Mar 24, 2017

Trip To India from Canada -Quebec 2015 - Part II

Trip to India from Canada-Quebec 2015, Part II

Though after my family travelled to India in 2008 and 2014 there was a plan for me to travel next in 2015 or 2016, but due to low finance I kept postponing but my mother could not postpone her bad health enough so she succumbed on 05 Nov 2015.

(05 Nov 2015 was also last day of Harper in office, is it a coincidence)

She passed away at the age of 78, and I know how she suffered in her last days but I could not help her much out of her agony and sufferings and at the same time another relative of my wife whose son is a US citizen also passed away suddenly at the same time. was it also a coincidence.

So as I received the news that she had left us I started the application for e-Visa, (India introduced e-Visa in June 2015, Coincidence) I was under this impression that she will pull through this time also like she did all those umpteen number of times in her 78 years but this time she could not, because someone was too determined.

The e-Visa took two days to come and there was this special price in British Airways, 930$ for Hyderabad, India, (another coincidence) so I purchased my ticket and prepared a small baggage, which was mostly clothes, to travel to India which I disliked so much in 2010, but this was an obligation of a son who could not keep his promise that she will come and live with him in Canada, I tried for her Visa two times and all the two times there was no response from the Canadian immigration in India, they don't tell you it is rejected or cleared, they keep you in a limbo for such a long time that you loose interest and stop communicating, and since 2005 due to low income we were not eligible to apply for the parents super visa.(Minimum 52,000 per year income is required for a family of four to support a single parent with advance purchase of minimum 100,000$ medical insurance for visitors to Canada)

On the day of my travel I started to feel dizzy and was barely able to open my eyes and walk straight so I planned to cancel my trip and informed my sister that I might not be travelling due to bad health, and then I went to a doctor in Physimed on Auto route 40 in Saint Laurent, Quebec, :-) I waited in the lobby barely able to sit, and there was this white sloppy guy sitting next to me talking on his cell phone, "Oh! there you are struggling and here he is having a great game going", and then he left, and then there was this Jewish doctor, who took my file and sat on it for hours and kept calling all others, the receptionist said I am helpless he already took your file, but in the end he called me with a smile and asked how can I help you, I told him my head is spinning, (remember this "head is spinning")  :-) and he asks me to raise my hands etc, and writes vertigo and after my insistence prescribes blood test, otherwise it is very difficult to get an prescription from doctors in Canada-Quebec, particularly Jewish doctors. :-) I knew they were misers but this.

When I came back to my home I started to feel better, then I thought may be I can still travel and I postponed my ticket to 11 Nov 2015, British Airways via London Heathrow, for 1130$, the price went up, and I did not tell anyone in India that I was travelling, and I took precautionary Insurance for half a million, because in 2015 few flights here and there were  running off the runaway and falling apart, so I thought If anything like that happens due to our over jealous intelligent friends, :-) at least my family will not miss me, because half a million in Canada is a lot.

At the Montreal airport 5 PM, 11th Nov 2015, I was asked for the Visa for India, and when I gave the lady in the counter the e-Visa, which was an email printed on an ordinary paper she had a question mark on her beautiful face, :-) she said,"I know Indian Visa is for 6 months and it is a sticker", I told her this is a new Visa started only recently by India, but she was not convinced and walked inside to get it verified and after few minutes she came back convinced and informed me that it was a valid Visa, I was thankful to her. :-))

So I had little money like always, so I wanted to convert 40$ CAD to USD or Pound in case I need it in London for lunch or snacks, so I missed the currency exchange kiosk which was right in the first corner but I turned left and walked all the way to the end of the airport and then I saw a Spanish guy in traffic operators clothes, I asked him for currency exchange kiosk, he directed me to it and asked me where I was going, I told him India, he asked me by which airline, I said British Airways, he said you should have travelled by Air France via Paris, ( Nov 13 Friday, Paris was attacked where 130 people have died), he insisted no no no, you should have travelled by Air France, I told him British Airways was cheaper, he walked away. :-)

Question; Do you think that was a coincidence that the guy in traffic operators dress asked me to travel by Air France on 11th Nov 2015. :-)

I walked back to the center of the airport and found the kiosk but there was a lady waiting on the side, the moment she saw me she jumped in front of me and gave few hundreds of CAD$ for exchange in to some African currency and she got a truck load of some African currency and I also got mine  exchanged into USD.

Question: Why was the women waiting to jump in front of me, she could have just walked as there was no one there, not another coincidence.

I took my USD and walked back to the British Airways gate and waited there for boarding staff to arrive and they did in their own sweet time, the moment I walked into the aircraft an old lady with a white hair walked in front of me and took the aisle seat in the same row as mine, I took my window seat and there was this empty seat between us, I felt my mother was occupying it because there was this desire to travel with her by air she could never travel by air.

I gave her a serious look and she also gave me a cold look, and then lunch time, I was served my Asian Vegetarian meals first, and I was surprised but I did not show it, I started to eat and it was ok, then by the time I finished rest of the passengers were served, and then the time passed with water and orange juice which was served now and then, I felt the flight was too narrow and congested compared to Lufthansa flight and the seats were much smaller and crammed, very difficult to move around on your buttocks, :-) but as there was an empty seat next to me it was ok.

The severe pain in my lower spine started very early and it kept growing all the way till London, and I kept shifting to avoid it grow in one spot, but it is a 7 hours flight in a crammed seat with a white cold lady in the aisle seat. :-) nothing can be more uncomfortable then that.

As we reached London, one of the male attendant came to me and asked, "Can you keep your bag properly under the seat, sir", and then he repeated it, to that, the cold white old women raised her eyebrows and looked at me like she was saying, be careful this is London. :-))

The flight was parked on the tarmac and people were taken in buses to the terminal number 5, and there were many Indians travelling to Hyderabad and other cities in India, but I hardly knew anyone, after everyone got down the cold white old women was getting down slowly, I saw her last time from the window of the bus.

