Nov 28, 2016

Social Structures Canada/India/U S A

After living 16 years in Canada I think I can pen some thoughts about the social structure of Canada and I lived 34 years in India at various places I think I understand its social structure also, and since I visited USA couple of times and watch it live on CNN, I will give it a try, I might not be correct but it will be close to the truth.


Citizens above law:

Queen of England and her family.
Cowards from UK, and other power people from UK..
Cowards from all Law enforcement agencies, CSIS, CSE, RCMP, Police, etc.
Cowards and politicians from two political parties, Liberals, and Conservatives.

Citizens below Law:

Politicians from NDP, and Green party.

First Class Citizens: Pale skin English speaking, (This includes Jews and Christians also)
Second Class Citizens: Dogs, Cats, and other pets of the First class citizens, :-)
Third Class Citizens: Pale skin but from Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Russia, East Europe,
Fourth Class Citizens: Colored people married or living with Pale skin Canadians, Native people,
Fifth Class Citizens: Colored people whose skin color is fare, or have money,
Sixth Class Citizens: Colored people whose skin color is fare and have no money, Arabs,
Seventh Class Citizens: Colored people whose skin color is brown and have no money,( I am here)
Eighth Class Citizens: Dark Skin colored people from Africa who have money,
Ninth Class Citizens: Dark Skin colored people from Africa who have no money.
Tenth Class Citizens: Parents of all the fourth Class Citizens and below.
Eleventh Class Citizens: Parents of Immigrants from third world.
Twelth Class Citizens: People who live like Trash, otherwise called as homeless, each city has their
                                     share of homeless people (about 20,000 each) who are also given tickets by
                                     cops for sleeping in open or public spaces. :-)


Same as Canada, only difference is French speaking Citizens belong to third class citizens, and funny part is the french speaking pale person treates other lesser citizens with same contempt as he or she is treated by the English speaking pale person. :-)

In Canada/Quebec, this social structure is not free to change or inter convert, there are folks (cowards) who keep a strict vigil on this structure and they promote it at every level of the society and they fight tooth and nail to keep it that way.:-) while they do this they ask for human rights elsewhere.

They use Algerians, Angolans and dark skinned people from Cameroon and other countries to carry out the dirty work, etc.

Justice System: It is like a ON/OFF switch and is in total control of pale cowards who turn it ON or OFF depending on who is asking for justice. :-) and a judge can be a friend of any politician in power so knowledge of right and wrong is not the criteria.

Bottom Line: Canada/Quebec is a divided society strictly under surveillance and justice is completely denied to certain sections of the society, dogs and cats have better life and privilege in Canada, including better health care system. :-)) people go to other countries for health care.

And there are 6 million Dogs and 8 million Cats in Canada and only 5.6 Million Human Children.


Citizens above Law:

Pale skin citizens from west particularly UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,

Brown cowards connected to the pale cowards of the western countries listed above.

First Class Citizens: Politicians, Cinema Stars, Cricket players who have power and money

Citizens Below Law

Second Class Citizens: Fare skinned people from India with money and power, forward castes.

(My Father was born in this class)

Third Class Citizens: Brown and dark colored people from India with money and power,
Fourth Class Citizens: Dark colored people from south with money and power,
Fifth Class Citizens: Middle Class (Economy) people with little money and various castes,

a) Brahmin's, (Forward Caste)
b) Kshatriya, (Forward Caste) (I am born in this class) :-)
c) Backward Castes,
d) Lower Castes,

Sixth Class Citizens:Backward Class (Economy) people with hand to mouth existence,

a) Brahmin's, (Forward Caste)
b) Kshatriya, (Forward Caste) (My Mother was born into this class)
c) Backward Castes,

Seventh Class Citizens: Scheduled Class people who got educated and could avail reservations,
Eighth Class Citizens: Scheduled tribe people who got educated and could avail reservations,
Ninth Class Citizens: Scheduled Class people who lack education and live in slums,
Tenth Class Citizens: Scheduled tribe people who lack education and live in villages and forests,
Eleventh Class Citizens: Parents of Indians who live or work in West.
Twelfth Class Citizens: Street Dogs, all over India, :-))
Thirteenth Class Citizens: People who live like trash.(about 400 millions of them)

In India also: There are people in the top classes who fight tooth and nail to keep this social structure and in fact government of India had legitimized this system in all its universities, government offices, public sectors and political parties, only the private sector is kind of free from it but they are mostly caste based businesses. :-)

And they use lowest caste people from the slums to carry out all their dirty work.

Justice System: It is in proper place but citizens above law are generally exempted from punishment, but there has been cases who were imprisoned but released with much ease, and anyone with money can delay the justice for infinite years, citizens living in cities are subjected to harsh law If they belong to second class and below, Citizens living in Rural areas are subjected to harsh law depending on which caste they belong as the village head who is normally from a forward caste rules, and police keeps a strict vigil on backward class people both economically and caste wise and are the one who are always on the receiving end, and the thirteenth class citizens are always forgotten and ignored like they don't exist. (400 millions of them).

Bottom Line: India is highly divided society, it is a complex matrix of Religion, Caste, Class, and Creed, where certain sections of people are completely ignored or denied any form of governance leave alone justice, there are unaccounted number of street dogs, (about 100 near my mothers home alone) all over India they could be around 200 ot 300 million but Cats are missing from India Society. (Cats are considered sin transfer agents, they do this with their tails)

U S A:

Citizens Above Law:

Cowards from 17 Intelligence agencies, FBI, Local Police stations all over USA,

Pale skin Citizens of U S A from Democrats or Republicans who ever is in power,
Pale skin Citizens of  U S A from Democrats or Republicans who ever is in opposition.

