Jun 30, 2016

Planets and their Avastha (situation or condition)

One should understand that when you say Grah or Planet it also means a person in your social circle, and mostly they are your family members also, like

SUN IS FATHER, the best position is Aries, Leo, as 1st, 5th, 9th, 10th 11th house.

MOON IS MOTHER the best position is Taurus and Cancer as 4th house,

MARS IS BROTHER AND MALE FRIENDS best position is Capricorn, Aries and Scorpio as 3rd or 11th house.

MERCURY IS SISTER OR DAUGHTERS best position is Virgo and Gemini as 3rd, 5th and 11th house.

JUPITER IS GURU AND HUSBAND IN WIFE'S CHART best position is Cancer, Saggitarius and Pisces as Lagna, 9th, 11th , and 7th.

VENUS IS WIFE OR GIRLFRIEND best position is Pisces, Libra and Taurus as 7th, 4th or Lagna.

SATURN IS UNCLE OR OLD MAN best position is Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn as 9th, and 10th then 11th house.

So If one of them is afflicted it will effect you as well.................

Then we have seenmany many times that we talk about Grah or Planet being Exalted (Uccha Avastha) or Debilitated ( Neecha Avastha what exactly it means,


So the planet is all happy and exalted with excitement so the effects from it will fllow its avastha.

Sun gets exalted in Aries and deep point of exaltation is 19th degree.

Moon gets exalted in Taurus and deep point of exaltation is 3rd degree.

Mars gets exalted in Capricorn and deep point of exaltation is 28th degree.

Mercury gets exalted in Virgo and deep point of exaltation is 15th degree.

Jupiter gets exalted in Cancer and deep point of exaltation is 15th degree.

Venus gets exalted in Pisces and deep point of exaltation is 27th degree and

Saturn gets exalted in Libra and deep point of exaltation is 21st degree.

Rahu gets exalted in Gemini and Ketu gets exalted in Saggitarius,


Sun Moola Trikona is Leo

Moon Moola Trikona is Taurus

Mars Moola Trikona is Aries

Mercury Moola Trikona is Virgo

Jupiter Moola Trikona is Saggitarius

Venus Moola Trikona is Libra

Saturn Moola Trikona is Aqaurius

OWN HOUSE PLANET                             ---- BEHAVES LIKE IT IS AT OWN HOME (Relaxed)

Sun own house is Leo

Moon own house is Cancer

Mars own houses are Aries and Scorpio

Mercury own houses are Gemini and Virgo

Jupiter own houses are Saggitarius and Pisces

Venus own houses are Taurus and Libra

Saturn own houses are Capricorn and Aquarius

FRIENDS HOUSE                                     ----  BEHAVES LIKE IT IS AT A FRIENDS HOME (Freedom)

Sun permanent friends are Moon, Mars and Jupiter, 

Moon permament friends are Sun and Mercury,

Mars permanent friends are Sun, Moon and Jupiter,

Mercury permanent friends are Sun and Venus,

Jupiter permanent friends are Mercury and Saturn,

Venus permanent friends are Mercury and Saturn,

Saturn permanent friends are Mercury, Venus and Rahu as well,

Then check the pemporary friendship and deduce the compund friendship to see the effects.

NEUTRAL HOUSE                                  ---- BEHAVES LIKE IT IS NOT BIASED.

Mercury is neutral to Sun,

Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are neutral to Moon.

Venus and Saturn are neutral to Mars,

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn are neutral to Mercury and Rahu and Ketu as well,

Saturn is neutral to Jupiter and Rahu and ketu as well,

Mars and Jupiter are neutral to Venus,

Jupiter is neutral to Saturn,

ENEMY'S HOME                                       ---- BEHAVES LIKE IT IS WITH AN ENEMY.

Venus and Saturn are enemies of Sun

Ketu and Rahu are enemies of Moon,

Mercury and Rahu are enemies of Mars,

Moon is the only permanent enemy of Mercury,

Mercury and Venus are enemies of Jupiter,

Sun and Moon are enemies of Venus,

Sun, Moon and Mars are enemies of Saturn and Ketu as well.


Sun gets debilitated in Libra and deep point of debilitation is 10th degree.

Moon gets debilitated in Libra and deep point of debilitation is 3rd degree,

Mars gets debilitated in Cancer and deeppoint of debilitation is 28th degree,

Mercury gets debilitated in Pisces and deep point of debilitation is 15th degree,

Jupiter gets debilitated in Capricorn and deep point of debilitation is 5th degree,

Venus gets debilitated in Virgo and deep pointo f debilitation is 27th degree,

Saturn gets debilitated in Aries and deep point of debilitation is 20th degree,

Rahu and Ketu at 15th degrees in Saggitarius and Gemini respectively,

Now when ever you come accross these terms then understand how that planet in that situation will behave when it comes to delivering the results, it will be exactly like they behave.

So the phala or effects will be all positive and happy for a Exalted planet and like wise the effects go down as they move down the list and the worst effects are delivered by a planet in enemy's place and followed by in prison or debilitated.

The worst situation is if debilitated planets depositor or lord of the sign is also debilitated, e.g. Mercury in Pisces is debilitated and its lord Jupiter is posited in Capricorn, it is worst situation for both the planets.

Neecha Bhanga: Effects leading to Raja Yoga or Good results instead of adverse effects.

1) Lord of the house where a planet is debilitated is posited in kendra, 1,4,7,10th house from Lagna,
2) Lord of the house where a planet is debilitated is posited in kendra, 1,4,7,10th house from Moon,
3)It is aspected (dhristied) by its lord of the house, e.g. Jupiter aspects pisces with Mercury,
4)It is aspected (dhristied) by its exaltation lord, e.g. Venus aspects psices with mercury,
5)It exchanges sign with the lord of the house, e.g. Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo or Gemini,
6) It is aspected by another planet in debilitation, e.g. Venus from Virgo aspects Mercury in Pisces.
7) The debilitated planet is exalted in Navamsa chart,

Neecha bhanga converts the planets effects from adverse to favourable.

Neecha Bhanga raja yoga gets cancelled,

1) If such a debilitated planet which gets its debilitation cancelled is combust.
2) If such a debilitated planet which gets its debilitation cancelled is in 6th,8th and 12thhouse.


Jun 23, 2016

Evil Vs Good

Unfortunately most governments are also on the wrong side of the humanity.
The agenda is to bring all those on the wrong side to the right side of the humanity which is the good side and our problem is no one wants to be on our side because we don't have money, or attractions or temptations.

Simple example is look how many are in favour of gun control in USA, :-))


Mitt Romney 2012 to 2016 Vs Donald Trump Vs Republicans Vs Democrats












Everytime I watch any news channel be it BBC, CNN, CBC all I see is THE propaganda machinery of the government of three countries UK, USA & CANADA, full throttle trying to brain wash people 24/7 and then have only one agenda and you know what it is. :-)))))))

Now these folks are one single force on an international scale, and they have lot of money, resources, networking, access, freedom to do anything they want, yes they can do anything and there are lot of  racially profiled and radicalized people out there to carry the blame.

E.g. yesterday near 555 chabanel ouest, Montreal, around 10:30 am, while I reached its entrance the big electronic hoarding showed 20 degrees as temperature of the day and while I was watching, it changed to -68 degrees and then again back to 20 degrees, and then to show me their reach they switched off my cell phone then and right there, and my second toe on my right leg started to twitch with pain.

I don't know what it means, :-) only the coward knows but I understood one thing the cowards were showing their reach and power and may be they were making fun of me because after exposing their daily routine in such detail they continue to do what they are doing, and the cowards in Montreal are so frustrated, when ever they are frustrated they pull out my Income tax returns particularly the solidarity tax refund and mess up its calculations and the solidarity tax credits is reviewd so many times and the amount keeps going up and down sometimes it is 85$ sometimes it is 65, sometimes it is 53 and now it is 35, though nothing has changed. :-)))

My cell phone shows power 100% then the moment I enter the building it is 6% and then slowly it picks up to 24%, so now I carry the charger with me all the time, cowards are every where through electronics and they want to play every one's game, they keep playing with the digital telephone of my office, purpose is to show me like I am a fool and all others are very smart since their telephones have no issues, OK coward! I agree you have the ultimate hacking devices in the world and Uncle Chretien and Harper gave you ultimate power and money to screw people in their homes, offices and their two countries both home and migration. :-)) then why still frustrated. :-)) I think the reason for frustration is........


cowards from these three countries are playing following persons part also.

1) DONALD TRUMP up to 50 to 60% it has gone up drastically after he became the presumtive republican nominee and as more puppets from republican party join him his part will vanish and only and only the cowards will play his part. :-)) I will be surprised to see If he can keep his part alive.