So in terminal number 5, we took the stairs and passed through the customs, it was pretty fast and organized for such a big airport and the small metro was impressive, and I had to wait 6 hours for my next flight to Hyderabad, India, and the telescreen would tell you an hour before your departure which section, A, B OR C of terminal 5, though it is pretty fast to travel between A,B and C sections of terminal 5, and through out that waiting time I had the severe pain in my lower spine and a man and women would follow me and sit in front of me and hold hands, cuddle and touch each other, I moved away from them many many times to find a secluded seat to nurse my aching lower spine but there was hardly any place, and where ever I went suddenly some people would stand in front and behind me, so I moved away and could not purchase anything to eat as I needed pounds and I had USD, and the seats were hard and limited, few were occupied by sleeping people, and where ever I sat immediately a women with cleaning equipment would start cleaning the floor and walls around me, :-) so I kept moving around.

So it was section A, and we were taken in a bus same Bengaluru style, (2010) and the flight was again a narrow tube with all people from my home state of Telangana or Andra Pradesh, I had my window seat and a 60 year old Telugu women from USA took the middle and another one from US took the aisle seat, who appeared to be a medical doctor, it was a terrible 10 hours long flight in that crammed small seat, and the women next to me was coughing, sneezing, and eating tablets after tablets not able to sit she too had some sort of lower spine pain so she got up frequently and walked in the aisle and while doing this she elbowed me many times due to small space. :-) I guess cattle are supposed to hit each other like that. :-)

I felt I was in a cattle class, Lufthansa still felt like economy, but this one was British style cattle class.

But the meals were like Andra style, mango pickle, rice, etc. and the entire flight smelled of mango pickle, and the air hostess ladies sprayed perfume many many times, :-) and they kept the water and juice flowing but not like Lufthansa, and in the end I requested an air hostess in red lipstick for water, she ignored me like she was kind of running for an emergency, :-)

I complained to British Airways about this experience, the response was from an Indian guy working for British Airways. :-) it read thanks for the comments.

After 10 hours finally the Hyderabad shamshabad international new airport was visible in the map, and it took few more restless minutes and we were disembarking the terrible British Airways flight, and the air hostess ladies sprayed perfume for one last time, it was early morning and I stood in the general queue for customs clearance and I was told there is a special counter for e-Visa, and only a family of four with three kids waited in that counter but each one was taken pictures and finger prints that took some time.

The Indian guy in the counter asked me to approach, 13th NOV 2015, 5:40am, Shamshabad airport, Hyderabad, newly formed Telangana, e-Visa counter, I showed him my Canadian passport and e-Visa, he looked at the passport and asked me who stapled this visa to the passport, I said, I did, to that with a scornful face he said I can just send you back where ever you came from, I told him I stapled it myself even before checking in Montreal airport and there in Montreal no one objected to the stapled visa, then he took my finger prints some 10 times and picture and let me go with a remark, "We can do only this".

While I was being treated like this, few white women walked freely back and forth in the corridors of Shamshabad airport, Hyderabad, India, that early morning with a smile on their faces, actually they were laughing, I think they were from UK.) :-) this is not 1915 I am talking about, I arrived in British India like Mr M K Gandhi arrived in Mumbai port from Aparthied South Africa, :-)) I am talking about 2015, Modi country, well he did not start his new India movement then, and I arrived from Canada-Quebec via London. :-)) nothing has changed since 1915. :-))

Again while the Indian in the e-Visa counterin Shamshabad airport, Hyderabad, Telangana, India was trying to fool me and take as many copies of my finger prints as possible, I was thinking about 17 Mar 2001, after noon, when I was standing in similar situation with an Indian passport and Canadian landing papers and there was this old white women in her mid 60's, in Pearson International airport, Toronto, who asked me, "who took out the carbon paper from the landing paper", I said, I did, because it was smudging the documents, she had a scornful face but she just found another carbon paper and told me to proceed to customs, I felt the immigration Visa officer Mr Brian Mulroney in New Delhi lied to me about Canada. :-)

And when my wife arrived on 19th May 2001 with my elder daughter, she was given a welcome, "welcome to Canada, and it was her birthday, so Happy birthday to you", :-) for Astrologers, this happens because her Venus is exalted in 5th house and mine is in 8th house in Rasi and debilitated in Navamsa chart. :-) )

Astro note: Me and my wife purchased travel tickets from the same travel agency in India in 2001 with cash, and both had same itinerary and same KLM, I slept all night in Mumbai airport on hard wooden benches near a coffee shop till I took my morning flight for Amsterdam and I already wrote what happened in KLM, and for my wife the rascals arranged a limo :-) which took them to a 5 star hotel in Mumbai and dropped them back in Mumbai international airport just before their departure and in the flight KLM she and my daughter were offered ice cream and other goodies, Again it is Venus placement in Rasi and Navamsa chart that is responsible for such treatment.)

Special note to cowards: Now don't try to change that, you have already done enough damage.

Back in 2015, Shamshabad airport, :-) I left the counter cursing my stars and the retarded Indian in the counter looking for my luggage and on enquiry, I found them piled up in one corner like trash. :-)

I got my USD exchanged to Indian rupees at a very high rate, but you need Indian rupees for the taxi which is around 1500 Rs from Shamshabad airport to Secunderabad.

I took my bag and walked towards the exit, then I asked few people in an information counter for telephone booth, they told me it is outside, but I could not find, and then scores of coolies pounced on me to take me to a taxi andthey always want you to walk out of the airport. :-)

The airport smelled of some bad smell, it reeked of it everywhere, I thought to myself the airport is not being managed or maintained properly, I felt I was not coming out of an international airport but from Secunderabad railway station. :-))

There was none who took my declaration slip, there was two cops outside who directed me on my inquiry to the Pushpak Vimanam, a bus that runs frequently from Secunderabad Jubilee bus stand to Shamshabad airport and back through three different routes and charges some 300 Rs ( 5$ USD) and it is pretty fast but very dusty and all the paint is faded inside and outside, and the driver was in tatters, most passengers were returning from middle east or domestic travel.

I called my sister from an auto, I used  the auto drivers cell phone and she could not recognize me and asked me who I was, :-) I told her it is me I finally came, she was surprised and sent my brother-in-law to fetch me, but I took an auto which came while I was waiting on the empty street early morning near Sangeet theatre, once that theatre was my main spot every Sunday evening but now it is gone.

