Sep 7, 2016

Chitra Nakshatram

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Chitra Nakshatram: Chitra,

Constellation: Spica,

Symbol:  Pearl,

Rig Vedic Name:  Indra, Chief of gods,

Lord of Chitra, Mangala, Mars

Zodiac Sign: Kanya/Tula, Western Libra/Scorpio,

Gana: Rakshasa (Demonic)

Moon in Chitra Nakshatra, (Constellation) gives the basic mentality of the person, the first reaction to any situation, it might not translate into action and it might subside with experience and age but this is your first reaction to any situation you are in, :-) and it becomes more prominent If Moon is in Lagna (Ascendant), or Cancer Ascendant (Lagna), because Moon is the lord of this house, and Taurus Ascendant (Lagna) where Moon gets its exaltation, or If Moon is Atmakaraka, otherwise for all other houses this mentality becomes equal or secondary to the mentality emanating from the Lagna and the Nakshatram rising.

And Chitra males and females are automatically attracted to each other, some times your hear someone sing and If that singer happens to be your Nakshatra the liking is natural and automatic, same thing for looks, voice, walking style, expressions etc. and the same pattern applies to the matching Nakshatra, like Vishaka is matching Nakshatra for Chitra and vice versa and other Nakshatra with same Mars lordship like Dhanista and Mrigasira.

For Chitra natives:

People with Arudra, Swati and Satabisha (Rahu Lordship) might bring wealth.
People with Pushyami, Anuradha and Uttara Bhadrapada (Shani Lordship) might bring blessings of well being,
People with Ashwini, Magha and Mula (Ketu Lordship) might help them to achieve their goals.
People with Krittika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttara Ashadha (Surya Lordship) might be friendly.
People with Rohini, Hasta and Shravana (Moon Lordship) might become fast friends.

People with Punravasu, Vishaka, and Poorva Bhadrapada (Jupiter Lordship) might be dangerous.
People with Aslesha, Jyestha and Revati (Mercury Lordship) might create obstacles.
People with Bharani, Purva Phalguni and Purva Ashadha (Venus Lordship) might cause death.

The reason why I took Shil Ponde is because his Jyotish Shastra was written way back in 1939 when the world was in turmoil, and Intelligence agencies were not digital savvy to manipulate the write ups, this is the reason why I keep checking my write ups for manipulations and I always find lot of changes, so I correct them back.

Females: Chitra Nakshatram:  Shil Ponde, Hindu Astrology, Jyotisha Shastra,

An expensive and luxurious person, one who is fond of clothes and beautiful surroundings and revels in them, she spends much money on jewels, perfumes, cosmetics and her taste in these matters is expensive, she likes to change costumes several times a day and always look like an animated fashion plate, variety is the spice of life to this women and she will inconstant and fickle in love affairs having many during her life and marrying often, many actresses , musicians, artists and opera singers have Chitra rising.

If she is born on the day before the New Moon, with this asterism rising, she will have a husband who will die four years after her marriage to him and she will never have any children.

If she is born with Chitra on the Rising Point on the day before the Full Moon, she will be immoral and promiscuous in her love affairs and will support some of her lovers or spend money on them and she will die in poverty.

e.g. Female celebrities with Chitra Nakshatram as their birth star,

Chitra Pada 1,

Sirimavo Bandaranaike, 1916 to 2000, Worlds first female head of state, three times PM of Sri Lanka, Married once and three children.

Chitra Pada 2,

Benajir Bhutto, 1953-2007, PM of Pakistan, Assassinated, Married once and had three children.

Dimple Kapadia, 1957-, Actress, Married Rajesh Khanna and separated, two children,

Chitra Pada 3,

Elizabeth Stamatina (Tina) Fey, 1970-, Actress, Comedian, Married and had two children,

Paulina Vega Dieppa, 1993-, Miss Columbia 2013, Miss Universe 2014, (Time of birth is unknown sl it can be Swati 1 also)

Chira Pada 4,

Males: Chitra Nakshatram: Shil Ponde, Hindu Astrology, Jyotish Shastra,

Chitra natives are quiet, thoughtful and profound, very slow in movement and of great dignity in bearing and manner, they like to read books on serious and philosophical subjects, they make good students in their youth, they are also extremely clever with their hands, which are strong, supple and dexterous, they like to do things or fashion things with their hands and could be sculptors or artists or surgeons.

e.g. Male celebrities with Chitra Nakshatram as their birth star.

Chitra Pada 1,

George H W Bush Senior, 1924-, 41st President of U S A, Married once and 5 children, Director of CI & CIA 1996-1997, under Gerald Ford.

George Bush Junior, 1946-, 43 President of U S A, Married once and two children,

Gerd Muller, 1945-, Soccer Player Germany, Scored 14 World cup goals,

Shashi Kapoor, 1938-, Actor, Married once and had three children,

Chitra Pada 2,

Chiranjeevi (K Vara Prasad) 1955-, Actor, MP, Married and had three children including Ram Charan (Actor).

Francois Mitterrand, 1916-1996, President of French republic 1981 to 1995, Married and had four children, Socialist Party.

Sidney Poitier, 1927-, Actor, Married twice and had 6 children,

Chitra Pada 3

Chandra Shekar, 1927-2007, 8th PM of India,  from Nov 1990 to June 1991,

Justin Beiber, 1994-, Singer, Teen Pop,

K N Rao, 1931-, Astrologer, Editor of the Journal of Astrology,

Nicolas Cage, 1964-, Actor, Married four times and separated three time had two children,

Paul Ryan, 1970-, 54th and current speaker of House of Representatives of U S A, Republican, Married and had three children.

Silvester Stalone, 1946-, Actor, Married three times and 5 children,

Steven Seagal, 1952-, Actor, Married four times, and 7 children,

Talat Mahmood, 1924-1998, Singer, Married and had children,

Chitra Pada 4,

Dwight D Eisenhower, 1890-1969, 34th President of U S A, Married once and two sons.

Rahul Dev Burman,11:00 am, 26 June 1939-1994, Music composer, Singer, Son of S D Burman, Asha Bhosle's husband, he has given one of the best music to one of the best songs in the history of Indian light music.

V P Singh, 1931-2008, PM of India from 1989 to 1990, Married, also King of Manda.

Note: Please note that you might come across lots of celebrities and popular people placed all over the constellations, some put them with constellation where Sun is present, some with constellation where Lagna is, and some with Mars also, but the correct one is Moon in its constellation because Moon controls mind and it is considered the birth star, so the Nakshatra with Moon is what I am following, and please don't just read view of one Astrologer and feel very bad, :-) Nakshatra is one level of your character, there is lot more I would say 90% more to your character then just Nakshatra, but Nakshatra and Moon are very important as far as your relations are concerned, hence I have mentioned  number of Marriages and number of children.
And as all Astrologers pre modern and modern were/are men, so it is also obvious that they would be little to some extent biased towards women, :-) If women feel they are not getting proper presentation of their character, then write your own Astrology and see that women gets proper representation. :-) and I am also a Man, though I try to be with out bias but you know. :-))

Note: Still editing.


ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala Montreal, 07 Sep 2016

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