2) BERNY SANDERS up to 60 to 70%, it has also gone up since he moved some folks in Democrats and as more puppets will join him his part will vanish and only cowards will play his part also. :-))

3) HILLARY CLINTON up to 90% and it has remained as such since the day one, cowards have been playing her part and will continue to play her part. she is just a puppet. :-)

4) ANY THIRD PARTY, Yesterday they showed up on CNN and they looked way better then George Bush Junior or Jean Chretian, :-))

 I was reading about politics and I read.





6) COWARDS IN CANADA ( they are in great numbers) :-)) which means how
    much money (Tax dollars) are spent to maintain such large force of cowards.







Questions and Answers, Astrology from 01 June 2016

Following are the Questions asked from 12th June 2016

(Note: What ever you read at sites like Astrosage.com etc. might not be correct as lot of information is being added by the intelligence agencies as Varshphal, particularly to certain targeted audience, so take precautions whatever you read, if you find it too negative, be ceratin the information is from Intelligence agencies in India or Canada and not from the Astrologers or authors.:-))

Question 1,

I have Capricorn lagna and Shukra becomes a marak by being in the 12th house. Is it OK to wear Shukra ratna opal, zircon, diamond? on Tanu Bhava- First House, Lagna/Ascendent, Signs/Houses

Answer: I don't wear any gem stones. thanks!!

Question 2,

Kindly help me with your knowledge of Horoscope
Sent: June 16, 2016 10:47 PM

Name - Devesh
Date of Birth - 23 June 1983

​time - 17:29 pm
Place of Birth - Birpur, Bihar

Please do let me know about carrier and finance.

Answer: Lagna is Scorpio, Jupiter and Moon in Lagna, 2nd house is with Ketu, 3rd, 4th,5th and 6th are empty, 7th is Taurus with Mercury, 8th with Sun, Mars and Rahu, and 9th with Venus, 10th,11th empty, 12th is Libra with Exalted Saturn. Navamsa, Lagna Capricorn with Venus, 7th Mercury, 9th Jupiter, 10th Mars and Rahu, 11th Saturn, 12th Sunand Moon, Nakshatra Jayestha, Tithi Shukla Chaturdashi,

Jayestha Nakshatra can give over confidence, and Career is seen from 1st, 6th and 10th, Finance from 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 9th, 11th, Loss from 6th,8th and 12th, Career, 6th is empty, 10th is also empty, Did you try Army, Defence, Police, BSF, etc, on the other side you can be a good story teller, good teacher, physical education, PT teacher, Astrology, :-) Finance is average, Vyaya bhava is strong so careful in investments, Saturn is exalted so it can show you the worse of worse and your Saturn maha dasha is 2084 :-) lucky you, your current maha dasha is Venus till 2027 and Venus is in 9th house, dharma bhava so things should be ok and favourable but they keep changing due to various Antara dashas, thanks!!

Question 3,
on 6/12/16

I hv sun jupiter Venus ketu in 8th house Asc. Sagittarius Saturn in asc. Rahu in 2nd Moon in 3rd MARS in 5th Mercury in 9th Tell about my marriage life nd remedies on Three and more than three Planets in one House at the time of Birth
Answer: Please read Yuvati bhava in my blog, Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth is required to see the chart. thanks!!
on 6/18/16
Question 4,

Namashkaram Sir,
My Name is Amarjeet Singh

Date of Birth: 28/11/1981

Time of Birth: 5:30 AM

Place of Birth: Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, 211003

Sir, I have got your mail addresses from your blog http://ianala.blogspot.in/
I am writing to you this mail in a hope to get some guidance to shape up my life in a correct manner.

Sir, please check my chart and suggest me some remedies which can help me to stable my life professionally and personally.
Answer: Hello Amarjit,  Keep going that is the Mantra and never give up..........
Lagna is Libra, with Jupiter, Nakshatra is Jyestha Pada 4, Tithi is Shukla Dwitya, All is well till now, 2nd house is Scorpio with Moon 27 Degrees, Sun 12 Degrees and Mercury is 5 degrees, and it has malefic (Krura) Mars 4th house aspect and Malefic Saturn 3rd House aspect, so this house whichi s your Dhana bhava is badly afflicted, actually Moon gets Neech Avastha in Scorpio at 3 degrees but your moon is at 27 degrees so debilitated but not fully, than Mercury is combust due to close proximity to Sun, as you said you had some inheritance but all lost due to internal brawls, but there is a parivartan dhana yoga, which should materialise in the Maha Dasha os Sun ( 2012 to 2018) and Antara dasha of Mars (2013) or 2034-35 if it did not happen, then from 1992 to 2012 was Venus Maha Dasha and this period shoul dhave been the best till now, Venus is in 3rd house, and free from any afflictions, and it also replaces Jupiter in Libra, both lords of 1st and 3rd house, 2008 Mercury is combust followed by Ketu, which is in your 4th house, Land and Buildings, and you said you lost them all to pay debts and shares, 5th to 9th house are empty, though Benefic (Subha Graha) Jupiter has 5th ,7th and 9th house aspect (dhristi) on 5th Putra bhava, 7th Yuvati bhava and 9th Dharma bhava, are well protected, but health of marriage is in trouble so don't be in a hurry to get married, 10th house has Rahu, and 11th has Mars in Leo, and Saturn is in 12th house, house of loss, and Saturn has dhristi on Dhana bhava, Ari Bhava (Income) and Dharma bhava, but very interesting thing is all planets are good to you in some way or other they have peotected you from total disgrace, but they are not able to give what you are expecting, after 2018 Moon maha dasha will begin and Moon is in its debilitation rasi, meaning in its Neech Avastha rasi, and the dasha will remain till 2028, and Mars in 11th is actually 10th from Moon, it is a karaka for one of the Maha Purush Yoga called Ruchaka yoga, which should trigger in Mars Maha Dasha begining 2028 till 2035, Money matters should improve in this dasha but this house is also the house of elder siblings and Mars is a warrior planet, so your elder brother or elder sisters attitude towards you will remain same like it is now, Mother is in trouble due to Ketu in 4th house, and Saturn from 12thhouse aspect on9th house casued some problems for your father also, 2002 to 2005 was the best period to get married, Aug 2017 to 2018 is again a good period to get married, but big question is are you able to support yourself and your mother, because you don't need a housewife, you need a working women wife, who can help you run your home but such women have certain standards, and in India it is very high, so I would suggest hold your marriage option for now till you are able to support yourself and your mother, then check the period Moon Maha Antara dasha 2018 Aug to June 2019 regards to money and make small investments and see the results, then Mars Antara dasha, June 2019 to Jan 2020, and then Rahu Antara dasha from Jan 2020 to 2021 July, then Jupiter antara dasha follows, based on this you can predict your future money situation for Moon Maha Dasha Aug 2018 to Aug 2028, Mars Maha Dasha, Aug 2028 to 2035, and Rahu Maha Dasha Aug 2035 to 2053, Since your Moon is in Scorpio where it gets Neecha the Moon-Moon Antara dasha Aug 2018 to June 2019 should be like 2012 to 2013 or If it turns out tobe better then Marriage will follow in Moon Maha Dasha because more then love it is Money which is required to stay married. :-)
Now the reality: All your planets are stuck between Ketu in 4th house and Rahu in 10th house and this situation is called Kal Amrit Yoga or Kal Sarpa yoga, (you can read about it in my blog)  which means when all planets are moving in clockwise direction in a chart during their transit through various rasi they are swallowed by counter clock wise moving Ketu-Rahu so the results are like eclipsed, Many temples conduct shanti puja for such people with Kal Sarpa Yoga, check with the local temple priest where such shanti Puja is conducted I think in Hyderabad they take 1800 Rs for this Puja, this I checked in Ganesh Temple in 2010, how it works depends on your faith, with out faith nothing works, then George Bush Junior has this same situation and later he became president of USA, :-)  that is because Rahu has a maturity periodof 42 years and Ketu 48 years, meaning they loose their grip after that period, and see what George bush Junior did tothe world, he screwed it so badly that millionso f people all around the globe are still suffering becaus of his actions, so there is something in store that you too will do this world and I think it has to be good because the way you have tried to soleve all your families problems it shows you are on the good side, :-)) so just keep going, babe the naa lo te chalde raho, thanks!!
Question 5,

Dear Sir,   Please check my birth details and guide:


DOB: 28/11/1981

TOB: 06:00 AM (approx)

POB: Allahabad,

i am dealing with serious financial crisis due to a highly unstable career graph,

please suggest what should i do to make it stable and

when can i get married and any suggestion on that.