The lower spine pain was not there anymore but the dizzy head which was very light during the travel had returned and it became very prominent once I was in my mother's home, and it remained as such through out my stay in Malkajgiri, Hyderaabad, and then on my sisters insistence I got my blood checked for sugar and blood count, this was the same guy, Shiva in ADR Hospital who always gave erronious results of blood and other tests to my mother, I did not like him for a moment, and expected similar results and he came back with 9.0 mg/ml blood count (normal for an adult is above 14 to 18), and 400mg/100ml sugar in blood (Normal is around 120mg to 150mg/100 ml of blood after breakfast), so with my sister I went to see a Bengali lady doctor in my mother's locality, with the new test report, there was also this drama, who is one, who is two, and who is three, :-)) some local Bengali ladies and girls were playing the drama, I would not be surprised If they were heavily wired, :-) she prescribed Gaver and iron tablets, I took iron tablets but left Gaver to rest in the medical cabinet.:-)

The air was full of disrespect and awkwardness, once a city where my father and mother lived appeared lifeless and enemy like, but the auto drivers who were so annoying in my 2010 visit were very prompt and showed up in a jiffy from no where and everywhere, and they talked very friendly and unruly bikes were not bumping into me or my sister like in 2010, but I felt I had nothing to do with Secunderabad-Hyderabad any more, like something was not right.

One thing which did not change was/is the huge pit on the road that connects AOC gate and Marredpalli in Secunderabad, it was there before 2001, it was still there in 2010 and it remained in 2015, :-) this is a point which is out of jurisdiction of Indian Army, because it is with in few feets from their gate and local municipal corporation, not that they do anything other then rake up some dust every now and then with those coconut tree brooms and ask for mamul (bribe), though everyone uses this road almost every day including APSRTC and auto drivers, and people, everyone crosses this point with a curse and always someone is responsible for that pit not them, governments has changed fromTelugu desam, Cong-I to Telangana Party, the pit remains. :-) That one pit shows the apathy and mentality of what India stands for. :-)) like Amitabh Bacchan once said India did not change in 5000 years with so many external invasions why would it change now, I think he was refering to invasion of Star TV etc but it applies to one and everyone in India. :-))

I followed all the rituals as it was an obligation and there was this chicken in the cremation grounds which kept jumping with a loud, pak pak pekak, pak pak pekak, pak pak pekak, some brown coward was fingering it with a laser or something and it finally flew on to the top of a tree and sat there with slow pak pak pak pak pak pekak.

Few street dogs were very mad and kept barking at me while I cleaned the small cement grave of my father, which I got constructed in 1999 against the will of all those unrelated, :- ) a crow kept cawing on top of a tree near it, and the cowardly brown bastards were also watching because they made arrangements in the cemetery with all their illegal surveillance gadgets, so I could not cry freely on my mothers death, because that would have given some happiness to these cowardly bastards both in Canada-Quebec and India and I would not have tolerated that in that situation of high emotions.

I wanted to see the piece of land my wife had purchased in remote shadnagar about 20 kms from the Shamshabad airport, but it was like a wild goose chase, and finally when we reached the small hamlet of Lambadi's there were some unplotted land which matched the description of the registration papers, and the brown cowards played the game of barbie and the jerk, some nonsense.

In that situation also the brown bastards in India continued with their racial profiling for their white masters, and they used few relatives for that, and I kept my calm and sense of humour, and after few purchases I left India on 23 Nov 2015 by British Airways.

In a hurry I was dropped by my brother-in-law in his borrowed white swift car, and he left in a hurry early morning 4 am, :-) probably he had to report to his masters who must have been asking for minute by minute report, :-) I have seen so many people with such low integrity, for few dollars and rupees they sold their soul, :-) and again the posse of policemen, I guess this is the way of life in new India now, :-) every where policemen in khaki dress, they would do nothing stupid but why so many like from the movie Don, :-).

As I searched for a currency exchange kiosk, someone from the airport walked past me, on inquiry he directed me to the kiosk and the moment I reached it, a women came and stood nearby, this is a  Bitch from hell style of informing that time to change your plan from a to b or something else like a marker, so I also took it as a sign to change my plan, :-) the young Indian man in the kiosk pulled some USD's from under the table, that was not right while he had all other currencies in a vault, so at the last minute I changed the plan and asked for Canadian dollars, :-) he was little uncomfortable initially as it was not as per the script given to him but then it was all right. :-)

The security guard in khaki uniform standing near the queue was also with a small game, he had to signal my arrival, :-) the Brown Indian in the counter looked for the arrival stamp in my Canadian passport and asked me, "going back to Montreal", :-) I said I live there, I am a citizen of Canada, he said no Indian document like PIO, OCI or Long term Visa, I said no I have none, and he stamped and let me pass, then the game started it was with a wheelchair and a young man who threw them on my baggage and pushed through in front of me, :-) some stupid game, then after the baggage was scanned, someone placed my boarding pass with another one on a desk, like someone was pushing me to take that and travel to a different destination, but I took mine for Montreal. :-)

Then all those stupid stupid small small dramas which are played here in Montreal were played in Hyderabad Shamshbad airport, a Sikh cop guarded the boarding gate, and bunch of white old women and men boarded the flight behind me but before that they were asked to go through a special scrutiny of their hand baggage along with me, :-) ( so I should feel great that I am being pushed around along with the white men and women) ;-) some misconstrued drama, and then the men working there would ask repeatedly to make sure the baggage had those tracking tags, the Sikh cop particularly checked it just before boarding, again it must be with a RFID signature which was tracked by Indians to make sure I was travelling to London and not some Middle east destination. :-)

The pain in my lower spine was already there, it started in the shamshabad airport itself and a brown guy kept his eyes planted on me, he got up along with me and stood behind me, while a white old women laughed out loudly, as we boarded someone was already sitting in my seat, I told that Indian gentleman that his seat has changed and he was promoted to a front seat, he left with a smile, and I sat in my window cattle class seat, an anxious Indian sat next to me, we were in the second row behind the bulk head seat, where a brown lady sat with some style and a brown guy with a laptop, and there was a vacant seat, so I asked my neighbour to take that vacant bulk head seat and he took with out a word, so I had an empty seat next to me which allowed me to move around on my buttocks to get some relief from the never ending lower spine pain.

