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Vyaya Bhava-12 House-House of Loss

Vyaya BHava-12th House- House of Loss.

The 12th house is another Du-Sthana (Inauspicious House), the most suitable Grah/Planets would be Inauspicious, debilitated, weak Malefics here or a strong Benefic like Jupiter and Venus would give beneficial results, the 12th house relates to Losses, expenditure, punishment, imprisonment, hospitalization, pleasures in bed, misfortune, bad habits, sleep, meditation, donation, secret enemies, heaven, left eye, feet, residence away from the place of birth, moksha (emancipation/liberation), not all are bad, but if the house or the Grah in this bhava are afflicted then the native would be deprived of Pleasures in bed, sleep, meditation, but it would help the native to achieve the ultimate the Heavens and the most desired the final Emancipation/liberation from this cycle of births and deaths, which is only possible when the native overcomes the desires, the native might feel the need to renounce the material world and live a very Sattvik and Spiritual life, then if the house is well protected or blessed by an benefic, then the native might not experience the general effects of the 12th bhava, like expenditure more then income, losses in business, over indulgence in sensual events, etc. etc. above all the most beautiful thing one should look in this bhava is the Eligibility or Entitlement for Emancipation/liberation (Moksha).

The natural 12th bhava is Pisces and the lord of this bhava is Jupiter.

Effects of Vyaya Bhava:BPHS

1-4. O Brahmin, now I tell you about the effects of Vyaya Bhava.
There will be expenses on good accounts, if Vyaya’s Lord is with a benefic, or in his own Bhava, or exalted, or, if a benefic occupies Vyaya. One will own beautiful houses and beds and be endowed with superior scented articles and pleasures, if Chandra (Moon) happens to be Vyaya’s Lord and be exalted, or be in its own Rasi and/or Navamsa, or in Labha/Dharma/Putra Bhava in Rasi/Navamsa. The said native will live with rich clothes and ornaments, be learned and Lordly.
5-6. And, if Vyaya’s Lord is in Ari (6th), or Randhr Bhava (8th), or be in enemy’s Navamsa ( D-9), in debilitation Navamsa, or in Randhr Bhava in Navamsa, one will be devoid of happiness from wife, be troubled by expenses and deprived of general happiness. If he be in an angle, or trine, the native will beget a spouse.
7. Just as these effects are derived from Tanu Bhava (1st House) in regard to the native, similar deductions be made about co-borns etc. from Sahaj (3rd)and other Bhavas.
8. Grahas placed in the visible half of the zodiac will give explicit results, while the ones in the invisible half will confer secret results.
9. If Rahu is in Vyaya along with Mangal (Mars), Sani (Saturn) and Surya (Sun), the native will go to hell. Similar effect will occur, if Vyaya’s Lord is with Surya.
10. If there is a benefic in Vyaya, while its Lord is exalted, or is yuti (Conjoined) with, or receives a Drishti from a benefic, one will attain final emancipation.
11. One will wander from country to country, if Vyaya’s Lord and Vyaya Bhava are with malefics and Vyaya’s Lord gives a Drishti to, or receives a Drishti from malefics.
12. One will move in his own country, if Vyaya’s Lord and Vyaya Bhava are with benefics and Vyaya’s Lord gives a Drishti to, or receives a Drishti from benefics.
13. Earnings will be through sinful measures, if Vyaya is occupied by Sani (Saturn), or Mangal (mars) etc. and is not receiving a Drishti from a benefic.
14. If Lagna’s Lord is in Vyaya, while Vyaya’s Lord is in Lagna with Sukra, expenses will be on religious grounds.
Kalyana Varma Saravali

