Jun 19, 2017

The Domestic Terrorists and their shameful miserable acts

Anywhere anything bad happens in any country, particularly in UK, Canada, USA and India, the first suspect always should be the domestic terrorists, this is 100%, no doubt here.

This should be the default rule followed by any investigator only after thoroughly checking every single one of them then they should consider other possibilities, period!!!!!

They all have one thing in common:  THEY ALL LIE UNDER OATH. :-)) (Prostitutes in uniform)

And gosh they are so expensive to maintain while they terrorize the citizens of their own country, they are one single largest category of corrupt people who are responsible for the failure of democracy.

Who are these Domestic terrorists?

In Canada-Quebec it is CSIS, CSE, RCMP and all local police stations (28 in Montreal alone), and others like so called urban security and other departments related with law and order, they are all prostitutes in uniform. :-)

In UK, it is highly ambitious MI5, MI6 any other intelligence agency, local police otherwise called bobbies, :-) etc.

In USA it is CIA, NSA, FBI, all local police stations,

In India: Any brown coward bastard who is related with Intelligence, Police, Law and Order, they are all prostitutes in uniform.

The second level domestic terrorists are BBC/CNN and CBC TV and many other major media barons who wants to control your life, because they run the propaganda of all the above with out analysis or forethought, they are also directed by hidden real terrorists hiding in holes.

General  V K Singh of India gave a nice term for them he called them PRESSTITUTES. :-)

All these corrupt folks (Prostitutes in uniform) want us to believe that bunch of misguided (By them)  people in middle east are responsible for every dastardly- cowardly act of terrorism.

Like our Queen of England said : They are so wicked. :-) 

I think the Buckingham palace should immediately appoint an History teacher to tutor the entire clan the history of British empire at least from 1800 to 1952, the reason she lacks this knowledge is she was privately educated and I think the tutor sure missed History and emphasized more on Geography. :-)

This is one such domestic terrorist hiding in such a hole.

This is a sick women (I call her untrustworthy leech the demonic) in her mid sixties, (She should be in a mental asylum but she is with some political party) :-) while growing up in Geneva she slept with some 250+ men, otherwise called one night stands, :-) and then she also married five times and the fifth one was an Arabic guy from Egypt, and this guy ran away one fine night not able to live with her, and we have no idea where this guy ended up in middle east, and this women because she has a mind of a terrorist, no morals, no ethics or no nothing and above all she has a pale skin so she gets nominated in one of the domestic terrorist outfit in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, :-) and she is involved in all kinds of terrorist domestic and international shameful activities at least in four countries, UK, Canada, USA and India, (Yes India is really laughable) :-) and she has an army of very sick filthy pale coward MF's who carry out all these shameful domestic and international terrorist activities in their own country of birth and also anywhere they have political or economic interests.

Recent example: The tall tower in London which got fire, (I am thinking what was so shameful in that building that pale cowards of UK had to torch it in such a way.

Theresa May: She has again proved why most women fail in politics. :-)

And now they (Pale coward MF's) are using all Arabic folks in Montreal to carry out their pathetic miserable shameful domestic terrorist activities just to satisfy their pale ego, and equally miserable Arabic folks who are ready to do anything for few dollars are doing everything they are told to irrespective of which department, which company or what kind of work they do, like my Algerian neighbour is a taxi driver but he and his family is working for these miserable pale filthy coward MF, which is nothing more then monkey business. :-)

And these pale cowards are so busy planning these stupid games 24/7 and they are paid by your government or political parties. :-)

The pale cowards MF want me to accept that Arabic people are the real terrorists for that they are using Arabic people (And few other miserable people looking for easy money ) to terrorize me, :-)).

One thing I clearly understand:

White people or Arabic people both have the same mentality, both are violent, both have no ethics or morals or even fore thought, and both are equally stupid and greedy.

And both treat their women as minors or play things, there is little difference white people keep their women in mostly naked state :-) and Arabic people wrap them in bundles of clothes but women in both these you call cultures or civilizations or religions or sects they live a miserable lives.

And Arabic women at least know that they live a miserable life, :-) that is why they are so frustrated,  but the white women have a misconstrued understanding of their miserable lives as life full of liberty. :-)

So Arabic women are exploited by Arabic men under the pretext of religion and white men exploit white women under the pretext of liberty. :-)) both the category of these women are stupid. :-)

And for this plight of women only women are responsible.

And when you come across women like Bitch from hell, Sin'D, the Leech, and many others
what ever little sympathy you have for the plight of women is gone.

It is like black people they don't want to uplift themselves out of slavery so why one should even talk about it, let them be exploited they love to be exploited. :-)

Now the women like Leech the demonic, I am not sure why she wants to die in my hands, there are so many other ways, she can ask a Jewish butcher to do a kosher slit on her throat and she can die kosher, :-) why she wants to stain my hands with her filthy blood. :-)

I think some people have this death wish and they keep bumping in to you, another one is the bitch from hell, I am not sure why she too wants to die in my hands, :-) she is already 75, she has to do is look for a corner plot in some Jewish cemetery so that her pathetic miserable ugly pale body can rest.

I don't want to stain my hands with their filthy blood, I want to live a pious clean life which I have lived most part of my life.

Murder is the gravest of all sins, and it does not go away just like that, it is passed on to many many future lives, but for the benefit of the world I can make an exception If they are so desperate to die in my hands only. :-) we will take some Jewish butcher's help it seems they are good at giving clean cuts without much blood spilling. :-)

Depression: Yoga is good for depression. :-)

Please don't kill yourself If you are frustrated and depressed, there is always hope.

And Leech the demonic it is OK, hide in your hole, when ever you are ready to die let me know. :-) I don't mind doing the honours myself. :-) for the future of children of this world I am OK with it.