I saw the same Indian Telugu women who sat next to me in my previous flight from London to Hyderabad, boarding the flight, I said to myself not next me god, please not this time and she walked passed our row, I said thanks!! and the middle seat remained empty.

And when it was meals time my lunch Asian Vegetarian meals was served first to another brown guy in the aisle seat and rest all of us waited, :-) same drama but with another guy but near me, :-) so the guy ate my lunch with out a word, and when I was given standard meals I asked for my requested Asian Vegetarian meals, the staff informed me there was no such request and served me standard meals along with everyone else, so next 10 hours passed with me shifting by bottom every now and then and due to clear sky I could take a good look at landscape of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Caspian sea, Europe, Netherlands and London as I could not  sleep but London arrived and the pilot attempted a dizzy maneuver to land the plane, I think the Egyptian plane that went down near Cairo also did similar ritual to scare some on board passenger but probably the pilot could not control it and it went out of control and crashed.

So a doubt creeped in to my mind, that probably London also played their game that I was a wanted man in London and I was going to London, :-) the Indian brown guy who almost kept his gaze fixed on me was behind me in the lift in London airport and asked me If this leads to the baggage area and he was very nervous, I passed through the customs very fast and was in the section A of terminal 5, I spent little timelooking at expensive gifts and I saw there was a special prayer room for Muslims in London Heathrow airport. :-)

Again same old lower spine pain was there and I moved around to spend those 4 hours, and where ever I sat a young women would sit and start playing with her zipper of her jacket, and her two male friends would simply look on, or another pale women would sit and move her left leg up and down like she was kicking the air and just 30 minutes before departure the departure gate was changed from section A to Section B of terminal 5, and it took 5 mniutes to be in the new section and I expected it to change again to C or A, but it did not. :-) because this was the last opportunity for the cowards in London to play some stupid game. :-)

I felt the people in London who own Canada-Quebec probably were also loosing their ground and their lies were also falling apart, because now middle east was no where in the itinerary, London was, and Indians this time tracked me all the way to Montreal to make sure I was not from some middle east country and I was sure that I was right when a mixed hair old women sat in the lobby of British Airways flight to Montreal, and she held a book titled "Prison", :-) someone wanted me to break my journey and stay back in London, there was Mr Cameroon on TV talking about similar thing.

But nothing comes first over my family, and it is the cowards problem to take care of their cowardly business and not mine because it is them who were playing this drama not me. :-)

A Punjabi women came to me asked me, "do you know where this flight is going and where I was from, ;-) and the flight was checked very thoroughly probably when the intelligent friends saw my insurance for half a million they must have thought I would take down the flight from Hyderabad, :-) but when nothing happened they were very sure it would be the London to Montreal flight. (This is how our intelligent friends trigger panics, I took the half a million insurance as a precaution, If our Intelligent friends planned something for me, as many flights were running off the tarmac).

:-)) LOL,

So I boarded the flight and sat in my window seat and two young white ladies from Quebec took the middle seat and the aisle seat, and they were very chatty and giggly, :-) one of them sat with her legs up on the seat, I wished I could sit like that may be that would have relieved me of the pain in my lower spine as it was already there, and the very thought of 7 hours from there caused some extra discomfort.

Again very difficult to move my lower body in that crammed seat I tried to sleep and the meals served were horrible with some hard pasta and other stuff, so I left it uneaten, the requested Asian vegetarian meals were never served in both the flights, as I was freshly tonsured my head was getting very cold, so I wrapped my head in the blanket and slept for few hours though the pain was continously pulsing in my arse and it stopped when I was in the customs in Montreal airport. :-)

I got up when we entered Canada and in an hour or two we were on top of Montreal and the pilot again did a maneuver and landed the plane not like dizzy circles in London but he travelled slightly broader distance and went all the way to Dorion and right angled and then again right angled and another similar routine and landed it, it was a smooth landing.

So everyone was in a hurry and in no time we were near the baggage carousal, and I was asked to go to special baggage checking area and a black women questioned me about my declaration of 1000$ worth of gold bangles which belonged to my mother, and she asked me If I had cigarettes and alcohol, I was carrying contact lens packs for my elder daughter which were of cigarette packet size and the cleaning liquid bottles were like alcohol bottles, so after 10 minutes I left and on the way I saw a guy sleeping in uniform, and I was the only one in that extra checking area. :-)

The moment I came into the lobby of arrivals in Montreal International airport I heard the same chicken making Pak Pak Pekak noise, someone played the recorded chicken commotion from graveyard in my home town Secunderabad, well I was already convinced that all cowards from India, Pakistan, Canada, UK, Europe and USA were well connected and were having lot of fun at the cost of ordinary people travelling abroad.

Then it did not stop there the taxi was arranged by a coward who wanted to see If I am the same person who left Canada or my duplicate taking my place, :-) so he drove towards east auto route 40 and I stopped him and directed him to my home. :-)

And back to routine and cowards and my neighbours spying on me with their little eyes. :-)

Appease the powerful,

The one powerful entity whom I wanted to appease is already appeased long back, so I am in no mood to appease any other person who thinks he or she is powerful or above law.

And the one appeased with me is so powerful, destruction and construction is equally possible for that power. :-)

And please when I say equality it applies to one and all and there is no exception, so don;t keep trying with your lame dumb games.

And after reading the top two posts one can understand the people who subjected to me to such treatment are mostly Telugu, so Telugu people are not in my list, they were removed from it long back.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line is : Ignorance breeding Ignorance. :-)

Cowards and their goad, :-)

It seems Cowards in Montreal also have found their goad and this goad lives in an apartment in my neighbourhood, :-) and this goad is of Algerian origin, and she has four or five children and all she does is make noise and keep her husband a lunatic taxi driver in dark about her activities in this apartment.


Cowards should not worry about who will win, who will loose and who is leading , to which party I will vote (Last time I did see my ballot paper was folded in a particular manner to later help find it while counting and see to which party I voted but I changed it so I am sure you could not find it.
:-) ) etc. etc. instead they should worry about the death sentence hanging over their heads and may be they can ask their Algerian goad to do something about it. :-))

But this goad of yours and her lunatic husband are incapable of thinking about safety of their own children, I have to think about their childrens safety also while they play your stupid lousy meaningless games and make noise. coward.

