Jul 14, 2015

Epilepsy or Seizure disorders and Vedic Astrology

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Epilepsy (Seizure disorders) : Epilepsy is a neurological disorder and the source of Epilepsy is the brain, and Epilepsy is considered a chronic disorder and the main symptoms being recurrent unprovoked seizures.

It is estimated that close to 50 million people all over the world suffer from some form or type of Epilepsy and there is no cure in Allopathy (English medicine) but with medication the symptoms can be controlled.

Brain is all electrical, so it appears when ever there is a traffic jam of electrical signals in certain neurons the brain triggers a sudden high electrical jerk causing all muscles and body to go into seizures, the purpose might be to clear of the electrical traffic jam.

It is estimated that young children suffer from this problem but over certain period of time they are free from it, and even old people are vulnerable to this problem.

Astrology and EpilepsyThe important elements in a chart.

1) Lagna, Ascendant, and Lagna lord's position
2) Moon, its position and its status as Moon controls mind
3) Jupiter, Planet of knowledge
4) Saturn, Planet which can cause severe sickness
5) Mercury, Planet responsible for communication and speech
6) Mars, Planet responsible for anger,
7) Rahu, Is a shadow planet and it enhances the effects of the planets present with it or effects of the lord of the bhava or house it is present with.
8) Ketu, Is a shadow planet and it reduces the effects of the planets present with it or effects of the lord of the bhava or house it is present with.
9) Virgo is a very vulnerable house for sickness, and lord of Virgo is Mercury so it might effect communication and speech etc.
10) Tanu Bhava or 1st house as it represents all physical
11) 2nd house is responsible for Vak Shakti, Speech, Face, Tongue, Right Eye,
12) Planets in certain Nakshatra, Like Saturn in Hasta Nakshatra
13 6th, 8th and 12th houses, the dusthanas afflicted or with papa or krura graha Mars, Saturn,
14) Dasha and Antara dasha dosha,
15) Bhadhakas and Marana karaka Sthana or Planets,
16) Relationship between planets
17) Negative Strength of Planets, check Ashtakavarga
18) Avastha (Situation in terms of age, maturity)  of Planets
19) If Rasi and Navamsa charts are not enough for information one can move to other divisional charts.
20) Argala, Virodhaargala, Istha devata, Rahu for rebirth, Atma Karaka, etc.

& The current trend of too much electronics around growing children, so I think children's bedrooms and play rooms should be free from any electronics and electrical equipment, but now a day with out a game boy or IPod or IPhone children's life is not complete.

It might appear almost every planet has something to do with Epilepsy or any other brain related ailment, but these are the factors which can individually or collectively contribute to it.

There is this chart sent to me by someone, the issue is the child born on 29 Dec 2009, 10:07 pm, Barnstaple, suffered fits at the age of 2 years and 9 months and since then his health has been not good and he has problems with his speech, though he is going to school, so the parents tried almost every thing but no relief seems to be in sight, though the child suffered only one episode of fits and has been more or less in stable condition and is going to school.

The child just 6 years old, so normally it is recommended not to read charts of children below 21 years old, but since there is a problem I tried to read it and here is the analysis.

Rasi Chart

Tithi: Shukla Trayodashi, Nakshatra, Rohini 3 pada,

Lagna is Leo, and the house is empty, Lord of  the house Sun is in Putra bhava, or 5th house, and this house has a 7th house dhristi of Jupiter,
2nd house, is Virgo, Saturn (10 degrees) is present in Hasta Nakshatra, Pada 1,
3rd house, Libra is empty,
4th house, Scorpio is also empty,
5th house, Sagittarius, Lord of the house Jupiter in Kumbha or 7th house, Sun (14 degrees), Mercury retro (26 degrees), Venus (11 degrees) and Rahu (27 degrees) are posited there,
6th house, Capricorn, empty,
7th house Aquarius is with Jupiter (1 degree), Lord of 5th and 8th house and it has a 8th hosue dhristi of debilitated retro mars,
8th house, Pisces, empty,
9th house, Aries, empty,
10th house, Moon in Taurus, and Moon at 18 degrees is exalted here, Moon in Rohini, Pada 3,
11th house, Gemini is with Ketu (27 degrees) and has a 10th house dhristi of Saturn,
12th house, Cancer is with Mars retro (25 degrees), and Mars is debilitated here (Neech Avastha) Lord of Cancer is Moon,