Citizens Below Law:

First Class Citizens: Pale skin people with money, power and guns,
Second Class Citizens: Pale skin people with money and guns,
Third Class Citizens: Pale skin people with guns,
Fourth Class Citizens: Pale skin people with life, and priority, (Jews and Christians belong here)
Fifth Class Citizens: Dogs and Pets of all the above, :-))
Sixth Class Citizens: Asians, Chinese, Latinos, with money and little power.
Seventh Class Citizens: Asians, Chinese, Latinos with struggle, hand to mouth,
Eighth Class Citizens: Dark Skinned people from Africa with Money and  power,
Ninth Class Citizens: Dark Skinned people from Africa with nothing but guns,
Tenth Class Citizens: Dark skinned people with nothing,
Eleventh Class Citizens: All Illegal immigrants who are exploited with low wages and hard work.
Twelfth Class Citizens: Parents of Immigrants from third world countries living or working in U S A.
Thirteenth Class Citizens: Guantanamo bay. :-)
Fourteenth Class Citizens: People who live like Trash, otherwise called as homeless, each city has
                                            their share of homeless people (about 20,000 each) who are also given
                                            bullets by cops for sleeping in open or public spaces. :-)

In U S A: Pale skinned people from Law enforcement agencies use guns to silence or carry out the dirty work.

Justice system: It is like a ON/OFF switch which is on government control so it s ON or OFF depending on who is asking for justice, and the judge can be a republican or a democrat. :-)

Bottom Line: U SA is also a divided society and more complex then Canada, and Justice is denied to certain sections of society based on their skin color, and they might be jailed for very small small offences like jay walking while criminals with pale skin might get a very big leash.
Saudi Arabia is Easy,

Above Law:

Kings, and their male family members,

Below Law:

Women folks of Kings and other male family members,

People born in Saudi Arabia,

Pale skin people from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.


Immigrants from third world countries, :-))

I am not sure where the pets like Dogs and Cats (big) fall in this structure, may be above Law.:-)

Justice System; Islamic Sharia Law for women, and people, but Kings and Men of Kings family are exempted.

Bottom Line: Deeply divided and segregated for two sections Kings and people, very harsh sharia law for people and women.

I have no idea If they keep dogs and cats or other pets but on Instagram few videos of rich Arabs with Cheetah and other big cats as pets are available on internet.


Nov 24, 2016

Dusta Lochana (Evil Eye)-Aura Pollution

Evil Eye (Dusta Lochana): It is so unscientific to say some one has an evil eye and someone does not, actually the science we understand, or which is taught and which is distributed as man kinds greatest gift to the future generations is incomplete, we don't understand more then 90% of the nature, and ourselves. :-)

But in some cultures like India, it is a normal thing to talk about, parents keeping their children away from evil eyes, and funny thing is sometimes those evil eyes can be of parents themselves, family members, teachers, neighbours, and of course strangers.

Mostly the EVIL EYE happens when someone appreciates someones abilities, looks, intelligence etc. and it effects children very strongly they become dull, sick, lethargic, adults also are effected but to a lessor extent depending on mental strength of that individual, :-) I feel the negative energy immediately when it reaches me, :-) now a days it is little too much and all the time, :-)) so I have other means of neutralizing them.

As a kid, every time we would come back from any social function I would appear very dull and sleepy, so my father would do one simple thing before sleeping, clean the aura with little table salt,
:-) to ward off the effects of evil eye, there is immediate relief and one starts to feel fresh again, so in my home it was a daily ritual before sleeping, all children, mother and even father himself would clean the aura with table salt. :-)

It makes sense also, chemically table salt is Sodium chloride, and Sodium is strongest electropositive element and Chloride is strongest electronegative element, and it is same Sodium which binds with all the dirt and grime in the washing machine.

I am not sure I wrote about the 10 different minds that help various functions of our body, one mind is dedicated to our eye lids, one to yawning, one to sneezing, one for our breathing and heart functions, one for digestion and assimilation, one for reproductive and defecation, one to circulatory and immunity functions, one to entire body energy and blood flow, one for life force in the entire body, and one controls the aura, there are names for each one of them but that is not important, so when various energies emanating from various individuals clash through sight, touch, smell, they tend to cause changes in its constitution causing various negative to positive effects, evil eye is a negative effect caused to a week individual by an individual with strong negative energies.

In our culture it is called "Amsa", meaning one need to be born in such and such amsa to get certain things as a gift or as a curse, evil eye is a curse, it is like being born in Arudra, Satabisha and Swati Nakshatra which gives natural ability for clairvoyance.

Ability to see ghosts or wandering souls with out a body,
Ability to hear or listen to wandering ghosts or wandering souls with out a body,
Ability to cast evil eye,

There are so many abilities that come with a certain amsa, and one has to be born in those amsa to get those abilities.

Few people also called them Archetypes, so If you are a certain archetype then with out much efforts you can do what that Archetype is able to, e.g. Krishna is a archetype, and Krishna is known for magic, or maya, or illusion, is attractive to women, is powerful due to his yogic abilities, etc.

In case salt does not work to clean the aura of the negative vibes from an evil eye, then red pepper, black pepper, can be used which later are burned, ordinary red pepper would burn with out much commotion, but red pepper which had absorbed all the negative vibes would burn with so much commotion, one can see the evil eye and its negatives effects physically.