If I have power I will drag you out of your hole and hang you to a lamp post or a tree near your home, but I am not in a hurry, I will not go looking for you, when the time will be ripe you will come looking for me with your death wish. :-))

Since you have power and filthy miserable pale cowards see If you can do what I said I will do If I had power like you. :-)

I am right here in Saint Laurent, QC and all by myself no one is with me or behind me or I am not even hiding in a hole like you, I sleep with my windows open. :-)

And don't worry about police quartier numero 6 or 7, those domestic terrorist stations are packed with prostitutes in uniform so they will not bother. :-)) all they do is ask my neighbour to make some noise. :-))

Show me what you got, you miserable piece of crap, and remember at one point of time in history Hitler was surrounded by millions of prostitutes in uniform but eventually death caught up with him in a very miserable manner, so don't fly very high just because you have all these miserable prostitutes in uniform with you. :-))

All these prostitutes (domestic terrorists) listed above (paid by the governments or political parties at least four countries listed above), are working so hard 24/7 trying to break the confidence of children as young as 14.

I wish I can send all these prostitutes to Auschwitz or Sobibor like concentration camps and do exactly what Himmler did, that will be so much fun. :-)
21June 2017,

Story of small knife and locked key hole.

 A young black girl living in my building appears this morning and asks me for a small knife because her apartment door got locked, I was in my underwear so I hide behind the door and give her few screw drivers, because I have medium size knives and they are not sharp enough, :-) because they are very old.

Long time back in 2004, when the Leech was flying because of her nomination to some domestic terrorist outfit through Bitch from Hell, :-) there was this Cambodian guy who was otherwise the toilet cleaner, but Leech wanted to promote him as Sanitation Manager because he was dancing to her tunes with out using his little brain. :-)

Actually he was laid off for six months in the end of 2003 and after the pale cowards worked on him he came back as a perfect puppet, and he danced to the tunes of Leech. :-) I think this was the basic plan of bitch from hell and Leech and the human resources terrorist and the pale cowards when they laid me off in the end of 2004 but it took little more time just 13 years and I am still not ready to be a puppet of some arse kisser. :-))

During that time one day in the morning I parked my car and walked towards the rear entrance of the plant, and this guy M'Lee calls me and tells me that his car door has got locked, as I look at him while walking, I see him poking the keyhole of his car door with a small knife, and he asks me to try to open it for me, this request during that time when he would clean cobwebs while I was taking my lunch and on my objection he would say lunch time is over, :-) help such a guy, not my cup of tea, I simply walk away saying sorry I don't know how to open such things. :-) because this is the guy who also created the rumour that I had purchased his 1,60,000$ house in Varennes, and this is also the same guy who would open his locker door every day as I approached the locker and inside the locker door there was this large picture of an ape or gorilla. :-) (This was before Leech even joined )

And this was the same guy who pointed at a black orphan kid's picture on the notice board and pointed at me and said he looks like you, yes we also had charity program for some black kids in Africa, even though we were not making any money. :-) 

Before he was laid off, Leech called him the ugly bastard, and after he came back from the pale cowards therapy (as Bitch from hell calls it) and was dancing to her tunes, he was the sanitation Manager. :-))

And another interesting behaviour this M'Lee the Cambodian toilet cleaner sorry Sanitation Manager, :-) and C. Gel in ass the QC Manager would do, this is before Leech even joined us, M'Lee and C. Gel in ass would come from two different directions and stop in front of my office and M'Lee would plant two loud sounding kisses on C.Gel in ass cheeks and both would giggle and leave, this they started after Christmas of 2001, whatever was the purpose, but this M'Lee guy played a very important part in the Bitch from hell gang of thieves.

And when it comes to the knives, all my knives are blunt, so better get one from some Jewish butcher whenever you want to die, because their knives are supposed to be very sharp as they have to give one single upward direction slit on the throat of the animal for kosher meat and by mistake If the knife makes another cut in return the meat is useless, :-) but as per biology the entire body of the animal is saturated with blood then how do you call it kosher or contaminated with blood. :-)

Pale cowards still think that whatever they are doing in favour of the bunch of disturbed women will work just because they ask my neighbour Algerian to make some noise. :-) It seems the pale cowards told my neighbour or the coward hiding in this apartment to make noise for anything I do, they don't want to leave any stone unturned.

Ya that is right!

I have never seen or heard of such bozos in my entire life, how people even tolerate them and I am kind of curious to see their life partners or family members. :-)

If in any way I had any thing to do with them I would have ordered immediate shoot at sight orders. :-)

B'cause imagine the world with out them, such peace and such calm and such tranquility where people would be doing what they want to do with their lives and pursue what they want to and not be pushed by these bozos because they like the arse of those disturbed pale women, and people playing on www.espacejeux.com in Quebec would not have to face indifference because of their skin colour or ethnicity, based on the registered name I think the account is limited to certain winnings or unlimited to certain winnings, since all pale cowards are pale so they manipulate all software's only in favour of pale folks and result is only pale people are winning, though recently they have posted a eastern Asian women picture just to high light that even Asians win.

I have yet to find one thing where pale folks do not manipulate in their favour, like they run that thing fare and square even online casino, really cowards. :-)

Just for discussion, 

Pale cowards are very good at arse kissing so....., this is what they can teach If you follow them,

Emily (Whoever it is): I hardly know her.