Regards,  Colt
Answer: Lagna is Scorpio with Sun, Moon and Mercury, Moon gets debilitated here at 3 degrees, your is at 27 degrees but still there will be some negative effect of debilitation and then it is posited with Sun at 12 degrees and Mercury at 5 degrees, there is some degree of combustion, mostly for Mercury, Lagna is your most powerful house, and Lagna is aspected (dhristi) by Mars from 10th house Leo and also 3rd House dhristi by Saturn from 11th house.

Tithi is Shukla Dwitya, Nakshatram Jyestha Pada 4,

2nd House Saggitarius, Venus at 27 degrees it is your Atmakaraka,
3rd House is Capricorn with Ketu,
9th House is Cancer with Rahu,
10th House is Leo with Mars,
11th House is Virgo with Saturn
12th House is Libra with Jupiter

Your best part of your life has passed, 1992 to 2012 Venus maha dasha, and current dasha was Sun and will remain till 2018 April, then Moon from 2018 till 2028, which I think will be like 1996 to 1998, more or less, and then your highway of your life will approach in 2028 Mars maha dasha till 2035, because 10th house is fame, authority, ambitions, action, career growth, and Mars is also the lordof 6th house, income, and your 11th house has Mercury lordship but it is combust in Lagna and Saturn is posited in Virgo 11th house, :-) some tough times, luckily for you Saturn maha dasha will begin 2069 to 2088, which is very good, try to remember 2008 to 2011, hwo was everything as far as income is concerned, 2nd house which is dhana bhava, its lord is Jupiter and it is in 12thhouse, Libra and its lord Venus is in 2nd house, it qualifies for some parivartana dhana yoga, and Jupiter is also having 7th house dhristi on your 6th house income, how was 2002 to 2005?  

Marriage is not a problem for you but keeping it will be, as Mars is in 7th house from UL and Saturn is in 8th house from UL, 1992 to 2012 was the best period to get married, and I am sur elot of proposals must have come but your Lagna is afflicted with Saturn and Mars, so decision making is a problem for you, Saturn slows everything down, as far as your career is concerned, the ups and downs will continue and it will stabalise after 2028 with some good growth and prospects also.

Question 6,

Dear Sir,

I have a query regarding our career and financial stability.
Below are the birth details for me and mu husband.

DOB: 20 August 1989
Gender: Female
Time: 00:05
Place: Gulbarga (karnataka), India

DOB: 7 June 1983
Gender: Male
Time: 00:30
Place: Parbhani (Maharashtra), India

Please help us with your observations.

Answer: 20 Aug 1989, 00:05, Gulbarga India,
              Lagna Taurus, Tithi: Krishna Chaturthi, Nakshatra: Uttarbhadra pada 2,
              2nd house is with Jupiter in Gemini aspecting Libra 6th house Ari bhava, Saggitarius 8th
              house Yuvati bhava and 10th house dharma bhava, Saturn aspects 2nd house from
              Saggitarius, so Inheritance is their but in terms of knowledge or teaching.
              4th house is the most powerful house in this chart, Leo with Sun (3 degrees) in its own house, Mars (16 degrees) and Mercury (28 degrees) and Mercury is your Atmakaraka.Mars from Leo aspects 7th house Scorpio, 10th House Aquarius, and 11th house Pisces. 4th house denotes Learning, Vehicle, Conveyances, relatives, mother, happiness, treasure, lands and buildings, house, lands, immovable property, motherland, childhood, wealth from real estate, education, comforts, pleasures, peace, state of mind, heart, so all these are highlighted, which also means your desire to own property.
             5th house, Virgo and Venus at 8 degrees is debilitated in Virgo and it aspects 11th house Pisces where it gets exalted, and Venus is present in 7th House from Moon, and Venus is exalted in Navamsa chart, hence it qualifies for neecha bhanga and its effects will be more or less like a normal planet for 5th house which Putra bhava, Mercury and Venus are females so children will be in that direction and moon is also female which aspects this house, 8th house with Saturn and krura graha in dusthana is positive and 8th house is randhara bhava, aspected by Jupiter from Lagna, long life, and Saturn aspects 10th house which is its own house, 2nd house, and 5th house so it will impart its sickly effects to all these houses, so these houses will be highlighted during its Maha dasha and Antara dashas.
6th and 12th house are empty which is again very good.
10th with Rahu,
11th with Moon, aspected by Venus so 11th house is labha bhava and house of elders, so some female who is her elder has some control on this native. :-)


Answer: 07 June 1983, Parbhani India, Male,

Lagna Aquarius, Lord is Saturn, Tithi Krishna Ekadashi, Nakshatra Revathi pada 3,

2nd house, Moon, 3rd, Me, 4th Mars 21 degrees and Sun also 21 degreess, Mars is combust 100%, 5th Rahu, 6th Venus, 9th Saturn is Exalted in Libra, Ju in Scorpio 10th, 11th with Ketu.
8th and 12th house are empty which is very good and Venus in 6th house is also good but Venus is wasted here, :-) 

Saturn lordship in Lagna imparts certain sicklyness to the native mentally and physically also but Lagna otherwise is free from any afflictions, and Aquarius is Moola trikona of Saturn.

In his chart also 4th house is highlighted and 10th house with Jupiter and aspect of Mars its lord is also highlighted. 10thhouse is karma bhava,

For both of you Venus Maha dasha is ending 2016 for him and 2017 for you and Sun will follow deom 2016 till 2021 and from 2017 till 2022, and Sun is in 4th house for both of you and take a look at the 4th house what it denotes, all those things are highlighted, followed by Moon Maha dasha till 2032, and Moon is in psices for both of you, but 11th in your chart and 2nd for him, so some income, inheritance, profits etc.  

 Question 6,

I have jupitet venus ketu ccong. In 12 house in vrishab lagan.mars satutn in 3 rd house.rahu in 6 .moon in 8. Sun mer in lagan tell about what kind of business i do on Three and more than three Planets in one House at the time of Birth

Answer: Please provide birth details,  thanks

Question 7,

Is sun-sat-rahu conjunction in 9th house inauspicious? D.O.B 28 Jan 1991 Place- Delhi Time- 1pm Suffered a lot in every aspect of life. Want to know will I get a job and my financial conditions. E mail: koolkanika.14@gmail.com. on Three and more than three Planets in one House at the time of Birth

Question 8,

D.O.B.- 28/01/1991 Time of birth- 13:00 Place of birth- New Delhi,India Is sun-sat-rahu conjunction bad if in the 9th house? I generally want to know about when will i get a job and about my financial status in future. For a long time,i have suffered a lot in every aspect of my life. on Three and more than three Planets in one House at the time of Birth

Answer:  Your 9th house is Capricorn, Lord of Capricorn is Saturn, so it is kool, and Sun in 9th house is also kool, and Rahu is a shadow planet, so it will enhance the effects of both Sun, and Saturn, so it is also kool, but the relationship between Saturn and Sun is enemy like, so it is not kool, and Rahu is also enemy like to Sun and neutral to Saturn so it is ok, and it has a 7th house dhristi from exalted Jupiter from Cancer which is again kool, and in your Navamsa chart 9th house is very good with Jupiter, Venus and mercury in Scorpio with out any afflictions.

Your Nakshatra is Ardra, and Tithi is Shukla Tryodashi,

Your current Maha dasha is Saturn, 2010 to 2029, and from April 2017, Venus antara dasha is going to begin and your Venus is in 10th house, so your finance, job,s career, growth, all are highlighted in this period, and Venus will remain till 2020 April, so make most out of it. Saturn maha dasha is supposed to grill the native.


Question 9,

My name is Rakesh Rao. MY dob is 30 june 1983 at 8.25 pm, Kharagpur, West Bengal. plsss tell me can I get a job this year? on Three and more than three Planets in one House at the time of Birth

Answer: Your current Maha dasha is Saturn till 2028, and Venus antara dasha will begin Aug 2016, so things will improve in terms of finance, jobs, career, relations because your Venus is in 7th house in rasi chart and 11th house and in Pisces where it gets exalted, so things are sure to perk up for you.

And your 6th house is loaded with four planets, Mars, Sun,Mercury and Rahu, jobs should not be a problem for you but growth is due to Saturn in 10th in Rasi, but Sun in 10th in Navamsa there should be some balance, don't worry things are going to get well soon.



Nice Post and Content.I like this very much the prediction given in this blog is better, in this blog all the problems related to marriages ,childless etc are shared. The one who has any of the problem can get his or her solution here . on Venus : Effects And Remedies-Lal Kitab ( Red Book Of Persia)

Yes! This myth has been there for quite some time, that people with black marks on their tongue what ever they say turns out to be true, but I think it is still a myth, it is similar to the myth that one should not trust black or dark skinned Brahmin, :-) or one should not trust a man who laughs always and a women who cries always,:-) it is a myth which needs to be studied or researched to validate it, otherwise I personally have no idea. thanks!! on Face Reading-II

Hello, For your dad's health, his birth details are also required, and are you his only child if not then birth details of all children need to be seen, including his living wife If any.