Burning my feet with lasers  or Infra red rays will not help.


It is all from UK.

Everything from hacking, terrorism, all misleading fake news, etc. etc. is all created by UK and is created by very creative MI5 and MI6, this was the main reason why Mr David Cameroon did not want to continue as Prime Minister for second term.

It is all UK working very hard. :-)
Transport and other vehicles for your Army/Air Force and Navy.

I am surprised that how countries like India buy all kind of used and new air planes or road vehicles or water transport, air craft carriers  and other vehicles for their Army, Air Force and Navy, when the technology of drones is so widely prevalent in the manufacturing countries. :-)

I think every country should manufacture their own air transport, road transport and water transports particularly If they are meant for their defence needs and If they value national security and their defence forces.

In that case If you are from east then you should not buy them from any western countries particularly France, UK, USA, Canada, Australia (New zealand) and South Africa, because the electronics in these vehicles will be badly compromised or they might even be controlled by the original manufacturer like a drone.

Coward says there is a co author of this blog. :-)

Well I am not aware of anyone even suggesting what I should write or on what topic I should write, I just write what ever comes to my mind that day, :-) and as far as any co-author is concerned, I am not sure there is anyone out there with this level of nerdity (as cowards think I am) in them, yes there are some twisted women who would simply change the name of any author and claim it is their's.

And as far as Nerdity is concerned I am a Nerd with social skills, and I have a certificate from ACCESS Human resources development center of Scarbourough Toronto, which says I have excellent communications and social skills and they even said I do not need any extra training in these areas as I was always number one in all their exercises. :-)

And I got this certificate before the Bitch from hell bumped into me. :-)) ( This is one of the secrets)

:-)) And Ignorant of this thing Bitch from hell started her smear campaign with in months of my arrival into Canada. :-))

And Cowards also say that they did all this because I said "I will fuck your life" in 2004, to one of their cock sucking prostitute or the twised women.

Well Coward should know that all this started way back in 2001 itself and when the first time I went to USA in 2002, this cock sucking prostitute of your tribe did not even join us, so stop hiding behind this one excuse for all your illegal activities. :-)


Cowards also says I should identify my Friends and Enemies.

Really!!! coward, I have not seen any friend in the past 12 years, and all those people you call my friends are also waiting for your green signal to make their moves, :-))

so ask your self one simple question Coward.

What kind of friend will wait 12 years to make their first move. ? :-)

So stop all these cock and bull stories and hiding behind some excuse, just face the consequences that are coming your way. :-)

Or Run to Mexico. :-)

Your cock sucking prostitute did exactly that when she took all the belongings, wallet and money of the person she was living with in Switzerland and then she ran away to Cuba and then to Mexico.

Coward: Did you ever ask yourself this one simple question, why would a women born in Switzerland run to Cuba all of a sudden and then to Mexico illegally and live there for decades and never renew her Switzerland passport, and then migrate to Canada-Quebec with her Mexican paramour. :-))  Probably because of her pale skin you never thought about it. :-))

So coward run to Mexico, because Mexico is one country which accepts all stained, corrupt, criminalized white people.
04 Apr 2017

Now Coward says,

It is Bitch from hell who is doing all this, :-)

Well!! Coward, a 75 years old white women who calls herself Bitch from hell, what do you expect, :-)

Tell me something new, :-)

Like when are you planning to leave for Mexico once for all, :-)

Careful in Mexico there are drug cartels, they don't have morals and principles, they will just insert a plastic explosive in your ass and blast it to smithereens. :-)

What do you think it is like hiding in Algerians apartment and making some noise and then hide behind small children (2 years old Coward you are hiding behind 2 year olds) and then you go brag in front of bunch of cowards like you, :-)  it is not like this in Mexico, ask C S Prostitute, she had to rummage in garbage bins for food. :-)


Whatever you are able to do from the Algerians apartment or any other apartment is because my morals and my principles stop me from being a coward. :-))

Trip to India from Canada - Quebec 2010- Part One

Trip to India, from Canada-Quebec-Montreal 2010. Part -I

After almost 10 years I planned to travel back to my home country India in 2010 after I saved some money for it, there was no special occasion but lot of people from my family in India were upset that, why I was not visiting them, normally people at least travel back to their home countries after 1 or 2 years at least to show off, that they are in an affluent west, :-) even refugees who file cases against their home countries real or dubious also travel, :-)) but I could not do that as I was in a bad shape financially speaking, I lost my job in the end of 2004 thanks to bunch of very stupid pale old very ugly women, :-) and then could not get even interviews with 4 years of experience in Quebec and 12 years experience in India, so from Jan 2005 to Mar 2006 I received E.I. about 1600$ per month, and then from Mar 2006 to May 2008 I had no income and had to stay home mostly baby sitting and working on my spirituality and yoga.

But I made good use of all that free time which I got after 16 years of non productive hard work and my career in pharmaceuticals was going no where even after I changed my country it remained in the same condition and surprisingly similar kind of parasites accumulated all around me, so that was a good indication to change my profession, :-) and it also suggested it has something to do with my past karma,because there is no other explanation that would suggest a different understanding that you pull yourself from a particular situation from one country and end up in a similar situation in an entirely different country 15,000 km apart. :-))

But after working 16 years in your specialization how to change into something new, you have to start all over again and in May 2008 my wife wanted to visit India with our two kids and the younger one had not seen India since she was born in 2003 here in Montreal, so I went to this travel agency to buy the tickets and I saw there were many desks without anyone working on them so I just asked the travel counselor, a Sikh guy from Jalandhar, India, who was selling tickets to me,  If I can work here part time, so he went inside and asked the owner, a Sikh guy from Delhi, India, about my age, and he came back and said yes you can work here, for a long time I had this urge to work in sales but every time I tried someone unrelated threw their spanner into it, so this was an opportunity to work in sales and an opportunity to see If I can pull myself through this financial trouble.

