Nov 28, 2016

Social Structures Canada/India/U S A

After living 16 years in Canada I think I can pen some thoughts about the social structure of Canada and I lived 34 years in India at various places I think I understand its social structure also, and since I visited USA couple of times and watch it live on CNN, I will give it a try, I might not be correct but it will be close to the truth.


Citizens above law:

Queen of England and her family.
Cowards from UK, and other power people from UK..
Cowards from all Law enforcement agencies, CSIS, CSE, RCMP, Police, etc.
Cowards and politicians from two political parties, Liberals, and Conservatives.

Citizens below Law:

Politicians from NDP, and Green party.

First Class Citizens: Pale skin English speaking, (This includes Jews and Christians also)
Second Class Citizens: Dogs, Cats, and other pets of the First class citizens, :-)
Third Class Citizens: Pale skin but from Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Russia, East Europe,
Fourth Class Citizens: Colored people married or living with Pale skin Canadians, Native people,
Fifth Class Citizens: Colored people whose skin color is fare, or have money,
Sixth Class Citizens: Colored people whose skin color is fare and have no money, Arabs,
Seventh Class Citizens: Colored people whose skin color is brown and have no money,( I am here)
Eighth Class Citizens: Dark Skin colored people from Africa who have money,
Ninth Class Citizens: Dark Skin colored people from Africa who have no money.
Tenth Class Citizens: Parents of all the fourth Class Citizens and below.
Eleventh Class Citizens: Parents of Immigrants from third world.
Twelth Class Citizens: People who live like Trash, otherwise called as homeless, each city has their
                                     share of homeless people (about 20,000 each) who are also given tickets by
                                     cops for sleeping in open or public spaces. :-)


Same as Canada, only difference is French speaking Citizens belong to third class citizens, and funny part is the french speaking pale person treates other lesser citizens with same contempt as he or she is treated by the English speaking pale person. :-)

In Canada/Quebec, this social structure is not free to change or inter convert, there are folks (cowards) who keep a strict vigil on this structure and they promote it at every level of the society and they fight tooth and nail to keep it that way.:-) while they do this they ask for human rights elsewhere.

They use Algerians, Angolans and dark skinned people from Cameroon and other countries to carry out the dirty work, etc.

Justice System: It is like a ON/OFF switch and is in total control of pale cowards who turn it ON or OFF depending on who is asking for justice. :-) and a judge can be a friend of any politician in power so knowledge of right and wrong is not the criteria.

Bottom Line: Canada/Quebec is a divided society strictly under surveillance and justice is completely denied to certain sections of the society, dogs and cats have better life and privilege in Canada, including better health care system. :-)) people go to other countries for health care.

And there are 6 million Dogs and 8 million Cats in Canada and only 5.6 Million Human Children.


Citizens above Law:

Pale skin citizens from west particularly UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,

Brown cowards connected to the pale cowards of the western countries listed above.

First Class Citizens: Politicians, Cinema Stars, Cricket players who have power and money

Citizens Below Law

Second Class Citizens: Fare skinned people from India with money and power, forward castes.

(My Father was born in this class)

Third Class Citizens: Brown and dark colored people from India with money and power,
Fourth Class Citizens: Dark colored people from south with money and power,
Fifth Class Citizens: Middle Class (Economy) people with little money and various castes,

a) Brahmin's, (Forward Caste)
b) Kshatriya, (Forward Caste) (I am born in this class) :-)
c) Backward Castes,
d) Lower Castes,

Sixth Class Citizens:Backward Class (Economy) people with hand to mouth existence,

a) Brahmin's, (Forward Caste)
b) Kshatriya, (Forward Caste) (My Mother was born into this class)
c) Backward Castes,

Seventh Class Citizens: Scheduled Class people who got educated and could avail reservations,
Eighth Class Citizens: Scheduled tribe people who got educated and could avail reservations,
Ninth Class Citizens: Scheduled Class people who lack education and live in slums,
Tenth Class Citizens: Scheduled tribe people who lack education and live in villages and forests,
Eleventh Class Citizens: Parents of Indians who live or work in West.
Twelfth Class Citizens: Street Dogs, all over India, :-))
Thirteenth Class Citizens: People who live like trash.(about 400 millions of them)

In India also: There are people in the top classes who fight tooth and nail to keep this social structure and in fact government of India had legitimized this system in all its universities, government offices, public sectors and political parties, only the private sector is kind of free from it but they are mostly caste based businesses. :-)

And they use lowest caste people from the slums to carry out all their dirty work.

Justice System: It is in proper place but citizens above law are generally exempted from punishment, but there has been cases who were imprisoned but released with much ease, and anyone with money can delay the justice for infinite years, citizens living in cities are subjected to harsh law If they belong to second class and below, Citizens living in Rural areas are subjected to harsh law depending on which caste they belong as the village head who is normally from a forward caste rules, and police keeps a strict vigil on backward class people both economically and caste wise and are the one who are always on the receiving end, and the thirteenth class citizens are always forgotten and ignored like they don't exist. (400 millions of them).

Bottom Line: India is highly divided society, it is a complex matrix of Religion, Caste, Class, and Creed, where certain sections of people are completely ignored or denied any form of governance leave alone justice, there are unaccounted number of street dogs, (about 100 near my mothers home alone) all over India they could be around 200 ot 300 million but Cats are missing from India Society. (Cats are considered sin transfer agents, they do this with their tails)

U S A:

Citizens Above Law:

Cowards from 17 Intelligence agencies, FBI, Local Police stations all over USA,

Pale skin Citizens of U S A from Democrats or Republicans who ever is in power,
Pale skin Citizens of  U S A from Democrats or Republicans who ever is in opposition.

Citizens Below Law:

First Class Citizens: Pale skin people with money, power and guns,
Second Class Citizens: Pale skin people with money and guns,
Third Class Citizens: Pale skin people with guns,
Fourth Class Citizens: Pale skin people with life, and priority, (Jews and Christians belong here)
Fifth Class Citizens: Dogs and Pets of all the above, :-))
Sixth Class Citizens: Asians, Chinese, Latinos, with money and little power.
Seventh Class Citizens: Asians, Chinese, Latinos with struggle, hand to mouth,
Eighth Class Citizens: Dark Skinned people from Africa with Money and  power,
Ninth Class Citizens: Dark Skinned people from Africa with nothing but guns,
Tenth Class Citizens: Dark skinned people with nothing,
Eleventh Class Citizens: All Illegal immigrants who are exploited with low wages and hard work.
Twelfth Class Citizens: Parents of Immigrants from third world countries living or working in U S A.
Thirteenth Class Citizens: Guantanamo bay. :-)
Fourteenth Class Citizens: People who live like Trash, otherwise called as homeless, each city has
                                            their share of homeless people (about 20,000 each) who are also given
                                            bullets by cops for sleeping in open or public spaces. :-)

In U S A: Pale skinned people from Law enforcement agencies use guns to silence or carry out the dirty work.

