems Bitch from hell tells MQ not to burn bridges.

[Question for Bitch from hell: What information was pumped into this women's brain in such a way that even today she suffers from those preconceived notions and refuses to see the truth, it seems Leech was brain washed by Bitch from hell and her team of evil folks and then inducted into the company, and Leech never came out of those installed notions, I am sure she is stuck with that story even today] :)

So first few days all goes well, but it appeared she was on some mission, because nothing appeared real, Leech Slime would bake pie every day and bring them for lunch almost everyday, give me movies from her huge collection of movies, and one day she comes to me and says, I" have no children, I will adopt you", :)) I am surprised but I smile and I say ok mom, :))  then in the kitchen she tells her sob story, how she was not happy with her father and to hurt him how she would bring guys from her university home and her father who was a motor mechanic could not take this behaviour, and how she got married to various guys and how they behaved in bed, etc. and how her last husband an Egyptian left her and took off as she was too busy in her PhD, and how she took off behind a black guy to Cuba and from there, desperate she left for Mexico and in Mexico how she went through a very bad phase in her life, she was alcoholic, and started to take drugs, and one day while she was rummaging through a garbage bin behind a restaurant, she met Carlos, he was a cook in that restaurant, and how he took her home and they started living, and while working in Bayer in Mexico as a Supervisor QC, how she punched one of the employee, because he said something to Carlos, so after hearing like any human I felt sorry for her misadventures life and gave her whatever support she needed to carry out her work. :)))

But the first day when she was introduced to me, my inner voice told me "trouble has just walked into your life", :)) but many times I disregard the inner suggestion and I paid a heavy price.

Within few days, while she was sending a parcel to Markham, I catch her in the store and ask her what is she sending to Markham, she tells me she was supposed to assess every employee here and give a report to Bitch from hell. :-)))))) and she tells I gave a good report about you.

Leech tells me she will come at 7 am and leave at 3pm, I do 8:30 to 5:00 like everyone else,
Leech tells me to keep a table lamp while tube lights are there, I use tubelights,
Leech tells me to close the door of my office, I keep it open all the time.

[Basically she tried her best to show that I was her follower and this became very clear when in Toronto airport she asks me to take a fruit juice while an old pale man is observing us, I refuse to take the juice, like this there are many many instances where she tried to force things on me and I refused.]

One day she promises me few movies but forgets, Since I was calling her "mom"  those days I took liberty and asked her If I can go pick up movies from her home, she said Ok, so we leave early and she first goes to a liquor store and buys some liquor, and then near her home she takes few extra turns in the streets just to confuse me and stops near her home, I also park my car and we enter her home, she gingerly calls "Chuyee", "are you there", he walks out of the shower half naked with soap, I tell her to inform him that I was with her or else he might come down naked, :)) she tells him Oh! Suri is here, he waves and goes back to finish his shower, we sit, then he comes down, she introduces him to me as Carlos, and she says he does not speak English, but with my little Spanish, I Introduce myself, "Commestas Senor!!", he smiles says Moi Bien, and he prepares some tea, and while having tea, a rat pops up into the hall way, Me and Carlos kill the rat, then she takes me around to show her home, and then the basement where a huge TV with a large collection of movies, I pick up few and just to comfort Carlos I tell him he has a very good partner, he kisses Leech and then I leave, and with in few days Leech brings me a T Shirt with lots of Skeletons, which depict the corruption in Mexico, She tells me Carlos liked you a lot and he has send you this T Shirt, I never wore it, because of too many skeletons on it. :))

I asked her why she did not change her name and  she still carry's her vagabond husbands name, she tells me she is not divorced and that made Carlos her paramour because she is still married to her Egyptian husband.

One day she tells me about her Ex Boss from her Ex company in Quebec, her name was Evalina, she was Reg affairs manager in Markham, and Leech worked under her in some company in Quebec in reg affairs, and she was the one who told Bitch from hell about Leech Slime, and that day Evalina got fired, ( I think Evalina must have talked about Bitch from hell with Leech, but Leech was a regular informant of Bitch from hell, so it back fired and she lost her job). :)

At that moment I thought If this women can betray a person who helped her get this job she can betray anyone, and after that day I kept things to myself, because every word would end up with Bitch from hell, actually I was the official informer :)) and I never spoke with Bitch from hell out of office, and everyone else were in touch with her including CP, CG, Jean Mark, Leech, SC, etc. 