69-70. ABOUT THE 12th HOUSE.
If the Sun, or weak Moon is placed in the 12th the native's wealth will be lost to the king, Mars posited in the 12th in aspect to Mercury will cause losses in several ways, Jupiter the Moon (with increasing rays) and Venus in the 12th will cause growth of wealth, provided there is no aspect from Mars on them. Rest may be understood from the previous portion
(Ch. 30). 
Even a person born in regal scion will become an artisan, if the Ascendant in Mercury's decanate receives the aspect of the Moon from an Angle. 
72. Should Venus be in the 12th House in Virgo identical with Saturn's Navamsa D-9, while the Luminaries are in the 7th in aspect to Saturn, the natives mother though belonging to a noble race will become a slave. 
73. Should Saturn occupy the 2nd House counted from the Sun, while the Moon and Mars, respectively, are in the 10th cusp and 7th House with reference to the Ascendant, the native will always be distressed. 
74. The native will suffer from pulmonary and spleen related disorders apart from tuberculosis, if the Moon is hemmed between malefics, as Saturn occupies the 7th House.
75. Should there be an exchange between the Sun and the Moon in the Navamsa, the native will suffer from phlegmatic disorders. Should the Sun and the Moon be in one Rasi having identical longitudes, the native will be emaciated at all times. 
76. Should the 8th, 2nd, 6th and the 12th be, respectively, occupied by the Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn, the native will lose his eyes due to the affliction caused by the strongest of the tour. 
77. If malefics occupy the 6th, 11th, 3rd and 5th, the native will suffer from ear defects, provided there are no aspects from benefic planets. Malefics in the 7th unaspected by benefics will produce dental afflictions. 
78. There will be diseases of the mind, if Saturn occupies the Ascendant, while Mars is in the 5th, or the 9th. Alternatively, Saturn, while being in the Ascendant should be conjunct decreasing Moon to cause the said effects. 
Thus ends the 34th Ch. entitled “DIFFERENT HOUSES AND WORLDLY AFFAIRS” in Kalyana Varma's Saravali.
Effects of Grah/Planets in Vyaya Bhava

If Sun occupies 12th, at birth, he will have a deformed physique, be one-eyed, fallen (morally), will marry a barren lady, be inimical to his father, weak and mean.
If Moon occupies 12th, the native will be odious, fallen in moral sense, mean, will suffer eye diseases, be indolent, distressed (deformed), is born of other's loins and will be insulted at all times.

If Mars occupies 12th, the native will have diseased eyes, will fall in moral sense, will kill his wife, be a talebearer, be fierce and will contract humility and imprisonment.
If Mercury occupies 12th, the native will be able to keep up his promise, be indolent, be humiliated, be a good speaker, be learned, pitiable and cruel.

If Jupiter occupies 12th, the native will be indolent, odious, be devoid of speech and luck and will be in all probability in servitude.
If Venus occupies 12th, the native will be indolent, happy, corpulent, fallen in moral sense, will eat cleansed food, will be skillful in providing sleeping comforts and attendants and will be won over by women.
If Saturn occupies 12th, the native will be distressed, fallen in moral sense, talkative, will have defective eyesight, be unkind, shameless, will spend much and be insulted.
If Rahu occupies 12th: The general desire of the native is to stay away from the conventional public identity, there is a possibility that he/she might lead a lifetime of Travel and prayer, if the effects are Sattvic and might lead a lifetime of addictions, if the effects are Tamasic, The native may be a genius of unconventional research, the native might not respect general boundaries set by nations, or society, the native is a child of the universe and represents the world at large, the urge which keeps pushing is to break the unnecessary taboos set by few mean people, and this native would not think twice before breaking such boundaries and many Might see this native as a rebel, particularly those who try to set certain boundaries for their personal benefit, and when they see these natives crossing them unmindful of the person behind it, he might be labeled as a "rebel", but in reality he/she is a person with a larger boundaries which cross artificially created boundaries. In this case sometimes the native might face resistance due to this free and frank attitude and mostly people with insecure personal auras might feel threatened by these great independent reformers, the reforms taken up by these individuals are at a large scale and might involve many nations at one go.
If Ketu occupies 12th: Native with Ketu in 12th House is not aware of the inner world but gradually realizes the importance of spiritual life and abandons the desire for material benefits, when they are not fulfilled, so he/she might spend more time and energy for social activities, the native might suffer from restlessness, frustration but overall might do well, due to his/her approach towards life and might suffer from ailments involving eyes.

