Jun 21, 2016

Astrology Questions and response, From Aug 2013

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Though I have added lot of information but still many times same questions are asked by people over and over again, so here are the questions asked by people who read by posts, These questions were asked since Aug 2013, but mostly people are interested in multiple planets in various houses, expecting that more planets in one house means more benefits in his or her life :-) multiple planets in different houses mean different things, all planets do not give shuba phala or good results and afflicted houses cause more damage then good, so please do not jump to conclusions that 7 planets in one house is better then one planet in one house or empty house, sometimes just aspect of Jupiter or Venus on one empty house can do wonders then 7 planets in one house, so most important thing to see is how auspicious that house is.

Question 1, posted 19 Aug 2013,

Hi, I have Jupiter in 10 house Aquarius from Taurus Lagna, Moon in Saggitarius but 8th house, will this result in Hamsa Yoga?

Answer: Hamsa yoga is one of the Panch Maha Purush Yogas, Jupiter is the Karaka, and Jupiter should be in Kendra, in its own house Pisces, Saggitarius or in Cancer wher eit gets Exaltation, a Hamsa Yoga is in effect, since 10th house is a Kendra, Jupiter in 10th house qualifies for Hamsa Yoga, Hamsa Yoga bestows great character to the native, ( I have Jupiter in Gemini my 1st house a Kendra, and it aspects 7th house Saggitarius and it exchanges its lordship with Mercury in Pisces, which is again a Parivartana yoga,), Moon is a great story teller, and Shukla tithi Moon is Auspicious, ( My Moon is Shukla Saptami, and is in 1st House) Lord Rama had Jupiter and Moon in Gemini, me too :-)

Question 2, Posted  19 Aug 2013,

Readers, I have saturn and mercury in 7th house in scorpio from taurus ascendant.and 7th lord mars in 9th house capricorn. Venus, the lagnesha in 6th house in libra with sun(4th lord)? and Jupiter is in 10th house with moon in 8th house. Rahu and ketu in pisces and virgo respectively? Will this saturn and mercury combiantion in 7th indicate a bad marriage?

Answer: Please read Yuvati bhava in my blog for marriage combinations, Saturn does effect marriage because it is a very sick and slow planet, but health of marraige is seen from UL and 7th from UL and 8th from UL, and 7th and 8th  from Moon is also seen i.e 3rd from Lagna in your case which is Cancer. thanks!

Question 3, Posted 20 Aug 2013,

hi sir.i m vijay kumar.i was born on 14-11-1993.time 1:50 am(night of 13 nov).it was amavasya(mid-night of deepavali).my nakshatra is vishaka(3rd padam). I have tula lagnam in simha rasi.ketu is debiliated in vrishaba.The five planets( sun,moon,jupiter,mercury,venus)*sun is debiliated were conjuncted in 7th house(in tula). jupiter:186degrees; venus:192deg;mercury:192deg; moon:206deg; sun:207 deg; .mars is in scorpio conjuncted with debiliated rahu.mars is in 219deg;.rahu is in 219deg;.saturn is in kumbha raasi(300 deg ). In navamsa sun and moon are in mithuna.rahu and mars are in conjunction in kanya. tula ASC is in tula raasi with exalted saturn.Jupiter is in 9th house(saggitarius).mercury and venus are in makaram.Rahu is in pisces.is there any dosham in my birth?will i have a good future? (i gave readings of planetary positions because they are much closer to each other)

Answer: Wow! you forget to provide place of birth, thanks!!

Question 4, Posted 21 Aug 2013,

Sir i have joined eyebrows.they are very thick on the upper part of eyes.natives who have joined eyebrows are considered to be unlucky.so, if i remove the hair in the joined area will there be any good results?

Answer: Me too!! I experimented by shaving them apart after reading your question, my income went down, :-)) thanks!!

Question 5, Posted  21 Aug 2013,

birthdate : 11-7-1978 Place : Kanpur (U.P.) India, Time : 5:45 AM ---- tell me something about my life on Dhana Bhava- Second House-House of Wealth

Answer: Lagna is Gemini (Mithuna), Jupiter and Sun, 2nd is Cancer Mercury, 3rd is Leo with Saturn, Moon, Venus and Mars, Rahu in 4th Virgo, and Ketu in 10th House, I think it is one of the Kaala Sarpa Yogas, read Kaala Sarpa Yoga in my blog, and then Jupiter in 1st Kendra aspecting 7th Saggitarius qualifies for Hamsa yoga, great character yoga, 2nd dhana yoga is with Mercury, Lord of 1st and 4th house, Mercury denotes communication, business, and as it is lord of ist house and 4th house, lot of avenues are there for earning money apart from inheritance, Mercury denotes green so your field is green, thanks!! 

Question 6, Posted 21 Aug 2013,

Hi bro.Iam surprised by seeing this kind of planetary combination.I have same kind of combination in tula raasi but saturn is in 11th house(kumbha).(sun,moon,mercury,venus & jupiter are in same house as they are in your birth chart).my DOB is 14-11-1993 i.e., exactly after 11 years after your DOB.It surprised me when you stated that you are born on night of 13 nov.my birth also took place on 13 night but at 1:50 am(between night of 13 morning of 14 nov).it is a great coincidence that we both have interest in astrology.we had doubt on same topic we had visited the same blog.

