Nov 22, 2017

Beware of Puppets -II (Project Screw Quebec)

Time is passing like never before and without any major change because bunch of pale cowards are holding on to the past events like carpenters glue,:-) but even with that few things changed in my life in the past four months, otherwise the situation was like a stagnant pond for almost 12 years, and in that pond all I saw was dirty little miserable pale cowards slouching like pigs, they want some pale P O S as their leader or guide for doing what they want (Their Agenda) :-) which always undermines the agenda of all those big talkers before elections, :-) and the pale cowards want my approval by force. :-)

And for this purpose they have turned almost everyone and everything into some proxy, or  PUPPET expecting that will bring some political mileage to their candidates be it Bitch from hell or Leech the Sucker or anyone else. :-)

It seems they and the Leech the sucker are more worried about what I think about them, :-) in that case they should have taken precautions but they did not.

Judgement: When it comes to personal Judgement,

Bitch from hell clearly told me in 2003 that she was a BITCH FROM HELL, so you can guess what one can expect from her other then things a Bitch from hell is expected to do or even supposed to do, and once you know that she has given herself this name BITCH FROM HELL, then why would anyone with right mind do anything with her, at least I would not and I did not.

Bitch from hell's judgement back in 2003-2004 about LEECH the Sucker was that she was a PEER, a GENIUS and she fought tooth and nail at least with me to drive her point and when she could not convince me she got rid of me, :-) and after 2004 through her cowards (That is how it was projected by the cowards) she has been driving the point that her judgement was wrong in 2003 -2004 about Leech the Sucker, because Leech the sucker is Leech the sucker, irrespective of people, province, country or even time. :-)

Leech the Sucker then behaved and will behave like she is your best friend and well wisher (In my case she called herself my Mother) :-) while she will screw you everywhere behind your back and will not bat an eyelid, :-) and as far as I am concerned she replaced me with lot of people like Jean this Jean that, Robert this Robert that, what ever was my situation with her in her view or my view, :-) and she was not bothered about it even a wee bit, then in 2004 she felt so strongly that since they have an replacement for their cowardly "Project Screw Quebec", games, they or she particularly did not want me anywhere so she and her bunch of lunatics were working to find some excuse to get rid of me and eventually they did, thanks to Bitch from hell.:-)

And all these years since I last saw her in Nov 2004, she and her pale cowards which ever outfit or which ever political party they belong or work for, have been working against me 24/7, be it propaganda or monkey business, so If that was her judgement then she should better stay with it.

And If she feels Bitch from hell is more efficient and more powerful than her or all her jack asses put together or you can call them lunatics, then she should simply fall in line, what is the problem. :-)

Which means Leech the Sucker or anyone can not take a U turn after 15 years and say that her Judgement about me  or for that matter about anything was wrong, it holds no value as of today, :-) because lot of water has flown under the bridge since 2004 and all that water was very dirty and pale cowards were and are responsible for that, (The pale cowards are still trying to find an excuse for all their cowardly actions, so that they can hide behind it or hold on it.). :-) 

But sorry folks I lived a very vegetative life almost like a vegetable most part of my life (Exception is 1995 to 2001), even today I live like that so finding excuses in my life is kind of very remote. :-)

I have walked a very straight line without any side branches to the story, actually I never got an opportunity to fly, I am like I have been on the taxi track all my life waiting to fly. :-)

Judgement and actions based on it are like laying a foundation of a building, once it is finished and a building built on it, the contractor can not come back after 15 years and say I was wrong all along so I want to start from scratch, :-) that is not allowed and it is the Dharma.

Bottom Line: Both Bitch from hell and Leech the sucker's judgement about me and about lot of things were wrong and is wrong even today, because one can not have the ability to judge by copying someone or claiming that they are geniuses, or even take the credit of some proxy, :-) and it talks about your poor judgement when you use small children as your proxies when you are in your retirement age or post retirement age.

Dharma: (There is no equivalent word in any language except in Sanskrit or Indian languages), it simply means "the right thing to do in any situation", and always Dharma should be maintained.

Dharma is you will be able to see the TRUTH only when you are true to yourself, :-) which means you will have to shun all the eight brothers of sin, :-) then there are lot of other things then only you will be TRUE to yourself, basically it means in simple terms, you will have to upgrade yourself from the level of an ANIMAL to a HUMAN and then continue on this path no matter what. :-)


What Pale Cowards have been /are doing: :-)

After they were tired of playing with the break pads and rotors of my car, creating whistling sounds like Jean Guy for few weeks, I am not sure why I have issues with the name "JEAN" in Canada-Quebec, and "Narayana", in India, :-) may be it has to do with my past life.

So the pale cowards have been playing with my cheeks left and right, face cheeks not the butt cheeks, :-) it is like they need something to keep themselves busy that they are working on their agenda, :-) otherwise may be they suffer from some guilt that they are not doing anything, :-) even I am surprised pale cowards also suffer from guilt. :-)

Note: People who are not aware of electronic muscle twitching, watch some video of  pain therapy systems of Dr HO which are wired and they also twitch the muscle to relieve pain and only difference is, the pale cowards are using a billion dollar system and it is wireless through Satellites and through lot of illegal setups in private homes, cars, and private localities and what not, :-) thanks to Bill 51 and the muscle twitching unlike Dr HO's systems it causes discomfort.

When it comes to cheeks I think it was Serge Carboil who used to  pull both cheeks of an Indian guy who did all the work and let a pale women with Ph.D from university de Montreal to sign and take the credit, so every time the Indian guy did the favour Serge would pull his both cheeks. :-)))) and the Indian guy was very happy and proud and one day he was kicked out  :-)when they found me in 2001 for their "Project Screw Quebec".

Then Serge got kicked out by bitch from hell in 2002 through me or you can say she used me and my office for that, which made way for the Italian Lunatic (Visible Director) and the Leech the sucker (Invisible arrangement to succeed as director) to join, but he kept returning to the plant to serve tea in meetings or to physically hold female employees in his arms, :-) and in 2004  when Leech the sucker was stuck in quicksand of politics (she prepared that quicksand), :-) even she wanted to just serve Tea in meetings.:-) but there was a difference, Serge was a dickhead with no education, Leech had a Ph.D in Biochemistry from Geneva university, at least this is what she claimed, though she could never tell what was the topic of her thesis.:-)

(Recently some University in USA where Mr Steven Hawking's Ph.D thesis, "Properties of expanding universe", was made available on the University's website, I think this should be a practise for all Ph.D's around the world, so that whenever someone claims they have a Ph.D, their claim can be immediately cross checked from the University's website, :-)) because most people with Ph.D's can't even remember their topic of thesis. :-)

Back to Serge, he always complained about me, because I never gave him an opportunity to pull my cheeks, :-) (Yes I am also homophobic :-)) because the pale women with PhD from University de Montreal could not  continue with me for more than 2 months, she took help of C. Gel-in-ass and changed her department to QC after complaining to bitch from hell, and bitch from hell placed me on the hot seat within two months of my joining, that is what she said, "you are on a hot seat", :-) someone should have asked all these bozos, :-) that I was just a research chemist so how can they expect me to Supervise or even Manage her work, though I had 12 years of experience and she was with no experience but we sat on an equal level, :-) I am not sure how much she was paid, and before I joined I was told by Bitch from hell that "they have a young women with Ph.D in Varennes but she was not able to do anything and she wanted someone who can throw things around", :-) and when Leech joined I am sure Bitch from hell -Sin'D must have told (Assumption) her also that they have an Indian man with out a Ph.D and he is not able to do anything, :-) that is why when Leech the sucker joined she came to me and told me that she will adopt me ( I was 34 then) because she had no children and what drama. :-) 

And the first Indian guy who got kicked out from Project Screw Quebec, did not believe in equality so he kept the pale women with a Ph. D from University de Montreal way above himself, :-) apart from getting his cheeks pulled he got nothing, eventually they kicked him out and he left Quebec, :-) use and throw policy.

