Nov 24, 2016

Dusta Lochana (Evil Eye)-Aura Pollution

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Evil Eye (Dusta Lochana): It is so unscientific to say some one has an evil eye and someone does not, actually the science we understand, or which is taught and which is distributed as man kinds greatest gift to the future generations is incomplete, we don't understand more then 90% of the nature, and ourselves. :-)

But in some cultures like India, it is a normal thing to talk about, parents keeping their children away from evil eyes, and funny thing is sometimes those evil eyes can be of parents themselves, family members, teachers, neighbours, and of course strangers.

Mostly the EVIL EYE happens when someone appreciates someones abilities, looks, intelligence etc. and it effects children very strongly they become dull, sick, lethargic, adults also are effected but to a lessor extent depending on mental strength of that individual, :-) I feel the negative energy immediately when it reaches me, :-) now a days it is little too much and all the time, :-)) so I have other means of neutralizing them.

As a kid, every time we would come back from any social function I would appear very dull and sleepy, so my father would do one simple thing before sleeping, clean the aura with little table salt,
:-) to ward off the effects of evil eye, there is immediate relief and one starts to feel fresh again, so in my home it was a daily ritual before sleeping, all children, mother and even father himself would clean the aura with table salt. :-)

It makes sense also, chemically table salt is Sodium chloride, and Sodium is strongest electropositive element and Chloride is strongest electronegative element, and it is same Sodium which binds with all the dirt and grime in the washing machine.

I am not sure I wrote about the 10 different minds that help various functions of our body, one mind is dedicated to our eye lids, one to yawning, one to sneezing, one for our breathing and heart functions, one for digestion and assimilation, one for reproductive and defecation, one to circulatory and immunity functions, one to entire body energy and blood flow, one for life force in the entire body, and one controls the aura, there are names for each one of them but that is not important, so when various energies emanating from various individuals clash through sight, touch, smell, they tend to cause changes in its constitution causing various negative to positive effects, evil eye is a negative effect caused to a week individual by an individual with strong negative energies.

In our culture it is called "Amsa", meaning one need to be born in such and such amsa to get certain things as a gift or as a curse, evil eye is a curse, it is like being born in Arudra, Satabisha and Swati Nakshatra which gives natural ability for clairvoyance.

Ability to see ghosts or wandering souls with out a body,
Ability to hear or listen to wandering ghosts or wandering souls with out a body,
Ability to cast evil eye,

There are so many abilities that come with a certain amsa, and one has to be born in those amsa to get those abilities.

Few people also called them Archetypes, so If you are a certain archetype then with out much efforts you can do what that Archetype is able to, e.g. Krishna is a archetype, and Krishna is known for magic, or maya, or illusion, is attractive to women, is powerful due to his yogic abilities, etc.

In case salt does not work to clean the aura of the negative vibes from an evil eye, then red pepper, black pepper, can be used which later are burned, ordinary red pepper would burn with out much commotion, but red pepper which had absorbed all the negative vibes would burn with so much commotion, one can see the evil eye and its negatives effects physically.

Then there are people who think once red pepper is used to clean some one's aura If consumed would effect the person who consumed it, it would certainly pollute some part of one of the minds, but eventually it gets cleaned, but the aura effected by a direct dhristi (sight) it is some times deadly,which also means that it is not just the sight, there is more to it, intention laced with an evil eye, and more.

This is the reason people should keep their children protected from evil eyes particularly in social gatherings where parents often compare their children with other children, to ward off Evil Eye a black spot is put on the face of the child as a distraction, and I think it works. :-) I have a natural black spot on my forehead. :-)

Most of the times people who buy lottery tickets as a group never win anything, because the luck of a lucky person gets diluted due to unlucky people in the group, it is rare that a group of people win a lottery ticket, :-) If it happens then it will be a great coincidence or total manipulation. :-) same way the Evil Eye dilutes the chances of winning anything, If you are a Evil Eye then please ask for divine help and get rid of the negative vibes, basically it is the intention which needs a total review.

My Education is Masters in Organic Chemistry, 6 years research in organic synthesis and 15 years in pharmaceuticals in R&D and other departments, :-) but I am open to any ideas and beliefs and convictions, which might help us understand the nature in its totality.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, 24/Nov 2016

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