Then there are people who think once red pepper is used to clean some one's aura If consumed would effect the person who consumed it, it would certainly pollute some part of one of the minds, but eventually it gets cleaned, but the aura effected by a direct dhristi (sight) it is some times deadly,which also means that it is not just the sight, there is more to it, intention laced with an evil eye, and more.

This is the reason people should keep their children protected from evil eyes particularly in social gatherings where parents often compare their children with other children, to ward off Evil Eye a black spot is put on the face of the child as a distraction, and I think it works. :-) I have a natural black spot on my forehead. :-)

Most of the times people who buy lottery tickets as a group never win anything, because the luck of a lucky person gets diluted due to unlucky people in the group, it is rare that a group of people win a lottery ticket, :-) If it happens then it will be a great coincidence or total manipulation. :-) same way the Evil Eye dilutes the chances of winning anything, If you are a Evil Eye then please ask for divine help and get rid of the negative vibes, basically it is the intention which needs a total review.

My Education is Masters in Organic Chemistry, 6 years research in organic synthesis and 15 years in pharmaceuticals in R&D and other departments, :-) but I am open to any ideas and beliefs and convictions, which might help us understand the nature in its totality.

Nov 4, 2016

Combinations for Renunciation-Kalyana Varma Saravali

Kalyana Varma (Saravali Fame) is an Astrologer from 10th century AD India, and he was also ruling a small state, he studied BPHS, Parasara, Bhrigu, Yavanas etc. etc. and came up with following combinations.

Combinations for renunciation-Kalyana Varma Saravali.

Note: Dhristi - Aspect - Watching.

Changing your time of birth does not change your destiny, you will get what you deserve, no matter how many times you change your time of birth or date of birth. :-)

Various sages have explained widely the combinations of four, or more planets producing an ascetic, I now explain below such of the Yogas.

1. One born with the conjunction of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mars, or the Luminaries, Mercury and Mars, or the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus becomes an ascetic.

2.The native having the combination of Mars, the Luminaries (i.e. Sun and Moon), Mercury and Jupiter, or the Luminaries, Saturn and Mercury, or the Luminaries, Mars and Saturn takes to renunciation and become a mendicant.

3. The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury being together, to Mars, the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter joining denotes a mendicant.

4. Should Venus and the Sun, Mars and Saturn, or Jupiter, Mars and the Sun and Saturn, or Mars the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn with strength be conjunction at birth, native takes to asceticism.

5. One will be initiated into a religious vow, if anyone of the following group of planets be found together at birth,

a) Mars Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter.
b) Mars, Saturn, Mercury, the Sun and the Venus.
c) The Luminaries, Mars, Saturn and Venus.

6. One becomes a mendicant to live in forests and hilly areas, If the planets group themselves in conjunctions at birth, as:

a) Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun.
b) Mars the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn.
c) Venus, Mercury, Saturn, the Moon and Mars.

7. The natives will become a sage, giving up (even) his food and be honoured by the people, If the heavenly bodies form conjunction, as:

a) The Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and the Sun.
b) The Luminaries, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

8. The native will be initiated into a religious vow, If:

a) The Luminaries, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, or
b) The Moon, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun, or
c) Mars the Luminaries, Saturn, Venus and Mercury, Join together at birth.

9. A famous sage is indicated by the combinations of :

a) The Luminaries, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus or
b) Venus, the Luminaries, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

10. Note the conjunction of the following planets:

a) The Luminaries, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus, or
b) Venus, the Luminaries, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

11. Note the the conjunction of the following planets:

a) Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sun,
b) Venus, The Luminaries, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury, It indicates an ascetic.

12. If conjunction is found among the planetary group, Viz,

a) The Luminaries, Jupiter and Saturn,
b) Saturn, The Luminaries and Venus.
c) Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, the native will become an ascetic living on roots and fruits.

13. The native will become an ascetic with bark garments, If Mars, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are found together at birth, the same effect follows the conjunction of Mars, the Moon, Jupiter and Mercury.

14. A patient ascetic (awaiting the blessing of the Supreme) is indicated by either the combination of the Moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn, or of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

15. A sage living only by eating fruits is denoted by the combinations of the Luminaries Venus and Mercury, or Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, or Saturn, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus.

16. An Ascetic, who will be highly honourable, living in forests, is denoted by each of the under mentioned planetary conjunctions:

a) The Sun, Mars, the Moon and Venus.
b) The Luminaries, Mars and Mercury.
c) Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sun.
d) Venus, Jupiter, the Moon and Mars.

17. Find the planets together in individual groups, as under:

a) Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
b) The Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.
c) The Luminaries, Mars Mercury and Jupiter, The results is that the ascetic will be sorrowful (Unsuccessful mendicant).

18. Mars,Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury with strength, or Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, the Moon and Mars with strength in conju8nction produce one with clotted hair and bark garments.

19. The Luminaries Mercury, Mars and Venus, or the Luminaries, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, If be together, the native certainly will become an ascetic.

20. If the Sun denotes asceticism (i.e being the strongest in the Yoga), there will be only be faith in the religious order, while competence ( to fulfill the order) will lack, If the planet contributing such order is overpowered by another planet (i.e in eclipse, planetary was etc.) the native will give up the order after being initiated into it.

Should many planets denote such an order, there may be many kinds of religious orders, but these will depend on the order of the planet.

21. If the planet indicating asceticism is combust in the Sun, or is aspects by another heavenly body, the native will only have an earnest desire to be initiated into the religious order, but will not attain fruition of his aim, so say Yavanas.

22. The native will attain religious order, If the Moon, posited in a decanate of Saturn, is aspects by Mars and Saturn, the same effect is produced, If the Moon occupies the Navamsa of Aries/Scorpio in aspect to Saturn.