Yes! before he left, a lunch was arranged not for him but for some other purpose, where some drama was played in my front seat but I did not understand what it meant, :-) a loose watery brown colored meat dish was served, to which my Indian friend sitting on the right side of Bitch from hell and he got so excited and asked me, I was sitting few places away from her on the left side more like in the middle, "Is it not like Indian curry", he asked, :-) I did not say anything because it was nothing like an Indian curry, it was like meat boiled in water with some pepper and salt. :-)

:-) Sorry to brag, I  cook and I have been cooking since 1977, i.e. when I was just 11 or 12.

Back to the story:

I believed in equality so I kept her on par with me, which means she had to do her work, and even I got nothing and they got rid of me when they found a black women for their Project Screw Quebec. :-)

Bottom line; It seems like, does not matter what you do, you are bound to be at receiving end, particularly If you don't belong to the visible majority in Canada-Quebec, :-) and all the pale super women and super men from this majority want to further squeeze whatever little juice is left in you and feel proud.:-) 

And does not matter who is leading (In whatever it is) that person is always against me, at least this is what pale cowards have been driving for the last 15 years or more. :-)


I think instead of GOOGLE trying to control Microsoft based devices they should come up with their own operating system and then promote Google products like Chrome etc.

Fall In line:

Fall in line but not in front of a high school, those are poor parents dropping and picking up their teenage kids at polyvalente high school at Deux-Montagnes. :-)

Though the arrangement at Polyvalente high school Deux-Montagnes, Quebec is very good compared to any other school in Saint Laurent or Montreal,  someone took pains to paint everything down and there is a sign board which says parents "drop off" your kids here, I have not seen any such sign in entire Montreal or Saint Laurent, but the space provided is too narrow, though there is lot of land available, it could have been better, and when political Hyenas :-) get involved then it gets complicated.

On the streets there will always be someone ahead of you, :-) Cat on the wall in 2005 gave me this advise that don't follow the cars or games played with cars, same thing she said about Dogs. :-) 

Fall in line where ever you work or live, If you find someone who is better, superior (By virtues not just by skin color, caste, creed or religion or even age or because he or she is born before you in your family or outside your family) and that person could be the one who guides or wishes well for you and your family (Children) following that person not as an objective but subjective to point by point, there is nothing wrong, following someone blindly is bad for everyone it leads to FASCISM. 

Vivekananda asked a simple question while looking for a GURU, "Did you meet or see GOD?", and only person who said, YES! to that question and that was Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, because Ramakrishna was interacting with GOD on a daily basis, while working in a temple, and rest is history, so when you find that person follow him or her.

Another example is about Swami Sivananda, bored with his medical practise in Malaysia, he returns to India and travels directly to Rishikesh (Shiva Dham) and stays in a postman's home, and everyday he washes the feet of the postman who gets so tired of walking, when asked what should I do, the postman directs Sivananda to a GURU of that time for spiritual progress and today we know him as Swamy Sivananda, he passed away before I was even born.

And If you are looking for political mileage by taking credit because someone like Tiger woods scored a "hole in one", :-) or some parent parks his car in front of others in front of a high school, etc etc otherwise you have no business there or you are situated 500 km away from there, then only god can help you and your political career. :-) or better try SATAN, because SATAN likes to give false hopes, and likes to betray and deceive.

You can not make two things happen by force, lies, rumours, manipulation, rearrangement, highlighting some text because it suits you: :-)

1) Turn someone into a devotee or follower of god,

2) Make someone fall in love. 

Remaining every thing people (Majority) do when forced, exceptions are always there.

And whatever games Pale Cowards play they always change the other day or even the same day, so how do you consolidate on something like that, it is like you have eaten today and you will not eat after tomorrow, or you have slept today and you will not sleep after tomorrow, or you have relieved yourself today or taken a shower today and  after tomorrow you will not need any toilet or washroom or bathtub. :-)

All this absurd nonsense can only come from a very absurd mind filled with nonsense. :-) 

What can I do or for that matter anyone do. :-)

When you are RETIRED.(at 65 in Canada or 62 in India or even 54, 56 or 58 in Defence)

There is a purpose or reason behind a retirement age, indirectly the government is telling you that you are no longer able to do things, you have been doing before.:-)

So they pay you a pension so that you can rest and not bother others who are able, If you are rich then you can take up social service, charity and earn some spiritual points.

Positive side of retirement is, your body is telling you, that it no longer follows your mind, and your mind is telling you it is tired of running your errands or keeping record of your senses, it needs to connect with higher being for final emancipation of your soul, which never got a chance in your entire life to express itself.

Exception; If you are a King or a Queen you don't retire.:-)

You can not decide who will be first If you are second or third, you can only vote, and like everyone else you have only one vote, you can decide who will be second, third or fourth If you are first in line, but then it is up to the second or third of fourth to accept or refuse or follow you or not.

My Business: (Self Employed)

I am self employed since 2008 May 22, as an External Travel Agent, and in 2012 Mr Jean Mark Fournier then Justice minister reduced it to Travel Counsellor in 2012,  I passed the exam in 2011.

In the list of my clients I never had a regular (Travelling every year) white person (English or French), :-) there were one or two black clients but they have not been regular since 2012.

I started making 25,000$ (Commission) in 2009 and after 2012 it dropped to 15000$, and top of that every year since 2012 I have to renew my license for a small amount of 25$. 

From 2008 to 2012 I had a long list of Punjabi Clientele but today I have one or two who are also not regular travellers.

Though there is compensation fund for customers of Travel Agents with OPC Quebec, but there is no fund for the external agents If they loose clients because of this legislation.:-) 

Even today for every sale 0.1% goes to the OPC, and I have never heard any customer either claiming or getting anything as compensation from OPC Quebec, though the agency is plush with funds, so they have slowly reduced the contribution from 0.3% to 0.1% over a period of 5 years.

After 2012 Quebec legislation, websites from outside Quebec have been selling real cheap travel products to clients in Quebec, and the difference in Published price and Net Price also went down.

Garbage Truck Workers and Drivers: 

Every now and then when the pale cowards are frustrated because they are not getting any handle to play around with, or they want to make lies/rumours of few pale people true.:-)

After they tried with:

Electronic VOODOO. (Developed and circulated all over the world by the Pale Cowards from, UK/Canada/USA), India did not get Veto in UNO but they got all these electronic voodoo technologies to screw their own people for some pale P O S from UK/Canada/Australia and USA, because they are playing some proxy games.:-) 

witching of Cheeks, Nostrils, Scars inside the Nostrils, Booger (Dried Nasal Mucus) designing inside the Nostrils left and right both with running Nose, :-) this is some technology they have developed, :-) manipulating Sinusus, Mouth and lips,(Lips are chapped in Summer also :-) because they don't want you to kiss anyone :-)) manipulation of soft tissue inside the Mouth, Infection in Teeth and Mouth, bad breath, Bleeding gums and teeth, Tooth and gum Manipulation, Tooth Ache, (They want you to go to a Dentist, and If you go to a Dentist, you will further get screwed with ROOT canal procedures and a huge bill of 1000$ or which ever is your maximum limit with Insurance. :-)  these are few technologies in use on people in Canada-Quebec, I guess for National Security. :-)

Tongue - Itching, scars, rough Tongue, Bleeding Tongue, also removing black marks on the Tongue :-) (Free, which is performed while you are sleeping), scars or folding of tissue inside of the cheeks leading to stretching or tightening of cheek skin.