Becca Becca CEO: Useless. :-)

Sin'D is an expert in exaggerating, attenuating small small mundane nonsense to Everest like heights, :-) this is a rare talent. :-) (Example: If you just look at her she might claim you raped her) :-))

Leech is an expert in sucking (As per her claim), and claiming other people's hard work as hers, so...., ( Now I understand why she hated me for calling her mother) :-)) I didn't know then she had a mind of a prostitute,) :-) I called her mother because she said she has no children so she will adopt me, so what is wrong with that I said ok mother. :-))

Bitch from hell is an expert in lies, misbehaviour, stealing and running fraudulent companies and destroying people's careers and private lives, so....,

C. Pair a, this one is the first one to start the ball of mismanagement rolling for the bitch from hell, :-) this is before Leech even joined, :-) She is an expert in creating pandemonium for nothing, e.g. Once I opened an Ether bottle outside the fume hood only for a moment and this women created such pandemonium (Sh ehas a PhD in Chemistry from UOM) :-) and then after few years when she returned to the plant with her new born baby, the baby was only few months old and she brought that baby in to the same chemical laboratory, :-)where she created pandemonium for a small ether bottle being opened outside the hood. :-)

 J M Boy (Leech's Psycho): I have no idea what was his problem, he just hated me from day one, and always pointed out that he was pale and I was dark, :-)

M'Lee (Leech's Sanitation Manager) :-)

All these people I have not seen them or spoken to in last 13 years. :-)

There are more....:-) after all bitch from hell had a large team of mismanaging crooks and it is a known and proven fact that which ever team bitch from hell is with that team is bound to loose bigtime. :-)

One common things among all these women: They all worked in a dysfunctional fraudulent small scale pharmaceutical with no product, no sales, mismanaged by Bitch from hell and her 40 thieves.

And I am not interested in any one of those talents, :-) which are totally useless for me and my spiritual advancement and in fact they are totally useless for majority people, I am not sure about pale coward MF's. :-) because my truth can not be every one's truth and the way I see things need not be the view point of everyone. 

And above all I would not take their advise on anything from mundane to very serious issues, their judgment is prejudicial and biased based on their personal likes or dislikes and their minuscule experiences of life.

Jun 13, 2017

Getting dragged into the shameful past

For the past two weeks we were busy searching for a property suitable to our pocket, but one thing is clear that the properties have sky rocketed in Saint Laurent, the minimum price is 327,000$ for an old property, which one might think why is it even listed :-), and a normal semi detached property is not less then 449,000$, even Laval has gone out of our reach, so only places available for first time buyers in Montreal is in suburbs of Montreal, like western side islands, or St Eustache - Duex Montagne, St Jerome, Chateauguay, St Lazare, or even further down south where new houses constructed in 2016 or 2017 are available for 2,50,000$.

Out of all these areas only St Eustache -Deux Montagne and Dorion Vaudreuil have a train stations which take 20 minutes to reach Montreal.

The way property prices have gone through the roof the income of most middle class people have not moved, and the banks are stuck with the strict mortgage plans.

Average income is around 32,000$, with good credit score (above 760) and no debts one can look for a loan amount of 175,000$ :-) but the market is no where within the reach of such first time buyers, they have to just live in noisy apartments with illegal surveillance of local police stations, watching them in their own homes.

Or like Untrustworthy Leech the Demonic one should kick your mother into an age old home and sell your mothers property and share it with your equally immoral sister and live a comfortable life at other's cost.

Or like bitch from hell, run some fraudulent companies and make money out of them to buy couple of cottages and live in style and continue to fish for gullible immigrants looking for jobs at HRDC centres or websites like www.workopolis.com, but make sure you are well connected in Ottawa.

This situation has emerged due to lack of vision, the policy makers have tied down the new buyers with strict regulations but have left the market to the money launderers from outside and inside.

Some more shameful past events, :-) (This is because the pale cowards are keeping me dragged in the past with people I have not seen in 13 years or more)

In 2003 there was this visit of Mr Bernard Landry and that day untrustworthy leech was absent and I could not go due to some school program of my elder daughter, but somehow I reached after lunch so I could not see Mr Landry, but then bitch from hell caught hold of my arm and  walked in teh corridor from one corner to another till everyone had a good look at me and her and later dragged me to a meeting with the CEO and bunch of others from Markham, where she sat next to me scared like a wet cat breathing nasty fumes out of fear :-), just because CEO was sitting there, :-) Leech was not present that day, so after the meeting the CEO told me she was counting on me  and bitch from hell told me that I have a nerve. :-)

Then next week I found myself flying to Markham for further meetings as I was told, :-) (but there was nothing) :-) actually it was arranged for the untrustworthy leech by Bitch from hell to project her as a genius, :-) when we entered the head office, we saw CEO standing in front of her office, Leech said we don't have to see her and we went straight to Sin'D office and later to Bitch from hells corner office, :-) and it is there bitch from hell told me she was BFH, this is why she calls herself bitch from hell, :-)  because she projected Leech even though Leech was not present that day with the CEO. :-) 

Me and Leech were sitting at the Montreal airport, I think it was May 2003, and she asks me to sit in front of a large pale crowd in the waiting section inside the gates, and leech tells me to sit with her on a single row of seats all empty facing a large crowd of pale folks, as we sit on two side by side empty seats with out any provocation Leech suddenly bangs my head with a book, and smiles and moves away, then as I was not in any competition with anyone, :-) I did not take it seriously because of various reasons, but the untrustworthy leech was playing her game as dictated to her by the bitch from hell from day one. (Today I think, how did I even tolerate such nasty women.)

(Note: Imagine had I slapped her right there in front of the same unmoved numb pale crowd in Montreal airport, the pale cowards then, would they have accepted it as a normal behaviour or as a brave move because for Leech it was a brave move to show the numb pale crowd that she is capable of doing this, :-) but I come from a family and culture where men don't physically hurt women, that saved her not once many many times, and more over I was new in this country and had two very small children, but now things are not the same :-))

Pale cowards irony: Banging my head with a book in front of large crowd of pale folks in Montreal airport was suggested by the pale cowards to show that the Leech was brave but for others it is not acceptable. :-)

Then she started acting out her script almost every day, as given and designed by bitch from hell and Sin'D (Human resources terrorist) and of course pale cowards were always there.

