Sep 16, 2016

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Nakshtra: Arudra Pada 1, Tithi: Shukla Saptami, March 1966

Physical: Yes I am very physical, well built, well exercised body, muscles are very hard, bones are very hard too, long limbs, cutting wood was my main exercise and I would not stop till I cut them to 6 inch pieces, and I don't give up, I finish any thing I start.

Mental: I don't make schemes or plans to hurt others or pull people down, I don't plan, I just deal with things the way they come my way, I use my Mental abilities to get involved in higher planes of existence, I do Astang yog, I am highly educated, I have no problems in understanding any complex subject in Science, Maths, Geography, Earth science, Biology, Anatomy, Psychology, Philosophy, Poetry, Arts, Para normal, I am open to any idea does not matter how silly, weird it might be, in fact I understand them easier then easy subjects, but I don't understand why women wants flowers, :-)) what they want to do with flowers, there was this next door elderly aunt (Neighbor)  who used to collect all our roses and make chasni, that made some sense, otherwise I don't get it, let them stay on the pots or gift the flower with the pot, and I don't understand modern art, and why people spend millions to buy crap as art. :-)) because it is a scam.

Mental ability: What I understand about this, the world is not yet ready for it, once I tried to tell someone I got into trouble for 15 years, I am still dealing with it, this women Bitch from hell a 75 years old women from Toronto, she calls herself Bitch from hell, because she likes to screw people with out any reason, as a hobby, she tried to send me to a Psychiatrist and the Human resource manager Sin'D, she added Clinical and tried to send me to a Clinical Psychiatrist for therapy and the Leech the demon was trying to tell everyone how she got success in sending me to a Psychiatrist by the Bitch from hell and her Human Resources Manager. :-)) For the readers No I did not go to any Psychiatrist because I understand psychology better then them, and 18 volumes of Psycho analysis of S Freud I think is responsible for todays mental issues, because they cause more harm then cure them. :-))

You will find it very funny and unbelievable the tipping point: Leech the demon  (65 years old women from Mexico) was so upset in 2004, when I tried to tell her the difference between Qualitative and Quantitative analysis, because she and her Psycho friend (she named a Quebec guy Psycho, he did not know, and probably she might have called me Psycho in front of him, possible) before you laugh check her qualifications PhD in Biochemistry from some Geneva University. :-) now you can laugh. :-)) and from here ( Qualitative -Quantitative analysis) all this Psychiatrist thing followed and the three women were so hell bent on this, they were trying to hide their fraudulent activities, they pulled the small scale, no product, no research, only mischief company from 7$ share value to 0.1$ share value company,  and this is their only achievement.

Now the three women are telling cock and bull stories.

My main hobby as a youth was reading and gardening, so I spent all my time in Libraries, some times to the extent of being a book worm, I was a voracious reader, and I never saw women in Libraries, (1984-1995).

As a result I never exchanged gifts, books, letters, flowers, greetings, make up kits, food items, cakes, money with any women before marriage (Feb 1995) and after Marriage also, well wife is a part of the family.

Athletics, I have won over all championship shield in my post graduation for High Jump, Long Jump, 100 Meters, 200 Meters, 400 Meters, 800 Meters, 1500 Meters, Discus throw, and many first and second prizes in Athletics, Sports, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, I had a good collection of cups till my post graduation.

Note on Exploitation, :-) I think this part is true, I started my career in Pharmaceutical/API manufacturing/Bulk Drug Manufacturing, in 1990,( I was 23) and with in two years I was a force to reckon with, but the Owner (different caste and domicile, right from day one I was reporting to him) of the unit had other plans, he possibly told his partners that I was just a kid, who would do things as told and it was him and only him who was responsible for all projects being completed successfully, so it worked for him, since he was 25% owner and MD, but when I resigned in 1995, :-) all hell broke loose because now he had to convince the partners two things, One, why I was leaving If I was taken care off well, second why he is bothered If he is running everything and I was just a kid, he could have found another kid and run again, but the truth was something else, :-) and he was All India Bulk Drug Manufacturing Association chairman, and I was nothing and no one in my back, :-) he threatened me, If he was everything why threaten, :-)) he must have thought, he was powerful, and he had friends in Cong-I, but Nature was always there, so right under his nose I changed my company with a better income and less work, meaning I moved higher and I told him where I was going, :-) My style!! even today he is still waiting that I will fall and he will grab. :-)) though after I left he tried with common friends to bring me back, but for me that chapter was over, I don't like to repeat, Arudra!!.

It did not end here, his reach was more then I thought and expected, he used Cong-I and TDP to manipulate employees of my second company, I changed my country after 5 years working in that company and left when I was kicking ass, :-) then in Canada two pale women, one 75 years old Jewish from Toronto and her pets particularly one 65 years old from Mexico joined him (Indirectly with same ideas) and they continued, :-) he has some shares in Nashville based pharmaceutical company, now two political parties, Liberals and Conservatives are running behind this KID. :-))))

Important point to note is, that man wanted to show his power and he wanted me to fall on my knees because he was powerful and well connected, which I did not because I am an Arudra. :-) and the two women in Canada are also trying to show me their power, even Indian government is with them, and even these pale old women have been telling everyone that I was just a Kid, 16 years have passed, the problem is I can not bend my knees, :-)) This continues you can read on my blog.

Threats Threats Threats and Threats. :-) and I call them Cowards Cowards Cowards and just Cowards. :-)) Arudra, Rudra, Shiva, Storm, have you seen bending their knees. :-)

Occupations: I have found most Arudra to work as social workers, and since they are mostly selfless they are not seen on the top political map, and since they cling to truth and justice, they are also not rich.

Poverty: Childhood was kind of tough, regular food was not short, but comfort food was not there, education was not short, yes comforts were not there, love was not short, care was not short, had two very loving and protecting parents, pocket money was very short, and once started earning, it was ok, and after marriage it was still better then ok, no dowry came to me, :-) but expenditure went up, after moving to Canada, first 5 years were better then ok, the problems started from 2005, Shani Maha dasha at its peak, lost my job, income, peace, and sleep, :-) since then money has been tough, debt has gone up, Shani Maha dasha is till 2019, :-) still three more years to go, but Rahu in Saturn is over, just last month, toughest in terms of everything, and lost my mother in Nov 2015, during this period I had more problems from India then Canada, though I am a citizen of Canada.:-)) But I did not loose my sense of humour, it is still intact. :-)

Charity: in 1997 or 98, 700 Rs to CRY (Child relief and you in exchange for a 100% Tax credit), loose change to destitutes always, particularly old women or men, but since I came to Canada, I am in need of charity. :-))

Hate: Smoking,

Impossible things for me to do: Whistling. :-)

Don't like: People who are hypocrites, show off types, people who create hurdles for others, people who use government for fraud, stealing identities, and talk big. e.g. Bitch from Hell, a 75 years old women from Toronto who calls herself bitch from hell, then there are some 4 or 5 pets who blindly work for her, like Leech the demon, a 65 years old women from Mexico, who calls herself a man in a twisted body of a women, :-) Freaks, :-)) If they live their lives as per their wish, that is fine and it is their birth right, but If they poke in to your life then that is something one should hate them for.

I can not stand people who occupy political positions only to satisfy their personal ego, we have three such people in Saint Laurent, one is MP, one is MLA, and one is the Mayor. :-) and this is the only reason I do not like Hillary Clinton.

Like: Nature, Solitude, Music natural, from chakras, Manmade,

Interests: You can see my blog to check all my interests.

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