Pain in Arms, Shoulders, Knees, Itching, Pain, Size manipulation of Testicles, liquid oozing out of testicles skin with itchy scars, Groin left side and right side, itching, skin color manipulation, Anus -Itching and size Manipulation. :-)

They keep record of your Anus size and the moment you leave or enter Canada they measure it wireless right in the Montreal airport, :-)) for National Security. :-)) May be this will become a part of BioAnalMetric meters for all Canadians in Canada-Quebec. :-)

There are more technological advances made by the pale cowards (all Cowards in all countries, even Zimbawe has it) :-) few are listed below,

Inside Anus, Itching Anus, Constipation, Hard Stools which get stuck inside the Colon-Rectum with reduction of Anus size, Designing stools inside Colon-Rectum.

Itching Penis, Limp Impotent Penis, forced ejaculation while you are sleeping, :-) Manipulation of Penis Foreskin,(In 2011 they tried to cut off the foreskin at the ridge of glans of Penis by wireless electronic voodoo, they worked on it for three days in my home in SaintLaurent, Office in Chabanel Ouest, Montreal, and in my Car but they were not successful but it left the swollen Glans and foreskin tighter like plastic shrink wrapped around the Glans, Fungal/Yeast Infection on Glans part of Penis, Yeast inside the Penis, bleeding from Penis, Yeast oozing out of Penis, Yeast infection and itching of inside of the Penis with Yeast, :-) Severe pain in the stem of the Penis If Natural Erection happens, :-) they don't want you to have a natural erection or have sex with anyone, :-) may be all bastards are impotent and faggots or all bitches are frigid and lesbians. :-) 

Manipulation of Ankles, Pain and Itching, Cuff Muscles extreme itching and pain, Feets, itching, pain, numbness.

Toes, pain and itching, numbness below the toes, sharp pain below the heels, soles of the feet, (They call it Diabetic Nerve Pain and as Doctors are hand in glove particularly in clinics like Physimed, Saint Laurent, so you will get to hear this, :-) Even a lady doctor in India asked me in 2015, do you feel sharp pricks and numbness in the feets, after the medical assistant Shiva of AMR hospital manipulated the blood sugar/Hb count picture.:-)

There is a medical assistant named Shiva in AMR hospital in Anand Bagh, Secunderabad, India, he works for the brown cowards in India, he does all the manipulations of readings of medical reports, etc.all the bungling that is required to trouble people because one pale P O S in Toronto is not getting closure on her FRAUD.

Itching and pain in palms, fingers, nails, wrists, elbows, eyes, inside the eyes, eyelids, eyeballs, eye sight,  tear glands, tears rolling out for no reason, :-) (They don't like you smiling) :-) head, hair, Skunk Urine is used as Hair Spray, don't worry it is sprayed fresh in your shower the moment you finish taking shower or any place, all wireless. :-)

National Security at such a cost, billions and trillions are being spent so that few handful pale folks in UK/Canada/USA can control this world all by pressing few buttons on their keyboards in their cosy holes.  :-)

Ears, itching,pain inside the ears, sleep or no sleep, cough, sneezing, running nose, congestion, phlegm, throat, tired and painful body parts, or entire body, dizziness, giddiness, blackout, back pain, thigh pain, spinal cord manipulation causing pain while sitting, getting up, walking, bending, kneeling, etc. etc. all done wireless- Billions and Trillions are spent to achieve this goal.

Then there is  brain manipulation, :-) This needs an entire post. Jack Layton was one of the few who knew about it so got erased. :-) Big Brother in UK/Canada/USA is always watching everyone.

Body Manipulation, apart from designing shape, size, color of body, there are other technology like sudden cooling of the body or certain body parts to very chill and cold temperatures particularly fingers to very numb and cold like frost bitten, while the nose and ears are still ok, :-) or sudden sweating like you are in an Infra red Suana, while the room temperature is around 23 degrees centigrade :-)

Did the two black guys who crossed into Canada from USA lost their fingers to this experiment, It is a question?. Because some pale surgeon in Canada must have wanted to do a finger transplant surgeries after frost bite, so they needed a case for study and pale cowards immediately provided one. :-)

They try this chilling and sweating experiments on people in private homes, schools, cars in Saint Laurent, Quebec and also in Deux-Montagens, Quebec.

So imagine in a class room few kids (Pale also) would be sweating, while few would be chill and cold, :-) all this for National Security. :-)

All this because few numb bastards got elected and they had no clue what these pale coward MF's were up to when they proposed Bill-51 and they were given more power, access, and money.

And all this because one Pale P O S is not able to get a closure on her Fraud and she has some connections in Ottawa or Quebec City.

So instead of punishing one sick pale P O S they are punishing millions of people with all those artificial ailments I have listed above through Electronic Voodoo under proxy games, :-.

If I write about what they are working on now one can not live a moment with peace, these M F's are Monsters paid by your governments, and this is a disease in all most every single country as they are all well connected through a network.

So back to Garbage Truck  :-) they ask the Garbage Trucks (Including Recycle Trucks) to block my path particularly when I am going to drop my child at her school when it is Peak School Traffic, it happened in Saint Laurent, Quebec for 12 years and it is happening now in 2017 in Deux-Montagnes, Quebec and it also show how bankrupt of ideas the pale cowards are and also they use it to tell that your life is going to be like a Garbage Truck or its workers or Drivers. :-) such Frustration!!! :-)

(Note most Garbage Truck Drivers and Workers are pale skinned because it is very secure job and well paid) :-) 

Actually Garbage Truck Drivers or Workers in Canada-Quebec make more money then I do, they make almost three times what I make. :-)

Even the minimum wage workers at the rate of 11$ per hour in Canada-Quebec make almost double then what I make, my financial situation is due to the two political parties, Liberal Party of Canada and Conservative party of Canada (Includes Liberal Party of Quebec) :-)

Garbage Truck will be like a promotion, as far as my finance is concerned. :-)


Nov 5, 2017

Beware of Puppets - I

From the Internet:

The current joke about banking in India is like this:

A man going somewhere stops on his way and asks some stranger passing by "Is there any bank some where here", and with in seconds he gets a SMS from his bank on his cell phone, which reads Rupee 5 charged for asking a question about the bank, :-) 

And the passing stranger refuses to answer the question by saying, " I have already got 3 debit notes of 5 rupees each from my bank since morning for telling the address of the bank to three different people. :-)

The situation is not very different in Canada-Quebec, :-) every month CIBC takes away close to 25$ from my chequing account because I can not maintain a minimum balance of 1000.00$

Though there is something called Tax Free Savings account but no bank will tell you about it If you are that kind of customer who keeps less then 1000.00$ in your chequing account. :-)

My Elder daughter who tried to open a Tax Free Savings account in CIBC branch of Deux-Montagnes, Quebec, the first day the power went off, :-) and then she tried again after few days with success and she complained the CIBC takes 14$ from her student chequing account every month. :-)

And our Prime Minister Mr Justin Trudeau , :-) should I say the Super Man Prime Minister says "It is your personal responsibility". :-) but he is real fun, be it Star Wars Movie, Halloween or any social gathering. :-)

Problem: Not that banks have no rules or regulations, they have everything well laid out like any other department in Canada-Quebec, it is only that they are waived by any pale skinned person with some influence in Ottawa or Quebec city. :-) ( By the pale cowards)

Not just for themselves, even for you If you happen to be the target of their proxy political games, of course with out your knowledge. :-)

Try applying for MBNA Master Card with zero % interest rate, even though your Credit History in general and particularly with TD Bank might be excellent, (MBNA bank Credit Card is also a TD Bank extension), but you will never get one because it is given to few selected individuals with proper backing of the Pale Cowards both in Canada and Quebec. :-) or should we say this card is reserved for the PUPPETS.