18 AUG 2016

Question 10,

I have kanya lagna with Jupiter n Saturn... I wear phokhraj and moti ... My name is hitesh 7th June 1981 @12:55pm raipur (C.G.)India on Tanu Bhava- 1st House, Lagna/Ascendent, Signs/Houses,

Answer: Good for you. :-)

Question 11,

23-07-1994 time 3:00 pm place- Pathankot(punjab) . rahu is in my 12th house till 2026 ..its is not good for my career what can i do i'm a medical student on Election fever USA, relations -Astro,


12th house has nothing to do with career, it is house of loss (Vyaya), yes If you get into bad habits then it can definetly effect your career, please read Vyaya Bhava, 12th house in my blog, Rahu in 12th denotes that you have some spiritual bad karma from past life, like breaking of idols, denigrating some temple, and Jupiter is alos in 12th with Rahu and your 12th house is Libra, Lord of Libra is Venus, which is in 10th house Leo, with Saturn and Mars dhristi, which is kind of afflicted, so your 12th house is afflicted, till you finish your education and settle down in your career stay away from women, particularly from women of ill repute, and your 12th house in Navamsa chart is empty, so no problems here.


Question 12,

Hello, Kindly help me with your knowledge of Horoscope Name - Vivek Date of Birth - 25 Dec. 1985 ​time - 21:15 pm Place of Birth - Vengurla, Goa Please do let me know about carrier and finance. i Am face very bad condition.

Answer: Hello Vivek,  Finance, no or little inheritance, Real estate short term benefits, before marriage loss from relations, after marriage profit from relations, and Labha bhava, house of profits is with Moon in Taurus, which is also your Lagna lord and Moon in Taurus is exalted (Uchcha Avastha) so good profits in almost all investments, and your 12th house, which is house of loss is empty in both Rasi and Navmasa, and Career, it is like you have a open and clean slate, you can write whatever you like, but career growth will be very slow.

From Nov 2016 things will improve in finance, money flow and career.


Question 13,

Why one 4 planet yoga is highlighted? any spcl about it. I have that yoga in 7th house of Lagna,

Answer: Hitler had Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus in his 7th house, Aries, which is house of spouse, which means many relations, many opportunities, many obstacles, many hurdles, too many cooks, at the same time etc. I am not sure why I highlighted it, nothing special.


Jun 22, 2016

Vyaya Bhava-12 House-House of Loss

Vyaya BHava-12th House- House of Loss.

The 12th house is another Du-Sthana (Inauspicious House), the most suitable Grah/Planets would be Inauspicious, debilitated, weak Malefics here or a strong Benefic like Jupiter and Venus would give beneficial results, the 12th house relates to Losses, expenditure, punishment, imprisonment, hospitalization, pleasures in bed, misfortune, bad habits, sleep, meditation, donation, secret enemies, heaven, left eye, feet, residence away from the place of birth, moksha (emancipation/liberation), not all are bad, but if the house or the Grah in this bhava are afflicted then the native would be deprived of Pleasures in bed, sleep, meditation, but it would help the native to achieve the ultimate the Heavens and the most desired the final Emancipation/liberation from this cycle of births and deaths, which is only possible when the native overcomes the desires, the native might feel the need to renounce the material world and live a very Sattvik and Spiritual life, then if the house is well protected or blessed by an benefic, then the native might not experience the general effects of the 12th bhava, like expenditure more then income, losses in business, over indulgence in sensual events, etc. etc. above all the most beautiful thing one should look in this bhava is the Eligibility or Entitlement for Emancipation/liberation (Moksha).

The natural 12th bhava is Pisces and the lord of this bhava is Jupiter.

Effects of Vyaya Bhava:BPHS

1-4. O Brahmin, now I tell you about the effects of Vyaya Bhava.
There will be expenses on good accounts, if Vyaya’s Lord is with a benefic, or in his own Bhava, or exalted, or, if a benefic occupies Vyaya. One will own beautiful houses and beds and be endowed with superior scented articles and pleasures, if Chandra (Moon) happens to be Vyaya’s Lord and be exalted, or be in its own Rasi and/or Navamsa, or in Labha/Dharma/Putra Bhava in Rasi/Navamsa. The said native will live with rich clothes and ornaments, be learned and Lordly.
5-6. And, if Vyaya’s Lord is in Ari (6th), or Randhr Bhava (8th), or be in enemy’s Navamsa ( D-9), in debilitation Navamsa, or in Randhr Bhava in Navamsa, one will be devoid of happiness from wife, be troubled by expenses and deprived of general happiness. If he be in an angle, or trine, the native will beget a spouse.
7. Just as these effects are derived from Tanu Bhava (1st House) in regard to the native, similar deductions be made about co-borns etc. from Sahaj (3rd)and other Bhavas.
8. Grahas placed in the visible half of the zodiac will give explicit results, while the ones in the invisible half will confer secret results.
9. If Rahu is in Vyaya along with Mangal (Mars), Sani (Saturn) and Surya (Sun), the native will go to hell. Similar effect will occur, if Vyaya’s Lord is with Surya.
10. If there is a benefic in Vyaya, while its Lord is exalted, or is yuti (Conjoined) with, or receives a Drishti from a benefic, one will attain final emancipation.
11. One will wander from country to country, if Vyaya’s Lord and Vyaya Bhava are with malefics and Vyaya’s Lord gives a Drishti to, or receives a Drishti from malefics.
12. One will move in his own country, if Vyaya’s Lord and Vyaya Bhava are with benefics and Vyaya’s Lord gives a Drishti to, or receives a Drishti from benefics.
13. Earnings will be through sinful measures, if Vyaya is occupied by Sani (Saturn), or Mangal (mars) etc. and is not receiving a Drishti from a benefic.
14. If Lagna’s Lord is in Vyaya, while Vyaya’s Lord is in Lagna with Sukra, expenses will be on religious grounds.
Kalyana Varma Saravali

69-70. ABOUT THE 12th HOUSE.
If the Sun, or weak Moon is placed in the 12th the native's wealth will be lost to the king, Mars posited in the 12th in aspect to Mercury will cause losses in several ways, Jupiter the Moon (with increasing rays) and Venus in the 12th will cause growth of wealth, provided there is no aspect from Mars on them. Rest may be understood from the previous portion
(Ch. 30). 
Even a person born in regal scion will become an artisan, if the Ascendant in Mercury's decanate receives the aspect of the Moon from an Angle. 
72. Should Venus be in the 12th House in Virgo identical with Saturn's Navamsa D-9, while the Luminaries are in the 7th in aspect to Saturn, the natives mother though belonging to a noble race will become a slave. 
73. Should Saturn occupy the 2nd House counted from the Sun, while the Moon and Mars, respectively, are in the 10th cusp and 7th House with reference to the Ascendant, the native will always be distressed. 
74. The native will suffer from pulmonary and spleen related disorders apart from tuberculosis, if the Moon is hemmed between malefics, as Saturn occupies the 7th House.
75. Should there be an exchange between the Sun and the Moon in the Navamsa, the native will suffer from phlegmatic disorders. Should the Sun and the Moon be in one Rasi having identical longitudes, the native will be emaciated at all times. 
76. Should the 8th, 2nd, 6th and the 12th be, respectively, occupied by the Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn, the native will lose his eyes due to the affliction caused by the strongest of the tour. 
77. If malefics occupy the 6th, 11th, 3rd and 5th, the native will suffer from ear defects, provided there are no aspects from benefic planets. Malefics in the 7th unaspected by benefics will produce dental afflictions. 
78. There will be diseases of the mind, if Saturn occupies the Ascendant, while Mars is in the 5th, or the 9th. Alternatively, Saturn, while being in the Ascendant should be conjunct decreasing Moon to cause the said effects. 
Thus ends the 34th Ch. entitled “DIFFERENT HOUSES AND WORLDLY AFFAIRS” in Kalyana Varma's Saravali.
Effects of Grah/Planets in Vyaya Bhava

If Sun occupies 12th, at birth, he will have a deformed physique, be one-eyed, fallen (morally), will marry a barren lady, be inimical to his father, weak and mean.
If Moon occupies 12th, the native will be odious, fallen in moral sense, mean, will suffer eye diseases, be indolent, distressed (deformed), is born of other's loins and will be insulted at all times.

If Mars occupies 12th, the native will have diseased eyes, will fall in moral sense, will kill his wife, be a talebearer, be fierce and will contract humility and imprisonment.
If Mercury occupies 12th, the native will be able to keep up his promise, be indolent, be humiliated, be a good speaker, be learned, pitiable and cruel.