Navamsa Chart D9

Lagna is Virgo and is empty,
2nd house is Libra, Lord of Libra Venus is in 11th house, and it has 7th house dhristi of debilitated Saturn from Aries,
3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th house are empty
4th house, Rahu and Mercury retro
6th house, Mars retro
8th house, Satrun debilitated
10th house, Moon and Ketu in Gemini,
11th house, Venus in Cancer,
12th house, Sun in its ownhouse Leo,

If we go house by house, Lagna is free from any afflictions so by birth the child is physically healthy and with Sun lordship and Jupiter's dhristi, he should be very good looking and bright,only hicup is Lordship os Kumbha, Saturn in Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra.

Nakshatra, Rohini, Pada 3, It falls in Gemini Navamsa, Lordship is Mercury, and it bestows power of mind and speech, Rohini natives are honest, beautiful and pure and Rohini is a productive Nakshatra, Rohini is wife of Moon.

Moon: Is Exalted in Taurus and is absolutely fine and is in 10th house will bestow a very promising public career, e.g. Obama has Moon in 10th house.

Jupiter: Jupiter is in Kumbha, Lordship is Saturn, which is afflicted, so Jupiter might carry that and has a 7th house dhristi on Lagna, few people have sighted that Jupiter at the time of ascendant rising might cause Epilepsy.

Saturn: Is the main reason for all the suffering due to its position, Aavastha, period, Dasha, Antara Dhasa, in this case, Saturn is in Hasta Nakshatra which gives roga yoga and it is present in Virgo, Virgo it self is vulnerable for sickness, and it seems around 1st week of August 2012, when Saturn and Mars were in transit in Virgo and Saturn left Virgo in 1st week of Aug 2012, they together inflicted this effect on the native.

Saturn needs to be kept as far as away from the child, Saturn likes dirty places, places full of clutter, old things, meaning Saturn needs to be made weaker so that the effects go down and Mercury needs to be raised.

Mercury: Virgo has Mercury lordship and effects Speech and Communication but the native will regain as the planets have moved away from Virgo, and only after 25 to 30 years they will return together to Virgo and this period was very sensitive for not only this native but for the entire world.

Mars: Mars in Asresha or Aslesha Nakshatra, pada 3, and is debilitated 18 degrees (high debilitation is at 28 degrees Cancer) in Cancer, and is also retro, in 12th house, 12th house is responsible for pleasure, and moksha, women in Hindu households are recommended to wear corals because corals are believed to control anxiety and anger, it more like rage which needs control.

2nd house Virgo is afflicted with Saturn in hasta Nakshatra, pada 1 which causes roga yoga, and lord of Virgo Mercury is in 5th house 15 degrees apart from Sun and retro, which means some past Karma needs to be resolved, 5th house is also shows past punya, 2nd house in Navamsa chart is also afflicted with 7th house dhristi of debilitated Saturn, Saturn in 2nd house as such slows down the natives ability of speaking.

Rahu and Ketu; Rahu in 5th house and Ketu in Labha bhava, 11th house are not in the equation here.

Dusthana: 6th, and 8th houses are empty but 6th house has 7th house dhristi from debilitated Mars, and 8th house has 7th house dhristi of Saturn, but their position is much better then most other houses, 12th House is afflicted with Mars debilitated.

Dasha: This native had Monn mahadasha when born and was all right till Around Aug 2012, and Mars Maha Dasha started from Aug 2013 (Lahiri) and will remain tll Aug 2020, and next Dasha is Rahu from Aug 2020 till Aug 2038 followed by Jupiter for 16 years, followed by Saturn for 19 years and followed by Mercury (17 yrs), Ketu (7 yrs), Venus (20 yrs) and Sun (6 yrs).

Antara Dasha: Venus Antara dasha and Saturn Pratyantara dasha during Aug 2012 and Venus is combust 11 degrees, Sun 10 degrees Saggitarius.