I have tried 4 to 5 times and each time I was refused, I even tried with higher income but it did not work, though I have not missed a single payment with TD Visa or any other bank.

I tried to explain the logic to one of the MBNA representative, I told him, see I am paying 19.9% interest with out fail month after month, and your card is zero% for 10 months and If I continue to pay the same amount that will go to the principal amount and that way my debt will go down considerable, but as he was a PUPPET and as Puppets are not allowed to use their brains, :-) he refused to understand my logic and hung up with a sorry, and this they did four times. :-) 

But after every 6 months with out fail they do send me the promotion zero % interest MBNA Master Card, please apply and then they refuse.:-) 

Then I asked my Wife to try for MBNA zero % interest for 10 months Master Card this year, because her Credit History is excellent, but she was also refused. :-)

I think the local police station approves these credit cards. :-)))))

Another joke about demonetization of 500 Rs and 1000 Rs denominations in India is:

" Pigeons died in this process and the Eagles escaped". 

Demonetization of 500 Rs in India caused me to loose 1500.00 Rs, I know I kept 3 x 500.00 Rs somewhere in my briefcase, :-) though I could not find them but I did loose 1500.00 Rs because of Demonetization of Mr Modi.

But I could not comprehend a small thing why was Rs 2000.00 denomination issued immediately while 500 and 1000 denominations were trashed, did the elite in India requested that for their escape. :-)

Here Mr Manmohan Singhs London Economics also failed, because he was Prime Minister of India for 10 years or more before Mr Modi, and If he was a good Economist he and his Cong-I cabinet should have come up with a strong law against demonetization of 500.00 and 1000.00 denominations any time in near future like in 20 years from certain date, but he was sleeping even here, :-) 

It shows even he lacked VISION in economics of India, and the Nobel prize winner in economics who said he will India If Mr Modi gets elected also did not warn the country about its outcome, should the Noble prize committee take away his award because it is a poor show. 

Another Joke which is very funny about Cong-I,

It seems Rahul Gandy was watching Cricket match, and Mr Manmohan Singh Ex-PM of India enters his home, and the moment Rahul Gandy sees him he takes a nap, Mr Manmohan Singh sits on a near by chair and silently watches the match.

After an hour Rahul Gandy wakes up and finding Mr Manmohan Singh still there, asks him, did they score a goal.

To this Mr Manmohan Singh (who is known for his knowledge in Politics and Cricket) says:

"Mr Rahul Gandy you are so funny, Goal is scored in Cricket". :-)

He managed India for 10 long years the results are still coming. :-) He is educated in London Economics. :-) 

I think the first and foremost thing India has to do is disconnect all those brown (Cowards) traitors in India who are working for London. 

Then India can start moving in some direction otherwise as long as it remains on the London LEASH it is not going anywhere, and London will always put their pet Pakistan before India , :-) whatever hard work (If India is doing) they are doing in any sphere of International arena the benefit (whatever political or financial) will always go to London. :-)

What INDIA has to do is raise the issue of VETO in UNO - Security Council and General Assembly,

 Issue- HOW UK and FRANCE have VETO in Security Council, on what basis?

Because both UK and France were defeated badly in World War II by the Germans- Japan - Italy, so on what basis they qualify for the VETO.

We can still understand USA, Russia and China having some VETO, but UK and FRANCE. :-)

Three countries which are free from London LEASH are RUSSIA, USA and CHINA and LONDON regrets this like anything, not that they are not working hard in this angle, but three countries are too big for their LEASH now. :-)

Strategic Defence Analysis; Chandigarh India: Every aspiring student for Civil Services Exams in India reads these valuable documents along with Yojna while preparing for Pre, Main exams and also for the Interviews and once they enter IAS/IFS/IPS they forget about them, because then the instructions from LONDON are followed blindly. :-)

I think some very bright minds work in this organization but again one thing they don't have is the pale skin, "Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Barabar". :-)

And poor Indians  all over India call and say, "Mera Desh Mahan". :-) I wish they discover the truth,  that the appointment of the President of  India is proposed and validated by outsiders in western countries like Canada/UK/Australia etc then it is made official in India. :-) India is that free. :-)

I can see Sardar Vallab bhai Patel turning in his grave. "May his soul rest in peace" as he left lot of unfinished work.


Some time back in 2004, "Leech the sucker"  who was playing the perfect PUPPET then, used to frequently ask me this question, "What is Bitch from Hell doing now"? and what ever I used to say she would go and inform her immediately on telephone, because during that time Bitch from hell and her 40 thieves were cooking the mess I am in today. :-) and Bitch from hell was kind of scared that I might come to know about her plans. :-) 

Mostly I said nothing, as in person I am a man of few words.:-)

In the same spirit: 

What were/are Pale Cowards doing now:

You are allowed to laugh loudly as this is the game of pale cowardice at its heights. ;-)

When we moved in to our new house in Deux-Montagnes, Quebec in July 2017, the first thing the pale cowards did was to inform our neighbours something about me or us, and then one of my neighbour was upbeat with a squirky smile on his face :-) (Which has vanished now) :-) and one of my neighbour was wary, (But now he has a long face) which also means the information varied from neighbour to neighbour.:-)

Then they were trained how to show that they are superior,  :-) poor folks tried for three months mostly with all the fears of the pale cowards, :-) which I have seen since 2001 or 2002, and  now they are playing some other game with recycle bins and garbage bins. :-) 

Then the pale cowards also tried to create a whistling sound from the breaks of my car every time I backed into our drive way, since the break pads and rotors were already 4 year old, and I was prepared for it, I got them replaced with out giving much play time to the pale cowards, otherwise they like to play each game for few weeks before they get tired, so in way I cut them to size, the sound stopped, but pale cowards suffer from OCD & ADHD and other psychological issues, so they started all over again on the new rotors and break pads, there is no 6th or 7th sense or 10th sense involved, It is called experience. :-)

Someone should educate people like Sharper how his bill -51 or 52 is being utilized by the pale cowards and also how all the diverted funds are being put to misuse by them for national security of Canada.:-) I was thinking how whistling sound from breaks of a car can help the National Security?? except that it costs me few extra hundred dollars but national security?

The sound is created electronically by manipulating the parameters of the computers inside the car with  their billions of dollar worth illegal surveillance equipment installed in my car and the pale French neighbourhood. :-)

Actually there was this 65 years old pale French Quebecoise Jean Guy who used to whistle around in the plant regularly, and I am not sure where he is now, last time I saw him was in 2004 a day before I was asked to leave.

