Sep 1, 2016

Mula Nakshatram

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Mula (Root) : The center of our galaxy, Milky way  lies in the Nakshatra, hence the name Mula.

Constellation: Scorpius, Scorpionis, group of stars,

Symbol: Bunch of roots tied together,

Rig Vedic Name: Pitrs, (Fathers)

Lord of Mula: Ketu

Zodiac Sign: Dhanus / Sagittarius.

Gana: Rakshasa (Demon)  Ketu is a headless demon who tasted Amrut (Nectar), Ambrosia (Greek).

Long time back when I was a kid, once my mother told me about Mula Nakshatram and how women born under this constellation can cause trouble to their husband and his family, only after 3 decades I am actually coming across few cases with Mula Nakshatram, hype is also there, and no one would like to have a girl with Mula Nakshatram as bride and cause damage to the old guy in the family, it is like why take the risk, few Astrologers are frank about it and few are trying to dip it in chocolate and feed it, If there is a problem there is a problem, why hide it from people, with right knowledge right solution is possible, the very purpose of living on this earth is to find solution for our frequent births and deaths or stay stuck in this vicious cycle of births and deaths.

The way it is taken very denigratingly when someone does not pass a 10th grade examination or keeps repeating his or her 10th grade, the frequent births and deaths on this Earth should also be taken in similar fashion, Oh! so you could not break the cycle of births and death and there you are back in this filthy, full of shit and mucus filled body of male or female. :-)

Females: Mula Nakshatram: 

1) Their Moon in Mula Nakshatram, tend to cause some kind of mental illness, (Need data for confirmation) this could be hype, because destructive thoughts are not mental ailments it is the tamasic  food, brought up, parents, atmosphere, culture, exposure, friends etc.

2) High Libido is another issue. (Mars in Mula,)

3) Then there is this issue of Father of Husband, If Pada is 1, Mother of Husband, If Pada is 2, Elder brother of Husband, If Pada is 3 and Younger brother of the Husband, If Pada is 4, might be destroyed. (This needs to be confirmed with data)

B V Raman:  Only first quarter of Mula Nakshtaram is destructive, 2, 3, 4th quarters are ok.
Narad Muni Purana is very tough on Mula born, he suggests to abandon the child.
Mantreswara's Phaladeepika (Annotation by Dr G S Kapoor) it says Father, Mother, Self or family lineage, and wealth and prosperous for Pada, 1, Pada 2, Pada 3 and Pada 4, respectively.
Mantreshwara Phaladeepika (Annotations by Dr G S Kapoor) If Lagna (Ascendant) is not connected with any benefic planet, then the given results will follow.
Jataka Parijata,
Brihat Jataka of Varahamihira,


1) Ketu Lordship, and If Ketu in Mula the destructive thinking is much stronger.
2) Nirriti, the goddess of Southwest direction, and Goddess of poverty or Alakshmi the governing deity is with Kali, the goddess of destruction.

Solution: Which are already being followed. (I don't say they are perfect but they are precautionary)

1) Female with Mula Nakshatram, Pada 1, Look for a match whose father has already passed away.
2) Female with Mula Nakshatram, Pada 2, Look for a match whose mother has already passed away.
3) Female with Mula Nakshatram, Pada 3, Look for a match who does not have an elder brother.
4) Female with Mula Nakshatram, Pada 4, Look for a match who does not have a younger brother.

It is believed that the ill effects will not come to pass If the bridegroom has no elder brother, but then his first child will be in trouble. (Again data is needed to confirm this)

Moon in Mula Nakshatram, (Constellation) gives the basic mentality of the person, the first reaction to any situation, it might not translate into action and it might subside with experience and age but this is your first reaction to any situation you are in, :-) and it becomes more prominent If Moon is in Lagna (Ascendant), or Cancer Ascendant (Lagna), because Moon is the lord of this house, and Taurus Ascendant (Lagna) where Moon gets its exaltation, or If Moon is Atmakaraka, and If lagna (Ascendant) is Scorpio, where the lord is Mars and Ketu, and Moon gets debilitated here, the thoughts can be very negative and destructive, otherwise for all other houses this mentality becomes equal or secondary to the mentality emanating from the Lagna and the Nakshatram rising.

And Mula males and females are automatically attracted to each other, some times your hear someone sing and If that singer happens to be your Nakshtram the liking is natural and automatic, same thing for looks, voice, walking style, expressions etc. and the same pattern applies to the matching Nakshatra, like Arudra is matching Nakshatra for Mula and vice versa and other Nakshatra with same Ketu lordship like Ashwini and Magha.

For Mula natives:

People with Bharani, Purva Phalguni and Purva Ashadha (Venus Lordship) might bring wealth.
People with Rohini, Hasta and Shravana (Moon Lordship)might bring blessings of well being,
People with Arudra, Swati and Satabisha (Rahu Lordship) might help them to achieve their goals.
People with Pushyami, Anuradha and Uttara Bhadrapada (Shani Lordship)might be friendly. 
People with Aslesha, Jyestha and Revati (Mercury Lordship) might become fast friends.

People with Krittika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttara Ashadha (Surya Lordship) might be dangerous.
People with Mrigasira, Chitra and Dhanista (Mars Lordship) might create obstacles.
People with Punarvasu, Vishaka, and Poorva Bhadrapada (Jupiter Lordship) might cause death.

The reason why I took Shil Ponde is because his Jyotish Shastra was written way back in 1939 when the world was in turmoil, and Intelligence agencies and other hackers were not digital savvy to manipulate the write ups, this is the reason why I keep checking my write ups for manipulations and I always find lot of changes particularly  spelling mistakes, :-) so I correct them back.