I was surprised to see most employees doing nothing but just sitting on their desks and most of them looking outside at the empty landscape and our common supervisor of both R &D and the flimsy department R&D-QA, :-) was sitting in an open office near the washrooms, :-) Leech tells me he sits all day looking outside doing nothing and he would piss in his pants If Bitch from hell would even call him. :-)

Then all those brat like behaviour of the Leech, she walks in the regulatory affairs department acting like she will guide them, :-))  truth she never worked in any regulatory department but there was our brown slave a PhD from UK, our supervisor who had worked in the regulatory affairs department and not R & D or QC or QA or R&D-QA. :-)

Then in my office one day I was sitting with the computer guy Gill, Leech suddenly emerges from her office and kicks my left leg and smiles and goes back, then another day she comes from her office and puts her nose in my head and inhales deeply and goes back to report the smell of my head to who ever was demanding. :-))

I think someone was asking the untrustworthy leech the demonic to carry out all these activities as a test for nomination to that domestic terrorist outfit.

After this she gets nominated, that is what I assume.

Then there was this circular in 2003 that all those employees who completed two years have to choose a gift for themselves or their family members, (we were not making any money but we had all those policies) :-) so my wife selected a watch may be worth 100$, but in Jan 2004 one day bitch from hell appeared and there was a small ceremony arranged where employees were given those gifts,

On one table untrustworthy leech the demonic sat near the door, I sat to her right side and other employees from QC took seats on the opposite side of me, and bitch from hell after some blah blah blah, starts giving those gifts, by then the untrustworthy leech the demonic was already furious, fuming and fretting, she was no one, she was just a QA associate, just because she was in contact with  bitch from hell and the Sin'D, and must have got nominated in some terrorist outfit of Canada-Quebec, and before my name was called she leaves the cafeteria and takes her car and poof, :-).

Then bitch from hell calls my name with some drama and I was given some cheap watch not the one my wife selected, later they told me they could not find the one we selected, but they did not include Miss Amazing Royal, who in fact finished three years in Jan 2004, I asked her for the reason and she with a heavy voice said, I will not stay here I will leave, but she did not, I left before her, I think she left in early 2005. :-))

Another point from the past, Bitch from hell whenever visited Varennes Quebec with her 10$ donuts, :-) she would go around the plant and whenever she would come accross A Royal, she would comment, " your tan is not as good as other ladies in the plant", poor girl would get tan so dark, I am not sure whom she was trying to impress, one cannot impress bitch from hell with dark skin colour, to impress her you need to have clean, ghost like pale skin. :-) because for Bitch from hell, dark skin is inferior. :-)

Another point from the past, once when human resources terrorist Sin'D visited our plant, I informed her about J M Boy (Leech's psycho) making racial slurs at me, with in few weeks he got promoted as team leader :-), and Leech comes into my office and proudly tells me "psycho got promoted as team leader". :-)

There was this nasty nail biting or rather nail eating miserable bastard, he too was very active in these games, but mostly he would walk past my office and sing, "We are the champions", and there was a girl who would walk past my office and say, "Sleeeep", and I asked her "where is my bed", :-) then there was this QC manager who would stop near my office and cough so loud every day, then the QA manager he would look for excuses to write emails complaining about me, and he would ask other employees If they have any complains against me, :-) it was like bunch of useless monkeys in one cage with one irritating purpose, I was in R&D and I had nothing to do with them or their work, it was Leech who would arrange every thing and leave and next day she would ask me, "Anything happened here yesterday after I left". :-)

When all this did not work the Leech would say, why can't you leave and work some where else as a project manager, :-) not that I did not apply, there was never a reply from any other pharmaceutical company, I almost tried with every single one in and around Montreal, even Waters in Toronto.

Nothing, even Pfizer which is 200 yards from my current apartment, the human resource manager in this company (Then Wyeth Ayerst ) promised me that she will give me a chance but nothing came my way. :-)

Why was the untrustworthy leech the demonic who was nothing in the company so furious and how an ordinary employee could leave the venue suddenly without any information while the operations director bitch from hell was giving away gifts to employee what ever was the reason the two or three bitches know. :-)

Then our common supervisor visited like he used to do and the untrustworthy leech the demonic refused to join us for lunch outside and that day I did ask her what was her problem after all he was her boss as well, he was still our supervisor and he came from Markham Ontario, she said nothing.

But that evening when I was returning from Montreal airport after dropping our common supervisor like I always did for every single employee who came to visit, because I was living very near to the airport and it gave me some free time some break from the madness, I got a traffic ticket for 280$.

Like this If I recollect every single day from the day I joined this crazy small scale pharmaceutical with no product, no sales, and no research only monkey business, I can write a novel and the title can be, " 1995 Referendum of Quebec and the monkey business from Ontario or Liberal party of Canada", and people might ask me why you did not kill both these bitches, actually I wanted to :-) but then the other bitches and coward bastards would have gone scot free. :-)
Leech and Bitch from hell, the firing squad. :-)

Leech and Bitch from hell fired so many employees for small small reasons and they were looking for nonsense to fire employees, in this group there were employees who were promoted by bitch from hell just few months or a year back, :-) the worst case was of a women employee from reg affairs, who brought Leech into this mad house or crazy small scale pharmaceutical plant with no sales, no product and no research only monkey business, so Leech was passing all information to bitch from hell that poor women must have been discussing with leech and eventually got fired, this is another point in favour of Leech being untrustworthy.

C Gel in ass was promoted by  bitch from hell in one year of her joining, ambushed by Leech the next year, :-) and fired by bitch from hell immediately, :-)
Hell in ran away out of fear of getting fired,
There was this french guy who also ran away in 15 days of being hired he was also ambushed by Leech.
There are so many of them one after another they were fired or they left out of fear of getting fired.