For some time it was like we were a team, for everything she would say, "you and me", she told me, I told Bitch from hell If we are together we can do anything, "you and me", but she had no hands on experience with any QC or R&D functions, all she did was documentation, so she prepared documents with new covers, colors, stickers, while I dealt with the QC.

One day suddenly she told me we have to throw everything that we don't need and she went on a mission to put everything that was lying there for years unused and packed them on a pallet and wrapped a sticky plastic and Bitch from hell arrived the very next day and she stood with me and her and told me, "I am exactly like her, we are like sisters", both were very happy, :-)) they took pictures with their cheeks touching each other, Jean Mark took the picture, :-)) and our supervisor took us for lunch outside etc. But I could not figure out what was so great about throwing unused items, but it depends how the story is narrated. :-))))))

Then a new director walked in Callous Lunatic, :-) An Italian, who never worked in a pharmaceuticals but got the job because he worked in a cosmetic factory, :-) and for few weeks things were normal but we were struggling trying to make a Cosmetic guy understand Pharmaceutical functions and then a new QA head joined who was CG and Helen's boss, but poor fellow left with in three weeks and Leech took the credit of pushing him out with in three weeks and his office was washed with chlorine. :)) Leech complained the entire area smelled of his body odour.

I think this man sensed danger in three weeks and left and joined some company in Quebec city, and then CG was in trouble, Leech and CG had a big fight in Callous lunatic's office, but Bitch from hell insisted that I tell her what happened between them, as I was not present in Lunatic office when the two women's exchanged pleasantries :)) I told her I have no idea what happened but it seems they called each other names, for a moment I felt Bitch from hell was using me to get certain things done, like a wall. :))

Few days later CG was walking towards us and Leech walking with me said, "the weasel", she used to call CG a weasel and Jean Mark a Psycho, "the weasel does not know that she will be fired today", and that day CG left and so did her pets in the QC.

One day after CG left, I was with Leech in Lunatic office and we had a conference call with Bitch from hell and Cindy, and it became clear that all this was planned by Bitch from hell, and Leech was QC-Manager replacing CG, with in few months of her joining the company, QA to R&D-QA to QC.

The idea was Leech wanted to take a look at people before she would take over as director, as Bitch from hell informed me in 2001 she was looking for a PhD in Biochemistry to replace SC, but she lacked confidence as she never worked as a manager, the top most position she held in her entire career was of a supervisor in Bayer in Mexico, :)) so she told some cock and bull stories to Bitch from hell and joined the company as an associate. :))

CEO visits when Bernard Landry of PQ also visits, lunch is arranged, that day I had to stay back because my elder daughter was leaving for some excursion, so I told Bitch from hell I would not be able to make it, so I reached after lunch, and the moment Bitch from hell saw me she grabbed my hand and asked me to sit with her on her table, Leech was absent that day, :)) Psycho leaped towards the table and sat next to me, one look at the Psycho by Bitch from hell and he went back to his old place, and few people in the back started talking "he is special", :)) Bitch from hell did not leave my hand and walked in the plant back and forth from cafeteria to conference hall, and a meeting was arranged with CEO, and Bitch from hell was in real panic mode, I was as relaxed as I was on a vacation, :)) MC was there, Bitch from hell talked how Leech had spoken to Mexico in Spanish, it was about a 1 kg product Terfinadine which I was looking for a cheaper source and I found it in Mexico since they were having difficulty in English I asked Leech to speak with them in Spanish, this information again must have been narrated as it was Leech who did everything and Bitch from hell asked me in front of CEO, "so Leech spoke with the guys in Mexico and the product is so cheap", I said "yes", :-)) after the meeting CEO looked at me and said, " I am counting on you".

The after few days Me and Leech were summoned to Markham, So we left by flight, Leech was very hyper right from the departure, I think in the crowd in the Montreal airport and Toronto airport there were some people whom Leech had to impress that she had belled the cat, and probably I was the cat or was projected as a cat,  so she behaved like a brat, and once in Markham, She went to our supervisor JS and said, 'I can not do this, I have to finish my work and then do all his work", this is too much I can not just do this and walked away to reg affairs and there she was talking like she is going to take over all departments, my supervisor asked me, "what is this", I said I have no idea, he too sat there silent or he was asked to shut up and just watch. :-))

Here in front of Bitch from hells corner office in Markham, Bitch from hell in presence of Leech, JS looked me and said I am BFH, I said what is BFH?, she looked at JS and said tell him what is BFH, JS slowly " Bitch from hell', and he smiled.