If Jupiter occupies 12th, the native will be indolent, odious, be devoid of speech and luck and will be in all probability in servitude.
If Venus occupies 12th, the native will be indolent, happy, corpulent, fallen in moral sense, will eat cleansed food, will be skillful in providing sleeping comforts and attendants and will be won over by women.
If Saturn occupies 12th, the native will be distressed, fallen in moral sense, talkative, will have defective eyesight, be unkind, shameless, will spend much and be insulted.
If Rahu occupies 12th: The general desire of the native is to stay away from the conventional public identity, there is a possibility that he/she might lead a lifetime of Travel and prayer, if the effects are Sattvic and might lead a lifetime of addictions, if the effects are Tamasic, The native may be a genius of unconventional research, the native might not respect general boundaries set by nations, or society, the native is a child of the universe and represents the world at large, the urge which keeps pushing is to break the unnecessary taboos set by few mean people, and this native would not think twice before breaking such boundaries and many Might see this native as a rebel, particularly those who try to set certain boundaries for their personal benefit, and when they see these natives crossing them unmindful of the person behind it, he might be labeled as a "rebel", but in reality he/she is a person with a larger boundaries which cross artificially created boundaries. In this case sometimes the native might face resistance due to this free and frank attitude and mostly people with insecure personal auras might feel threatened by these great independent reformers, the reforms taken up by these individuals are at a large scale and might involve many nations at one go.
If Ketu occupies 12th: Native with Ketu in 12th House is not aware of the inner world but gradually realizes the importance of spiritual life and abandons the desire for material benefits, when they are not fulfilled, so he/she might spend more time and energy for social activities, the native might suffer from restlessness, frustration but overall might do well, due to his/her approach towards life and might suffer from ailments involving eyes.

86-81. If malefics occupy various Bhavas (other than 6th, 8th and 12th), they bring harm to the Bhavas, while benefics increase their potence. Malefics are auspicious in evil Houses, i.e. 6th, 8th, while benefics prove adverse in these Bhavas. According the strength of Yogakaraka planets, their beneficial relationship, friendly/inimical aspects etc. and position in exaltation/debilitation, the (good, or bad) results of Bhavas can vary (i.e. be maximum, medium, or nil).

Thus ends the 30th Ch. entitled Effects of Planets in Bhavas in Kalyana Varma's Saravali.
The 11th bhava and 12th bhava are like your paycheck and payments, if the 11th house is stronger, the income remains higher then the expenditure and if the 11th bhava is weaker then the income would always be shorter then the needs and expenditure, this can also be seen with the number of points one has in the Astakavarga charts for these bhavas.
Now let me see my chart, 11th bhava is Aries and Mars is present in this bhava, but Mars is present in the 10th bhava in the Rasi (Radix) chart, meaning Mars would extend the effects of Labha bhava, and the 12th bhava/house has the great Punisher "Rahu", it is very special for me, Rahu though present in 12th and it is also present in the 12th house from the Badakesha, in my case it is Jupiter, suggesting that in my Past, when I could not realise the great powers, I mutilated the Idol of Sarpa Deva, hence a Curse from the Sarpa Deva in form of Enemies, all my life "with out any reason Enemies" is the only entity, which was most widely available, and the only reason for this is the Curse of Sarpa Deva, the remedy for this curse is to Install a Silver idol of Sarpa Deva in a temple or home and appease it.
Rahu represents the Sarpa (Snake) and the Jupiter as Badhakesha represents the Divine form of the Sarpa, so it is no ordinary Sarpa, well westernised people in west might think, it is "Humbug", but to prove it, they should find people with this combination and see how that individual has lived his life or what kind of problems he/she has/had faced or are facing.
Basically one has to do what French psychologist and statistician Michel Gauquelin did and explained in his book L'Influence des Astres (1955). his basic job was to teach that Astrology was Humbug, to do this he conducted few experiments and to his astonishment, he found that certain combinations of Planets gave certain traits to certain people, well many people might have negated with their poorly conducted experiments and funny thing is no one tries to validate the experiments which are devised to validate the original work.

The recent example is about an Russian Girl, Natasha, it seems she claims to have X-ray eyes, and was failed by some scientist in US, and the whole program was telecasted in one of the TV channel (I am sorry I do not remember the name of the Scientist or the firm), the girl could Diagnose the ailments of many people in the first experiment, the scientist rejected this by saying that the girl was able to pick up signals from the patients from their suggestions in a way that she is able to reach at some conclusion, so he devised a fool proof experiment, at least as per him, she was supposed to tell the ailments or missing parts in about seven patients, the girl is pre-informed of the ailments and all she has to do is match them, to avoid any eye contact, the patients are made to wear tinted glasses, and the girl who might be doing this kind of thing in a very relaxed and in her own environment, is subjected to unusual tension and some procedures, she is able to predict the ailments of four patients out of seven, and the scientist failed her, his passing scale was if she would have predicted 5 out of 7, she would have passed, I ask how did he arrive at this figure, is it some school passing percentage, well I am sure it will have no effect on her ability to heal or Diagonise people with her so called X-ray eyes or what ever, I would say she was able to tell 4 out of 7 correct, the scientist should have validated it with a blank, meaning a very normal person, he might smoke, drink, etc. etc. meaning the senses of the person are sedated or turned numb by these artificial agents, or he/she should have taken the same test and then the scientist should have compared the result with the results given by the girl, why a normal person, the scientist himself should have taken the test as a blank, and then see how many he is able to tell correctly, Ya! I agree the girl missed the metal plate in a persons head, but it does not say that she lacked the ability, I would ask who gave the term X-ray eyes, I would say is it possible anatomically speaking to have X-ray eyes, so was the Scientist trying to fail the Girl or the ability, because she said she has X-ray eyes, or because the ability did not match the term "X-ray eyes", I would say , If I sit and brood and list them all, I would need to write another post, I know the scientist was trying to prove, that if such an ability exists, then she should be like a X-ray machine, because she claims that she has X-ray eyes, but my dear scientist it does not work like that, ask a blind man, how he finds his way home, first and foremost answer he might give you, "Oh! I use the stick", but dear scientist you use the same stick and try to reach home, you will understand what I am talking about, the blind man lacks the very idea that to reach home though he is using a stick to feel the objects but to reach those objects what is he using, the extra sensory abilities of his mind, which allows him to feel the objects and make a map in his mind, which the blind man does with out any inkling of what is happening in his mind or actually he/she never puts any effort to understand this phenomenon, all he knows is I am able to walk with a stick, but look at a blind man walking on a street, yes he is feeling the road and hard surfaces with his stick, but how he is able to walk straight in a line, and look at his head movement, what does it suggest, it suggests he is trying to see not through his eyes, in fact it is through his third eye, which is present between the two eyebrows, it works like an remote device, mapping his movements and this makes him walk straight in a line and the stick helps him to add data to this map.

To understand these Para-Normal activities one need to first accept them then experience them, and let the claimee relax and do the diagnosis as per his/her disposition and not like a lab rat, put in a cage and OK! Common we are counting, Oh! no she failed, and shrug his/her shoulders by saying, it does not sit well " Humbug" etc.

It is like few people, who are staunch "Atheists", meaning they have no belief what so ever in any kind of superior energy or force, or power, whom we call "GOD", exists, I say how can you even perceive it in its most superficial levels, if You do not even accept it, to reach the deepest levels of perception, one need to accept it at least for experimental purposes, then move slowly towards it, yet one can keep his/her beliefs rock solid, but Ney! It does not exist.

I do not reject these claims by conducting few lame experiments, to satisfy my ego that nothing superior then humans exists, what do we know about our own brain and mind, the day we will understand the abilities and capacities of our own brain and mind, then we can or we should claim that we are real chemical, or physical or biological scientists and then one can stand on the roof top and scream at top of his/her voice "Nothing Para-Normal exists in this universe", we humans are the most " powerful" in this universe, Yes people will follow you, but at this stage we do not have an inkling on how the Human Brain and Mind Works, leave alone its abilities and capacities.

Another good example cited by a guy like me ;-), is about the Electric eels which were used in Africa and Arabia for ages to cure headaches, people have to stand or keep the eel on their heads, general scientist would laugh at this behavior but since we all know that electric current is used in treating ailments relating with the head or brain, so it makes sense when someone wraps a electric eel to his/her head to cure headaches.

Similar way first we need to understand the principle and validate it then go out with your validated system and say OK! you fail and you pass etc. etc. but unfortunately we do not understand how the e.g. "electric eel is helping the patient from headaches", so we do not have the right or capacity or ability or knowledge to say "Natasha you failed like a X-ray machine".

I am sorry I deviated from Astrology, it has been there in my mind since I saw this program I think it was TLC TV channel, so now that the opportunity came to express, so I did.
Please do not come running after me, I am not claiming anything here. :-))) I am another scientist like you.