All leech wanted was the toilet cleaner sorry the Sanitation Manager, :-) the Psycho, and there were few ( 4 or 5 employees includes Julie) from a bankrupt pharmaceutical company who were all hired by Leech, and Carl from that group would walk with a stick in his hand every day I entered the plant, actually he would move the stick like a you lynch someone.

My case, I tried to find out If CEO was also involved in this mad house games, so I appeared at head office in Markham and demanded meeting with the CEO, I refused to accept human resources terrorist presence in the meeting with the CEO, bitch from hell with her team of monkeys left the plant, I explained to the CEO how Leech was running the monkey business and I got in response only crazy smiles from the CEO (because all these evil 5 or 6 were communicating with each other on a daily basis and I was like a fool trying to salvage my career in that ruins, which was already doomed the day I joined), so it was clear CEO was also neck deep in the monkey business and she got some half a million for leaving it,  and in that attempt I alienated the monkeys in Markham and in Varennes, so there was no point expecting I could have continued with out any damage or backlash from them, but I tried something and I refused to cooperate with the monkeys (Bitch from hell-Leech-Human resources terrorist, and the 40 thieves) it was a risk worth taking yes I lost but it was better then kissing Leech ass and live like a parasite at her mercy. :-)

I kicked her ass right where it hurts the most, she was part of some political domestic terrorist outfit. :-) and I don't regret it If I get another opportunity I might repeat it with a different flavour, and then I had no personal reason but now it is personal. :-))
My bets and so many hanging on to it, :-)

Before I was betting online 20$ then 50$ but every time I bet so many people hang on to it, so I was loosing, and I tried 100$ this week couple of times and I lost like before, but whether I loose or win following crowd is hanging on to my bets for free political mileage. :-) they do nothing, all they do is make noise in my neighbour Algerians apartment and the parasites watch the game on their computers in quite comforts of their home and expect to win. :-)

1) Liberal party of Canada,
2) Conservatives in Canada (They were in power for more then 10 years then they did nothing)
3) Democrats of USA,
4) Republicans of USA,
5) Bitch from hell,
6) Leech and company of pale cowards,
7) My neighbours,
8) India and its brown cowards and may be BJP and Cong-I, (They always favour my opposition) :-)

( Note: Now I clearly understand why just one white man General Dyer was able to kill 1500+ unarmed Punjabi Men, Women and Children assembled for baisakhi celebrations in 13th April 1919)

Then again I fail to understand why so called otherwise claiming to be quite courageous 1500 punjabi people ran to hide in a small well in the ground, and threw their children in the well to save them from the guns (operated by brown Indian cowards, including sikh and others in uniform) :-) under the instruction of one white man on a horse, general Dyer, all they had to do was run towards the 50 men with the guns, they could have trampled the 50 troops and one white coward under their feet, ok 100 or 200 would have still died but 1300 women, and children might have lived. 

But in 1940 Udham Singh tracked Sir Michael O'Dwyer Lieutenant Governor of Punjab from 1912 to 1919 in London and assassinated him because he was the real culprit of the massacre, but they left general Dyer.

Above carnage happened under George V in 1919, and our Queen Elizabeth II thinks the so called terrorists are wicked. :-) in London Museum his picture stands first among the other Indian Army men. :-)

But since I can not sustain 100$ on a regular basis, I have come down to 20 cent bets, even my 20 cents is not free from the crowd, so I am still loosing, :-) and funny part is the pale cowards want to manipulate the winnings of that 20 cents by making noise in my neighbour Algerians apartment. :-))

:-)  I don't know how to laugh on this. :-)


May 31, 2017

Current 31 May 2017 - The gullible Citizen with Insurance

After the NEWLOOK bungled up the eye test under the influence of the pale cowards, (now they are blaming each other) :-)and it seems it is being passed around like a joke, and in this it seems everyone is laughing at each other,  :-) but this is the best example how pale cowards waste their time and money on things most people don't even think. :-)

So they took 15 days to redo the glasses to the new eye test reading which was kind of dictated to them by us. :-)

But I sincerely think the eye testing needs to be regulated and kept to minimum usage of technology, too much technology is not needed for every eye, I remember when I had little difficulty reading bus numbers in 1984, I went to a local government hospital in Secunderabad and the lady doctor took 10 minutes to check, all they asked me was to read a chart in a normal room with normal sunlight and it was free, and once I could not read the last line she came up with a reading of 0.75 both eyes, and I got my glasses, for Rs 120.00, simple no technology, no peeping into your eyes, no blowing air into your eyes, no poking, nothing, no drama, no acrobatics, no cowards involvement, no data collection, :-) simple chart reading.

One can visit this site https://www.peepers.com/pages/whats-my-power-eye-chart

and guess your eye status. :-)

This is a nuisance with scientists from all streams when they invent a new device they have to use it on some live Guinea pigs, and in Canada-Quebec there are in plenty. :-)

Thanks to our very friendly local police (read domestic terrorists) stations, it seems they understood their training in reverse, they are supposed to go after the bad guys and not children and ordinary people. :-)

When my father was dealing with his eye problems, once they went to a premium eye institute L V Prasad eye institute in Hyderabad and he was poked into his eyes by so many people all parrots in science, :-) 

My father complained that they made it worse, after that incident I made sure I was with him in any medical institution and hospital or when he was with doctors, but one such rascal an high flying Endocrinologist Dr Sudhakar Rao, who made so much money from him appeared in midnight when he was sleeping in his semi private room in CDR hospital, Secunderabad and told him the stark realities of his health, he said we can not cure you and there is no medicine for your condition in Allpathy, Bastard.