23. If the Lord of the Moon sign receives the sole aspect of Saturn, one will enter religious order, even in this context the earlier yogas, If present will only prevail.

24. If the Lord of the MOON sign, bright with rays, lends his aspect to Saturn, while Saturn is in an Angle, the native will lose his fortunes only to enter into a religious order.

25. If one among the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter be devoid of strength and occupy the Ascendant or the 10th or the 12th in aspect to strong Saturn, the native will become distressed ascetic.

26.Should the Moon with strength be in the 10th, falling in a benefice Navamsa, while others occupy their exaltation marks and all being in aspect to strong Saturn, the native will become the Lord of the earth to only become an ascetic.

27. If waxing Moon with strength, aspects the Ascendant Lord, the latter being bereft of strength and being alone (In that Rasi), the native will be devoid of wealth and own men, be miserable, sorrowful, will take asceticism and will obtain his food with great inconvenience.

28. One will become a religious mendicant, If Saturn occupying a benefice Navamsa aspects others including the Moon, the Moon in this case should only be in Aquarius Navamsa.

29. If the Lord of the Moon sign aspects all the other planets, while these are all together in one Rasi, the native will become an ascetic.

30. The Sun rules the ascetics of the following orders: Those, who worship the fire god in forests or on river banks, those who worship ( the omnipotent) Sun God, Elephant faced Ganesa, Parvati, those who recite the hymns of Gayatri (which  are very scared) those, who are vowed to bathe in the scared Ganges everyday and those, who maintain (absolute) celibacy.

31. The religious order belonging to the Moon attracts the following various persons, those disciples, who smear their bodies with sacred ashes, those who worship the feet of lord Siva, those who are abandoned by the society, those who are devoted to Bhagavati, those who give up company of others those, who take to Soma Siddhanta and those, who carry bowls in their hands (for begging alms).

32. The Buddhist monks, the tonsured , those, who wear white apparels, those, who beg wearing good robes, those, who wear blood red clothes and those, that have conquered their five senses all these mendicants are ruled by Mars.

33. Mercury denotes an alms seeker, a conjurer, a snake poison curer and one, who eats the flesh of a peacock.

34. The ascetics ruled by Jupiter are those, who hold a single sceptre ( or mace), those who hold three sceptres, those, who wear red colored apparels, those who are in the third stage of their religious life, those who pull on their lives with fruits and water (alone), those, who still are attached to family ties, those, who maintain celibacy and those, who take to visiting shrines.

35. Venus rules the mendicants of saivite and Vaishnavite sects.

36. Religious hypocrites bare mendicants and the Ascetics, who sit under shadowy trees in forests are ruled by Saturn.

37. Should Raja Yogas be simultaneously present along with the above ascetic yogas, all the evil results are nullified and the native will become very virtuous, will be adorned by the king himself becoming a king and will take to religious order.

Thus ends the 20th Chapter entitled Combinations for Renunciations in Kalyana Varmas Saravali.

Nov 3, 2016

Two Grah Planets in one house-Kalayana Varma Saravali.

Aum Shri Gurave NamaH!

Conjunction of two planets in one house-Kalyana Varma Saravali.
Vriddha Yavanas have stated the effects of combinations of two planets (in one house).

Note: Dhristi - Aspect - Watching.
1. Sun -Moon in One house
One who has the Sun and Moon together will be at the disposal of his wife ( or females), immodest, be a metallurgist ( can be interpreted also as able to deceive).
Will be quite wealthy and be an expert in sale of intoxicants.


2. Sun - Mars in One house.
Should the Sun and Mars be in one house the native will be splendourous, valorous, dull witted, strong, be a liar, be sinful, disposed to kill (or torture) and be fierce.

3. Sun - Mercury in One house.

If the Sun and Mercury are in one house, the native will be in service, will have unsteady wealth, be sweet in speech, will have fame and money, be noble, dear to king and good people and will possess strength, beauty and learning.


In 2nd House - B R Ambedkar, 2nd hosue, Aries in Rasi chart.
                        Swami Sivananda, 2nd House, Leo in Rasi chart.

4. Sun - Jupiter in One house.

If the Sun and Jupiter be together, one will be virtous be a minister of king, will gain through friends, be with good mind and be a perceptor.

5. Sun - Venus in One house.

If the Sun and Venus be together, one will be skillful in use of weapons be mighty, weak sighted in old age, will be able to amuse the public and will have abundant money earned through women.


In 4th House - B R Ambedkar, 4thhouse, Aries in Navamsa chart, Mercury 7th dhristi.

6. Sun - Saturn in One house.

If the Sun and Saturn are together, the native will be a metallurgist, be virtuous, mindful of his own duties, will lose his wife and son, will have the qualities suitable to his race, will be pure, but not so upright.

7. Moon - Mars in One house.

One, who has the Moon and Mars together will be valorous, brave in war, be a boxer, will suffer bloody imbalances, or diseases, will manufacture articles of mud, skin, minerals and will be an artisan and a metalurgist.

8. Moon - Mercury in One house.

One, who has the Moon and Mercury combinations will be expert in poems and fables, be wealthy , amiable to his wife (Read Spouse), beautiful , smiling-faced and will be endowed with distinct virtues.


In 8th House - B V Raman, 9th house, Leo in Navamsa chart.

9. Moon - Jupiter in One house.

One with Jupiter and the Moon together will be firm in friendship, modest, respectful towards his relatives, wealthy, virtuous and regardful of Gods and the wise.


In 1st House - Author of this blog, Lagna/Ascendant, Gemini in Rasi chart, Mars 4th dhristi.