A great coincidence na! on Three and more than three Planets in one House at the time of Birth   in response to i have six (sun, mercury, venus, saturn, moon,jupiter) planet in 4th house i.e. in libra. what will be prediction in my case, i want to be IAS., by raju.

Answer: All is good that ends well.

Question 7, Posted 13 Sep 2013

Hello sir, i have saturn- venus-ketu in 8th house in navamsa chart, please tell me wat it signifies and what kind of husband i will get?

Please read Yuvati Bhava in my blog and marriage is not seen from 8th house, destruction of marriage is seen from 8th house, look for Upapada Lagna UL, its position, Moons position, Nakshatra, 7th from Moon, Lagna, UL, A7, both in Rasi & Navamsa chart, Saturn in 7th, 8th are not ok for good marriage, Venus in 8th is good for long life, particularly in rasi, Ketu is a shadow planet it will reduce the effects of other planets it is posited with.

Question 8, Posted 4 Nov 2013

Hello sir I am senpal verma my dob 02 11 1976 time 8/45 in AMBALAin my kundli RAHU+SURYA+MANGAL+BUDHA all are in 12th house plz tel me what type of effects they will give in my life and What are the remadys for this youg.

Answer: 12th house is Vyaya bhava, it denotes Loss, Moksha, Spritual, Sleep, Bedroom, Imagination, ability to see paranormal, Lord of 1st house Mars in 12th and Lord of 12th hosue Venus in 1st is a Kalaha yoga, ability to overcome great adversity, then Lord of 4th house Saturn exchanges its place with Lord of 9th house Moon, it is a Maha parivartan yoga, it bestows great fulfillment of desires, Jupiter in 8th house log life, 6th, and 12th dusthanas empty which is good, Sun is debilitated in 12th house in Libra, stay clear of government agents like police etc. thanks!

Question 9, Posted 11 Nov 2013

My date of birth is 18.07.1985 in trichirappalli at 11.35 AM. I have 4 planets in 11th house (cancer)Sun, mars, moon, mwercury. Jupitar in 5th, venus in 9th, rahu in 8th, saturn and ketu in 2nd houses. please tell me about my career and marriage time and marriage life. I am single.

Answer: Marriage possibilities are excellant!!, health of marraige will also be very good, Career opportunities, did you tryin share market, speculation, maney lending, banking, even business etc.

Question 10, Posted 11 Nov 2013

Hi,4 planets in cancer, sun, moon, mars, mercury in 11th house. I born on 18 july 1985 at 11.35 am in tiruchirappalli. I am feeling the heat in all aspects in the last 3 years both in personnel and professional atmosphere. Now i dont have job and i dont know which will be a right choice for my career. what business i can choose ans suitable. all my efforts are not working. I want to know about my career and marriage. I never be happy in my whole life. But now i am doing meditation, so i can able to control the things. Could you help me. Thanks in advance.

Answer: 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th,7th, 10th and 12th all are empty, which means you have open wide platform to choose, how is inheritance as Saturn is exalted in 2nd Libra with Ketu, 5th house Capricorn is in bad shape with debilitated Jupiter, current dasha is Mercury ending 2019, then Ketu will remain in effect till 2026, then Venus will begin 2026 Feb, and will remain in effect till 2046, and Venus is in Taurus its own house, so things will improve great deal from 2026, ketu is a transition period where you can strengthen yourself with meditation adn spirituality, wihch means increase your spiritual bank balance. thanks!

Question 11, Posted 13 Nov 2013,

Hi Amit Ahuja born on 09 Oct 1979 TOB : 15:18PM PLACE:81.17E & 21.11N Please tell me effect of these two conjunctions : 1. Jupiter +Rahu+Saturn in 6th house 2. Mercury + Venus in 8th House Pisces Ascendant / Jupiter Lagan lord. Do guide. Currently Jobless!

Answer: Place of Birth please, thanks!!

Question 12, Posted 15 Nov 2013,

plz help me n tel me abt my future plz. i'll b vry thangfull, my details are:- Name :-Pawan Place of birth :- Sonipat(Haryana) Time of birth :- 11:30am

Answer: Date of birth required, thanks

Question 13, Posted 25 Nov 2013,

Is it adverse to have Sun-Mercury-Saturn-Rahu in 7th house DOB: 27/10/2013 2:45PM

Answer: Plaec of birth is very important, If Libra is your 7th house then Sun is debilitated in Libra and Saturn is exalted, and Mercury will behave like a krura graha (Malefic) and Rahu is a shadow planet so it will ape and enhance the effects of the planet in Antara dasha, which means the effects will double, so it is very important to see where your Jupiter and Venus are and in what situation because Jupiter alone can cause great yoga. thanks!!


Question: 23-07-1994 time 3:00 pm place- Pathankot (punjab) . rahu is in my 12th house till 2026 ..its is not good for my career what can i do i'm a medical student on Election fever USA, relations -Astro


ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

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