Justice system: It is like a ON/OFF switch which is on government control so it s ON or OFF depending on who is asking for justice, and the judge can be a republican or a democrat. :-)

Bottom Line: U SA is also a divided society and more complex then Canada, and Justice is denied to certain sections of society based on their skin color, and they might be jailed for very small small offences like jay walking while criminals with pale skin might get a very big leash.
Saudi Arabia is Easy,

Above Law:

Kings, and their male family members,

Below Law:

Women folks of Kings and other male family members,

People born in Saudi Arabia,

Pale skin people from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.


Immigrants from third world countries, :-))

I am not sure where the pets like Dogs and Cats (big) fall in this structure, may be above Law.:-)

Justice System; Islamic Sharia Law for women, and people, but Kings and Men of Kings family are exempted.

Bottom Line: Deeply divided and segregated for two sections Kings and people, very harsh sharia law for people and women.

I have no idea If they keep dogs and cats or other pets but on Instagram few videos of rich Arabs with Cheetah and other big cats as pets are available on internet.


Nov 24, 2016

Elections USA 2016-Backlash

It seems the people who thought Hillary Clinton would win hands down given to all the negative propaganda by Media (CNN/BBC/CBC TV) and government sectors, even cartoons were 90% against Donald Trumps, Satire TV shows 100% against Donald Trump, :-) but now everything is over and it seems Donald Trump is slowly turning USA into USA Inc. :-) even though the feeling still exists that Hillary Clinton should have won, :-) I am not sure how she earned that entitlement. :-)

I think If California and Virginia votes are recounted he might get close to 340 electoral votes.

And one thing very sad is Blacks, Latinos and Asians were/are on the wrong side like always, :-))

My neighbour Algerian is still very upset due to Hillary Clintons loss. :-)) I am not sure what connection they have in common.

May be he wants bombing in his country or more interferance in his home country.

Democrats should understand that Hillary Clintons chapter was over in 2008 itself, when Obama from out of the blue took the nomination, that should have been the clear indication that Hillary stood no chance to enter white house. :-)

What will a misdirected Algerian do to change that, noise does not change anything. :-) If it had any impact on how we think and act then les misearable cowards have been making noise for the last 12 years from Algerians apartment. :-))

But wishful thinking is also something that keeps people hopeful and yes one should not loose hope, because already our lives in the west are under the control of mesearable cowards electronic gadgets and on top of that If you loose hope then there is no hope. :-))


Dusta Lochana (Evil Eye)-Aura Pollution

Evil Eye (Dusta Lochana): It is so unscientific to say some one has an evil eye and someone does not, actually the science we understand, or which is taught and which is distributed as man kinds greatest gift to the future generations is incomplete, we don't understand more then 90% of the nature, and ourselves. :-)

But in some cultures like India, it is a normal thing to talk about, parents keeping their children away from evil eyes, and funny thing is sometimes those evil eyes can be of parents themselves, family members, teachers, neighbours, and of course strangers.

Mostly the EVIL EYE happens when someone appreciates someones abilities, looks, intelligence etc. and it effects children very strongly they become dull, sick, lethargic, adults also are effected but to a lessor extent depending on mental strength of that individual, :-) I feel the negative energy immediately when it reaches me, :-) now a days it is little too much and all the time, :-)) so I have other means of neutralizing them.

As a kid, every time we would come back from any social function I would appear very dull and sleepy, so my father would do one simple thing before sleeping, clean the aura with little table salt,
:-) to ward off the effects of evil eye, there is immediate relief and one starts to feel fresh again, so in my home it was a daily ritual before sleeping, all children, mother and even father himself would clean the aura with table salt. :-)

It makes sense also, chemically table salt is Sodium chloride, and Sodium is strongest electropositive element and Chloride is strongest electronegative element, and it is same Sodium which binds with all the dirt and grime in the washing machine.

I am not sure I wrote about the 10 different minds that help various functions of our body, one mind is dedicated to our eye lids, one to yawning, one to sneezing, one for our breathing and heart functions, one for digestion and assimilation, one for reproductive and defecation, one to circulatory and immunity functions, one to entire body energy and blood flow, one for life force in the entire body, and one controls the aura, there are names for each one of them but that is not important, so when various energies emanating from various individuals clash through sight, touch, smell, they tend to cause changes in its constitution causing various negative to positive effects, evil eye is a negative effect caused to a week individual by an individual with strong negative energies.

In our culture it is called "Amsa", meaning one need to be born in such and such amsa to get certain things as a gift or as a curse, evil eye is a curse, it is like being born in Arudra, Satabisha and Swati Nakshatra which gives natural ability for clairvoyance.

Ability to see ghosts or wandering souls with out a body,
Ability to hear or listen to wandering ghosts or wandering souls with out a body,
Ability to cast evil eye,

There are so many abilities that come with a certain amsa, and one has to be born in those amsa to get those abilities.

Few people also called them Archetypes, so If you are a certain archetype then with out much efforts you can do what that Archetype is able to, e.g. Krishna is a archetype, and Krishna is known for magic, or maya, or illusion, is attractive to women, is powerful due to his yogic abilities, etc.

In case salt does not work to clean the aura of the negative vibes from an evil eye, then red pepper, black pepper, can be used which later are burned, ordinary red pepper would burn with out much commotion, but red pepper which had absorbed all the negative vibes would burn with so much commotion, one can see the evil eye and its negatives effects physically.

Then there are people who think once red pepper is used to clean some one's aura If consumed would effect the person who consumed it, it would certainly pollute some part of one of the minds, but eventually it gets cleaned, but the aura effected by a direct dhristi (sight) it is some times deadly,which also means that it is not just the sight, there is more to it, intention laced with an evil eye, and more.

This is the reason people should keep their children protected from evil eyes particularly in social gatherings where parents often compare their children with other children, to ward off Evil Eye a black spot is put on the face of the child as a distraction, and I think it works. :-) I have a natural black spot on my forehead. :-)

Most of the times people who buy lottery tickets as a group never win anything, because the luck of a lucky person gets diluted due to unlucky people in the group, it is rare that a group of people win a lottery ticket, :-) If it happens then it will be a great coincidence or total manipulation. :-) same way the Evil Eye dilutes the chances of winning anything, If you are a Evil Eye then please ask for divine help and get rid of the negative vibes, basically it is the intention which needs a total review.

My Education is Masters in Organic Chemistry, 6 years research in organic synthesis and 15 years in pharmaceuticals in R&D and other departments, :-) but I am open to any ideas and beliefs and convictions, which might help us understand the nature in its totality.

Nov 21, 2016

It is all about control-II, via Black Mailing

It  seems it is very shameful to be a part of any political party because the way people are hiding their affiliations to the political parties, be it Liberal, Conservative, Republicans and democrats, even NDP, :-) are they involved in shameful activities that they can not reveal their political affiliations,

Then there are people who can not travel alone in a lift of a building, :-) or can not sit straight while a flight takes off, are trying to install fear in people.