Leech the sucker used to dance with him in the corridor, they would hit each others bums with their bums. :-) ya! they were highly paid by "bitch from hell " for all that, and they were never put on any hot seat, because they were all co-operating in her FRAUD.:-)


Just for the sake of discussion: :-)

Let us say some pale P O S is nominated as numero uno in some political party or some filthy outfit packed with P O S's working for or carrying out some filthy work for some political party, you call it proxy games etc,

In what way I am related with it? :-)

I am not even member of any political party or any coward outfit, :-) is it not required that  I should be a member of some political party or member of which ever filthy outfit packed with POS's which is running the proxy games or whatever, first :-)

And in the past 15 years pale cowards have expressed some billion times that the game is over. :-)

But then again the next day morning they start all over again with, fuck you left, fuck you right, fuck you left, left and right and left and right fuck you games. :-)

This fuck you right, fuck you left and right and left  thing goes on and on and on even for small small events, like If I drop a screw driver while fixing something, pale coward watching  24/7 would immediately make sure that I am intimated through their electronic needles on my middle fingers or my feets, "Fuck you left or fuck you right', this goes on from Monday to Sunday and then back again from Monday to Sunday, like this 15 years have passed and the pale cowards are unable to communicate exactly what is their problem. :-)

And while pale cowards are fooling with their electronic technologies the bitch from hell is still looking for a closer to HER FRAUD which she started in 1997, i.e. 4 years before I arrived in Canada. :-)

And every few minutes the pale P O S as numero uno also changes, :-) I can not keep track of all the P O S's being nominated and then kicked out in minutes, hours and days. :-)

For all this Uncle Chretian and Uncle Sharper has given enough funds to the pale cowards but I am not paid, in fact it is costing me money for frequently changing breaks, rotors and pads of my car. 

Some nonsense, Fcuking idiots..

Bitch from hell and HER FRAUD,

I never said that she is alone in HER FRAUD, she is the main culprit but she is a lame duck, she could not manage or even mis-manage a small scale pharmaceutical of 60 employees with out any product or sales, :-) managing a FRAUD all by herself is impossible for her, she was operations director so all departments were under her control though and she is born in Canada and lived all her 57 years in Canada when she started HER FRAUD, so she must definitely have very fast friends in the political parties, Ottawa, Toronto elite, there was a hearsay that she was very close to some Sheila Copps or Fraser and of course the Pale Cowards who were planning the PROJECT SCREW QUEBEC after 1995 failed referendum. :-)

So she was never alone, apart from her inner circle of nasty females, the LEECH THE SUCKER joined her in 2002 with her loud plans of a genius, :-)  so she was an instant hit with Bitch from hell and bitch from hell was so impressed with this IQ 32 genius :-) that she promoted her in all the pale coward circles of Canada as a genius, the entire senior staff came from Markham Ontario to her office in Varennes QUEBEC to kiss her in 2003 congratulating her of something, :-)) and there were lot of other employees who were 100% with HER FRAUD with full knowledge. :-)

Each one of them was assured of some thing in exchange so they co-operated 100%. :-) Robert Forehand was 100%.

If Bitch from hell was alone in HER FRAUD, she would have been behind bars like Mrs Martha Stewart long back, :-) but she has some very powerful friends in Ottawa who are and have been protecting her or diverting all allegations away from her, they will do this till they are safe in their holes not when they are in the line of fire,  :-) so the  focus of fire has to fall on them, then they will throw Bitch from hell in the fire like a hot potato. :-)

And I know, now or from quite some time, the LEECH THE SUCKER must be trying very hard to distance herself from all this, but she was the master planner then :-) of that Modus Operandi of Bitch from hell, whatever it was big or small.

The Main Purpose was ; PROJECT SCREW QUEBEC,

The secondary purpose was HER FRAUD: For her monetary benefit for her services in the PROJECT SCREW QUEBEC. :-) 


Note: Mr Jean Charest was pushed into Quebec after the 1995 referendum for this project, because If he is in control in QUEBEC city, he would extend all the help to the federal agents mapping QUEBEC with their illegal surveillance equipment. :-)

The project was carried out in following steps, 

1)They pick up some company in Quebec, which is struggling with product or finance, they put the top guys  mostly from Europe, UK, Switzerland, :-) Switzerland is top choice because they speak French.

2)Then they would put a new employee (Hunting is done in HRDC centres in English Canada where new immigrants are looking for jobs :-)) from Ontario or English Canada particularly colored for from some ethinic minority community because Mr Jaques Parizeau of PQ said "They lost the 1995 referendum because of ethinic minorities). :-) so this was/is the big agenda to satisfy. :-)

3) Then they run a propaganda in the company and outside also that the new employee (from some Ethinic Minority) is against QUEBEC and its people, :-) and he or she is PRO-ENGLISH, Against FRENCH and Against Party Quebecois also, etc. etc.particularly they would use all that which would fire up the pale qubecoise :-) for this they use people like LEECH THE SUCKER (She is also from Switzerland), because she can speak French and is not from QUEBEC, :-) so in my case the LEECH THE SUCKER was instrumental in spreading the ANTI messages to the pale Quebecoise then Robert Forehand took over.:-) truth is we never discussed QUEBEC or its people or likes or dislikes anywhere, :-) it was always a monologue like the never shutting down radio channel from the novel 1984 by George Orwell.  :-)

(Note: The program is not restricted to that one ethinic minority employee inside the company only, :-) it is extended to his or her family also and sometimes it is even extended to his relatives in his or her home country, :-) as people from ethinic minorities cannot put their wards in English schools in Quebec because of their mother tongue and financial situation, private English schools are expensive, they have no choice but the FRENCH schools, and once in the school the PALE COWARDS (Monsters) who I am 100% sure watch all these ethinic minority kids also in the schools apart from in their homes, with all their illegal surveillance equipment, they would see that the child fares very good in English and fares kind of low in French to substantiate their claim that the ethinic minority employee and his or her family is PRO-ENGLISH and ANTI-FRENCH, :-) actually the employee's mother tongue might be  some language from Asia/Africa/South America or Middle east but does not matter since he is employed in English Canada like Ontario he is considered PRO-ENGLISH, :-))

4) So all the insecure pale Quebcoise are instigated in this program making them mad or pushing them to act nasty against that one employee (Ethinic Minority) who has no idea what is going on because most of them are new in Canada-Quebec, :-) many times CAT ON THE WALL was so upset of something I had no clue and If that employee gets upset and complains about QUEBEC, which is natural for any human being, Then.

