Sep 9, 2016

Nakshatram 27 Constellations

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Following are the 27 constellations or Nakshatra, Nakshatram, followed in Vedic Astrology, These can be the birth star (Nakshatra) and the can be seen for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn,  Rahu and Ketu.

e.g. Saturn in Dhanista Nakshatra causes impotency, while it might cause temporary impotency If Saturn is transiting through Dhanista Nakshatra, Ketu in Moola makes it more destructive, Ketu s a headless demon, and Rahu is a leg less demon.

Pada is a foot of the Star, each star has four feets, Pada 1, Pada 2, Pada 3, and Pada 4,

Pada Strength: Pada 1 and Pada 2 and Pada 3 and Pada 4.

e.g. When a man and a women of same birth star (Moon placement) are married it is seen that the Man has higher Pada then the Women, so that he will have an upper hand in day to day activities. :-) some domestic politics :-).

Birth Time is also very important, it can be Auspicious or Not Auspicious,

Waxing Moon, or Shukla Chandra is Auspicious,
Wanning Moon, or Krishna  Chandra is Not Auspicious,
Full Moon Day birth is very Auspicious,
New Moon Day or  Amavasya is Not Auspicious,
Ashtami Tithi (8th day from full moon or new moon) is also Not Auspicious, ( Actually it is a very strong  Archytype of Lord Krishna, he was born on Ashtami, destroyer of his uncle).

Character is like a knife, it can be used to cut a birthday cake and make children happy, and it can be used in the kitchen to cut fruits and vegetables, or cut meat, kill an animal for food, or even commit more heinous crimes or deeds, so it is not the knife which is bad or good, it is the situation and atmosphere which is good or bad or even ugly, like a knife can be seen in many places and being used for many different activities, people are also seen with same qualities living various different lives.

Best example is Albert Einstein and Rahul Gandhi, One is a genius and the other thinks poverty is a state of mind, yet both have same Nakshatra and same Pada also. :-))

Another example is:

Shridi Sai Baba: Born 18 Mar 1837, Nakshatra Asresha Pada 3, Yogi, Fakir, lived in a mosque and begged for alms and died as an ascetic

Glover Cleveland, Born 18 Mar 1837, Nakshatra Asresha Pada 4, 22nd and 24th President of U S A, Married and had 5 children.

Another Example is:

Bill Gates,              Oct 28 1955, 10:00 pm, Seattle, U S A

Nicholas Sarkozy, Jan 28, 1955, 10:00 pm, Paris, France.

Another Example:

Sun, Mars, Mercury in 10th House.

1) Author of this blog,  - Multiple Languages, English, Hindi, Telugu, Urdu, Punjabi, French,
                                       Bhojpuri, Bengali  and  many others, Learning Arabic, Spanish and

2) P V Narashima Rao - Multiple Languages, English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Total 17 Languages.

3) Omar Sharif -    Multiple Languages, English, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian fluent, many more.

(Note Ziad Fazah, Holds current Guinness book of records for speaking 58 languages, has Mercury, Jupiter, Venus with Mars dhristi.)

1) Ashwini

2) Bharani

3) Krittika

4) Rohini

5) Mrigasira

6) Arudra

7) Punarvasu

8) Pushyami

9) Ashlesha

10) Magha

11) Purva Phalguni

12) Uttara phalguni

13) Hasta

14) Chitra

15) Swati

16) Vishaka

17) Anuradha

18) Jyestha

19) Mula,

20) Purva Ashadha

21) Uttara Ashadha

22) Shravana

23) Dhanista

24) Satabisha

25) PurvaBhadrapada,

26) UttaraBhadrapada

27) Revati

28) Abhijit, This constellation is not included.


ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala Montreal, 09 Sep 2016

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