When I was a 3 year old, my father was posted 2000 km away and my mother was busy with my younger siblings, one of them with dysfunctional legs and My mother had a Cesarean, and my elder brother who was 3 years senior to me was in his school, and my Maternal and Paternal Grand Mothers were nasty women, who would not let me come anywhere near them, both had there own reasons, but my elder brother was their darling grandson, so in such a situation, I would be loitering the streets alone for the entire day till evening. :-)) and this wandering alone became a habit as I grew up.

Then there are people (Bitch from hell) who are talking big now but a decade back she could not sit in a meeting with the CEO of a small scale pharmaceutical company, which had no product, no sales, and no research, :-) and she called herself bitch from hell, :-) just because she misused people for fun or for fraudulent activities. :-)

Frustration of Indian Brown Cowards:

The Indian brown cowards took all their frustration through a movie directed by Anurag Kashyap, I think the title of the movie is Raman Raghav, :-) but it is good to know they also have frustrations, :-) because It is difficult to see frustrations in earthworms. :-)

Under Cong-I Indian Brown Cowards destroyed all my relations and tried to isolate me, all that hard work was done for some Bitch from hell they don't even know her, :-) and after 5 to 6 years of hard work and success, now they are trying to find some one who can connect with me, :-) actually Indian Brown Cowards should connect with Bitch from hell (Ruth) or Leech the Demon (Dominic) because these two are responsible for all the mess, and they are experts in creating mess not only in their lives but also in other peoples lives, :-)) so If Indian Brown Cowards are looking for mess, these are the two experts they should connect with.

Freedom from foreign pressure is only possible If they disconnect from the international network of puppet cowards, or keep changing the people who connect with the foreign  puppet cowards.

To Blackmail: Bitch from and hell (Ruth) and Leech the Demon (Dominic)

One should contact the owner of the company named Oxo Chemie in Switzerland, poor fellow it seems was looted of his shares by these women and for this deceptive work Leech was paid 75000$ all black money in 2004, which she used to pay of her car. I think given the mentality of Leech the demon, she must have spent a night with the guy to loot all his shares and for that service she was paid 75000$ by Bitch from hell, though the accounts show she invested 5 millions USD in Oxo Chemie shares, the story is something else and I am not sure the WF10 ever came into the market as a remedy for Cancer and HIV.

This is something which can be used to blackmail Bitch from hell, there are more, :-) after all she is 75 years old, and all her life she had tried only short cuts to get rich, so she is book of fraud or fraudulent activities, then she repeated the same exercise with Portugal based Jaba Pharmaceuticals.

Fiscal statement reads:

8 million from Issuance of debt and 5.2 millions from license agreements raised 132 Millions, :) it makes 13.2 millions and not 132 millions. :)

But the question is who will bell the bitch from hell ?? :-))

Puppet Narcissistic cowards, :-) they can only attack week innocent people who can not retaliate. :-) that too hiding from behind the walls with their electronic devices which are everywhere, thanks to people like Bitch from hell and Leech the demons, these electronic devices are everywhere. :-)

Whatever but one thing I am very sure, does not matter how hard she tries, she will eventually end up behind the bars, because all her life she was inclined towards crime as a means of getting rich and crime never pays.

Algerian neighbour:

The coward in Algerians apartment remains quite when the Algerian family leaves the apartment and bursts in to action (Noise) when they return, :-) it seems Algerian family got stuck with the Pale Narcissistic puppet cowards so they have to let their apartment for background noise.:-)

Pale Puppet Cowards approach everyone but me, :-) I was told by Leech the Demon (Dominic Selim) in 2003 Dec,  that some people will come to see me and other employees of Dimethaid Manufacturing Inc in Varennes, and they did meet all the employees except me, and after Dec 2003, all employee's behaviour changed, they behaved like they are being watched and were scared of small small things and one of them kept an axe near his chair, but no one came to see me, :-) even today not one pale puppet coward approaches me with anything thing, :-))) everything happens in the background in Algerians apartment it is like their nerve centre.:-) or on the streets or places I visit, which is mostly monkey business. :-)

The coward (Not the Algerian family) in this apartment (No 3) and the apartment (No 5) above it, knows which channel we are watching so he increases the background noise for every dialogue spoken or said in movies or TV Serials, or Ad films, News, Documentaries, and I am surprised he does not get tired that easily, right now he is beating the kitchen floor. :-))

Basically the noise they make when ever some bad is screened on TV, I am not sure what it means, does it mean something bad is happening to someone, or something bad has happened, or will happen, to whom, there are so many parameters, like to Bitch from hell, to Leech the demon, to cowards in Canada, in India, in USA, in UK, etc. During debates between Hillary and Donald Trump, he was hyper active. but Hillary Lost her election.

But some coward should at least approach me with something, :) with whatever problem they have, :)

It has been 12 years since I left that shitty pharmaceuticals in Varennes, Quebec, but it seems the puppet cowards (Organized for Liberals) are still not done with that Minority Vs Party Quebecois politics, as claimed by Jack Parizeau, because that was the purpose of that shitty pharmaceuticals then in 2001- 2005. but now If you see, I don't work there anymore, PQ is no more in power, Jack Parizeau is also not there, Bitch from Hell-Rebecca-Dominic fraudulent team is also not there. :-)

Only thing I feel through noise is Pale Puppet Cowards from the Algerians apartment, that is all, or the stupid cris crosser, slow drivers on the streets and high ways, :-) or people who have no idea what all this is about trying to ape someone whom I might not even know. :-)) like the two Sikh guys in my office.

For sometime I thought it was about political parties but no it is all about some power struggle some where by someone for something, I have no clue. :-)
Some more from past, India  Sep 1995 to 17 Mar 2001, IIL Chapter.

As I have already touched the topic of two Vets, Dr K Srinivas and Dr Anand Rao, One created a dubious email account to connect with Bitch from hell and the other dropped a letter with filthy misinformation, and all that was swallowed with out a thought by the Bitch from hell and company, I will tell you why.

My eye caught Bitch from hell kissing an employee square on his mouth, :-) and she also saw me watching her do this, :-) so she asked for references from India after the appointment letter was issued, actually I thought that was part of the culture, though I never tried. :-)) but before she kissed that employee there was another women who also did it, I could not see her face, may be it was Sin'D Carter. :-))  this caused some uneasiness in her behaviour every time she came across me, she must have thought I might consider her a loose sexual canon, :-) a

Pigeons in my apartment in Toronto,

Then there was this situation, when she called me my home in 2001 after 19 May, I was breathing so heavy, she asked me, what I was doing, I told her cleaning pigeons crap, but since she knew that my wife and daughter had just arrived, :-) she might have thought, you know womens mind, but actually, the apartment I took from another Telugu guy who was moving to Guelph Ontario, belonged to a Telugu guy Mr Gopala Rao, who purchased a home and allowed new immigrants to take this apartment but had to pay the full rent (850$) to the landlord directly, so he was doing a social service, I could never thank him for that, and many people lived in this apartment on Kennedy mostly for short terms, Scarborough, Ontario, but no one ever bothered to open the balcony of the apartment on 7th floor, and the balcony for more then a decade was taken over by the pigeons, and the balcony had two feets of pigeon crap, I lived only two months in that apartment and I can't stand dirt or crap, my wife requested to clean it, so I cleaned it, washed it and made it useful again, I think 30 to 35 shopping bags of pigeon crap was lifted and thrown in the garbage shoot, it is then she called me, I was all out of any lung power and breathing very heavy. :-))

So the story of Vets from IIL, India.