Note: In QUEBEC, we have,

1) Pale folks who are PRO-CANADA, 
2) Pale folks PRO-QUEBEC and CANADA,
4) Pale folks PRO-QUEBEC only and dead against MULTI CULTURE, they want only pale FRENCH specking QUEBECOISE in QUEBEC. :-) 

So you can imagine the matrix of people who  are prone to politically misguidance, so QUEBEC is one province in CANADA where most politically misguided people live. :-) and all the misguidance does not come from Ontario or English Canada, it also comes from all political parties in QUEBEC. :-)

5) Once distraught, use him or her against QUEBEC politically, something like this, :-) this was LIBERAL PARTY PROJECT under Mr JEAN CHRETIAN. :-)  I think this was the reason they invited Mr Bernard Landry in 2003 to Dimethaid Manufacturing Inc in Varennes Quebec, but I missed it and was not present that morning, bitch from hell was not very happy. :-) and later on Mr Bernard Landry resigned from his  PQ leadership due to some allegations of bribe. :-)

Note: And not that Conservatives did something to change it they continued with the program and many times you must have heard Sharper saying, let the police finish their investigation, we can not do anything, so probably the pale cowards mis-informed sharper that they were carrying out some police investigation, :-) who checks?, tell them anything and continue with your program and the PROJECT SCREW QUEBEC  continues even today under Mr JUSTIN TRUDEAU's government. :-) and in fact Bitch from hell and her pale cowards are trying to add psychological dimension to this program now, :-) because Bitch from hell likes to screw people without any reason it is her hobby, :-) and sending people to shrinks is her favorite game. :-)))) Clinical psychologists.

Bitch from hell suffers from some mental ailments which makes her do all these negative anti social acts, It is her brought up and neglect by her parents which are mainly responsible for her mental condition. :-) it is a serious social disorder.:-) and like I said there are no programs to educate or treat the visible majority of such social disorders.

6) In this project the propaganda section of CSIS/RCMP/Local Police and other similar organizations are very active or simply they extend all their resources to the operatives of this project screw Quebec, like in CIA there are 1600 employees only for propaganda. :-) only difference is here in Canada-Quebec they catch a new immigrant looking for some job or vocation to make some living. :-) (HRDC centres are the hunting grounds) :-)

This is the big PROJECT SCREW QUEBEC  of Liberal party of Canada and Bitch from hell was one of the operatives running it in Varennes from Markham Ontario, the company Dimethaid. :-)))))))))))))

One should have seen SIN'd human resources manager her enthusiasm to find out who was from Quebec and who was Europian, it happens only when there is Monetary benefit and chances of some political connections with the political elite, no one is that enthusiastic for a job. :-)

She lives in Ontario and Ontario pale folks are known for their hate for QUEBEC and its people and vice versa, like the comedian Mr Rick Mercer from English Canada said on national TV, "If QUEBEC separates we will join them but we will not let them go". :-)  

1995 or 1980 QUEBEC referendum or any referendum is lost not because of people voting for or against it, it is because of electronic bungling. :-) but "Ethinic Minority" was a hit with Jean Chretian administration and probably this is the reason why candidates for PM's position are mostly picked from QUEBEC, because QUEBEC is the big agenda of federal agents or English Pale Cowards.:-)

We are a month away from 2018 and nothing has changed except that the PQ is in bad shape due to its own doing and not because of some Ethinic Minority. :-) this is another good example how some people just waste their lives doing nothing but this.
11 Nov 2017 

On this day since it was long overdue, we worshipped "TRUTH". :-)

Now TRUTH is not like Pale Cowards Proxy games :-) that it will tilt one day towards left and the other day towards right and again back to left, :-) TRUTH is there like the SUN.

Lies are like the clouds they come, turn the sky dark and then they vanish but the TRUTH remains and the TRUTH does not need any advocate, it just remains. :-) It is lies which needs lot of advocates, government help and hundreds and thousands of Pale Cowards. :-)

Pale Cowards also can worship anything they want or like, or a person of their choice, for e.g. Pale Cowards can put the picture of that P O S whom they like or they are in deep devotion or love :-) it could be any body (Living or Dead) nothing is HARRRAAM like some Muslims(Educated or Uneducated) believe :-) and worship that thing by offering anything from cheapest (Rice) or municipal water to Diamonds, :-) what ever you can afford and then see what happens, :-) and sometimes some people even offer more Tantric offerings like Wine (For harnessing Negative Energies like SATAN/RAVANA/DEMONS that rule or guard this world) etc. :-)

If everything turns out to be good (Relative term, Fraud is a good thing for a Fraudulent person :-)) they can repeat that process every day or every week or every month or every year or after every 10 years like Kumb Ka Mela and enjoy. :-)

You can create a city of FRAUD and all fraudulent elements of the society can assemble there like Kumb Mela and Enjoy!.:-) it is that simple. :-)

After all Kali Yuga (The current Yuga of 43,000 years, out of which some 6000 years are over and at the end of it the world will take a turn to prepare for another version of Maha Yuga) is for enjoying (All kind) and for this purpose there are eight brothers always available at your service, they are

1) Lies,
2) Back Stabbing,
3) Deception,
4) Stealing,
5) Fraud,
6) Rape, (English Rape, not the seed, the physical violation of any person, because in Telugu it means tomorrow :-))
7) Murder,
8) Destruction, Mayhem of any kind like it is happening in Middle East/Africa and some parts of South America and Central America.  :-) because someone is always benefiting from it, :-) even Terrorism is destruction  for the common people who get killed, but for some handful filthy rich folks it is business as usual. :-)

You can use one of them or all of them at its fullest potential and highest ability and enjoy the fruits in this Kaliyuga but there is a catch the LAW of KARMA is also triggered every time you use them, and that LAW is very simple (Newtons third law) and that is:-


So enjoy!!! because it is your choice!.

Or you can stay with the TRUTH like I do all the time and live with whatever little I can earn but then life is very dry, :-) because the eight brothers are on the opposite side, which also means the majority of the world will be in your opposition and all that will always try to undermine you. :-)

But with TRUTH your life and mind will be clean and it will lead to totally different and higher aspects of the life in this world, but it needs lot of discipline and patience.

Pale Cowards and End of the world,

For quite sometime the pale cowards have been really worried that the world  will end and they are not finished screwing everyone yet in Canada-Quebec-USA. :-)

Now that they know that we have some 37,000 years left before the world will be totally destroyed so they are very happy and very relieved. :-)

And they are back with their old swagger to screw citizens all over again with new vigor and vitality, and they are not alone they have two most meanest bitches, One is 65 yrs old insensitive from Switzerland-Mexico and the other is 76 yrs old Greedy one from Toronto :-) guiding them. :-)

And like I said the Eight Brothers were always with them and they have been using them to the fullest, but to protect whom or whose interests I am not yet sure, so I can assume it must be for the handful rich folks in this world who hold 99% of the wealth. :-)

Well! If this is what the nature wants so be it. :-)

What the F@(#.

Oct 22, 2017

Beware of PUPPETS

Beware of PUPPETS, :-) (Some coward watching electronically while I am typing does not want me to write about the PUPPETS, so this is the fourth time I am typing, :-)) If the coward does not like the world to know about PUPPETS and their PUPPETRY then they should not encourage it or promote it, they should stop and let people live their lives as per their ability and discretion, as nature has given every human being some ability to deal with their problems and find solutions as per their ability and karma and they don't need some coward to decide for them.) It seems the watching coward is tired now so he stopped meddling. :-) and I have posted it.:-) Voila!!!!!

As we are talking about RAVANA and EVIL, and in today's world where nothing can be trusted thanks to few folks, whom I call cowards, and they are in almost every country and these folks have turned everything into a joke that includes National Security also, ya even National security is a big joke.

The problem is not the cowards, because I know what to expect from them, but the real problem is the problem they have created or they always end up creating, that is turning ordinary people into PUPPETS, and these PUPPETS have no character, or their original character is dormant or they do not display it due to fear of reaction from the cowards who are always watching  electronically almost everyone of them 24/7, at least in CANADA-QUEBEC.:-)

Normally ordinary or regular folks react to particular situation in a particular fashion based on their culture or upbringing but not the PUPPETS, their reaction is entirely based on the script given to them, and I am surprised the kind of people who are playing PUPPETS, some sometimes and many most of the times.