86-81. If malefics occupy various Bhavas (other than 6th, 8th and 12th), they bring harm to the Bhavas, while benefics increase their potence. Malefics are auspicious in evil Houses, i.e. 6th, 8th, while benefics prove adverse in these Bhavas. According the strength of Yogakaraka planets, their beneficial relationship, friendly/inimical aspects etc. and position in exaltation/debilitation, the (good, or bad) results of Bhavas can vary (i.e. be maximum, medium, or nil).

Thus ends the 30th Ch. entitled Effects of Planets in Bhavas in Kalyana Varma's Saravali.
The 11th bhava and 12th bhava are like your paycheck and payments, if the 11th house is stronger, the income remains higher then the expenditure and if the 11th bhava is weaker then the income would always be shorter then the needs and expenditure, this can also be seen with the number of points one has in the Astakavarga charts for these bhavas.
Now let me see my chart, 11th bhava is Aries and Mars is present in this bhava, but Mars is present in the 10th bhava in the Rasi (Radix) chart, meaning Mars would extend the effects of Labha bhava, and the 12th bhava/house has the great Punisher "Rahu", it is very special for me, Rahu though present in 12th and it is also present in the 12th house from the Badakesha, in my case it is Jupiter, suggesting that in my Past, when I could not realise the great powers, I mutilated the Idol of Sarpa Deva, hence a Curse from the Sarpa Deva in form of Enemies, all my life "with out any reason Enemies" is the only entity, which was most widely available, and the only reason for this is the Curse of Sarpa Deva, the remedy for this curse is to Install a Silver idol of Sarpa Deva in a temple or home and appease it.
Rahu represents the Sarpa (Snake) and the Jupiter as Badhakesha represents the Divine form of the Sarpa, so it is no ordinary Sarpa, well westernised people in west might think, it is "Humbug", but to prove it, they should find people with this combination and see how that individual has lived his life or what kind of problems he/she has/had faced or are facing.
Basically one has to do what French psychologist and statistician Michel Gauquelin did and explained in his book L'Influence des Astres (1955). his basic job was to teach that Astrology was Humbug, to do this he conducted few experiments and to his astonishment, he found that certain combinations of Planets gave certain traits to certain people, well many people might have negated with their poorly conducted experiments and funny thing is no one tries to validate the experiments which are devised to validate the original work.