10. Moon - Venus in One house.

Should the Moon and Venus be together, the native will be endowed with flowers, incense and clothes, will know to perform duties (Kriya also means rites), be dear to his race, very lazy and expert in buying and selling.

11. Moon - Saturn in One house.

Should the Moon and Saturn be together, the native will possess a decayed wife, be dear to public, will breed elephants and horses, be devoid of virtues, be under the control of others, unwealthy and defeated.


In 4th House - B V Raman, 4th house, Taurus in Rasi chart, Jupiter 7th dhristi.

In 6th House - Aurobindo Ghose, 6th house, Sagitarius in Rasi chart.

IN 10th House - Swami Vivekananda, 10th House, Virgo in Rasi chart.

12. Mars- Mercury in One house.

If Mars and Mercury are together in one house at birth, the native will have unlucky wife, little wealth, will work with gold and iron, be an architect, will keep a wicked widow and be expert in making medicines.

13. Mars- Jupiter in One house.

If Mars and Jupiter be together in one house at birth, the native will be an artisan, Vedic expert, intelligent, expert in speech, wise and found of using weapons.


In 2nd House - B R Ambedkar, 2nd house, Aquarius in Navamsa chart.
                        Queen Elizabeth of England, Capricorn in Rasi chart, Moon 7th dhristi.

In 10th House - Queen Elizabeth of England, Virgo in Navamsa chart.

In 11th House - B V Raman, 11th house, Libra in Navamsa chart, Sa, Mo, 7th dhristi.

14. Mars - Venus in One house.

One, who has Mars and Venus together at birth will be worshipped, be a chief among his men, be a mathematician (or an astrologer) and be fond of gambling, untruth.


In 1st House - Albert Einstein, Lagna/Ascendant, Aquarius in Navamsa chart.

In 7th House - M K Gandhi, 7th house, Taurus in Navamsa chart.

15. Mars - Saturn in One house.

If Mars and Saturn be together, one will be a mettalurgist, be an expert in jugglery, be deceitful, skillful in stealing, troubled by weapons and poison and be very fond of quarrels.


In 7th House - Swami Vivekananda, 7th house, Taurus inNavamsa chart, Jupiter 7th dhristi.

16. Mercury - Jupiter in One house.

One, who has mercury and Jupiter together will be a noted dance, scholar, singer and instrumentalist, he willbe wise and happy.

17. Mercury - Venus in One house.

Should Mercury and Venus be together at birth, the native will be abundantly rich, a politician, an artisan, will study Vedas, be good in speech, will know to sing, make fun and like scents and flowers.


In 2nd House - Swami Vivekananda, 2nd house, Capricorn in Rasi chart.

In 3rd House - Ramana Maharishi, 3rd house, Scorpio in Rasi chart, Mars 8th dhristi.

In 8th House - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 8th house, Aries in Rasi chart.

18. Mercury - Saturn in One house.

One, who has Mercury and Saturn together at birth will contract debts, be proud, deceiving, an able poet, intent on moving, expert and will possess auspicious speech.


In 3rd House - M K Gandhi, 3rd house, Capricorn in Navamsa chart.

In 9th House - Albert Einstein, 9th house, Libra in Navamsa chart.

19. Jupiter - Venus in One house.

One, who has Jupiter and Venus together at birth will live by education and arguments, will follow a highly virtuous path, will have accurate conception, or notion (of things) and will have a supreme wife.


In 12th House - B R Ambedkar, 12th house, Aquarius in Rasi chart.

20. Jupiter - Saturn in One house.

A native who has Jupiter and Saturn together at birth in one house will be heroic, will have plenty of wealth, will be chief of the city (mayor etc.), famous and will be the head of an assembly, a village, or an association.

21. Venus - Saturn in One house.

If Venus and Saturn are together in one house at birth, one will be expert in breaking wood, be a barber, painter, or sculptor, boxer, be intent on wandering and be owner of quadrupeds.


In 5th House - B V Raman in 5th house, Aries in Navamsa chart, Ju, Ma 7th dhristi.

In 11th House - Donald Trump in 11th house, Cancer in Navamsa chart.

In 12th House - Donald Trump, 12th house, Cancer in Rasi chart.

22. Whatever results have been stated as above are likely to become increased or decreased according to mutual good or bad Vargas, occupied by the planets in question.

Thus ends the 15th Chapter Conjunction of two planets in Kalyana Varmas Saravali.

Aum NamaH Shivaya!

Sianala, 03 Nov 2016

Nov 2, 2016

Why is the WORLD so boring- Asked my little daughter

On 31 Oct 2016 night while taking my younger daughter (13) for her Halloween, Trick or Treating like every single year since she was three, we were half way finished, suddenly she quipped, there should be more festivals, this world is so boring, I agreed and said, she was right, this world in fact is so boring, I didn't want to dampen her Halloween spirits by saying few old women were responsible for this sorry state of our world. :-)

And where ever she met a old women she got just one candy. :-))

And the major cause has been the white man (women) who has turned this world in to a one way traffic packed with his (her) greed. :-)

If you hand over your world to the white man, he (she) will turn it into Aleppo, because it feeds his (her) hunger for carnage, indirectly it is feeding the Satan. (The dark invisible force which takes over your mind, If you make your mind eligible) :-)

The white man/women are fighting tooth and nail, well not directly, :-) advantage they suffer from inbuilt cowardice, :-)) they look for people who can carry out the dirty work for them, like now the Algerian family in my neighbouring apartment are carrying out whatever they want for few more dollars. :-) and they hide behind their small small children.