And in this crowd of PUPPETS there are Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ministers, Diplomats, Media, Journalists, Self Employed, business men and women, sports persons, Film stars, and of course employees of private and public enterprises, and now the students, I am not sure where will this relay of PUPPETRY stop.

As If there is a shortage of PUPPETS the entire team of cowards in multiple countries or from multiple countries including INDIA have been working very hard 24/7 to turn me into a PUPPET, but I have remained what I was and I have been able to thwart the pressure from these cowards 24/7 for the last 17 years and I am able to write without any external or internal influence, :-) though the coward watching tries everything.

Under the influence of these cowards I have seen all those so called strong women also act like PUPPETS to appease some coward on the top.

Actually I can't not understand the purpose of playing PUPPET, :-) what is the purpose and why? even If they are ready to pay for the service still I have this question? what is the purpose and why?

But TRUTH is till now not one coward of any color has ever approached me directly to ask me for any such service, but I see all those listed above playing PUPPETS all the time and that troubles me because it has become so hard to see the original character of the people, it is like you are in a movie TOY STORY. :-)

Some time back in 2004, Bitch from hell asked a marketing manager (In his 50's) to say Good Morning to me (I was 35 and just a Research Chemist), and he just did without thinking, just like a PUPPET, :-) and I was like Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhttttttttt!!, why? he was a grown up guy and he should  know whom to say Good Morning or When to say Good Morning, did he need some self appointed Bitch from hell to tell him to say Good Morning to certain person, but people just play PUPPETS and why they do it, that I am not able to understand. :-)

And treating educated and grown up men and women like they know nothing has become a routine.

ell! hope some wisdom will dawn on these cowards, and hope it happens soon, because normally when wisdom dawns it is always too late and that happens days before their expiry dates. :-) Aurangjeb got wisdom on his death bed, and he asked himself, WHO AM I? WHY DID I DO ALL THAT ? FOR WHOM AND WHY? but that was too late. :-)

And for Emperor Aurangjeb ( The last ruling Mughal King 1618 -1707, son of Emperor SAHAJAHEN the builder of Tajmahal, and Shahjahen was also imprisoned in Red Fort of Agra for spending too much money in useless activities like building of Taj Mahal, :-)) who is known for his tyranny, Hitler would look like a student compared to him and he did his part for 50 years ) it was too late to make corrections to his already f@#$%# up spiritual life, and I am sure he will have to wait through a very large cycle of bodies before he even gets a human body to make any corrections to his karma, so folks not just bank balance also earn spiritual balance, and this is the only balance required to either stay where you are with a new body or to move up the ladder of spiritual existence, don't waste your time in useless PUPPETRY it has no value.

So when someone says wisdom has dawned on me, think he or she is leaving this world soon. :-) or may be it is time for them to go shopping for a corner plot in some cemetery. :-)

History tells us this all the time. :-)


Also understand this, today is Diwali festival of lights , so I am spreading some light,

When you create some hell for someone or some animal, It is you who gets that hell, and same way when you create some Heaven for someone or some animal, again it is you who will get that heaven, so choose wisely. :-) LAW OF KARMA
Kutub Minar:

It seems for some Pale Coward :-) Kutub Minari is a great wonder, :-) let me tell you the story of Kutub Minar., you can also visit this site for its history.

Anyway Kutub Minar was built or should we say it was started by the first Muslim Invader and he was from Afganistan, Qutub ud din Aibak , he is the first Muslim who invaded India and established his rule in Delhi back in 1192 AD and then started Kutub Minar's first floor as a symbol of his conquest on Delhi by then India was called Golden bird for all its gold and riches.

His son-in-law Illtumish completed the rest of it, it is a 73 meters tall minaret, and it has been closed for public for a long time because lot of people used it to commit suicide, so last time I visited  it was in 2000 May and it was closed, but If you want to see it from inside, watch this song on YouTube, which was picturised inside Kutub Minar.

From 1963 Movie, Terre Ghar Ke Sammne, song is "Dil Ka Bhavar Kare Pukar", picturised on Dev Anand and Nutan Behl, and in this song you can see his younger brother Goldie also as the first among people climbing, who I think is also the director.

Back to Kutub Minar, :-)   I think it is Qutub Ud Din Aibak's you know what, it is erect, :-) and right in the heart of Delhi as a symbol of victory over Delhi and they maintain it as an important historical site, though it was hit by lightening and was repaired by Tughlaq in 14th century. 

And we in India were taught about the great exploit's of all the foreign invaders as it was designed by the British before 1947 and it was never changed and was continued to be taught in all CBSE schools in 70's and 80's, :-) but we were never taught about the great exploits of Indian kings and Queens, all we learned about them is from Comic books, or from TV and now Internet is packed with their stories.

If one has to learn how to destroy or how to make the people of a particular country to destroy their own culture, history and reputation, no one and nothing can beat British Minds, :-) look at India after 65 or more years since British left their soil they still continue to do what British designed for them and on top of that they are so thankful for it. :-)

wow!! what Minds. :-) 

Canada Passes a Law,

Magnitsky Law, I think he was a Russian who died in a prison in Russia, and Canada passes a Law in Canada on his name, :-) it is good to protect and help Whistle Blowers, I agree but not just in outside world or in selective few countries, it should be implemented in Quebec and Canada also. :-)

If the Law targets gross Human Right Violators in outside world, how about Quebec and Canada and particularly in Saint Laurent, Quebec or Deux-Montagnes, Quebec. :-)

Our (Canadian-Quebec) Gross Human Right Violators are promoted as geniusus in various political parties :-).

Hypocrisy is what we see in west with out any shame.

I think the Native people in Quebec and Canada who get only verbal SORRY, agree with me. :-) and there are so many others in Quebec and Canada. :-)

Sorry is ok, but how about doing something about the violators. :-) who are busy 24/7 violating.

Deux-Montagnes, Quebec

S P Ianala
Changes after I posted this post.

1) I applied for Indian E-Visa for some  Muslim guy from Montreal and it was granted in a day. Voila that is so UN-Indian. :-)

2) My TD VISA card which has been in trouble since it was transferred by CIBC AEROGOLD CARD to TD VISA AEROPLAN back in 2015 is in trouble again, :-) I know some pale cowards have been working very hard to find out the PASSWORDS, PIN CODES of my CREDIT CARDS/ BANK ACCESS cards and my emails, blog, online banking passwords. :-) I think they are trying to make a duplicate CREDIT CARD or BANK ACCESS CARD with the help of the BANK :-) (such Integrity you can see only CANADA-QUEBEC) :-) to take out few dollars that I have in my bank account or in my CREDIT CARD. :-)

Note: My passwords are very creative but not a secret to the Pale Cowards and their technology, :-) just imagine what kind of technologies your government is investing in, finding out passwords and pin numbers of the banking cards,Credit Cards, online banking and emails of citizens. :-) 

Note: This is for people who get upset that their email or online banking user ID or password is not working and frequently it needs to be requested, understand that in such a case some pale coward from Canadian or Quebec government is working on you to steal your passwords, pin numbers, even emails for fraudulent purposes or to help some fraudulent person well connected to OTTAWA or Quebec City. :-) you can call it "racial profiling", "radicalization", or anything but you sure are a target of some internal governmental conspiracy, :-) or simple they are helping some fraudulent person with connections in Ottawa etc.. :-)

I picked up the new TD BANK VISA CARD from a branch in Deux-Montagnes, Quebec and the envelope was already open but the CARD was still new, because it has the sticker on it for telephone approval, but the card does not work or the TD VISA online banking (Web or Telephone) does not recognize it. :-)

I guess this also has to do with the National Security. :-) or just a fraudulent PUPPET having contacts in Ottawa using government machinery for her fraudulent activities. :-)

Did you ever think that the same guys who make National Security such a big issue in each country are freely exchanging internal and external issues of their country with 100 other countries, :-) through what ever COWARD NETWORK they have mostly through Satellites. :-) then I guess it is not a National Security issue at all. :-) I think Hillary Clinton also took part in such activities in the past which cost her presidency of USA.