Dr K Srinivas, his work place was not in good stature, though he was promoted year before, in his home his wife could not bear a child, so they have to resort to artificial insemination, :-) and then during regular medical checkups by the IIL, he was found to have Hepatitis C, which made him unfit for Immunological :-) and I had no such issues, :-) and he lived in the quarter diagonally opposite to mine, many times he spoke with my father-in-law also I never asked either of them what was it about. :-) but Dr Srinivas would run towards him and talk with him. :-)

Dr Anand Rao, though he was around 45 in 2001, but was treated like a doormat by his boss Dr Srinivasan, PhD in Vet, :-) so in year 2000 when Dr Anand Rao visited USA, :-) he took his bio data and circled around statue of liberty to find a job, :-)) someone told him to so for a job in USA, he wanted to run away from that situation he was in so badly, and when he returned from USA, he was taken to task by his boss for being a dud in USA as well, :-) so he was given a final task, his job was to pull me down before I would stand first again in the yearly assessment, I was standing first since 1997 till 2000, which was not liked by the Vet community, they wanted a Vet to stand first, :-) and in 2001 even before Dr Anand Rao could pull me down, I got my landing papers on 01 Jan 2001 for Canada, :-) OK, standing with above 90% for more then 3 years was a requirement to get promoted, and I did, then they changed the rule, and said from now the rule applies, I again did, they changed the rule again, :-) basically they dit not wanted me to get promoted as there were seniors.

So Dr Anand Rao paid the heavy price for not able to pull me down, Dr Srinivasan was blamed by the CEO team in the head office for loosing genius like me, :-)) so Dr Srinivasan has to kick somewhere and he kicked Dr Anand Rao.

Little more in Dr Srinivasan PhD, past.

He joined IIL as QC Asst Manager, and created lot of problems for the GM, what he would do is reject safety tests of vaccines, because he found little dung on the walls, :-)) each safety test required 17 cattle, that costs money and If for every batch of vaccine produced safety test is repeated, you can imagine the cost, so the GM was kicked out of the company for high costs by the top boss, and he was replaced by Dr Srinivasan as new GM, the top boss was Mr Barua a London bred brat, Mr Barua wrote in Dr Srinivasan's PR that he lacks administrative skills, so he could not become CEO, when Mr Barua left IIL in 1996, the year after I joined, :-) he put a young IIT educated from Tata group as CEO.

Bala Subramanium was a rascal in his own rights, :-) he tried to exploit all those employees who were not happy with Dr Srinivasan style of functioning, so the tiff between the old school and new geeks, I got stuck between them, :-) my style. ;)

Frustrated Dr Srinivasan, who had three or four brothers in USA, could not go to USA, because his education is not recognized by USA, he could not become CEO, Barua spoiled it, He had a daughter who had a tumour in her brain, and he had a wife who wanted to be a high flying socialite, so frustrated Dr Srinivasan created a system to avoid someone replacing him, minimum 7 year strict promotion policy irrespective of performance, and most peoples probation was extended over and over again, but he kept close relation with toppest boss, Ms Patel of NDDB, that saved him from problems, and worked as brakes for Bala Subramanium and his team of geeks, who wanted to occupy IIL.

And here I was who made Dr Srinivasan so impressed with my work that even he wanted to promote me after my probation of 1 year, so he called old boys who were hanging with thin threads for years with out any promotion or growth and in front of them he quipped, little more effort and I would promote you, while giving me my probation confirmation on time, this is in a situation where everyone else had their probation's extended repeatedly, but I felt that actually he was telling the old boys what are you doing, how come he is able to even work here, do something about it or I will promote him and he might surpass you guys, and the old boys worked over time on me and the promotion never came in 6 years.

In 1997, The new team of Bala Subramanium offered a post in international marketing for internal candidates with promotion, I wrote the exam, then interview followed, and I was selected, my name was listed on the notice board, :-) the promotion was in my hands because it was already listed, and many started to literally cry and Dr Srinivasan threw his spanner and the Bala Subramanium team back tracked and refused to give me the promotion, again, and offered 5 increments instead, which I refused and I remained in QC under Dr Srinivasan, :-) so you can imagine, :-) I have done these kinds of things many many times, but the bloody promotion never came to me in 16 years of my pharmaceutical career.

As a result of this mess, the negotiating Personal Manager had to leave IIL,:-) another frustrated man, his Canadian immigration application was refused because his 4 year old son was handicapped, he left with heavy heart and joined coca cola and suggested that for me only Canada is the right place. :-)) he did not visit Canada so he had no idea. ;-)

So now I was faced with a situation where Dr Srinivasan and his team of managers and officers stood against me, it was kind of open non cooperation, and they saw me as a traitor, who dared to cross, :-) and Bala Subramanium and his team except one, saw me as an opportunity, :-)

I regained back my position and kicked ass because that was the only option, and reached again for promotion, this time both sides were against me, and  I was also the general secretary of the employees club in 1999, actually this was given to me to tarnish my image, because they knew that in my work I would not give them a single opportunity, but they had no idea, I made Dr Srinivasan praise me all around the company for my work in office and in the club on 31 Dec 1999, so things once again were looking up but Dr Anand Rao, Dr Srinivas, and many more all Senior to me by years were continuously attacking at every opportunity to which he again succumbed, and he wanted me to join his team of puppets who were treated by him like doormats, I refused to be a puppet so I ruled my little kingdom with hyenas all around me looking for an opportunity to pull me down, (but most  lower cadre employees in all departments loved it, they were all with me).

Then came a new factory manager, and Dr Srinivasan and his team prepared him for me, they told him I was the only hurdle towards a comfortable life ever after, :-)), he did not tell me others did, one of them K Rama Rao said, it is only days, we don't have to do anything, the factory manager will take care of him now, and from the day one he started attacking me, but he was an experienced man in his late 50's, it took him few weeks to realize that it was me who was on the right track and not them, because I never played politics with my work, my company and my employees, so he joined me and we together kicked ass, :-) K Rama Rao was having nightmares about me kicking his ass, it was a joke making rounds about him and me, people would ask me, one more kick and he will be out of the campus, but I always kept my humility, he was 15 years senior to me and I gave him all the help he needed but he was working for the MD of my first company, which means he was paid for his services, that is another interesting story, whatever, it was only for a year or two but the two sides pulled the factory manager down using Ms Patel of NDDB, I left for Canada in Mar 2001, he left a week later.