Both the counselor and the owner of the agency were total strangers to me, and the counselor told me there is no salary and you will have to earn your salary and share 50% of your earnings  for using our office and other facilities and there was no training given to do your work, I thought it is a challenge, new profession, new trade, new everything and a challenge with out any salary, :-) so I accepted and started the next day with out any talk, I was given the sign in, a table with Windows XP old computer and a chair, and a notebook, :-) and there was no talk about training on the travel software, but like always few unrelated folks, this time pale folks got involved and tried their best to thwart my attempt to change my profession but once I determine something I go for it, and I did, I learned a new software SABRE and wrote its instructions for other new comers to follow in a very easy and simple language and even today it is circulated by new comers. :-)

As there was none who was actually training anyone, everyone was on their own, you learn and you earn or you fall through the cracks, and so many came and could not work or earn a dollar in months but they ended up doing small small things for a very small fee, and for me the challenge was increased double fold by some folks from some political party, s:-) so I assumed possibly the same bunch of stupid women because I had an idea they joined some political party back in 2003, but even with all those discouragements I continued for 9 years  :-) and I am still doing it as an external agent, but now I mostly work from my home. :-)

May be If there was no resistance from anyone I would have left it in few months as there was a limitation to the income you can earn from it given the fierce competition, people in this profession were selling airline tickets for 5 dollar margin also, :-) and on top of that our Justice minister Mr Jean Mark Fournier of Quebec under Mr Jean Charest's government screwed the already highly competitive industry and introduced exams and certification program, which of course I cleared  in flying colors but that caused serious damage to our business, because the new regulations did not bind online websites operating from outside Quebec from selling products to people living in Quebec and again thanks to Mr Jean Mark Fournier. :-) I saw a huge travel house in Quebec Intair going down, every year I made up to 25,000$ commission from 2009 onwards and 50% would go to the agency, but after 2012 Mr Jean Mark Fournier's regulation on Travel Agencies my income fell to 15,000$ per year, and top of that like always our intelligent friends used us to get few airline tickets worth 30,000$ CAD for people from Ghana to Toronto and a white women from Detroit to Ghana, and the culprits (One of them called himself Mike Steamboat, his ID is available all over Internet) used dubious drivers licenses and passports and fraudulent credit cards there was no way we could verify any information from anywhere, so I end up paying some 5000$ from my pocket and when we went to the police and RCMP to report, the apathy shown by both police in Montreal and RCMP suggested that the fraud was probably carried out by them so the apathy, a lady from US intelligence in the RCMP tower in Montreal, took our information and she came back after 6 months with an answer that the case belonged to Montreal police. :-)) while standing in one of the police stations the apathy of the male and female cop sitting in the reception, I felt If I had any power I would have kicked them out of that police station, but what can people do in a democracy, that too in Quebec-Canada. :-)) and there are 28 such police stations in Montreal alone.

This is the background in which  I was and wanted to travel to India to see my family, who I thought must be so eager to see me after 10 years, :-) so in 2010 I purchased tickets for my two daughters and myself and set a date 17 June to 27 Aug 2010, a good 2 months plus in a hot Indian summer which I needed badly as every cell in my body wanted warm sun rays, this was the same summer I wanted to run away from back in 2001, one of the reason to move to Canada. :-)).

After some unnecessary misunderstandings at the airport in Montreal due to an Aeroplan card :-) finally we boarded and my kids were very unhappy as we were given seats in the center, as the flight was full we could not get any spare window seats, Air Canada, from Montreal to Frankfurt, apart from landing in Frankfurt everything else was very smooth the ladies in the flight surprisingly supplied lot of water and drinks very frequently. :-)

I remembered my earlier travel from Mumbai to Amsterdam on Mar 17, 2001, KLM, I almost chocked on peanut butter sandwich and there was no water or any other drink given till we landed in Amsterdam, :-) though I was sitting on the bulk head aisle seat in the front middle section with a briefcase under my feet, the white ladies (Air Hostess) in that flight almost ignored me like I did not exist, and there was  this pale women on my left side aisle seat who was laughing constantly, and a women with a child on my right side seat who could not manage her child on her lap, she was from Goa, India, and she kept asking me why can't you change your seat in a very irritating tone. :-) not new to me, because all my life, I always had one or two such stupid people next to me doing things like that, may be she saw me requesting for water and change of seat multiple number of times and the ladies just ignored me, that made her laugh. :-)

Back in the flight in 2010, 18 June nearing Frankfurt, I was watching the small TV which was showing the height and speed of the plane, and at particular moment it froze and then while it was showing 700 feet's and 150km speed the flight landed with a thud, like the pilot on purpose dropped the flight from about 3 or 4 feet's to the ground, few people said few things but not much commotion due to that.

At Frankfurt airport everything was smooth and fast, then next flight was from Frankfurt to Bengaluru, India, Lufthansa flight, :-) again the ladies in the flight were very good with drinks and water, and this time we had window seats on the right section of the flight, so kids were calmer then before, again everything was nice and smooth till we landed in Bengaluru India, it was the same experiment repeated the landing was a thud.:-)

At Bengaluru airport, 1:00 am, we were greeted by khaki clad policemen like in movies, I think Don, :-) they were standing in a pattern or an arrangement and with a smile I gave them the declaration slips, I wanted to sing the famous song, "Aare Diwano, Mujhe Pehchano, Main hoon Don, Main Hoon, Main Hoon, Main Hoon Don, Don, Don :-)) but instead silently we waited in the lobby for our next flight Bengaluru to Hyderabad, Jet Airways, which was at 8 am in the morning on 19th June 2010, :-) so we waited all night in the lobby.