So L V Prasad eye Institute gave him an appointment for some high tech new laser instrument procedure on his eyes, and when I came to know about it(I was busy 7:00 am to 11:pm in my lab research), I wrote a letter to them asking for some reviews and how many people got cured and what was the success rate etc, they immediately sent a letter stating the said procedure was not for your father so please ignore the earlier advise. :-)) 

Someone wanted to experiment on a hapless man who had no idea about medicine, Anatomy or even what doctors do, he was like a vegetable on a table, which is the case of most people, who are taken for a ride by the highly educated doctors (No shame No remorse) who promote Allopathy.

This is what our Scientists are doing in all streams of Science, best example is Oncology, particularly with breast cancer, Eyes we are already seeing it :-), Knees and Arthritis, :-) Hip Surgeries, Dentists in Quebec - Canada, :-) Heart and Angioplasty, this is another new invention so everyone has to get Angioplasty because doctors feel very good about it, because with Angioplasty you can eat high fatty food, and die :-) after you cough up hundreds of thousands for such procedure, no government no agency no FDA will ask any hospital or doctor why? because they stick to current thinking and not facts.

The root cause of this problem is Insurance, If you don't have Insurance you are a lesser guinea pig, because hospitals - Pharmaceutical companies and Doctors/Dentists can not make enough money from you, and having Insurance and be a middle class citizen you are such a hot commodity for the hospitals -pharmaceuticals -doctor nexus, in this nexus the government working for rich folks also appears.

Nexus is Government -Political parties - Rich folks - Pharmaceuticals - Hospitals - Doctors/Dentists- School Nurse, they all share the spoils without shame or remorse, for every one there is valid reason, for some it is career, for some business, for some half baked policy, for some it is a dream, for some it is money, and for some they want to do something so why not this :-) and now a days it is proxy games for one or other political party or for some piece of crap from some political party and for all of them there is only one customer, the gullible citizen with Insurance. :-)

Insurance companies never asks a Dentist which one was number tooth number 32 and which one was tooth number 28, a dentist can screw one tooth repeatedly over a period of three months and give ten different numbers to the same tooth and make 1500$ from the Insurance but for that, some citizen will have to go through that procedure or the school nurse will keep complaining please take her to the dentist she needs cleaning. :-))

Government?? well someone from pirates party of Canada sent me an email where he said politicians who can not read their emails properly and struggle to use their computers what policies will they make, which I think makes sense. :-)

If you have one good Anti-inflammatory medicine with out side effects or a good Anti-Pyretic medicine or safe Anti Biotic then why do you need more similar products, this is for FDA/TPD to decide but FDA/TPD is like they don't want to get caught with facts so they will always answer like our current thinking is.........blah blah blah, :-)) try talking to them it is so frustrating, for pharmaceutical companies it is just business, who cares whether you need them or not. ;-)

They don't want to get caught with a senator or congressman with half baked knowledge or who will play a parrot with power with a pharmaceutical lobby backing him or financing his campaign or his political outfit, who might ask, " they did not release that medicine", which could have saved a life, :-) as If they really care about people and their lives, all they care is how much share they have from that nexus. :-)) I don't know why every time such thoughts come to my mind, I see Hillary Clinton in back of my mind, may be because she belongs to that class of politicians. :-)

Again Government?? :-)) They are still learning how to read their emails. :-)

And the reason why so many folks from government fight tooth and nail to keep Allopathy for ailments like Arthritis, Rheumatoid or simple, :-) Oncology, Brain or Mind related anomalies, particularly so called mental problems and all dermal related anomalies, even though they know Allopathy has no clue but they will never back down because it is business and fare share goes to all those in that nexus so that they can live a very comfortable life.

I wanted to write all this sometime back, but suddenly all those thoughts rushed through my mind today and my fingers are kind of helpless. :-))

If you see a Pale coward bang his head with a 10 kg rock, 

If pale coward asks what is this,

Bang again keep banging every time he or she opens his or her mouth,

Till they go to my neighbours apartment and find out what it means. :-)


Yesterday we saw a movie named Rangoon, and in this movie there was a Julia, played by Kangana Ranuat, today I had to call CIBC to raise my payment limit on my chequing account and guess who was the representative, Julia, :-))

Then you already know about the car ad the model of the car is Julia, who says hello predictable I already found an escape route, we are together etc, 

Now Julia Roberts is a Hollywood heroin she played in pretty women, 

But I am not sure who Julia is, anyone from my past did not had a name Julia, there was a Julie, may be pale cowards new invention or a new proxy game, :-)

Don;t tell me Julia is proxy for some old crap. :-))

Now big question is who is Julia and in what way I am connected with her ????

My legs look fine, :-)

So I went to my office to settle accounts for the month of May and I tried to pay parking fees of 5$ on the newly installed parking fee machine by metropolitan Montreal in the unguarded open parking lot on Rue Meilleur, and like always it did not work. (Few weeks back when I parked my car in that unguarded open parking lot some one kept a paper which read, next time we will tow your car, surprising because Saturdays and Sundays there is no one in the counter, it is completely closed and shut but this time some frustrated pale coward followed me to that parking lot, :-) they are real frustrated.)

Then I took some change and paid the parking and while doing so I was walking very fast towards my office in 555 Chabanel Ouest then in a car a dark skinned women and a pale skinned women (both strangers to me), both looked at me and my legs and the dark skinned women said, "Look his legs are fine", :-) :-) such obsession If they show in developing themselves these women can find god, BUT LOOK HOW THEY ARE WASTING THEIR LIVES. :-))

Yes my legs are fine, it is only in my home and office they get jammed and crampy, outside they are perfectly fine, because both in my home (1480 Rue Crevier, Saint Laurent) and office (555 Chabanel Ouest, Montreal) they are under the influence of electronic torture toys of the pale cowards, hence they are in trauma.