The recent example is about an Russian Girl, Natasha, it seems she claims to have X-ray eyes, and was failed by some scientist in US, and the whole program was telecasted in one of the TV channel (I am sorry I do not remember the name of the Scientist or the firm), the girl could Diagnose the ailments of many people in the first experiment, the scientist rejected this by saying that the girl was able to pick up signals from the patients from their suggestions in a way that she is able to reach at some conclusion, so he devised a fool proof experiment, at least as per him, she was supposed to tell the ailments or missing parts in about seven patients, the girl is pre-informed of the ailments and all she has to do is match them, to avoid any eye contact, the patients are made to wear tinted glasses, and the girl who might be doing this kind of thing in a very relaxed and in her own environment, is subjected to unusual tension and some procedures, she is able to predict the ailments of four patients out of seven, and the scientist failed her, his passing scale was if she would have predicted 5 out of 7, she would have passed, I ask how did he arrive at this figure, is it some school passing percentage, well I am sure it will have no effect on her ability to heal or Diagonise people with her so called X-ray eyes or what ever, I would say she was able to tell 4 out of 7 correct, the scientist should have validated it with a blank, meaning a very normal person, he might smoke, drink, etc. etc. meaning the senses of the person are sedated or turned numb by these artificial agents, or he/she should have taken the same test and then the scientist should have compared the result with the results given by the girl, why a normal person, the scientist himself should have taken the test as a blank, and then see how many he is able to tell correctly, Ya! I agree the girl missed the metal plate in a persons head, but it does not say that she lacked the ability, I would ask who gave the term X-ray eyes, I would say is it possible anatomically speaking to have X-ray eyes, so was the Scientist trying to fail the Girl or the ability, because she said she has X-ray eyes, or because the ability did not match the term "X-ray eyes", I would say , If I sit and brood and list them all, I would need to write another post, I know the scientist was trying to prove, that if such an ability exists, then she should be like a X-ray machine, because she claims that she has X-ray eyes, but my dear scientist it does not work like that, ask a blind man, how he finds his way home, first and foremost answer he might give you, "Oh! I use the stick", but dear scientist you use the same stick and try to reach home, you will understand what I am talking about, the blind man lacks the very idea that to reach home though he is using a stick to feel the objects but to reach those objects what is he using, the extra sensory abilities of his mind, which allows him to feel the objects and make a map in his mind, which the blind man does with out any inkling of what is happening in his mind or actually he/she never puts any effort to understand this phenomenon, all he knows is I am able to walk with a stick, but look at a blind man walking on a street, yes he is feeling the road and hard surfaces with his stick, but how he is able to walk straight in a line, and look at his head movement, what does it suggest, it suggests he is trying to see not through his eyes, in fact it is through his third eye, which is present between the two eyebrows, it works like an remote device, mapping his movements and this makes him walk straight in a line and the stick helps him to add data to this map.

To understand these Para-Normal activities one need to first accept them then experience them, and let the claimee relax and do the diagnosis as per his/her disposition and not like a lab rat, put in a cage and OK! Common we are counting, Oh! no she failed, and shrug his/her shoulders by saying, it does not sit well " Humbug" etc.

It is like few people, who are staunch "Atheists", meaning they have no belief what so ever in any kind of superior energy or force, or power, whom we call "GOD", exists, I say how can you even perceive it in its most superficial levels, if You do not even accept it, to reach the deepest levels of perception, one need to accept it at least for experimental purposes, then move slowly towards it, yet one can keep his/her beliefs rock solid, but Ney! It does not exist.

I do not reject these claims by conducting few lame experiments, to satisfy my ego that nothing superior then humans exists, what do we know about our own brain and mind, the day we will understand the abilities and capacities of our own brain and mind, then we can or we should claim that we are real chemical, or physical or biological scientists and then one can stand on the roof top and scream at top of his/her voice "Nothing Para-Normal exists in this universe", we humans are the most " powerful" in this universe, Yes people will follow you, but at this stage we do not have an inkling on how the Human Brain and Mind Works, leave alone its abilities and capacities.

Another good example cited by a guy like me ;-), is about the Electric eels which were used in Africa and Arabia for ages to cure headaches, people have to stand or keep the eel on their heads, general scientist would laugh at this behavior but since we all know that electric current is used in treating ailments relating with the head or brain, so it makes sense when someone wraps a electric eel to his/her head to cure headaches.

Similar way first we need to understand the principle and validate it then go out with your validated system and say OK! you fail and you pass etc. etc. but unfortunately we do not understand how the e.g. "electric eel is helping the patient from headaches", so we do not have the right or capacity or ability or knowledge to say "Natasha you failed like a X-ray machine".

I am sorry I deviated from Astrology, it has been there in my mind since I saw this program I think it was TLC TV channel, so now that the opportunity came to express, so I did.
Please do not come running after me, I am not claiming anything here. :-))) I am another scientist like you.

I missed Karma bhava on purpose, because it is another important Bhava like the Tanu Bhava with the Ascendant, and I want to deal with it in a very elaborate manner taking enough time this weekend.

One more point, I have referred BPHS, Kalyana Varma's Saravali, G.Das, Barbara Pijan Lama to complete these sections.

Aum NamaH Shivaya!

Sianala, Montreal, Feb 2008

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