And they also expose or put their citizens in harms way when ever the citizens travel International, probably they call it International co-operation or International Security, :-) but now they have gone a step further. :-)

3) The Muslim guy who asked me about Kutub Minar, is upset about something, :-) let me guess the pale coward connected to him must have blamed him for exposing him or the LEECH or the Bitch from Hell.:-) or criticized him for not able to do his job as scripted by the Pale Coward. :-)

It seems the game was on Diwali the guy (my regular client of 8 years) will ask me to book a flight ticket and then refuse the payment, then as I am praying goddess Lakshmi for Money on Diwali, :-) I will think you know, Pale Cowards are known to always play reverse games and this reverse games has brought them to this situation, they are few inches away from kissing a brown arse. :-) they always think how to pull down the other person but never, how to upgrade their candidate, and this is the main reason their candidate is always loosing, but it is ok their candidate is always given umpteen number of opportunities, sometimes multiple times in a day. :-) and Pale coward calls it a RACE. :-)

Funny thing I saw some time back, a pale coward asking a 4 feet fuck all inches Sikh guy to act, as if the Pale Cowards were afraid of him, this was to give me the impression that, I would think, wow!! what a 4 feet fuck all inches Sikh guy!!!, he is so powerful!!!! that the pale cowards are afraid of him. :-) Ya! they play such kinder garden games often. :-)

But they are not tired of playing such games and they continue to expect that someday I will be impressed by some 4 feet fuck all inches guy  because pale cowards are afraid of him. :-)

(some guy irrespective of his color, height, size, age,  nationality, education, social status, does not matter who as long as it works for the pale cowards or the bitch from hell or the Leech) :-)

Well!! hope is great thing that keeps people alive and going, but not WISDOM!! 

In this context, I think Leech should never leave Bitch from hell, because with out Bitch from hell, Leech is just nothing, Leech needs some loud speaker for the hype, and Bitch from hell should never leave Leech because she will never get such a PUPPET, I think back in 2004 LEECH claimed her IQ was 32. :-)

so we can call her PUPPET IQ32, and Bitch from hell thinks LEECH is a genius so her IQ must be  less than Leech, so we can call her PUPPET IQ15 or IQ 16, :-) 

But most ordinary animals IQ is between 60 and 70 and ordinary humans who live an ordinary life, their IQ is between 50 to 90 and exceptional individuals are above 90 to 360.

Hmmmmmmmmmm!!! an IQ of 32 is a genius, I did not know this until I came to Canada-Quebec,  :-) I was under this impression  that IQ of a genius is above 280.
Punjabi Restaurants in Montreal:

Past ten years lots of Punjabi people (Mostly family sponsored) have worked very hard to bring up their restaurants in Montreal, and before when ever we ordered any food it was nice and good but now when ever we order, there is always something wrong with it, :-) does not matter which Punjabi restaurant it is. :-)

I guess Pale Cowards don't like us to order food from Punjabi restaurants but the restaurants are always packed with pale folks. :-)

Don't be surprised If Seagulls meat is sold as Chicken in these Punjabi restaurants. :-) Seagulls are like sparrows in Montreal particularly around places where French fries are sold, they love French fries.

I guess this again is a part of relentless western Hypocrisy. :-)

But why was the SEAGULL standing on his left leg?? :-) after I fed him some French fries, it seems they are ready to do anything for few French Fries. :-).


Actually Pale Cowards should know COSTCO takes 60$ per year just to allow people to enter COSTCO and Pale Cowards do not want me to go to COSTCO, then in that case, :-) some pale coward can drop by and pick up  my list of things I need to buy from Costco and then deliver them to me anyway Pale Cowards are free and well paid, so at least you will be doing some constructive job. :-)

Or if some old Pale Coward (Holding her head in her Car near COSTCO following me) does not want me to go to COSTCO in BOISBRIAND, then they can get us a COSTCO in Deux-Montagnes or St Eustaches.

And please ask your people to be careful with the cash registers COSTCO or DOLLARAMA, :-) and always count your cash before I reach the counter and again after I leave the counter, because that way I feel everything is normal, :-) and I am scared of PUPPETS either way. :-)

Ayya ya ya ya ya ya!! :-)

BEWARE means??


  1. be cautious and alert to the dangers of:
    "consumers were warned to beware of faulty packaging" ·

    "Beware! Dangerous submerged rocks ahead" · "we should beware the incompetence of legislators"
    synonyms: be on your guard · watch out · look out · be alert · be on the lookout · keep your eyes open/peeled · keep an eye out · keep a sharp lookout ·
I think this is what I meant, :-)


Looking at the situation (pale cowards PUPPETRY)

There are two political sides, Left and Right, and I am not part of any one of this side, :-) this is what I know, there might be people claiming lot of things, but as far as my knowledge is concerned I hardly know anyone from these  two sides, now where does NDP fall I have no clue. :-)

Then there are/were two bitches last time I saw them was in 2004 i.e. before they fired me or laid me off from a small useless pharmaceutical plant in Varennes, Quebec. :-)

Then there is/was a Cat on the wall, whom I also called Amazing Royal back in 2005, because her original name rhymes with it, but Cat on the wall suits her real mentality and even her, last time seen was in 2005.

Then there are few hundred pale cowards (All Sexes) who everyday change their loyalty and claim one of the above is leading so they are kissing their ARSE or that persons ARSE for that day :-) or for that hour or even that moment, then with out any reason it all changes very frequently. :-)

Now I am unable to figure out,

HOW MY TWO LEGS ARE INVOLVED IN ALL THIS PUPPETRY, because for the past three days some pale coward is hell bent on fucking my two legs with electronic torture toys. :-)

And the pale cowards are more active during night time when every one political or non political is sleeping or busy in night time activities oblivious of their political career or future, and the miserable pale coward is fucking my legs with his electronic torture toys all night. :-) WHO PAYS HIM OR HER FOR THAT??? and WHY???

If the Pale Coward is impotent and miserable or old and frigid, then I can not help, :-) you should see a sexologist. :-) I can only help you further destroy the psychopathic mind of yours but helping you in your carnal desires sorry wrong number. :-)

And fucking my legs will only give you Wheelchairs. :-)

Guess Why Bitch from Hell always looses, :-)

The reason is simple, Bitch from hell always wanted to and wants to "Eat the cake and have it too",

And even at 75 she did not learn her lesson. :-) 

It seems she belong to that category of people who never learn their lessons even after their umpteen number of personal failures (Good or Bad) and she continues to repeat what she has been doing since she turned an adult (Age wise not maturity wise) :-)

So Beware of Bitch from hell. :-)