(Thank goodness there were no women directly involved), there was one indirectly involved who worked with Dr Srinivas, she was also a Vet Dr Sheela, she left for USA in 2000 as her family lived there, and her probation was also extended due to poor performance, this women did not like, me hosting a 1st birthday party of my first daughter in a hotel in Dec 1996, :-) thought my probation was cleared on time before the party in Sep 1996, still she felt I was doing it to gain influence and she did not join the party, so did Dr Srinivasan, and Dr Anand Rao. :-)

I donated blood to a baby relative of Dr Anand Rao when he asked for help, :-) she did well after the surgery, :-) then I donated blood to another rascals wife when she needed blood, :-) people asked for my blood as reference, because my blood was considered very clean with out any toxins etc.:-)

So when I left India, there were lot of folks who wanted revenge for many flimsy reasons , mostly because they got kicked back in their political games, and stupid Bitch from hell provided that opportunity to every asshole in India to take their revenge and they used Canadian pale cowards indirectly. :-)

Bitch from hell asked for Indian references after she checked Canadian references, (who were later used by Bitch from hell to spy on me,) :-)), and gave me the signed appointment letter, so I had to give Dr Srinivasan's name, and MD of my first company, Mundala M Reddy, another rich asshole who worked for 5 years after I left his company, to pull me down in IIL through K Rama Rao-Saidappa, was also waiting for an opportunity to take revenge. :-)

His story sometime else.:-)) i.e. June 1990 to 1995 Sep. Virchows Chapter, India, this has more filmy happenings, :-) when I joined IIL I was already experienced to deal with assholes, :-) I learned in Virchows. :-))

Nov 14, 2016

It is all about control- I via Blackmailing

So after observing the pale cowards nerve center, yes, my neighbour, the Algerians apartment, I conclude that all this monkey business has nothing to do with any political party or politician, it has to do with some outfit in Montreal, I call them cowards.


This weekend it was all left, right, left , right, left, right, left, right and then few electronic kisses also, (Sharp pointed itch on your cheeks) sometimes left and sometimes right, that's all, right now the coward in this apartment is pacing from one end of the apartment to another apartment as I type, what ever it means, I have no clue.

So only conclusion I can draw is the Narcissistic cowards have lost their minds completely, so all that is being produced from that f'ed up brain is mixed noises.

Now he is running water in the bath tub, this is 1:36 pm in afternoon, I am home, doing nothing, just waiting for some calls, If they call they ask for a price and then they change this and that, and then they make me wait for few days, :-) and they vanish with out a trace, not just ordinary folks, but even University professors are doing, all under the spell of Narcissistic mindless and brainless cowards influence.

Yesterday we were watching a Amitabh Bachhan Movie, Pink, and in this movie it is highlighted why women do not support women, and why men end up taking advantage of women, while we were watching this movie, the coward in my neighbours apartment was very disturbed for 15 minutes, he kept throwing things every where and then left. :-)

Then I was thinking, when Sonia Gandhi was heading the Cong-I government and Shiela Dixit was CM of Delhi, there were too many and too frequent rapes in Delhi and all over the world India was highlighted as rape capital, now ever since Mr Modi in Center and Mr Kejriwal is CM of Delhi, rapes are not happening, like I said where ever and when ever a women is a head under her only women suffer. :-)

Hillary Clinton also lost because of these two women, One was directly responsible and the other indirectly responsible.

The one who was directly responsible had some 25,000$ hidden in Luxembourg. :-) and more in Mexico and Switzerland, I guess all black. :-) and she is indirectly responsible for discontinuation of 500 and 1000 Rs denominations in India by Mr Modi, :-) because I brought Rs 22,000 (440$) from my pension account in 2015, all were Rs 500, denominations and the network of cowards must be having a recorded video about this in India, taken by Indian brown cowards, :-) I was counting  22,000 Rs in my mother's bedroom directly under the electronic gadget in her home on 20 Nov 2016, that is when my mother passed away. :-) ( I think this would not be enough to blackmail me) :-)))

OK, Let me bring the cat out of the bag, whatever since 17 March, 2001, was created, circulated and distributed by everyone involved in India, Canada, USA, and may be UK, :-)) all this was created by one man, his name is Dr K Srinivas, a Veterinarian, reason is jealousy, he wanted to take my place in Indian Immunologicals Ltd, in Hyderabad, India, because he was doing nothing and was given a lame small one room lab with almost no work but he was paid more then me and was promoted and transferred from Ooty to Hyderabad a year before I joined IIL in 1995 and here after a lot of hard work I had created a small kingdom of mine and I was in the limelight, he just wanted to take my place and rule that kingdom created by me, and at the same time transfer me to Ooty Plant, but after lot of lobbying by him and his boss (Dr. K Anand Rao Vet, this guy visited Pfizer in Toronto in 2001 along with another Vet Dr Kamraj, I think the one on Birchmount road, which leads directly to Markham where our company headquarter was and they together dropped a letter in Markham office with all that Bitch from hell and her pets are looking for.) :-) it was a mischief, and Dr K Srinivas  could not take my place and meantime I left India in Mar 2001, even after I left he could not take that place. :-)), he and his boss got kicked out of IIL and they both joined National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India, and later I came to know that Dr K Srinivas was brought back to IIL by Indian Brown cowards as a spy, That's all so he took vengeance for his pathetic life, I did not give much thought to it then, because I was leaving India and I though west is more pragmatic, but unfortunately I found west more narrow minded then Indians, :-) Particularly the old pale women.  Tch! Tch! Tch! and now The west is stuck in Algerians arse. :-))

And given the condition of Narcissistic pale cowards mind and the two Narcissistic sisters mind, it is very difficult for them to get out of Algerians Arse. :-))

Homeless black Man,

A homeless black man has been visiting the Christmas Tree next to my apartment and using it as his urinating spot while smoking, :-)  I guess even this is some game for Hillary Clinton or Bitch from hell, or just another coward with deranged mind.

This is apart from broken bottles, Cigarettes butts, Condoms, being thrown near my apartment,

Today I saw him with his three other smokers, one women, :-)) He is not a homeless man, he is one of the School bus drivers for Summit School on Rue Grenet. :-))  He said sorry again, but he was upset that I did not listen to him why he had to pee on the christmas tree, :-))))) 

Hillary Clinton should have prepared little more, :-) and not loose her election, because with such backing from current government in USA,Canada and UK, and the entire coward community in USA, Canada if she lost her election, and the media CNN/CBC/BBC and many more :-))  either Mr Donald Trump is a superman, or she is a total dud.

 Because with such backing a lamp post should have won. :-)

Now what will Algerian family do more then making some noise.
Flood lights on Summit School, Quebec, (Summits schools are for chromosomally challenged people)

For more then a month the flood lights installed on Summit School in Saint Laurent, On Rue Grenet, have been ON all night, particularly one big white flood light, though I wrote many times to the responsible people in Summit School, it seems they are helpless, the lights are automatically controlled by some people not connected with the Summit School.