Interesting thing this week was from Indian home minister who was screaming that proxy war is not acceptable and India will not buckle under International proxy pressure, :-) I was surprised, the BJP is catching up with current affairs and I did not expect this from them so soon, in two years they are getting it that India like any other country is not run by the elected political party, it is run by the network of intelligence agencies, and the elected folks have been giving them more and more and more powers and money and loosing their control over their own country.

The same India which was so enthusiastic few years back (2008-2012) when they as proxy were leading, because of their white master, so it was all well, now since their white master is loosing in the proxy war, they are worried, so making noise.

Every time I see the news that Pakistan has broken the promise and fired at Indian side killing few soldiers, it reminds me of a kid in my 4th grade, Susheel, he was also Telugu and we were in Ambala, and their family and our family lived in same building few years back in Shillong also, so I knew him, and as I joined late, so I was given a seat next to him and his tormentor a bulky dark skinned kid, Pramod, whose father was a railway diesel engine driver, and the drama was:

Pramod would slap Susheel, (Like Pakistan does every now and then with India)

Susheel: Touch me now and see what I will do,

Another slap,

Susheel: Touch me now and see what I will do with you.

Another one,

Susheel: Now, touch me... with grimace,

Another slap,

Susheel: Now, Now, Now, touch me,

Another slap,

Susheel: Now, you #$#$%$ Now,

Another slap, this continued for few hours, and I could not take it any more, my first day in a new school, I took Pramod down on the floor and pinned him down, when he made a promise not to touch Susheel again, I let him go, :-) that was when we were 10 years old.

When we left Ambala in 1977, Pramod was the only person who gave me a slab of glass paper weight made out of the windshield of the diesel engine, I kept it for few years when another bulky man with deranged mind in Agra threw it from third floor and it broke apart in to millions of pieces, but I still remember it like it happened yesterday, but that was 40 years back. :-)

Indian will have to do what I did in my 4th grade, or continue with this nuisance called Pakistan, think how one small country with so much poverty and under development and divided governments, external controls, internal strife, can take up something like this, it is like the Algerian family with 7 kids can take up some thing an ordinary family would never take up, :-) It is only possible when someone powerful is behind them. :-)

In Pakistan's case it is the west, U S A, UK and Canada and even Saudi Arabia.

In Algerians case it is the local police station, and few cowards from Liberals and Conservative party, even Democrats from U S A, :-)

Yes! thelocal police station which is working for some sick women is protecting the Algerians and asking them to make noise. :-) actually they are challengingme what I can do, :-)) because I am a common man, :-) Iunderstand one simple thing when someone's end is near they end up like this, it is called Vinasha Kaale Viparita Buddhi.

U S A 2016 Elections:

How does it matter who wins, the country anyway is run by the Intelligence agencies, :-) Hillary Clinton said, there are 17 of them, :-) that is little too many to handle for a country of 350 millions, I am sure no one keeps track of what they are doing and where they are doing, and how they are doing, so they do what ever they want to in the background and this little democratic drama is played out in the fore ground to satisfy the people. :-)

We did not see any change in Canada, when power was transferred by Conservatives to Liberals, or Harper left and Trudeau entered, it is same old same old, Police state.

We did not see any change in Quebec, when power was transferred by Jean Charest to Pauline Marois to Philippe Couillard, nothing changed, same old same old , Police state.

Blackmail is the only language the west or its so called democratic leaders understand, so India If you want something from the west against Pakistan, find out something about west and use it to blackmail them, WHITEMAN (WOMEN) understand only one language, BLACKMAIL. :-) but that would need some guts, :-)) A brown coward from India and guts are two separate things. :-) they can only screw themselves or their own, like they can only screw old helpless people in their late seventies and eighties.

And so called 17 intelligence agencies are busy doing this 24/7, fishing and collecting data for all future blackmails, so that they can keep their control and do what they want to do with this world turn it in to an Aleppo.

Understand it this way, when an elected Official as high as President agrees for sexual misconduct, that means he actually was stuck with something more devastating for a country then just sexual misconduct, so the agencies instead of raising it they bury it for the sake of national security and instead ask the person to accept some lessor crime like sexual misconduct. :-))

The reason why Hillary clinton has been so quite about sexual misconduct of her husband BillClinton, because she knows the truth, or she is ok with that kind of husband. :-))

The main reason why Hillary Clinton has been so desperate to take over Oval office, there were too many loose ends left dangling by Bill Clinton's presidency, which need some tiding up. :-)

Other Minor Kootas for Match making

Then there are other minor kutas which are normally not included in the Asta Kootas,

B V Raman:

Mahendra: - The constellation of the boy counted from that of the girl should be the 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd or 25th. This promotes well-being and increases longevity.

Example: - Mrigasira (constellation of the boy) is the 10th from DhanisnTa (girl's constellation). Hence good.

Stree-Deergha: - The boy's constellation should preferably be beyond the 9th from that of the girl. According to some authorities the distance should be more than 7 constellations.

Exception: - This consideration may be ignored if Rasi Kuta and Graha Maitri are obtained.

Example: - Mrigasira is beyond 9 constellations from Dhanishta. Hence agreement in regard to Stree-Deergha is present.

Rajju: This indicates the strength or duration of married life and therefore it merits attention. The 27 constellations have been grouped into five types of Rajju.

Padarajju. - Aswini, Aslesha, Makha, Jyeshta. Moola. Revati.
Katirajju. - Bharani, Pushyami, Pubba, Anuradha, Poorvashadha, Uttarabhadra.
Nabhi or Udararajju. - Krittika, Punarvasu, Uttara, Visakha, Uttarashadha, Poorvabhadra.
Kantarajju. - Rohini, Aridra Hasta. Swati. Sravana, and Satabhisha.
Sirorajju. - Dhanishta, Chitta and Mrigasira.