I missed Karma bhava on purpose, because it is another important Bhava like the Tanu Bhava with the Ascendant, and I want to deal with it in a very elaborate manner taking enough time this weekend.

One more point, I have referred BPHS, Kalyana Varma's Saravali, G.Das, Barbara Pijan Lama to complete these sections.

Aum NamaH Shivaya!

Sianala, Montreal, Feb 2008

Dharma Bhava-9th House

Dharma Bhava- 9th House, House self Righteousness

Dharma meaning self righteousness, duty towards self, family, country, religion, and god, etc. the natural Dharma Karaka is Jupiter, so this house /bhava should be aspected by or posited by Jupiter for beneficial effects.

Dharma Bhava relates with Father, teacher, boss, fortune, religiousness, spirituality, God, higher studies & high knowledge, fortune in a foreign land, foreign trips, deeksha (joining a religious order), past life and the cause of birth, grandchildren, principles, dharma, intuition, compassion, sympathy, leadership, charity, thighs.

Effects of Dharma Bhava: BPHS

1 Combinations for Fortunes. O Brahmin, now listen to the effects of Dharm Bhava. One will be fortunate (or affluent), if Dharma’s Lord is in Dharma Bhava with strength.
2 Should Guru be in Dharma Bhava, while Dharma’s Lord is in an angle and Lagna’s Lord is endowed with strength, one will be extremely fortunate.
3. Fortunate (Affluent) Father. If Dharma’s Lord is with strength, as Sukra is in Dharma, while Guru is in an angle from Tanu Bhava, the native’s father is fortunate.
4. Indigent Father. If Dharma’s Lord is debilitated, while the 2nd and/or the 4th from Dharma Bhava is occupied by Mangal, the native’s father is poor.
5. Long-living Father. Should Dharma’s Lord be in deep exaltation, while Sukra is in an angle from Tanu Bhava and Guru is in the 9th from Navamsa Lagna, the father of the native will enjoy a long span of life.
6. Royal Status for Father. If Dharma’s Lord is an angle and receives a Drishti from Guru, the native’s father will be a king endowed with conveyances, or be equal to a king.
7. Wealthy and Famous Father. Should Dharma’s Lord be in Karma Bhava, while Karma’s Lord receives a Drishti from a benefic the native’s father will be very rich and famous.
8-9. Virtuous and Devoted to Father. Should Sūrya be in deep exaltation, as Dharma’s Lord is in Labha Bhava, the native will be virtuous, dear to the king and devoted to father. If Sūrya is in a trine from Lagna, while Dharma’s Lord is in Yuvati in yuti with, or receiving a Drishti from Guru, the native will be devoted to his father.
10. Fortunes etc. Acquisition of fortunes, conveyances and fame will follow the 32nd year of age, if Dharma’s Lord is in Dhana, while Dhana’s Lord is in Dharma.
11. Inimical to Father. There will be mutual enmity between the father and the native, if Lagna’s Lord is in Dharma Bhava, but with the Lord of Ari. Further, the native’s father will be of contemptible disposition.
12. Begged Food. If Karma’s Lord and Sahaja’s Lord are bereft of strength, while Dharma’s Lord is in fall, or combust the native will go begging for his food.
13-25. Combinations for Father’s Death.
The father of the native would have passed away prior to the native’s birth, if Surya is in Ari (6th), Randhr (8th), or Vyaya Bhava (12th), as Randhr’s Lord ( Lord of 8th bhava) is in Dharm Bhava (9th), Vyaya’s Lord (12th) is in Tanu Bhava (1st bhava) and Ari’s Lord is in Putra Bhava (5th bhava).
Should Surya be in Randhr Bhava, while Randhr’s Lord is in Dharma, the native’s father will pass away within a year of his birth. If the Lord of Vyaya Bhava is in Dharma Bhava, while Dharma’s Lord is in its debilitation Navamsa, the native’s father will face his end during the 3rd, or the 16th year of the native. Death of father will occur in the 2nd, or the 12th year, if Lagna’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava, as Randhr’s Lord is with Surya.
Should Rahu be in the 8th from Dharma, as Surya is in the 9th from Dharm, death of father will take place in the 16th, or the 18th year of the native.
If Sani is in the 9th from Chandra, as Surya is with Rahu, the native’s father will die in the 7th, or the 19th year of the native. The native in his 44th year will lose his father, if Dharma’s Lord is in Vyaya, as Vyaya’s Lord is in Dharma.
If Lagna’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava, as Chandra is in Surya’s Navamsa, the native in his 35th, or 41st year will lose his father. One will lose his father in the 50th year, if Surya, being the Lord of Dharma, is conjunct Mangal and Sani.
If Surya is in the 7th from Dharma Bhava, as Rahu is in the 7th from Sahaja Bhava, the 6th, or 25th year of the native will be fatal for father.
If Sani is in the 7th from Randhr Bhava, as Surya is in the 7th from Sani (Saturn), the ages of 21, 26, or 30 will be fatal for the father.
If Dharma’s Lord is in its debilitation Rasi, while his dispositor is in Dharma Bhava, the native will lose his father at the age of 26, or 30. Thus the Jyotishi's may know the effects.
26. Fortunes. One will enjoy abundant fortunes, if Sukra is in deep exaltation and be in the company of Dharma’s Lord, as Sani (Saturn) is in Sahaja.
27-28. Fortunate Periods. Abundant fortunes be acquired after the 20th year, if Dharma has Guru (Jupiter) in it, as its Lord is in an angle from Lagna. Should Budh (Mercury) be in his deep exaltation, as Dharma’s Lord is in Dharma itself, abundant fortunes will be earned after the 36th year.
29. Should Lagna’s Lord be in Dharma, as Dharma’s Lord is in Lagna and Guru (Jupiter) is in Yuvati, there will be gains of wealth and conveyances.
30. Lack of Fortunes.
If Rahu is in the 9th from Dharma Bhava, as his dispositor is in Randhr Bhava and Dharma’s Lord is in fall, the native be devoid of fortunes.
31. Food by Begging. Should Sani (Saturn) be in Dharma Bhava along with Chandra, as Lagna’s Lord is in fall, the native will acquire food by begging.
32. O Brahmin, these are the effects related to Dharma Bhava. I have explained briefly. These may be estimated with the help of the state of the Lords of Lagna and Dharma Bhava and in other manners as well.
Kalyana Varma Saravali : Ninth House And Effects There of:

1. Leaving aside all the other Houses, one should first analyze the House of fortune (or Bhagya-sthana) for a native can not obtain benefic results without fortune. So narrated below is an account in this direction. 
2. Bhagya-sthana (House of fortune) is that, which is the 9th counted from the Ascendant, or from the Moon. Effects of the 9th counted from the stronger of the Ascendant and the Moon will come to pass. 
3. The House occupied by the Lord of the 9th and the planet occupying the 9th will have a say on one's fortune. Their strength, or weakness will indicate the fortunes. 
4. If the 9th House is Aspected, or occupied by its own Lord, the native will make his fortunes in his own country. If others aspect, or join the House in question, the dawn of fortune will be elsewhere. 
5. The native will be extremely lucky, if a planet lends full aspect to the 9th from the 3rd, 5th, or Ascendant. The planet in question should be strong in the process. 
If Jupiter is placed in the 9th, the native will become a minister.
If Jupiter is in the 9th and is Aspected by the Sun, one will be equal to a king.
If Jupiter is in the 9th and is Aspected by the Moon one will be splendorous and will enjoy pleasures.
If Jupiter is in the 9th and is Aspected by Mars, he will be endowed with gold.
If Jupiter is in the 9th and is Aspected by Mercury one will be affluent.
If Jupiter is in the 9th and is Aspected by Venus one will have quadrupeds, conveyances and wealth.
If Jupiter is in the 9th and is Aspected by Saturn one will possess immovable properties, asses and buffaloes.
If the 9th House is occupied by Jupiter and Aspected by both the Sun and Mars, the native will be endowed with sovereignty, precious stones, gold, courage, excellence, strength, conveyances and servants. 
If the 9th House is occupied by Jupiter and Aspected by both the Sun and the Moon, he will be blessed with plentifulness (of all things), be devoted to his parents, be famous, be equal to a king and will have plurality of wives. 
If the Sun and Mercury jointly aspect the Jupiter in the 9th, he will be graceful, splendorous, fortunate, be endowed with an excellent wife, ornaments and wealth and will be expert in poetry and arts. 
If the 9th House is occupied by Jupiter and Aspected by both the Sun and Venus, one will be festive in disposition, will have (wide) social activities and will be endowed with cows, buffaloes, elephants etc. 
If the Sun and Saturn aspect Jupiter in the 9th, one will be head of a country, town, or group, be famous, learned, virtuous, affluent and will have a tendency of accumulating.
If Jupiter occupies the 9th in aspect to both Mars and the Moon, one will be an Army chief, or a minister and be endowed with various kinds of happiness. 
If Jupiter occupies the 9th in aspect to both Mercury and the Moon, he will enjoy excellent houses, sleeping comforts and pleasures, be splendorous, patient and very intelligent.
If Jupiter occupies the 9th in aspect to both the Moon and Venus, he will be very rich, dutiful, valorous, attached to others' wives and be devoid of sons. 
If Jupiter occupies the 9th in aspect to both the Moon and Saturn, he will be very lascivious, endowed with permanent livelihood, will live in foreign places, be argumentative, be a liar and be not virtuous. 
If Jupiter is in the 9th and is in aspect to both Mars and Mercury, one will be highly learned, very virtuous, will keep up his word and will have a pleasing appearance.
If Mars and Venus jointly aspect Jupiter in the 9th, one will be wealthy, learned, will live in foreign countries, be sincere, very skillful and cruel. 
If Mars and Saturn jointly aspect Jupiter in the 9th, the native will be base, tale bearing, spiteful, living in foreign places and will be in the company of unsteady people.
If Mercury and Venus jointly aspect Jupiter in the 9th, one will be an artisan, be very virtuous, learned, fortunate, will keep up his promise and will possess a pleasing appearance. 
If Mercury and Saturn jointly aspect Jupiter in the 9th, the native will be fortunate, learned, eloquent in speech, pleasing, courageous, happy and modest. 
23. Jupiter in the 9th in aspect to 9th Lord will make one a king. The effects stated in connection with Jupiter's position in the 9th and aspects thereof are valid, only when no other planets (than the mentioned) aspect. 
24. If all the planets aspect Jupiter posited in the 9th, the native will possess excellent guise, virtues, splendor, sovereignty and abundant riches. 
25. If the 9th is occupied by a strong benefic, it confers kingdom, according to the wise, in addition to movable properties, wealth, grains, righteousness and increased longevity.
If the 9th House gives place to a debilitated planet, or a combust planet, or a malefic planet and be without a benefic's aspect, the native will be devoid of (moral) strength, wealth and fame and be dirty. 
27. If the malefic in the 9th is the owner of that House, then it proves auspicious. And with a benefic's aspect it is more auspicious. 
28. If Full Moon is in the 9th, while Mars, Saturn and Mercury are strong the native is born to a king. 
29. If a planet is exalted in the 9th, an excellent person is born with plentifulness of wealth and gold. And, if a benefic aspects the exalted planet in question, the native will be a supreme ruler, destroyer of the band of his enemies, will possess divine splendor and great fame. 
If the Sun and the Moon are together in the 9th bhava, the native will have a short life, will be afflicted by eye diseases, be rich fortunate and fond of quarrels,
If Mars and the Sun be together in the 9th, the native will experience many kinds of miseries, be fond of quarrels, be fierce, courageous, dear to king and be skillful.
If Mercury and the Sun are together in the 9th, one will be skillful, miserable, will have many enemies and suffer from many diseases.
If Jupiter and the Sun be in conjunction in the 9th, the native will be endowed with wealth, will obtain abundant paternal wealth, be long-lived, very courageous and be a worthy person.
If Venus and the Sun are together, in the 9th, he will incur diseases and will be endowed with scents, garlands, ornaments, robes and decorative articles.
If Saturn and the Sun be so placed one will be rich, will suffer from eye diseases, be fond of quarrels and be short-lived. 
If Mars joins the Moon in the 9th, one will be devoid of mother (i.e. will lose his mother early), will have a deformed body and with ulcers and be wealthy.
If Mercury joins the Moon in the 9th, he will have knowledge of Shastra's (Scriptures), be scholarly, will have some physical deformity, will be excellent among men, will talk much and be famous.
If Jupiter joins the Moon, he will be distinguished, will be fortunate, will be endowed with abundant riches, will be always happy and be courageous.
If Venus be the accompanying planet, he will suffer from diseases, will marry an unchaste lady, be plentiful, will have a step-mother and will be in a minister's custody (i.e. will serve a significant person).
Should Saturn join the Moon in the 9th, he will be devoid of moral merits, be sinful and will have a fallen mother. 
If Mars be in the company of Mercury in the 9th, one will be chief of men, will be always emotional, be fortunate, will enjoy pleasures and be skillful in Shastra's.
If it is Jupiter with whom Mars is conjunct in the 9th, one will be endowed with wealth and grains, be honorable, be troubled by sickness and will be pained with bodily wounds.
If Venus is joining Mars in the 9th, one will live in foreign places, be argumentative, cruel, will hate women, be ungrateful and will indulge in falsehood.
If Saturn is with Mars in the 9th, one will be sinful, will be of dirty conduct, be interested in other housewives, be deprived of wealth and happiness and will not be with his own men. 
If Mercury is with Jupiter in the 9th, one will be learned in Shastra's, be a scholar, be wealthy, will speak sweetly, be an artisan and an efficacious and excellent person.
Venus and Mercury in the 9th denotes, that one will be famous, very learned, valorous, fortunate, skillful in speech and be fond of songs.
If Saturn and Mercury are in the 9th in conjunction, he will suffer from diseases, be very rich, be endowed with dear and near, be skillful, envious and be garrulous. 
If Venus and Jupiter be together in the 9th, one will be a leader of men, be long-lived, eloquent and will be endowed with many kinds of happiness and wealth.
If Jupiter and Saturn are in the 9th, the native will enjoy wealth and gems, be honorable, will have diseases to trouble him and be devoid of his own men. 
This conjunction denotes, that the native will be sickly, will have many sons, be dear to king, famous and virtuous.
51. In analyzing the said effects, the Signs and aspects involved should be skillfully understood according to Shastra's and results declared accordingly, so say the learned. 
If the Sun, Moon and Mars are together in the 9th, one will lose his parents in his very boyhood, be base, odious and hurtful.
53. If the Sun, Moon and Mercury join in the 9th, the native will be a eunuch in appearance, be miserable, will hate all people and be valorous and truthful.
54. If the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter join in the 9th, one will be excellent and will possess conveyances, wealth and happiness.
55. If Venus, the Moon and the Sun be together in the 9th, one will lose all his happiness and wealth due to quarrels with females, be dear to king, will have knowledge of politics and will be an eloquent speaker.
56. If the Sun, the Moon and Saturn join in the 9th, one will be very strong, will have cruel conduct, will serve others and will hate others.
57. If the Sun, Mars and Mercury be in the 9th, one will be an eloquent speaker, be akin to a snake, when in anger, be fond of quarrels, be hard-hearted and will be interested in living in foreign countries.
58. If the Sun, Jupiter and Mars are together in the 9th, one will be always diligent, be intent on worshiping his father and God, will have an affluent wife and be virtuous.
59. If the Sun, Mars and Venus be together in the 9th, one will be fond of quarrels, is of a high descent, will spoil virgins, be fickle-minded and be odious.
60. If Mars, Saturn and the Sun join in the 9th, one will be valorous, very mean, will hate people, be fond of speaking lies, be cruel and be fatherless from boyhood.
61. Should the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter join in the 9th, one will be endowed with fortunes, wealth and happiness, be dear to king, be appealing in appearance and be courageous.
62. Should Venus join the Sun and Mercury in the 9th, one will be splendorous, famous, will destroy his enemies, be equal to a king and be rich.
63. Should the Sun, Mercury and Saturn join in the 9th, one will be fond of others' women, be a sinner, be interested in living in foreign places, be skillful, be a profligate, be a liar and be unfortunate.
64. Should the Sun, Venus and Jupiter join in the 9th, one will be very learned, splendourous, will know many things and be intelligent.
65. The conjunction of the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in the 9th is indicative, that the native will be highly valorous, be a king, be wealthy, virtuous and plentiful.
66. If the Sun, Venus and Saturn be together in the 9th, one will be devoid of splendor, be dirty, punished by the king, be devoid of riches and be foolish.
67. The company formed by the Moon, Mercury and Mars in the 9th denotes, that the subject will enjoy wealth, gold and gems and will be miserable throughout his boyhood.
68. If the Moon, Mars and Jupiter join in the 9th, one will conquer his five senses, be learned, will honor elders and Gods and will be endowed with learning and wealth and be fortunate.
69. If Venus, Moon and Mars are together in the 9th, one will have a wounded body, be ugly, will eat a lot, be fond of women, be at their disposal and will lose his strength (or wealth) through them.
70. Should Saturn, Mars and the Moon be in the 9th, one will not possess a good maternal history, be base, be given up by his mother in boyhood and will be mean among men.
71. If the Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are together in the 9th one will bring credit to his descent, will be a preceptor, will possess many friends and will be a king endowed with many things.
72. If the Moon, Mercury and Venus be together in the 9th, one will have a stepmother, be endowed with delight and honor, will have many friends and will be gentle, or pacific.
73. If the Moon, Mercury and Saturn are together in the 9th, one will be bad in conduct, be courageous, dirty, be averse to war and be poor.
74. If the Moon, Jupiter and Venus be in the 9th, one will be equal to a king and be a king.
75. If Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon be in the 9th one will speak sweetly, be truthful, virtuous, famous and skillful in all Shastra's.
76. If Venus, the Moon and Saturn join in the 9th, one will be in agricultural profession, be interested in women, will not indulge in sinful acts, will accomplish his objects (Kritakritya) and be world-famous.
77. If Mars, Mercury and Jupiter join in the 9th, one will be splendorous, devoid of grief, be learned, firm in his word, famous and be head of a zone.
78. If Mars, Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the 9th, one will head many provinces, or affairs, be famous, honored by the king, the fierce and be always zealous.
79. If Mars, Mercury and Saturn join in the 9th, one will be skillful in cheating others, will be highly gloomy, will not be in a position to understand Shastra's (i.e. be not so learned) and cannot understand others' notions.
80. If Mercury, Jupiter and Venus be together in the 9th one will be equal to God, be spotless, famous, kingly, learned and virtuous.
81. Should Mercury, Venus and Saturn join in the 9th, one will be intelligent, splendorous, eloquent and happy.
82. One with Saturn, Venus and Jupiter in the 9th, will have plenty of food, drinks and riches, be fortunate, happy and beautiful. 
If the Sun, the Moon, Mars and Mercury join in the 9th, one will be rich, learned, fortunate and dear to king.
84. If Venus, Moon, Sun and Mars are together in the 9th, one will be cunning, will be happy with his wife and will indulge in many mean acts.
85. One, who has the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun in the 9th, will be principle, steady, honored by the king and be delighted.
86. One with the Moon, Venus, Mercury and Sun in the 9th, will be a Lord of wealth, morally meritorious, plentiful, eloquent in speech and be calm.
87. If the Sun, Mercury, Moon and Saturn be together in the 9th, one will be rich, splendorous, kingly, will have many quadrupeds and will possess rich qualities.
88. One with the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will honor God and father, will have a rich wife and be virtuous.
89. If Venus, Mars, Mercury and the Sun join together in the 9th, one will be hard-hearted, beautiful, interested in valorous acts, be not wealthy and will lose his wealth through his enemies.
90. If the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn be together in the 9th, one will be interested in others' wives, will incur loss of wealth and be always pitiable.
91. One with the Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the 9th, will hate people, be troubled by thirst, will spoil virgins and be fickle-minded.
92. If the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are in the 9th at birth, one will be devoid of happiness, be diligent, fierce and courageous.
93. If the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in the 9th, one will be an excellent person endowed with wealth, gold and sovereignty.
94. If the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are together in the 9th, one will be devoid of wealth, be sinful, be interested in other housewives, spiteful and will indulge in mean acts.
95. Should the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn be in 9th, one will be fortunate, wealthy, truthful and world-famous.
96. With the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in the 9th, one will be truthful, eloquent and will honor elders, Brahmin's and guests.
97. If the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are in the 9th, one will have plenty of robes, will lose his mother in boyhood and be wealthy.
98. With Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Moon in the 9th, one will practice penance, be famous, be a good speaker, be very charitable, ultra-mundane in disposition and be very learned.
99. If Saturn, Mercury, Moon and Mars are together in the 9th, one will be dejected, poor, base, cunning and interested in others' wives.
100. If Mars, Moon, Venus and Saturn, are together in the 9th, one is born in a royal family. He will be a principle person, be valorous, will be endowed with plenty of learning and money, be famous and dear to people.
101. One with Moon, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter in the 9th, will be troubled by thirst, be fond of promoting quarrels and be plentiful in the matter of luck and robes.
102. If the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Venus are together in the 9th, one will be hard-hearted, sinful, cunning and be bereft of cleanliness and behavior.
103. If Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Moon are together in the 9th, one will be wealthy, be endowed with moral merits and be famous in arts.
104. One with Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Moon in the 9th, will be knowledgeable in politics and ethics and be pleasing in appearance.
105. With Saturn, Venus, Mercury and the Moon in the 9th, the native will be intelligent, fierce, will be an expert in democratic matters and be fortunate.
106. One with Moon, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter in the 9th, will be cunning, fierce, unconquerable and bold.
107. If Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn be together in the 9th, one will destroy his enemies, be fierce in battle and bold.
108. If Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn join together in the 9th, one will be virtuous, wealthy and pious.
109. If Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are in the 9th, one will be devoid of wealth, be base, unkind and weak. 
If including Mercury there are 3 to 7 planets in the 9th, the native will be trustworthy, wealthy and be a king.
111. If the 9th is occupied by other planets, without the company of Mercury, or Jupiter, the native will be sickly, ugly, void of relatives, be troubled by imprisonments and will suffer penury.
112. Preceptors, like Badalayana, have explained still detailed results arising out of conjunction, or aspects relating to the 9th House. One should understand these also and declare effects after using his wisdom.
Thus ends the 32nd Ch. entitled “NINTH HOUSE AND EFFECTS THEREOF” in Kalyana Varma's Saravali.