If pale cowards switch off all the electronic toys from all over Montreal, Quebec and Canada, 90% people (Canadian-Quebecois) suffering from following ailments,

Knee pain, 
Hip Pain, 
Multiple  Sclerosis like symptoms, 
Multiple muscular Dystrophy,
Mental issues,
Parkinson's like symptoms, 
Excessive heat and cold symptoms, 
Leg issues, Back pain issues, 
Skin conditions, 
Cancer like symptoms, 
Flu like symptoms, 

and many more all these artificially created by Pale Cowards (at least in four countries, UK, CANADA, USA, and India) all symptoms will be gone like they never happened.

But for that the pale cowards will have to switch off all their illegal surveillance electronic torture toys from Saint Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, North America. :-) guess how many billions of dollars they must have spent to cover every inch.

I think even President Donald Trump or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau do not have such powers to ask the Pale Cowards to switch off their gadgets. :-) 

They can only give them more money and more access and more power but not reduce it for the benefit of people of their countries, and they call their countries democratic. :-))

we need someone like Duterto of Philippines. :-)

And why I am hiding in my home it is for you ( 65 yrs old Leech the Demonic) to find out, :-)) you have lot of useless pale cowards blocking traffic and streets put them to work but remember Bitch from hell (Ruth) brought me to Dimethiad Manufacturing Inc in Varennes, Quebec from Toronto in 2001, actually she lured me into this small scale pharmaceutical company with no product, no sales, and no research only monkey business that includes you (65 yrs old, Leech the Demonic, one of the useless monkey), and later in 2004 she claimed that I was hiding in this company. :-)) (She did this on your (Leech the Demonic's) advise. :-)

May be this game works with Pale Cowards (depressed, frustrated, numb and stupid) but not me. :-))
Some more from past, :-) 

While Bitch from hell was creating and dealing with her fraudulent companies, Leech the Demonic who joined us in mid 2002, after forcing a useful employee out, a flimsy sub department in R&D was created and they called R&D-QA, :-) I have worked in R&D more then 15 years and I never heard a department QA in R&D, because QA functions comes after Quality Control and there is no Quality control in R&D, :-)) but Bitch from hell and gang of evil five was playing with everything except making money for the company, Bitch from hell often claimed that was CEO's responsibility. :-)

Leech the demonic was paid more then 52000$ per year and all she did was,

1) Monkey business,
2) Claim that she was responsible for anything I was doing and even by those who already left,
3) Reading Roman History,
4) And she was also studying sexual orientation of employees, :-) trying to find out whose wife is not sexually satisfied by looking at their pictures on the employee's table. :-))

Only thing she did not do was to find a way to make money for the company, that was some specialist. :-) then she got nominated into some outfit, I understand now it is responsible for all domestic terrorism.

Probably they are involved in very shameful activities so she could not tell anyone where she got nominated, or it was Bitch from hell who also got nominated but both of them kept it a secret, it was some one left a note on the cafeteria table which read "She got nominated", the day all puppets from Ontario were kissing her. :-)

So during those days I got her (Leech the Demonic) birth data from her and checked her horoscope, and one word that came out of it was "Untrustworthy". :-) and she proved herself very right over and over again. :-)

Foundation they built their castle of cards,

When Leech the Demonic joined she was brain washed by the Bitch from hell and Sin'D, the human resource terrorist, and Leech built her castle of cards on those rumours and lies, :-) then after joining Leech created her share of lies and rumours and passed on to Bitch from hell and Sin'D the human resource terrorist, they further built their castle of cards on those rumours and lies. :-)

Now the pale cowards who pursued those lies and rumours from both sides for more then 15 years have now realised that every single information was a lie and rumour created by the evil five so now suddenly pale cowards have taken a U turn and suddenly they want me to act on something which I left in 2005. :-)

It is too late for that, I hope Pale cowards have learned a lesson the hard way that never follow a thread of information just because it came from a person with pale skin, always use your sense of logic and reasoning to at least make sure it is right or just a lie before you pursue it with all your force. :-)


May 29, 2017

Female Horoscope - Brihat Jataka - Varaha Mihira

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Female Horoscope:

Varaha Mihira, 504 CE, Brihat Jataka, Translated by Mr N Chidambaram Iyer, 1885, 

1) The same remarks apply to the horoscope of women as to the horoscope of men, but the effects which are suitable will effect women alone and the rest will effect their husband.

2) According to some all the effects will effect the husband only.

General chart reading:

Physique of the woman : From rising sign and the sign occupied by the Moon.

Fortune and her husband: From 7th house,

Death of her husband: From 8th from Lagna (from the Ascendant).

High Appointments: This effect will generally go to the husband,

Body related: This effect will go to the woman,

(Note: This is the reason why Men were married to woman with excellent planetary yog and this is the general advise of all astrologers for all arranged marriages,)


Rising sign and the sign occupied by the Moon is even: Women will be a true feminine character.

Such signs be aspected by benefic grah: Women will be virtuous, modest and wear ornaments,

Rising sign and the sign occupied by the Moon is odd: Women will possess masculine character,

(If the rising sign be an odd sign, Saturn be neither powerful or weak, the Moon, Venus and Mercury be weak, and the Sun, Mars and Jupiter be powerful : The woman will be of a masculine character)

(If the rising sign be an even sign, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury be powerful:The woman will be of wide spread fame and will be vastly learned, and learned also in the sciences of divinity.

Such signs be occupied or aspected by malefic grah: Women will be wicked with few virtues.