The toilets at the Bengaluru airport appeared clean and with out the smell of phenol, so I thought I can use them and as I approached them suddenly two guys started pouring white phenol all over the floor, so I cancelled my plans of using the toilets and waited till I reached my home in Hyderabad. :-)

As we approached the gates of domestic section in Bengaluru airport, a khaki clad Punjabi security guard standing at the gate to the domestic section of the airport asked my younger daughter in Punjabi, where are you from while holding our Canadian passports in his hands, :-) because her name in Punjabi means small, I told him she does not speak Punjabi, and moved in to sit in the waiting section and then with in few minutes another south Indian guy with a brief case similar to mine, written "secret mission", on top of it sat in front of me with a smile, :-) and as my elder daughter was using her Apple laptop with out Internet, few plain clothes men walked past trying to look in to her laptop, and two women again in plain clothes were staring at my two daughters as we waited for our flight. (I think my wrist watch had a tracker placed by a Pakistani boy selling watches and cells in Place Vertu shopping mall, Saint Laurent, Quebec. :-)) I realized it when I got aware of the attention we were getting with out any reason. :-) (I think all Canadians (non white) who travel abroad must be getting such attention because the Canadian agencies don't let anyone rest with peace in Canada or outside Canada.) :-))

It appeared something was going on, :-) like I said there is always something going on in the background, :-) And I was aware that our Canadian friends in the government always create something for people like us (Not born in Canada/Quebec, citizen or no citizen) when ever we travel outside Canada/Quebec, like I travelled to US in 2002  by air and again in 2009 by road to Pittsburgh, so I had some experience. :-))

But this was my home country, India, how can they (Cowards in India) even treat us like this, what happened to "Mera Bharat Mahan", :-) etc. etc. then someone from the crowd behind me handed over baggage tags to me, I thought to myself so the tracking tags are given in the airports by strangers, possibly the tags had RFID signature which can be tracked from some vantage point in Canada/Quebec or UK or USA. :-)( Our Intelligent friends who can not live without watching us must have arranged them.) :-)

I tagged them on my baggage :-)) and waited, the flight was delayed by hours, ( Because too much planning must have gone to play the best drama possible which should make their white masters in London very happy:-)), and then after a long wait we were told to board a bus, which took us to the tarmac area on the runaway, where a sick looking narrow tube like contraption called jet airways flight was waiting, :-) while we were waiting in the bus which was about to leave, another bus arrived and parked in front of our bus almost blocking its path, so our bus was second and people placed their bags in the baggage cabin area of the flight right in the front leaving lot of space behind them, and the Indian brown young ladies (Air Hostess) :-) looked at my cabin bag and asked me, you will have to check in that sir, there is no place for that, the flight is full, I pushed all the bags properly and showed them how much space was available and moved in with my kids. :-)

With in minutes of boarding the Jet Airways flight for Hyderabad from Bengaluru, my younger daughter, who otherwise is a very calm person  started crying for no reason, on inquiry she complained she was feeling pain in her thigh, a pulsing pain which she complained many times in our home, when Angolans were our neighbours, in school Enfant Soleil, and outside in Saint Laurent, Quebec so I thought to myself our friends from Quebec were with us in our home country India, and I consoled her but she continued to cry, while the pilot, who introduced himself as Robert, :-) flew the junk tube in a very funny way to Hyderabad, I think he was switching off the engines every now and then. :-)

In one hour we were in Hyderabad Shamshabad airport, and again we were taken all the way around the airport in a bus to the domestic baggage area and after we retrieved our baggage, suddenly an airport employee came to us and offered to arrange a taxi for 100 Rs, I always allow such things to see where it goes, :-) so he took our baggage and moved out of the Airport to a location where there were no taxis, :-) and he too was surprised and poor fellow went looking for them but I still paid him 100Rs for moving the baggage, he felt very sorry for not finding a proper taxi.

As If there was a plan in place another guy came with a trash and broken white Maruti van  with a stepney tyre which wobbled as he drove it precariously, this was a taxi service plying from an international newly constructed airport and my younger daughter who was calm after she disembarked from Jet airways flight flown by Robert, started to cry again and she kept crying all the way till we reached my mothers home in Hyderabad.

I felt bad for my home country, because it was screaming and saying, all the hard work, sacrifice of millions of people in earning that freedom has gone in drain, the cowardly brown bastards in India have put themselves on sale for few pounds and dollars to the same people who had ridiculed, kicked, insulted and killed them like animals for 200 plus years, and I was helpless to stop that pulsing pain in her thigh, I knew who was doing it but I had no way to stop it, and she was just 7 years old.

The distance from Shamshabad airport to my home is about 35 KM and with that wonderful taxi arranged by my countrymen for my first visit to my home country, :-) they reminded me of their real nature, which is crab like, it is a joke, the distance appeared 350 km, but we reached by 12:00 PM, and my sister was standing at the gate with a smile and my mother had a lost expression, because she did not recognize me, I was with a beard as I had taken a religious oath to tonsure my head and my beard in Tirupati only, I looked like I wasn't travelling from affluent west but from some forest after wandering in it for 10 years, any mother would be shocked, who has invested all her life looking forward for a sight where her son would return successful from any venture in dashing clothes was deeply disappointed, and I went like a renounce after ten years in Canada-Quebec, and would disown him immediately. :-))

And she was disappointed to see us getting down from a trash junk van, :-) and I was not in suit and tie as she expected people from west would travel, :-) I was in an ordinary shirt and trousers which appeared like I came from nearby town but with 12 bags. :-)

My younger daughter was calm but I felt very bad and deep anger at both my countrymen in India and pale cowards from Quebec and Canada, If they had any problem with me they should deal with me and not a child of 7 yrs, but all this for one old wretched ugly Jewish women so that she can steal or carry out her MO, very disheartening.

Even in my mothers home in India every now and then my younger daughter complained of pain in her thigh, I knew that pain because I experience it all the time in my legs, feet, thighs, knees, groin, testicles, penis, anus, head, shoulders, fingers, toes, eyes, ears, everywhere in my home, my office, my car, in my shower, in malls, outside-inside, in airports almost everywhere but I don't take it seriously because I had gone through much serious pain in my life, so for me it is like ok what is the big deal, pain and itching has always been a part of my entire life.

But I had to find a way to give that pain back to the cowards who were giving it to a child of 7, :-)) and I did find a way. :-)) so I screwed them like anything, does not matter in which hole they hid themselves in, UK, India, Canada, Quebec or USA or any other hole like Pakistan or Russia, China or Mexico, because it is all wireless. :-))) And these cowards are mostly pale women, very cowardly mean pale women, :-) of course men are also there, without men these women are useless.

After spending two plus months with my mother and other family members in India, I felt they expected money, tons of money but I had few thousand dollars only and I spent most of it in upgrading my mothers apartment which was falling apart as she was living alone she could not get it fixed with her pension.