Female Mula Nakshatra: Shil Ponde, Hindu Astrology, Jyotish Shastra,

"Very little happiness through the life, due to the secret and destructive thoughts of the native and her proud and stubborn nature, to understand this is a help,but a determined effort must be made to rectify it,the fault lies entirely within herself, her nature preventing her from being happy in any relationship, she will have many love affairs, and trouble through them, If she marries she will be unhappy because of her inability to compromise, and her husband will die in seven years from the time of the marriage, she has a weak constitution and her health will be uncertain due again to the destructive thoughts which she harbours continually".

e.g. of Female celebrities with Mula Nakshatram as their birth star.

Mula Pada 1,

Emma Watson, 1990-, Actress, Harry Potter Series, Her parents separated when she was five,

D S: 1953-, Married 5 times 5th one ran away, and had more then 300 one night stands before and after marriages, lives with her paramour, she had problems with children, so she hated them, and her father died early because of her philandering.

Martha Stewart, 1941-, Business women, Married once and had a child, and was sentenced for conspiracy and 5 months jail time and 2 years supervised release,

SRK: 1983-, Indian women living in Europe, Married but had many sexual affairs before marriage and continued after marriage also, husband in deep trouble as conveyed by him.

Mula Pada 2,

Mula Pada 3,

Amy J Winehouse, 1983-2011, Born 14 Sep 1983, 10:25 am, Enfield UK, Singer Jazz, Married three times and died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 28.

Mula Pada 4,

Males: Mula Nakshatram: Shil Ponde, Hindu Astrology, Jyotish Shastra,

A shrewd and capable character, an organizer, who is able to handle people, and make them serve his needs through tact and diplomacy.

A politician an orator who is capable of swaying his audiences, yet who is not sincere but may even be unfaithful to his constituents, and ungrateful and unappreciative of favors received if the occasion arises, the type of person who while one is still in his presence, holds one spellbound, but who when he leaves, also leaves a lurking distrust behind him, extremely clever and capable.

e.g; Male celebrities with Mula Nakshatram as their birth star.

Parents have to go through lot of trouble due to the male child with Mula Nakshatram.

Mula Pada 1,

Anthony Hopkins, 1937-, Actor, Silence of the lambs, Married thrice and had 1 child, He had unproductive childhood schools days so his parents put him in boarding school.

Bharat Bushan, 1920-1992, Actor, Baiju Bawra, Mother died when he was 2, his wife died while giving birth to his second child, his first child had a polio like complications, and he suffered from financial crisis all his life, married his co star Ratna as his second wife.

Charles Bronson, 1921-2003, Actor, The Magnificent seven, The Dirty Dozens, The great escape fame, 11th of the 15 children, his father died when he was 10 years old so he has to work in coal mines and lived in poverty, Married thrice including Jill Ireland, and had three children, he divorced his first wife, and his second wife Jill Ireland died of breast cancer, and his third wife died too.

Justin Timberlake, 1981, Singer, Married once and had a child, His father married second time and his half sister died after birth.

Martin Van Buren, 1782-1862, 8th President of U S A, Married and had 5 children.

Mahipal Singh or Bhandari, 1919-2005, Actor, Parasmani, Navrang, Married and had two daughters.

Yuri Gagarin, 1934-1968, First human to journey into outer space for 1 hour 48 minutes, Married  and had two children, He died in a MIG15UT crash along with his copilot at a young age of 34.

Mula Pada 2

Aurobindo Ghosh,1872-1950, Yogi, Spiritual master, Pondicherry based Ashram, in this Ashram mostly old women who have widowed can be seen in white saris.

Ayatollah Sayyid Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, 1902-1989, 1st supreme leader of Iran, Married and had 5 children.

Billy Graham, Evengalist, Married and stayed with his wife for 64 years, Many children.

C V Raman, 1888-1970, Physicist, Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1930, Raman effect, Married and had two sons, Paternal Uncle of Subramanyan Chandrashekar Nobel Prize winner for Physics in 1983.

Jacques Chirac, 1932-, President of France from 1995 to 2007, Married and had two children, (Time of birth is 12:00 pm but If 12:00 am it could be Jyestha pada 4 also.)

Mula Pada 3,

Dwayne Johnson, 1972-, Actor, Married and divorced, two children,lives with a partner,

Mula Pada 4,

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Actor, Governor of State of California, Multiple relations and separated from his wife after 25 years and few children.

Al Gore, Vice President of U S A, Separated from his longtime wife after 4 children in 2012.

Mark David Chapman, May 10, 1955, Assassin, Assassinated John Lenon of Beattles,Married Gloria Abe, he was angered by Lenons comment that they were more popular then Jesus Christ.

Seal Henry Samuel, 1963-, Musician, Married and divorced Heidi Klum, four children, his childhood was with foster parents.

Note: Please note that you might come across lots of celebrities and popular people placed all over the constellations, some put them with constellation where Sun is present, some with constellation where Lagna is, and some with Mars also, but the correct one is Moon in its constellation because Moon controls mind and it is considered the birth star, so the Nakshatra with Moon is what I am following, and please don't just read view of one Astrologer and feel very bad, :-) Nakshatra is one level of your character, there is lot more I would say 90% more to your character then just Nakshatra, but Nakshatra and Moon are very important as far as your relations are concerned, hence I have mentioned  number of Marriages and number of children.
And as all Astrologers pre modern and modern were/are men, so it is also obvious that they would be little to some extent biased towards women, :-) If women feel they are not getting proper presentation, then write your own Astrology and see that women gets proper representation. :-) and I am also a Man, though I try to be with out bias but you know. :-))

Note: Still editing


ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

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