Rising sign be even and sign occupied by Moon be odd or

Rising sign be odd and sign occupied by the Moon be even or

One of the sign is aspected by Benefic and the other by a Malefic: Women will partake character of man and a


Rising sign or sign occupied by the Moon is either Aries or Scorpio and if

The rising Trimsamsa or the Trimasamsa occupied by the Moon is:

Is that of Mars: Women will become unchaste before marriage

Is that of Saturn: Women will lead a life of a servitude,

Is that of Jupiter: Women will be chaste,

Is that of Mercury: Women will be deceitful,

Is that of Venus: Women will be of bad conduct,


Rising sign or sign occupied by the Moon is either Taurus or Libra and if

The rising Trimsamsa or the Trimasamsa occupied by the Moon is:

Is that of Mars: Women will be of bad conduct,

Is that of Saturn: Women will marry second time,

Is that of Jupiter: Women will possess good qualities,

Is that of Mercury: Women will be skilled in music and dance,

Is that of Venus: Women will be of good qualities and will be of wide spread fame,


Rising sign or sign occupied by the Moon is either Gemini or Virgo and if

The rising Trimsamsa or the Trimasamsa occupied by the Moon is:

Is that of Mars: Women will be deceitful,

Is that of Saturn: Women will be a hermaphrodite,

Is that of Jupiter: Women will be chaste,

Is that of Mercury: Women will possess many good qualities,

Is that of Venus: Women will commit adultery due to lust,


Rising sign or sign occupied by the Moon is Cancer and if

The rising Trimsamsa or the Trimasamsa occupied by the Moon is:

Is that of Mars: Women will be of independent nature,

Is that of Saturn: Women might murder her husband,

Is that of Jupiter: Women will possess many good qualities,

Is that of Mercury: Women will be skilled in work of art,

Is that of Venus: Women will be of bad conduct,


Rising sign or sign occupied by the Moon is Leo and if

The rising Trimsamsa or the Trimasamsa occupied by the Moon is:

Is that of Mars: Women will be of masculine nature,

Is that of Saturn: Women will commit adultery,

Is that of Jupiter: Women will be wife of a king,

Is that of Mercury: Women will be of masculine nature,

Is that of Venus: Women will commit adultery with a person of low caste,


Rising sign or sign occupied by the Moon is either Sagittarius or Pisces and if

The rising Trimsamsa or the Trimasamsa occupied by the Moon is:

Is that of Mars: Women will possess good qualities,

Is that of Saturn: Women might be disinterested in sexual union,

Is that of Jupiter: Women will possess many good qualities,

Is that of Mercury: Women will be woman of knowledge,

Is that of Venus: Women will not be chaste,


Rising sign or sign occupied by the Moon is either Capricorn or Aquarius and if

The rising Trimsamsa or the Trimasamsa occupied by the Moon is:

Is that of Mars: Women will lead a life of servitude,

Is that of Saturn: Women will join a person of low caste,

Is that of Jupiter: Women will be chaste,

Is that of Mercury: Women will be of bad conduct,

Is that of Venus: Women will be barren,

If at the time of birth of a woman:

Saturn and Venus occupy each others Navamsa,and aspect each other, or

If rising sign be either Taurus or Libra and the rising Navamsa be that of Aquarius: Women will quench the poisonous fire of her strong lustful desires by means of other women assuming a masculine character.


If at the time of birth of a women, the 7th house from the rising sign or from the sign occupied by the Moon:

If not occupied by any grah/planets and If such 7th house be weak and not aspected by benefic grah/planets: Such husband will be wicked,

If such 7th house be occupied by Mercury: Husband will be a hermaphrodite,

If such 7th house be a movable sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn): Husband will travel foreign lands,

If such 7th house be a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): Husband will remain in his country,

If such 7th house be a common sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces): Husband will travel foreign lands but will come back to his country from time to time,

If such 7th house be occupied by the Sun: Husband will reject the woman,

If such 7th house be occupied by several Malefic grah/planets:Husband will die,

If such 7th house be occupied by a Malefic grah/planets and be weak and be aspected by a benefic grah/planet:Husband will reject her.

If such 7th house be occupied by a Malefic grah/planet and 9th house is occupied by some grah: The woman will without doubt become an ascetic of the class belonging to the grah occupying such 9th house and all other effects already described will fail,

Malefic grah: The Sun, or Mars, or Saturn,

Benefic grah: Mercury or Jupiter or Venus,

If such 7th house be occupied by several Malefic and Benefic grah/planets: She will quit her husband and marry,

If such 7th house be occupied by Mars: Husband will die very young,

If such 7th house be occupied by Saturn aspected by Malefic grah: Woman will remain unmarried till old age.

If such 7th house be occupied by the Moon, Venus and Mars: She will commit adultery with the permission of her husband.

Setting sign or setting Navamsa be of:

Saturn: The husband of that woman will be an old fool,

Mars: The husband will be of irascible temper but will be attached,

Venus: The husband will be beautiful and fond of his wife,

Mercury:The husband will be learned and intelligent,

Moon: The husband will be full of lustful desires and of a quiet nature,

Jupiter: The husband will possess courage and other virtues and will have a control over his passions and desires,

Sun: The husband will be of very soft nature and will engage in many works,

If Venus and Mars occupy each other's Navamsa: Women will commit adultery,

The rising sign be Capricorn or Aquarius (Lord is Saturn) or

The rising sing be Aries or Scorpio (Lord if Mars) and

If such a sign be occupied by the Moon and Venus and aspected by Malefic grah/planets: The woman and her mother will commit adultery.

Rising sign occupied by two grah/planets:

Moon and Venus: The woman will be envious of the prosperity of other persons and will be greatly mindful of her comforts.

Moon and Mercury: The woman will be learned in the fine arts and will be in enjoyment of comfort and will possess many good qualities,

Venus and Mercury: The woman will be beautiful,much liked by her husband and learned in music, vocal ad instrumental,

Moon, Mercury and Venus: The woman will be in enjoyment of immense wealth and comfort and possess many good qualities,

Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus: The woman will be in enjoyment of immense wealth and comfort and possess many good qualities,

Note: All that has been said in this chapter applies to the positions of the grah at the time of promise of giving the girl as a gift in an arranged marriage and also at the time of the query.

Ref: Brihat Jataka - Varaha Mihira - 504 CE, translated by N Chidambaram Iyer 1885.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, 29 May 2017,