Oct 24, 2016

Five Grah/Planets in one house at the time of birth

Aum Shri Gurave NamaH!

I have already presented the effects from conjunction of Four Grah/Planets in one house in my previous post, and here are combinations of Five Grah/Planets conjoined in one house, at the time of birth.

If present in 1st house/Bhava or 12th house/bhava or any other house, each house will have a different result, e.g. If Sun, Mercury and Venus are present in Ist house, the results will also differ based on which Nakshatra they are present, how close Mercury and Venus are posited to Sun, and many other factors, and then that 1st house can be Aries or Virgo or Pisces, the results of such combination in each house will be different, as Sun is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra, Venus is exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo, Mercury is exalted in Virgo and debilitated in Pisces, so please don't read a combination and feel bad or good, these are very general rules which change depending on position, status, Avastha of each planet, any combination needs to be seen from Ascendant as reference point and not as an individual entity.

I am going to add some data so that readers can co-relate with some real person. 

Note: Dhristi -Aspect - Watching.

Effects of Conjunction of Five Planets

1. SUN-MOON-MARS-MERCURY-JUPITER YOGA. If these five planets are together at birth, the native will be subjected to grief, will be cunning, be bereaved of wife and will experience physical distresses. 


In 2nd House - Lyndon Johnson, 2nd house, Leo in Rasi chart.

In 5th House - Pope Paul VI, 5th house, Virgo in Rasi chart.
2. SUN-MOON-MARS-MERCURY-VENUS YOGA. If these five planets join at birth, the native will be intent on doing others' jobs, will lose his strength, or courage through his relatives and friends and will befriend a neuter.


In 4th House - Pauline Marois, 4th house, Pisces in Rasi chart.

In 12th House - Gene Hackman, 12th house, Capricor in Rasi chart, Jupiter 9th dhristi.
                             Ksenia Sukhinova, 12th house, Leo in Rasi chart, Jupiter 5th dhristi.
3. SUN-MOON-MARS-MERCURY-SATURN YOGA. Should these be conjunct at birth, the native will be short lived, imprisoned and be devoid of every kind of happiness, wife, sons and money. 


In 9th House - Cindy Crowford, 9th house, Aquarius in Rasi chart.
4. SUN-MOON-MARS-JUPITER-VENUS YOGA. Should these five planets join at birth, the native will be blind by birth, subjected to much grief, be devoid of parents, always dejected in mood and fond of singing. 
5. SUN-MOON-MARS-JUPITER-SATURN YOGA. If there be a combination of these planets in one House, the native will be all expert warrior, will steal others' money, give trouble to others, be a tale-bearer and fickle-minded. 
6. SUN-MOON-MARS-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. Should the said five planets join in one House, the native will be devoid of respect, money and prosperity, will have dirty conduct and be addicted to women. 
7. SUN-MOON-MERCURY-JUPITER-VENUS YOGA. One with the conjunction of these planets will be a machinist, will enjoy great prosperity, be a king's minister, be a judge and be famous. 


In 9th House - Brooke Shields, 9th house, Taurus, in her Rasi chart, Rahu also present.

In 12th House - Rajiv Gandhi, 12th house, Leo in Rasi chart, Saturn 3rd dhristi.
8. SUN-MOON-MERCURY-JUPITER-SATURN YOGA. With these five planets in one House, the native will be timid, be deprived of people dear to him, expert in cheating, given to anger and will depend on others for food. 
9. SUN-MOON-MERCURY-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. One, who has the said five planets together at birth will be tall in stature, will have a hairy body and be not endowed with happiness, money and sons. 
10. SUN-MOON-JUPITER-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. One with these five planets together at birth, will indulge in jugglery, be fickle-minded, be liked by women, be learned, will have many enemies and be fearless. 
11. SUN-MARS-MERCURY-JUPITER-VENUS YOGA. If these planets join at birth, the native will be sensuous, will have a fleet of horses, will do good acts, be an Army chief, be dear to king, very fortunate and free from grief. 

In 1st House-

In 5th House - Rudyard Kipling, 5th house, Saggitarius in Rasi chart with Saturn dhristi,

In 12th House- Suresh Wadekar, 12th house, Cancer, Rasi chart,
12. SUN-MARS-MERCURY-JUPITER-SATURN YOGA. Should a native have these planets conjunct, he will be emotional, sick, will earn food by begging going from House to House and will live in dilapidated Houses.
13. SUN-MARS-MERCURY-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. One with these five planets together at birth will be troubled by wounds, imprisonment and diseases, be learned, honored by the people, be poor and deformed.
14.  SUN-MARS-JUPITER-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. If these five planets are together, one will be a messenger, a dunce, a neuter, will possess dirty habits, be very unfortunate, deformed and bereft of money. 
15. SUN-MERCURY-JUPITER-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. Should there be a conjunction of these five planets, at birth, one will be expert in dealing with equipment and machinery related to water, minerals, mercury and such other chemicals and will achieve some fame in these lines


In 4th House - Jim Carrey, 4th house, Capricorn in his Rasi chart Ketu also present.
16.  MOON-MARS-MERCURY-JUPITER-VENUS YOGA. Should these planets be in conjunction at birth, one will be humble, free from sickness, endowed with learning, wealth, truth and happiness, be helpful to relatives and will have many friends.
17. MOON-MARS-MERCURY-JUPITER-SATURN YOGA. One with the conjunction of these five planets will be night blind, penniless, dependent on others for food, miserable and will bring discredit to his relatives. 
18. MOON-MARS-MERCURY-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. with these planets in conjunction, one will have a number of enemies and friends as well, be helpful to others, wicked and highly regarded. 


In 8th House - Osho Rajneesh, 8th house, Sagitarius, in Rasi chart.
19. MOON-MERCURY-JUPITER-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. If these planets are together at birth in a nativity, the subject will be a kings minister, be equal to a king, chief of the people and be worshiped by all people. 
20. MARS-MERCURY-JUPITER-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. If these five planets be conjunct, the native will be good-hearted, rash (considered to be one of the 33 subordinate feelings), dear to king, free from grief, addicted to excessive sleep and be indigent. 

PARENTS. If the Moon is in the company of malefics, it is detrimental to the mother of the native. Predict similar results regarding the father of the native, if the Sun joins malefics at birth. Benefics in the place of malefics in the said Yogas will prove auspicious to the respective parent. If the planets joining be of mixed nature (i.e. one benefic and another malefic), the effects are medium. 
BENEFICS IN CONJUNCTION AND MALEFICS IN CONJUNCTION. If benefics are in conjunction at birth, the native will enjoy wealth, sovereignty and fame. Such a combination produces an emperor capable of ruling the earth. Should three malefics join at birth, the native will be unlucky, indigent, grief-stricken, ugly and immodest.
Thus ends the 18th Ch., entitled “Effects of five planets in conjunction”, In Kalyana Varma's Saravali.

Aum NamaH Shivaya!

Sianala, Montreal, Oct 2016

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