Grahs/Planets in 9th Bhava and the effects there from

If Sun occupies 9
th bhava, the native will be endowed with wealth, children and friends, will be very interested in worshiping Gods and Brahmin's, will not be well-disposed towards his father and wife and be not calm.

If Moon occupies 9th bhava, the native will be devoted to divine and paternal assignments, will be endowed with happiness, wealth, intelligence and sons and will attract the fair sex.

If Mars occupies the 9th bhava, the native will not be skillful in acts, be odious, will kill living beings, be not virtuous, be very sinful and honored by the king.

If Mercury occupies 9th bhava,the native will be very affluent, scholarly, of good conduct/habits, be eloquent in speech, skillful of a great order and be virtuous.

If Jupiter occupies 9th bhava, the native will be attached to divine and paternal duties, be learned, fortunate, be a king's minister, or a leader and be chief.

If Venus occupies 9th bhava, the native will possess a spotless and broad physique, be endowed with wealth, charitable, wife, sexual pleasures and friendship and will honor Gods, guests and preceptors/elders.

If Saturn occupies 9th bhava, the native will be devoid of religious merits, will not have much wealth, be bereft of co-born, sons and happiness and will cause sorrow to others.

If Rahu occupies 9th bhava: Rahu intensifies the desire for exalted experience in divine rituals, often a native has a foreign guru, father does not benefit from this combination, might be associated with secretive activities involving international engagements, and to reach the truth the native destroys the natural barriers, Rahu in 9th house is not good for the native.

If Ketu occupies 9th bhava: Ketu in 9th effects the father, either father is never available or remains distracted, the Priests might appear deceptive, Native might suffer from psychological complexes with regard to religious truths and might not trust the religious authorities and might wander in his own imaginative sensitivities to reach the essence of truth, which is perceived by him/her as an external entity. Ketu in 9th effects the native in a negative way, with regards to his/her father, religion, teachings, etc. which might not be healthy for his/her.

So the bottom line for this bhava is this bhava should be connected with Jupiter in one way or other to derive or gain maximum benefits, other wise, things might not be as rosy as they are with Jupiter or Sun.

let me see my chart, I have Venus (8th in Rasi) in 9th bhava with Jupiter Aspecting it from the Ascendant, my Father was very dear to me and out of all siblings I was very dear to my father, but he passed away few months before his 64th birthday after suffering for 15 years, we had an excellent relationship, more as a friend then Father- Son, but I never crossed the line, I have intense religious beliefs, I have very high philanthropic ideals, I have very deep set principles and convictions, So Jupiter does confer all these properties.

With regards to eighth bhava, it is empty and is not Aspected by any planet, but the Rasi chart has Venus in 8th house, it is better to have an empty Du-Sthana (6th, 8th and 12th) then with an malefic.

It gets little confusing , when you say 8th house or 9th house. In Indian languages, Bhava means it is more Mental or psychological then physical presence, like a Graha/planet is present in 8th Sign in Rasi (Radix), but it gives effects of 9th house, because it is present in the 9th bhava, it is exactly like Planet in English is a physical body, but Graha in " Jyotish shastra", is more of a Mental, or psychological or metaphysical entity, or it is more like a powerful energy, which has the capacity to effect a living thing with its rays or aura, but when we explain this in English, it appears they are like table and chairs, which is not correct.

Aum NamaH Shivaya!

Sianala, Montreal, Feb 2008