So Bitch from hell called herself "Bitch from hell", because she gave all the credit to Leech for everything that was done by me, :-)) 

Then we went to Frenchies in Markham for lunch, Leech, Me and JS, there I liked the meatballs, so I eat enough meatballs, and once we were out Leech said, 'You ate meatballs like a pig", I said you too, JS heard it and when I raised it later in a meeting in presence of Bitch from hell, Cindy and JS, JS said: I have no idea. :))

One day George from Markham and MC did an audit of QC and on LIMS issue asked me for my opinion and I told him QC had no LIMS system so anything can be deleted by anyone,  Leech and Psycho's were present, and this did not go well with Leech and Psycho, :-)) and once George returned to Markham, Leech was back in R&D-QA as Specialist and she was very bitter because she got exposed of her inexperience, and so was Psycho.

But Pyscho and Mlee got promoted as team leaders, and Leech was very upset how Mlee got promoted,, she was expecting only psycho to get promoted. :-)

The bitterness started to take the form of Me Vs Rest, so new people joined in QC, QA, Maintenance,  and production , all employees were either laid off or fired from a single company that got shut, and all selected by Leech Slime, not because they were talented to take the company up but they had enough experience ot pull the company down, :-)) actually the game begins here, these people were in touch with Bitch from hell but were selected by Leech Slime and I was in the middle.

[Question for Bitch from hell: Why would a dysfunctional company with no product and sales, employ 4 or 5 employees from a single company that too got shut and all of them either laid off or fired ].

Somewhere during this period, suddenly I saw all employees from Markham and Varennes in a queue were kissing Leech in her office, I had no clue what was going on, and no one told me, and I also did not ask anyone, I thought some drama, I think they were congratulating her on her nomination to a some political party.

2003 Dec, just before the vacation, Leech tells me some people will come to my home to see me, but no one did, but it seems they did visit all other employees, because I saw a big change in behaviour of all the employees including Mlee after 2003 Dec vacations, probably they were told to follow Leech blindly, like Bitch from hell told me later in 2004 Aug, Leech was a peer etc. etc. :-))

One day Leech brought Robber Forehand a typical pale guy from Montreal, :))  he sat with us in the cafeteria and he told me, "I am here in Montreal for 4oo years", she expected some confrontation and when nothing happened he left, and did not return to that table but kept bumping into me every now and then, for anything he would be looking for, people would send him to me, and one day he said, "My goodness you are like a dean of this company", that is when I sensed they were looking for something, and that was trouble.

New production manager, MC, he sits in an empty office and is shifting some papers, Leech walks up to me and tells me he is recruiting people for a new company, meaning employees of this company are being screened by him for some new company. :)) I ignore her and MC.

Leech in 2003 tells me Mlee likes me, and Mlee walks out of the Cafeteria towards us, in 2004 she sits in my office and tells me Anne is single with a child and Anne with her 7 years old son walk past my office, and in 2004 itself she tries to patch me with Alise, :-)) I am not sure why she thought I need a change in my personal life, I think this was the result of brain washing that was done on her before she was inducted. :-))  and even today there are some people who think I am looking for a change, If I was I would have done it long back, I am fine with my current life and I am not 20 or 25, I am reaching 50 now.

To patch me up with Alise, Leech and Callous ask me to change my parking from back to front, because Alise was given front parking, when I refuse, Leech tells me I was very un cooperative, If she wanted someone to park in the front she could have done it herself, she was always double parking in the back. :-)))))))

Leech tells me, in her previous company every employee was a homosexual, so she tells me I can go there, we go out with Callous and JS, for lunch in Varennes, Callous and JS talk to each other about homosexuality and Leech sits on my left side smiling and laughing, I sit with no clue. :-))

We go out for lunch with Vicky (she is in UK now) and another employee Carla from Markham, Leech tells how she disliked Switzerland and its people, I make fun of her, she says, "Please and thanks", and once back in the plant, Mlee says, "Please and thanks", :-)) with out any reason.

JS visits, we go out for lunch, me and JS, Leech though is reporting to him but refuses to come for lunch, JS is sad and tells me his position in Markham is like my position in Varennes, when we return I ask Leech why she refused to come for lunch after all he was our boss, she is silent, and that I got 200$ traffic ticket. :-)

In 2003, the police cars started to make rounds around the plant and mostly would wait in the bushes close to the plant, It seems the receptionist was instrumental to get them there, and before I could talk to someone about it, people told me, "Now don't say police is also following you", :-)) this is Bitch from hell's game, It seems she created a story that I was hiding in Varennes, and she very well knows that It was she who called me for this assignment after seeing my resume in workopolis.com, :-))

Leech and MC come to me one day and just like that they say, "Now only Australia is left". It took me some time to understand what they meant, :-)) I have travelled so much but I have not seen such bozos in my entire life. :-)))))))

Leech would frequently ask me, "What is Bitch from hell doing now", where is she now? I never answered them.