These were taken by me on 19 OCT 2016, the lights are ON all night till early morning, leaving our bedrooms well lit.

This one taken 13 Nov 2016,

I am not sure why the flood lights are focused on our residential buildings, all night.

In Saint Laurent, Quebec,

Then my neighbor who is also  proxy for someone I guess Leech the demon, keeps his balcony so clean that I could not resist taking a picture.

This is not Africa, this is Saint Laurent, Quebec, where there are so many bylaws but it seems none are followed because of the two women shown above. :-)))

Rue Decelles, Near Ecole Saint Germain, Saint Laurent, Quebec.

Parking for visitors was available for 10 minutes, few slots were available, then two guys from STM changed it and now the entire right side of the Rue Decelles is reserved for two Autobus which pick up kids to Cote Vertu metro.

Otherwise the traffic during 3:00 to 3:30 pm is like this.

So when the traffic is so tight during 3:00 to 3:30 pm, then parents were given traffic tickets by watching the dash cam on wandering police cars, :-) so actually the two guys from STM solved the problem by totally removing the parking for the visitors.

I will write about the Municipal court drama in Saint Laurent in another post. :-)

Algerian the proxy:

Well the entire cowards community in Montreal is resting on the small shoulders of one Algerian, this morning he was summoned in a hurry, so he ran like a 10 year old kid, :-) it has been always like this for the past 16 years, and in reality there is nothing there, only mischief. :-)

Tch! Tch! Tch!

But all cowards in Montreal and elsewhere should know that even they are proxies, to whom they will have to figure out themselves. :-))

Newtons third Law.

Nov 9, 2016

2016, U S A Elections results and some interesting facts.

So once again Hillary Clinton falls with her own mistakes and her badly designed campaign, which always showed that they are more concerned about Donald Trump then what she can do for U S A, basically we always heard Donald Donald Donald from both sides. :-))

And Deception was her Mantra, :-) and Deception never works, it might bring in some short term benefits but long term, never, don't believe me ask the LES MISERABLE COWARDS DU MONTREAL DU QUEBEC DU CANADA. :-) they know it very well. :-) they have learned the hardest way possible, few more neurons are left.

They plan something in the morning and fail in the evening, this they have been repeating for the last 15 years as far as my knowledge is concerned. :-)  but they don't learn, in fact they try very hard to teach this technique of loosing to countries like India and Pakistan. :-))

YES! you guessed it right they are mostly women, :-) one such women, Bitch from hell, it seems promised Hillary Clinton that she will make her President, WOW!! and this promise it seems she made not because she is extremely talented, Naaaaa! she could not do a thing in a very small scale pharmaceutical plant with no product, no sales and no research, only monkey business, and If you see carefully in Hillary Clinton's campaign with open mind and open eyes, not like paid correspondents of CNN/BBC/CBC TV, like a scientist, you would see her campaign was based on mischief and only mischief.

So which means right from the day one her chances of getting anywhere near white house was very remote and she made it more difficult with her negative approach.

Like I said, no matter how many times you change your time of birth, you will get only what you deserve. :-)  I know it must be very hard for her to digest the fact that Donald Trump with no experience in politics won hands down, it is not because he ran a very exceptional campaign, of course he worked double harder then her for obvious reasons and good thing he did not give up or depended on cowards for turning things around  for him. :-))

                                                        TRUTH CAN STAND ALONE. :-)

They keep proving it over and over again. :-)

Factors responsible for her failure. (I am not paid it is all free service)

1) Deceptive mentality, we are living in a social media world where people express openly with out any reason, and few women from past are still living in some lost world.

2) Too much dependence on cowards ( Manipulative agents who belong to none) :-)

3) Her Sun in Libra, which is debilitated, and Her Sun Maha Dasha,

4) His Strong Sun in 10th house, and  Jupiter Maha Dasha, with 9th House dhristi on his 10th house.

( It is like Feather weight Sun of Hillary Clinton pitted with Heavy weight Sun of Donald Trump and then Jupiter dasha triggered in 2016 with its Antara dasha also in effect. :-) 

Bernie Sanders would have matched him in this fight brick by brick, but who will tell people with shut eyes, shut ears, and shut minds, only mouth is open, blah blah blah blah, yes they have electronics to hurt innocent people. :-) smaller the better for the pale cowards.:-))

5) Hurting innocent people, like children as proxy, this is a big factor she lost twice because of this.

6) Too many puppets and parrots working in one direction, not one was using his or her brain or knowledge, they all followed some stupid women, the reason why all polls, debates fell flat on their faces.

7) "Let us make America great again", his Mantra, this nailed her campaign, instead of ignoring it, she got entangled in to it pretty badly with over confidence.

8) Women, Women, and Women, were insulted, exposed, and ridiculed openly on national TV by Hillary Clinton, she thought she was smearing Donald Trump, she forgot one simple fact, he was not some politician from some corner like Alaska, he runs 300 companies around the world, and he must be so immune to Media taunts. :-))  so here Hillary Clinton appeared like a novice with no experience with women. :-)

9) A negative picture of Donald Trump created by CNN/BBC/CBC TV, actually helped Donald Trump, people who would normally not look his way also got attentive.

10) Me! LES MISERABLE COWARDS DU MONTREAL DU QUEBEC DU CANADA, were too much focused on me and my personal life, my earnings, my Income Tax, then Hillary Clinton, :-) even after the elections it is same they are still focused on me, :-) I have yet to figure out WHY so much focus on me, what is at stake. :-)

11) The game plan of cowards helping the establishment, back fired, I think the cowards planned that all states will be equally divided between Hillary and Donald Trump and suddenly they will release California 55 electoral votes in favour of Hillary, she will be catapulted to a number above 270.:-) but it seems their focus was too much in that area while Donald Trump pulled all key states one by one under his carpet.

I am surprised, they could count California in a jiffy, CNN did not even show California once with some countring, they just announced 55 for Hillary,(again DECEPTION failed) , while they took 7 hours to count New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pannslyvania. :-)

But any way:


So I remember a poem from my kinder garden. :-)






Does it mean she will be tried and put behind bars for national security, like Mr Trump said or he will go back to his old friendship and take the advice of cowards and burry the hatchet.

People were put in Guantanamo bay for tress passing, but this was a national security issue, who knows ISIS might have all her emails, why they (Terrorists) were so up to date, the Hay processors never caught them, maybe she was informing them...anything is possible, where there is money anything and everything is possible, and please see that bitch from hell also goes with her. :-)

Actually Hillary Clinton should not feel bad, three times is a charm, she can try next time in 2024, Sarah Palin will not contest, how many times her husband will get into an accident :-) or any other women of substance will not contest from any parties, even Bernie will not be there, Donald Trump has already won, only she and her guide, :-)) can run alone, will they still win. :-))

But make sure, you get rid of Chief Political Correspondent Gloria from CNN, she and her friend Paul were responsible for she and her campaign team not getting the real picture.