The Janma Nakshatras of the couple should not fall in the same rajju. If they fall in Sira (head) husband's death is likely; if in Kantha (neck) the wife may die; if in Udara (stomach) the children may die; if in KatI (waist) poverty may ensue; and if in Pada (foot) the couple may be always wandering. Hence, it is desirable that the boy and the girl have constellations belonging to different rajjus or groups.

Vedha: - This means affliction. Certain constellations are capable of affecting or afflicting certain other constellations situated at particular distances from them; For instance, Aswini is said to cause Vedha to 18th constellation (viz., Jyeshta) from it; Bharani to the 16th (viz., Anuradha) and so on.

The following pairs of constellations affect each other and, therefore, no marriage should be brought about between a boy and girl whos Janma Nakshatras belong to the same pair unless the are other relieving factors.

Aswini and Jyeshta; Bharani and Anuradha; Krittika and Visakha; Rohini and Swati; Aridra and Sravana Punarvasu and Uttarashadha; Pusayami and Poorvashadha; Aslesha and Moola; Makha and Revati; Pubba and Uttarabhadra; Uttara and Poorvabhadra; Hasta and Satabhisha, Mrigasira and Dhanishta. In our example, the constellations of the couple (Mrigasira and Dhanishta) belong to the prohibited pair and hence Vedhakuta is absent

Exceptions: B V Raman:

We shall now give certain contingencies arising by virtue of common Janma Rasi, common birth star and the absence of certain Kutas.

(1) The absence of Stree-Deerga may be ignored if Rasi Kuta add Graha Maitri are present.

(2) If the Rasi of the girl is odd, the 6th and 8th Rasis there from are friendly. If the Rasi of the girl is even the 2nd and 12th therefrom become friendly. The evil due to the birth of the bride in a Rakshasa gana star may be ignored if Janma Rasi being 2nd and 12th, 9th and 5th or 6th and 8th, the lords of the Rasis are the same or are mutual friends.

(3) Though Graha Maitri is by far the most important, it need not be considered if the couple have their Janma Rasis disposed in one and seven from each other.

(4) Rajju Kuta need not be considered in case Graha Maitri, Rasi, Dina and Mahendra Kutas are present.

(5) The evil due to Nadi Kuta can be ignored subject to the following conditions: -

(a) The Rasi and Rajju Kuta prevail,

(b) The same planet is lord of the Janma Rasis of both the male and the female,

(c) The lords of Janma Rasis of the couple are friends.

In many cases, the Janma Rasis of the Janma Nakshatras of the bride and bridegroom would be the same. Attention is paid by astrological writers to such exceptions and we shall throw some light on them for the edification of our readers.

Common Janma Rasi. - Views differ as regards the results accruing from the Janma Rasis being common.

According to Narada, common Janma Rasi would be conducive to the couple provided they are born in different constellations.

Garga opines.that under the above circumstance, the asterism of the boy should precede that of the girl if the marriage is to prove happy.

In case the reverse holds good (Stree-purva), i.e. the constellation of the girl precedes that of the boy, the alliance should be rejected. This view is supported by other sages, viz. Brihaspathi and Bhrigu. In fact, the author of Muhurtha Thathwa goes to the extent of saying that in cases of common Janma Rasi, provided the man's constellation is preceding the girl's, the Kutas or adaptability need not be applied at all.

Common Janma Nakshatra. - This is a further extension of the principle of common Janma Rasi. The Janma Nakshatras of the bride and bridegroom, being one and the same, are approved in case of Rohini, Aridra, Makha, Hasta, Visakha, Sravana. Uttarabhadra and Revati.

The effect would be ordinary if the common Janma Nakshatras are Aswini, Krittika, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Pushya, Pubba. Uttara. Chitta, Anuradha, Poorvashadha and Uttarashadha, Bharani, Aslesha. Swati, Jyeshta, Moola, Dhanishta, Satabhisha and Poorvabhadra happening to be common Janma Nakshatras are not recommended.

Here again certain ancient authors hold that even though the Janma Nakshatras are same, the evil becomes nullified if the Padas are different. If the Janma Nakshatra belongs to two signs (e.g., Krittika) the Pada of the bride should relate to the preceding sign.

For example, if Krittika is the common Janma Nakshatra, the bride should have her Janma Rasi in Mesha and the bridegroom in Vrishabha. If, however, the common Janma Nakshatra belongs to two signs equally (e.g., Mrigasira, Chitta, etc.) the sign for the first two quarters should be that of the bridegroom.

The couple should not have the same Janma Rasi, same Janma Nakshatra and Pada. However, in regard to Satabhisha, Hasta, Swati. Aswini, Krittika, Poorvashadha, Mrigasira and Makha, the evil given rise to by virtue of common Janma Rasi, Nakshatra and Pada gets cancelled if the couple are born in the first quarter.

Destructive Constellations:

There is a strong belief among old schoolers that four Nakshatras bring certain negative elements to the Marriage, particularly Moola, Aslesha, Jestha, and Vishaka.

Mooladou swasuram hanti vyaladouca bhidhankanamJyeshtadou jyeshtajam hanti visakhantecha devaram

Source of this shloka: Still finding

Meaning: Moola causes harm to Husbands Father, Aslesha causes harm to Husbands mother,
Jyestha causes harm to Husbands Elder Brother, Visakha causes harm to Husbands younger brother.