Bhadhakas (Road block): For Leo which is Sthira rasi (Fixed sign), 7th house and its lord are Bhadhaka, 7th house is Kumbha, Aq, and lord is Saturn and Jupiter is in Kumbha,

Marana Karak Sthana: Rasi Chart none, Navamsa, Sun in 12th house and owns 12th house.

Relationship between planets: Saturn in Virgo is freindly to Mercury the lordship, Mars in Cancer is friendly to Moon the lordship, Jupiter is not so friendly with Saturn its lordship, this signifies the comfortability of planets in their respective houses, for Argala, Saturn in 2nd house, so Virodhaargala from Mars in 12th, Saturn is a permanent enemy of Mars, but friendly temporarily, but Mars is OK with Saturn.

Strengths of Planets: Atakavarga,

Sun is 3 low average,
Moon is 5, High Average, the exalted Moon will bestow high average strength in a positive way,
Mars is 5 high average and as it is debilitated negative strength will be high average,
Mercury is 5 high average
Jupiter is 5 high average
Venus is 6 high, as it is combust, the Antara dasha of Venust will be uncomfortable for the native,
Saturn is 3 low Average

(Below 3 is low strength, 3 to 5 is average, 6 and above is high Strength)

Avastha of Planets: The importance of Avastha is to see what situation the planet if a happy powerful in its youth will give happy and strong results, and a happy, powerful planet in its old age will give happy, strong but slow results, and a child like planet will give very scarce results, in this case,

Sun is average, and a child,
Moon is high average and in its youth,
Mars is in its middle age and high average so the effects will be very uncomfortable
Mercury is in its middle age, and it is posited with Sun, it is not combust, results will be high average but slow,
Jupiter is an infant, and high average,
Venus is a child, and combust,
Saturn is also a child and low average which is a positive sign, so the negative effects will be scarce or little or momentary.

Conclusion: This native suffered a momentary injury due to Saturn in 2nd house, Virgo, Hasta Nakshatra, Venus Antara dasha and Venus gets debilitated in Virgo, Saturn pratyantara dasha, Mars and Saturn transit through Virgo during Aug 2012, Jupiter as bhadhaka, its dhristi on Lagna, it was a collective effect of all the above, but the injury was very small and will heal as Moon is very positive, as Mercury is responsible for speech and 2nd house lordship is Mercury, a clear green, Emerald in panch loha or gold on little finger, as little finger is also responsible for communication, might enhance Mercury to help him regain his speech and other communicative abilities. 

If Saturn in 2nd house slows down the natives ability of Speech, Rohini Pada 3 Nakshatra bestows power of mind and speech.

Try a clear Emerald on wednesdays and see how it helps the child if results are positive continue for entire week, and under observation let him wear it for ever, it will help him in his studies also, and whatever Coral, Pendants, should be used on experimental basis, If any thing causes negative effect on the child, better to be removed, Hanuman Kavacha is OK, Satudays are governed by Saturn so take refuge in the Lord Venkateshwara or Balaji, play devotional music, or Vishnu Shasranama which good for everyone.

Avoid dark colours, use light green or light colours for clothes, wall paints, objects, toys, etc.


ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala Montreal, 15 July 2015


HP said...

There is another case i request you to study and suggest some remedies. The boy is suffering from epileptic seizures for the past 5 months.
details are as follows
T.O.B 17.26
P.O.B san jose California

S P Ianala said...

Please provide your email id also, thanks!

Anonymous said...

My mother is suffering from some kind of anxiety attacks that are difficult to be figured out by doctors.I think it is epilepsy. Kindly tell me if it is epilepsy according to her birth chart her details are:
10 am
Basti district, U.P, INDIA
My email: 2081vidushi@gmail.com

S P Ianala said...


Epilepsy symptoms as generally seen and witnessed by me in two cases were, 1) The person falls on the floor with severe jerking of the entire body particularly the head and clenching of jaw and hands, followed by froth from the mouth, and after few seconds to minutes the person regains consciousness.

And please provide date of birth as 09 March or sep 03, which one is correct,