And please both DONALD TRUMP and HILLARY CLINTON  should not forget our neighbours the Algerians, Cameroonians, etc. who worked very hard, but it is very difficult to tell from whose side or on whose side they are, but they and their entire families worked very hard, particularly on debate days.

So much preparation, mischief, blaming, allegations, false witnesses, noise, games, pain, arthritis, sore lips, insomania, traffic jams, garbage, condoms, flood lighting from summit school, useless people, puppets, parrots, bitches, drama, drama, drama  and drama and the

END RESULT: Mr Donald Trump is 45th President of U S A. Congratulations!!

AND you know Mr Donald Trump gave U S A its first women manager Ms K CONMAN of any presidential campaign in the history of USA.


Mrs Shrimavo Bhandarnaika, Head of Sri Lanka, 1960 till 2000, (First women head of the state in the world).

Mrs Indira Gandhi, 1966 till 1984, Prime Minister of India,

Mrs Corazon Aquino, 1986 to 1992, Head of Phillipines.

Mrs Benajit Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan,1988 to 1996,

Ms Sui Kyi in Burma is in a way heading the state,


U S A:  K Conman: First women campaign Manager of presidential race.

UK: Margaret Thatcher: PM of England, 1979 to 1990.

CANADA: Kim Campbell,  Prime Minister of Canada, June 24 to Nov 4, 1993, :-) (5 months)

AUTRALIA:  Julia Gillard: 2010 to 2013, PM OF AUSTRALIA. (three years)
Question: Women in East are advanced (Liberated) or women in West are advanced (liberated)

Answer: Try to convince yourself.

Question: What will Hillary Clinton do now, since she lost the elections twice, :-)), everyone was aksing Donald Trump this question.

I think she should open a MAFIA ORGANIZATION named "There will be consequences", bitch from hell and Leech the demon can join her.

And then she should collect all the useless filthy cowards from Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Canada, USA, India, Pakistan  and then do what shs is good at doing, threats, blackmailing, and LES MISERABLE COWARDS DU MONTREAL DU QUEBEC DU CANADA are anyway available who are so useless, even doormats might appear useful, at least you can wipe your feet on them, and then run her, there will be consequences, mafia organization. :-))

Imagine such a women was the first President of U S A, wow!!  Mr Donald Trump knows, he tasted it in the first and second debate.

I wonder what must they be thinking when they pursue something like that.. :-))

Let us see what Mr Donald Trump will do, will he be able to do anything he said that he will do. :-))

09 NOV 2016

Algerians noise language,

Let me guess, what I understood since yesterday,

Frustration, Anger, helplessness, misery, like some one has lost his or her mind completely, and  more misery.

Fine whoever it is should change her or his course of life, the current ways are not working for her or him, and if it is the miserable cowards, then what is the problem, ??? I dont understand, cowards are expendable, doormats are more valuable, so If few of them loose their minds, that should be ok, there are many more replace them. :-)

Because the kind of activities cowards are involved in that leads to only one place, lost mind city. :-)

And I think they are OK with it because they have already made reservations in the three Summit Schools in Saint Laurent. :-)

I was thinking why there are three Summit Schools (Schools for Chromosomally challenged) in Saint Laurent and all people are white (pale skin) and they come from out of Saint Laurent, why in Saint Laurent, are Cowards hiding something from the white populations also.

These pale miserable cowards dont belong to anybody.
11 NOV 2016,

Algerians noise language.

Frustration, Misery, helplessness, and same thing I have seen and heard for the last 15 years,nothing new.

Ya! Pale cowards have lot of trust in Algerians, what ever is the reason, are they helping them anyway in middle east to carry out their hillarious terrorists programs.

Time will reveal it.

Nothing new same old same old.
11 NOV 2016

The basic problem:

The real, and only problem that is bothering the folks because Donald Trump got elected, is,

Cowards (UK/Canada/USA) have no control over him, (So they will rely mostly on their electronic brain control gadgets, which have the ability to cause speech control, frequent reversals in stands, because the Coward holding the keyboard can reverse statements, :-) President of the most powerful country in the world, U S A, is controlled electronically by cowards based in Canada.) :-)) this is democracy in the west. :-) and they are selling this democracy to the world and only country which seems to buy it is India. :-))))))))).

Donald Trumps business is not like my business, 100 clients and 25,000$, where cowards can go and control them with money, threats and medical problems, which in way controls my business and my income, so cowards have been controlling my income for the past 12 years and kept my income way less then lower wage, 10:50$ per hour.

But with Donald Trump it is not possible for the Cowards to control his multi billion US $ business, and he was rubbed in a very wrong way by the Washington DemocraticRepublican Establishment, Media, and other influencial people from both sides, left and right.

Now right has no choice but to tag along Donald Trump but left must be in real situation, :-)

Whatever, one thing which is very important to me and this world is by electing Donald Trump we have defeated the evil or negative forces planning for third world war, so now with Donald Trump, those forces will have to take back seat and stay frustrated. :-))

And now the terrorist drama rum by hillarious groups from USA/Canada/UK/France will have to change their plans with their puppet terrorist groups like ISIS etc. etc.

So defeating Hillary Clinton was very important for the safety of the world and I think we have saved the world from much hate and unnecessary troubles. at least for four years.

Have a nice weekend. Bon Fin De Semaine.
12 NOV 2016.

Algerian Noise Language,

Well like every weekend, Algerians spoiled my mood with their early morning daily commotion.

And it seems the loosers are again blaming each other for their loss. :-)

I am surprised at the argument of people who voted for Hillary Clinton,

Their argument is : Hillary was supposed to win, how come Donald Trump won,? :-)))))))

which raises a question that did someone tell them that Hillary Clinton is bound to win 100%, who are those people who told them. :-))

WOW!!  Hillary Clinton was supposed to win, someone should ask them WHY?? :-)

And irresponsible media (CNN/BBC/CBC TV and other channels) continues to telecast every non sense, except the responsible 4th estate is supposed to telecast. :-) it seems any garbage is telecasted as long as it is against Donald Trump.

This is how it looks now.

So based on this model, yes the question looks appropriate, Hillary Clinton was supposed to win??.



Nov 4, 2016

Combinations for Renunciation-Kalyana Varma Saravali

Kalyana Varma (Saravali Fame) is an Astrologer from 10th century AD India, and he was also ruling a small state, he studied BPHS, Parasara, Bhrigu, Yavanas etc. etc. and came up with following combinations.

Combinations for renunciation-Kalyana Varma Saravali.

Note: Dhristi - Aspect - Watching.

Changing your time of birth does not change your destiny, you will get what you deserve, no matter how many times you change your time of birth or date of birth. :-)

Various sages have explained widely the combinations of four, or more planets producing an ascetic, I now explain below such of the Yogas.