Please don't read this and start wailing, but with out reason there is no such thing which prevails, it needs to be studied and needs data of people with such Constellations and If anything happened to the family members of the Husband. :-)

B V Raman: Destructive constellations with regards to marriage (arranged where horoscopes are matched by families)

There is a belief current amongst the public that girls born in certain constellations cause the death of certain relatives.

For instance, a girl born in Visakha is said to bring about the destruction of her husband's younger brother so that parents generally try to find out a bridegroom who does not have a younger brother. Even when there are other merits in the horoscope, it is rejected on the simple ground that the girl is born in Visakha. This is entirely due to ignorance of the real astrological factors governing such considerations. Only certain Padas or quarters should be held inauspicious and not the entire constellation. Thus, in regard to Visakha, only the last quarter is evil and not the first three.

Therefore a girl born in the first three quarters of Visakha should not be considered to bring misfortune to her husband's younger brother.

Similarly, the boy or girl born in the first quarter of Moola is to be rejected as it is said to cause the death of the father-in-law. The last three quarters of Moola are benefical.

A girl born in Jyeshta is said to cause evil to her husband's elder brother. Almost all authors agree that (certain parts of) Moola, Astesha, Jyeshta and Visakha are destructive constellations - Moola (first quarter) for husband's father; Aslesha (first quarter) for husband's mother; Jyeshta (first quarter) for girl's husband's elder brother; and Visakha (last quarter) for husband's younger brother.

Remedy to neutralise the evil of certains negative traits of a horoscope.

1) Proper Mahuratha.

B V Raman:

Electing a Time for Marriage

Ordinarily almost every Indian Panchanga gives important dates and times for celebrating marriages. The reader cannot rely on them as most of the dates given would not be free from important flaws. Moreover, the marriage dates selected would generally be in accordance with local usages.

For instance, a Tamilian would not mind marriage being performed in lunar month of Ashadha (provided the Sun has not entered Cancer). But strong objection is taken to this by people living in Andhra and Karnataka. Apart from this, there is universal agreement all over India as regards the time, weekday, constellation and planetary positions to be obtained at the time of marriage.

I am giving below the most standard methods employed by scholars, warranted by experience and sanctioned by the ancient sages.

The lunar months of Magha, Phalguna, Vaisakha and Jyeshta are good. Kartika and Margasira are ordinary. The rest are not auspicious. Some sages opine that marriages can be celebrated in Pushya and Chaitra provided the Sun is in Capricorn and Aries respectively.

The following lunar days, viz., from the 11th day (dark half) to New Moon, Riktha Thithis, 8th, 12th and 6th should be rejected. The best lunar days are the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 13th (of the bright half).

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the best. Sunday and Saturday are middling. And Tuesday should be invariably rejected.

The best asterisms are Rohini, Mrigasira, Makha, Uttara, Hasta, Swati, Anuradha, Moola, Uttarashadha, Uttarabhadra and Revati. The first quarter of Makha and Moola and the last quarter of Revati are inauspicious and they should be rejected. Constellations not mentioned here are unsuitable and they should be avoided.

The following yogas should be rejected: Vyatipata, Dhruva, Mrityu, Ganda, Vajra, Soola, Vishkambha, Atiganda, Vyaghata and Parigha.

Vishtikarana must invariably be discarded.

Among the zodiacal signs Gemini, Virgo and Libra are the best. Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius are middling. The rest are inauspicious.

In the election of a Muhurtha for marriage, as many of the 21 doshas (already mentioned) as possible should be avoided. The most important considerations however are (a) The 7th house must be unoccupied by any planet, (b) Mars should not be in the 8th, (c) Venus should not be in the 6th, {d) the Lagna should not be hemmed in between malefics, (e) malefics should not occupy Lagna. and (f) the Moon in the election chart should have no association with any other planet.

Apart from the above, the usual Tarabala, Panchaka. etc., should be looked into. Elsewhere are given certain combinations which are supposed to neutralise adverse influeces. As far as possible, such combinations should be applied to secure a really propitious moment. Jupiter, Mercury or Venus in Lagna, malefics in the 3rd or 11th, would constitute a formidable force in rendering the Lagna strong. The following are some of the combinations which are supposed to fortify the marriage election chart: -

(1) Jupiter in the ascendant, Venus in the 8th and the Sun in the 11th - Mahendra Yoga.
(2) Venus in Lagna. Jupiter in the 10th and the Sun and Mercury in the 11th-Vishnu Priya Yoga.
(3) Venus in the 2nd, Jupiter in the 12th, the Sun in the 8th and Saturn in the 6th - Sreenatha Yoga.
(4) Venus in Lagna, Jupiter in the 4th, Mercury in the 2nd and Saturn in the 11th - Samudra Yoga.
(5) Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in Lagna - Vijaya Yoga.
(6) Venus and Jupiter in Lagna elevated or otherwise strong - Jaya Yoga.
(7) Saturn in the 3rd, Jupiter in the 6th, the Sun in the 10th and Mars in the 11th - Pushya Yoga.
(8) Mars in the 3rd, Saturn in the 6th, Venus in the 9th, Jupiter in the 12th - Maharshi Yoga.
(9) Venus in Lagna, Jupiter in the 11th - Ardhama Yoga.

Thus, it will be seen that the Hindus have devised an astrological means of judging marriage compatibility where by the relations between the couple may stand the strain of maladjustment. If astrological advises are properly heeded to. there will be fewer tragedies than at present and less marital infidelity.

Modern sexologists and sociologists will do well to study the theory behind the astrological rules bearing on marriage casting off their prejudices instead of criticizing and condemn the system.