As my wife was not working then, I asked Leech about the recruitment firms address Carlos used to get a job, she gives me and I loose it, after some time while she is going for a morning meeting I ask her for that address again, she tells me to take it from her purse and leaves for the meeting, after few days she comes to me in morning and tells me her husband is taking money from her credit cards, and she repeats it after few days.

One day Leech comes crying, artificial tears, :-)) and behaves like a damsel in distress, she comes to me and says throwing her arms up and down in air, "a truck hit my car and I was in danger", and starts to behave like a 5 year old crying, I simply walk away from her and sit in my room, :-)) probably she expected I would take her in my arms and console her etc, but that is not my style and my culture tells me never trust a crying women.

Callous walks in to her office while I am there, and sits on the floor asking Leech, "what can  I do please help me", I ask him to get up and sit on a chair, I was sure Leech and Bitch from hell were looking for another opportunity to use me like a wall and replace Callous with Leech as director, because Leech told me one day in Cafeteria, she wants to take over, because many people were useless and she said Psycho will be the first employee, and when ever she got an opportunity she would talk about psycho, :-) she wanted me to do things what psycho was doing, :-)) hence all the projection.

One by one all old employees leave and they call Cindy a bitch. :-)) which she was, when JS was just asking me to repeat same thing over and over again I sent a bunch of documents to Cindy for her information, which showed what JS was doing, just repeating and wasting time, she gave all those documents to JS and he called me, :-)) JS said, "I got all of them thanks", and nothing. :-)

Leech tells me with a high five, "Lets us be bad", and I think she did that with JS also, :-) She also tells me she will teach me how to manipulate, :-))  I as a R&D chemist used to manipulate 10 ingredients to carry out 1000 experiments and this women wanted to teach me how to manipulate.

Psycho and Leech: They were the team and their focus was only me and my work, anything I do Psycho would inform Leech, Once I was washing the needle set of the Gas Chromatography and for that I kept the needle outside the machine, so that the column is not contaminated, Psycho takes a look at it and immediately Leech and company create a ruckus, I had to convince them there is nothing wrong with it, Qualitative & Quantitative analysis, Psycho tells her about how I took a small amount of chemical and tested it without weighing it, :-)) Leech (a PhD in Biochemistry from Switzerland) immediately writes emails to everyone that I have no clue how to do testing, and she calls me Twisted in her emails, :-)) for small small things the team of Leech, Robber Forehand, Robber backhand, Psycho, Sandra, Melon Lee, Diane, SCorboy, etc, would take up arms and create, the purpose was clear, they wanted me to go.

Leech wanted to be the Manager of R&D, but how? was the big question, :)) so someone told her, you should talk and walk only with Managers, so she would walk and talk only with managers, so basically where ever they could they would show that I was not required any more because this company has to be pulled down and I was not doing that. :))

Very Interesting chapter: The Cafeteria:  There were only two Microwave ovens so every day there would be long queues of people waiting, and I hate Queues, so I would go to Cafeteria late around 1:00 pm, and then Microwaves would be mostly free, only Robber Forehand would be blocking it, :-)) he took my mug and asked me where is your name on it, :-)) he got fired from many companies so he had no other option but to play along whatever was asked of him by Leech and even Markham, so Leech started a story, that I was going to Cafeteria at 1:00 pm because of her, :-))

To clear this I asked Lunatic If he had any problem with me taking lunch at 1:00 pm, he said none, but Leech was so obsessed with the Cafeteria they would fiddle with the Coffee machine, so at 1:00 PM no Coffee, and Malon Lee would come into the Cafeteria to clear cobwebs, when objected he would tell me, "the lunch time is over".

Leech tells me, Malon is so creative, and she would like to promote him as a Sanitary Manager, while she was still a Specialist in R&D-QA.  :-))

Leech suddenly would come into my office and take me out into the corridor, just outside my office and stand there acting like she wanted to tell me something and A Vietnamese, Hung, Manager of Maintenance felt that we were blocking his path on purpose, he pushed me while Leech stood with me, and she said, go what are you waiting for, you can also push him, basically after she got exposed she tried her best with the entire cast following her like puppets to show that I had no experience.