1. One born with the conjunction of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mars, or the Luminaries, Mercury and Mars, or the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus becomes an ascetic.

2.The native having the combination of Mars, the Luminaries (i.e. Sun and Moon), Mercury and Jupiter, or the Luminaries, Saturn and Mercury, or the Luminaries, Mars and Saturn takes to renunciation and become a mendicant.

3. The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury being together, to Mars, the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter joining denotes a mendicant.

4. Should Venus and the Sun, Mars and Saturn, or Jupiter, Mars and the Sun and Saturn, or Mars the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn with strength be conjunction at birth, native takes to asceticism.

5. One will be initiated into a religious vow, if anyone of the following group of planets be found together at birth,

a) Mars Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter.
b) Mars, Saturn, Mercury, the Sun and the Venus.
c) The Luminaries, Mars, Saturn and Venus.

6. One becomes a mendicant to live in forests and hilly areas, If the planets group themselves in conjunctions at birth, as:

a) Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun.
b) Mars the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn.
c) Venus, Mercury, Saturn, the Moon and Mars.

7. The natives will become a sage, giving up (even) his food and be honoured by the people, If the heavenly bodies form conjunction, as:

a) The Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and the Sun.
b) The Luminaries, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

8. The native will be initiated into a religious vow, If:

a) The Luminaries, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn, or
b) The Moon, Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun, or
c) Mars the Luminaries, Saturn, Venus and Mercury, Join together at birth.

9. A famous sage is indicated by the combinations of :

a) The Luminaries, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus or
b) Venus, the Luminaries, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

10. Note the conjunction of the following planets:

a) The Luminaries, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus, or
b) Venus, the Luminaries, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury.

11. Note the the conjunction of the following planets:

a) Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sun,
b) Venus, The Luminaries, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury, It indicates an ascetic.

12. If conjunction is found among the planetary group, Viz,

a) The Luminaries, Jupiter and Saturn,
b) Saturn, The Luminaries and Venus.
c) Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, the native will become an ascetic living on roots and fruits.

13. The native will become an ascetic with bark garments, If Mars, the Sun, Mercury and Venus are found together at birth, the same effect follows the conjunction of Mars, the Moon, Jupiter and Mercury.

14. A patient ascetic (awaiting the blessing of the Supreme) is indicated by either the combination of the Moon, Mercury, Mars and Saturn, or of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

15. A sage living only by eating fruits is denoted by the combinations of the Luminaries Venus and Mercury, or Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, or Saturn, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus.

16. An Ascetic, who will be highly honourable, living in forests, is denoted by each of the under mentioned planetary conjunctions:

a) The Sun, Mars, the Moon and Venus.
b) The Luminaries, Mars and Mercury.
c) Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sun.
d) Venus, Jupiter, the Moon and Mars.

17. Find the planets together in individual groups, as under:

a) Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
b) The Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus.
c) The Luminaries, Mars Mercury and Jupiter, The results is that the ascetic will be sorrowful (Unsuccessful mendicant).

18. Mars,Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury with strength, or Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, the Moon and Mars with strength in conju8nction produce one with clotted hair and bark garments.

19. The Luminaries Mercury, Mars and Venus, or the Luminaries, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, If be together, the native certainly will become an ascetic.

20. If the Sun denotes asceticism (i.e being the strongest in the Yoga), there will be only be faith in the religious order, while competence ( to fulfill the order) will lack, If the planet contributing such order is overpowered by another planet (i.e in eclipse, planetary was etc.) the native will give up the order after being initiated into it.

Should many planets denote such an order, there may be many kinds of religious orders, but these will depend on the order of the planet.

21. If the planet indicating asceticism is combust in the Sun, or is aspects by another heavenly body, the native will only have an earnest desire to be initiated into the religious order, but will not attain fruition of his aim, so say Yavanas.

22. The native will attain religious order, If the Moon, posited in a decanate of Saturn, is aspects by Mars and Saturn, the same effect is produced, If the Moon occupies the Navamsa of Aries/Scorpio in aspect to Saturn.

23. If the Lord of the Moon sign receives the sole aspect of Saturn, one will enter religious order, even in this context the earlier yogas, If present will only prevail.

24. If the Lord of the MOON sign, bright with rays, lends his aspect to Saturn, while Saturn is in an Angle, the native will lose his fortunes only to enter into a religious order.

25. If one among the Sun, the Moon and Jupiter be devoid of strength and occupy the Ascendant or the 10th or the 12th in aspect to strong Saturn, the native will become distressed ascetic.

26.Should the Moon with strength be in the 10th, falling in a benefice Navamsa, while others occupy their exaltation marks and all being in aspect to strong Saturn, the native will become the Lord of the earth to only become an ascetic.

27. If waxing Moon with strength, aspects the Ascendant Lord, the latter being bereft of strength and being alone (In that Rasi), the native will be devoid of wealth and own men, be miserable, sorrowful, will take asceticism and will obtain his food with great inconvenience.

28. One will become a religious mendicant, If Saturn occupying a benefice Navamsa aspects others including the Moon, the Moon in this case should only be in Aquarius Navamsa.

29. If the Lord of the Moon sign aspects all the other planets, while these are all together in one Rasi, the native will become an ascetic.

30. The Sun rules the ascetics of the following orders: Those, who worship the fire god in forests or on river banks, those who worship ( the omnipotent) Sun God, Elephant faced Ganesa, Parvati, those who recite the hymns of Gayatri (which  are very scared) those, who are vowed to bathe in the scared Ganges everyday and those, who maintain (absolute) celibacy.

31. The religious order belonging to the Moon attracts the following various persons, those disciples, who smear their bodies with sacred ashes, those who worship the feet of lord Siva, those who are abandoned by the society, those who are devoted to Bhagavati, those who give up company of others those, who take to Soma Siddhanta and those, who carry bowls in their hands (for begging alms).

32. The Buddhist monks, the tonsured , those, who wear white apparels, those, who beg wearing good robes, those, who wear blood red clothes and those, that have conquered their five senses all these mendicants are ruled by Mars.

33. Mercury denotes an alms seeker, a conjurer, a snake poison curer and one, who eats the flesh of a peacock.

34. The ascetics ruled by Jupiter are those, who hold a single sceptre ( or mace), those who hold three sceptres, those, who wear red colored apparels, those who are in the third stage of their religious life, those who pull on their lives with fruits and water (alone), those, who still are attached to family ties, those, who maintain celibacy and those, who take to visiting shrines.

35. Venus rules the mendicants of saivite and Vaishnavite sects.

36. Religious hypocrites bare mendicants and the Ascetics, who sit under shadowy trees in forests are ruled by Saturn.

37. Should Raja Yogas be simultaneously present along with the above ascetic yogas, all the evil results are nullified and the native will become very virtuous, will be adorned by the king himself becoming a king and will take to religious order.

Thus ends the 20th Chapter entitled Combinations for Renunciations in Kalyana Varmas Saravali.