Once they arranged a meeting with all employees, Leech was absent, but HR, Purchase, was present, the agenda was how to arrest the leaking bottle, MC was telling one production assistant pointing at me, see he will suggest something now, one employee suggested put cotton around it and it was agreed with Callous present a bottle with cotton around the neck was pictured and the report was sent to Markham, I think I still have that report, :-)) when I asked JS what is happening, he said, nothing. :-))

Leech and Callous call for a general meeting in cafeteria, Leech sits very close to Callous, who is standing, I take the first corner seat close to where callous is standing, MC is in front of me, next to him is Sandra, and Jean guy an old guy is next to me, Callous speaks in french, and all employees look at me like a chorus, and look back at Callous, they repeat this couple of times, I am looking at the wall, MC and Sandra also look at the wall, I look at Callous, they also look at him, I look back at the wall, they too look back at the wall, :-)) Leech sits smiling.

Every time we got telephone calls, before CG would run to the receptionist to find out who it was etc. after she left Leech would do that, so just to play around I told my wife who was not working then to call me number of times every day and we would just laugh, Leech would run back and forth from her office to the reception to find out who was calling me, :-) 

And I think this curiosity did not end even today, she is doing it through my neighbour in Apt No 3.

While entering the plant, Malon would block the entrance with the cart, Carl a maintenance guy would come out running with a stick in his hand, as if he would attack me, and Leech would come trying to mimic people I met the previous day, Robber P would enter the washroom with me, when Leech would be in cafeteria taking lunch, Anne would walk back and forth in front of my office and this she would do continuously till Leech finished her lunch, and psycho would cough twice every day near my office after lunch, Malon lee would lead all women in packaging department and once in front of my office they would pass some comments in French, I never understood what they said, only when Malon laughed out loudly I felt they must have said something funny, Sandra would make rounds and once in front of my office she would always say one thing, "Dormir a votra lit", some thing like get your bed to sleep or sleep on your bed, so one day I asked her "Ou ma Lit", this was the routine in 2004 after Leech got exposed of her inexperience, :-))

In the entrance there was this book where people have to put a tick when they arrive every day morning and while leaving, everyone followed the way Leech ticked, and Mlee would tick in a different style, so just to experiment I followed Mlee, she ticked for three days in her style and I too did the same thing, but on fourth day she ticked like Leech. :-))))))))) Mlee changed big time after 2003 Dec vacations and I never saw the old Mlee after Dec 2003.

I disliked Leech more then others because she took my trust and then back stabbed me over and over and over, I told her exactly when people were doing and she just did that and now she wants a second chance. wow!!

I can go on and on writing, the idea is I just want to bring this up that this company was mismanaged by 90% of the employees and Bitch from hell, Leech, Cindy were in the fore front, today they might say what ever they like to cover themselves but the bitter truth is many employees lost their careers because of these stupid women, I may appear silly to some, but this is the truth and it is not sweet.

Bottom line: There is nothing great about them or their way of functioning, yes If you want to go down or carry out some drama please take their service. :-) but at the end of the day the result will always be nil.
Pale cowards indication:

Pale cowards suggest it is Bitch from hell who is responsible, and I think that is what I wrote in the last paragraph, Bitch from hell, Leech and Cindy were in the fore front of mismanagement. :-)

:-) I think they sufffer from acute myopia, read every line,

And I did not say I left the company because of all that, I was forced out of the company. :-)

Martin, Amanda?? Jasmine?

Martin I know is used for Mlee because she lived on St Martin street,

but Amanda??

I don't remember working with any Amanda or Jasmine, so now who is Amanda and Jasmine proxy for??

By the way If Amanda Lang is being used as a proxy for someone, I dont' understand a word she says on CBC TV, there used to be a program Oleary Vs Amanda Exchange, I watched it couple of times and I could not understand a word they were talking about. :-)) sorry they are beyond my league or level. :-))

I know everyone is proxy for someone, and who is Ian Hanuman Singh of CBC TV proxy for??

Ya! one similarity between Ian Hanuman Singh of CBC TV and JS, both have Indian names and both are Guyanese, may be this is the reason whenever I watch his show, the show is bombarded with crime news particularly of sexual nature. :-))

Peter Mansbridge is proxy for whom??  :-) poor folks might not even know they are being used in political proxy games with out their knowledge, and the worse is the host of power and politics, who does not know the slot itself is a proxy spot for someone, I am sorry I have no idea.

Even Ads are spared, 24/7 like a bee these folks repeat their message, but end result is nil.