While In Hyderabad/Secunderabad, (Venkaiah Naidu Country, Urban Minister of current BJP government of India) where ever we went there was a posse of policemen and they would get up and walk with me, even in the temple town of Tirupati and inside the temple, the policemen were playing stupid stampede games with the devotees, though I wrote a long letter to the temple authorities after I came back to Montreal in 2010, I think they made some changes then, I have taken a oath I will not visit Tirupati until things change for me.

Then in the city, Secunderabad and Hyderabad (twin cities) where ever we went the power was taken off, so we could not enjoy any sugarcane juice or any other cold drinks, or salesmen or sales women in any store would delay or vanish leaving us waiting, this was what offered to me by India in my home town in 2010, I was a Canadian passport holder. :-)

Just before we were to leave for Montreal, all clinics in my mothers locality were showing swine flu cloth banners on their roofs and walls, so I thought to myself before they actually place a travel ban due to swine flu we should leave this fucked up country called India, it was not that bad when I left it in 2001, I felt the presence of that cowardly white sickness in my home country India that exists everywhere in Canada/Quebec and UK London Airport and it appeared the brown bastards in India who had sold their souls to their white masters had already done the ground work in creating too many misunderstandings in our family members regarding me, and I had raccoon eyes, black dark circles created by our Quebec friends, they felt I was living somewhere in India and not Canada or even in prison. :-)

While In India, I received two calls from Canadian High Commission on my cell phone, which read, " Welcome to Andra Pradesh, India, If you have any problem please call our Canadian High Commission in Delhi", I was surprised, because the auto drivers and bikes were showing some extra interest in us, where ever we went in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, and pain in my younger daughters thigh and this call from Canadian high commission was like salt on injury, basically the cowards in all these countries want to show they are all well connected and one single entity, so where you will go. :-)

Many times I felt very bad for my country, India, I felt how cheaply the cowardly brown bastards  had surrendered the hard earned  freedom, they literally handed over the country to bunch of white men and women from UK/Canada/Quebec for few pounds and dollars, the life of non pale skin people in all the countries where majority population is white is anyway ridiculously pathetic, though most of them might not accept because they live in a false identity and prestige or for many of them the pathetic life of slavery is also way better then the life their country of origin can offer, so they feel it is ok, but I came from much higher society, I belonged to the 4% top portion of Indian society and my life was way better in India.

Basra: Saraswati temple, the drama did not stop even inside the temple and I felt the cowardly white masters of the cowardly brown bastards were more powerful then the Indian Hindu clergy inside the temples, it is a different story that they were more interested in counting money but they appeared helpless in their own country which was supposed to have earned the freedom 60 years back. :-)

White man and women, particularly in Canada don't give a damn about gods, deities, spirituality, all they need is Tim Horton's coffee, donuts and steak, or meat three times a day, most violent people in the world, but the white women who consume animal products three times a day, 7 days a week, all 365 days of a year, would act like they can not see animals being killed or even fish being hit with a baton, they think animals products just pop in shopping malls. :-)

Night of Aug 26, 2010, we were at the Shamshabad Airport, (I came to know in 2015 that the driver who drove us to the airport was no more, a middle aged guy), in the airport counter two smart Indian guys asked me to remove extra weight from my handbag, :-) (Lufthansa allows 1 x 8 kg hand bag each passenger, how does it matter If one bag is 12 kg and another two 4 kg each and there are three passengers, and the size of the bag is still less then total 45 inches, length, width and height), but they insisted, and they kept checking the weight of that handbag three different places :-) and also requested that I should cancel my travel for that day as they need three seats and postpone it for next week, in exchange they would give me cash vouchers, but I knew something was cooking regarding the swine flu, :-) so I refused and got checked in and left few things with my mother who had accompanied us to the airport, and that was the last time I saw her and that was my last good bye to her in person, she passed away in 2015.

At the airport, my daughter was back with her thigh pain, so I picked her up and walked towards customs, once in the Lufthansa flight, Hyderabad to Munich she was OK and was not crying or feeling bad to be in two bad places Quebec-Canada and India, I felt sorry for her but by then I learned to give back the pain to the cowards, of course there was some divine help also. :-)

Once in Munich, we were given seats in three different places by the intelligent German airport staff. even though they knew there was a 7 years old child with us, :-) then I requested the lady (Air Hostess) in the flight to let us sit together as the younger one was not very happy with the trip I did not want her to sit alone, we sat together on the bulk head seats in the front,  the original passenger a white German guy wanted his bulk head seat and asked me, "do you know where you are sitting", :-) I signalled at the lady air hostess who was standing next to us, all she had to do was look at him and say a word in Germany and that guy with out a word went and took some seat in the back. :-) I said to myself wow!! what a puppet culture these people have developed.

In Frankfurt two white policemen in uniform asked me our Canadian passports after they were checked and allowed by the Lufthansa staff at the boarding gate, the Canadian passports have bar codes, and when swiped on the computers in airports all the information with picture is available for the airport staff, and the cops used some lens and camera to take picture of my signature, :-) and asked me "how come you are in Frankfurt", I told them we are travelling from Hyderabad, India to Montreal via Munich and Frankfurt, and we are Canadian citizens, then Anaaaaaa!! OK, they let us board, again we were holding Canadian passports and we were in Frankfurt Germany. :-)) all these mishaps are not because the world treats Canadians badly it is because the pale coward MF's from CSIS, RCMP and local police stations create for Canadians inside Canada and outside Canada also. :-) Indians and other countries also do but the situation is not this bad.

We had window seats all along so kids were satisfied and took turns to sit near the window and watch clouds, :-) we landed in Montreal on time, and in customs it took few seconds and we were out of the airport like an arrow, back in home we were greeted by our Angolan neighbour who was already nervous because whatever stories were told to them by Police Quartier numero 6  turned out to be lies, because does not matter how stupid a person can be but common sense tells, how can someone travel international for two months and then return If they were wanted by the police etc. etc.. :-) and I think while I was travelling the police in Montreal was also very upset because their version of stories was falling apart for the same reason. :-)) The police in Montreal works blindly on such scams with such audacity because the pale folks are not effected so they are not bothered.

Angolan family was nervous and the police station no 6 on rue Grenet which has been running the scam in this area in Saint Laurent, Quebec for quite some time (about 15 years or more) were probably out of lies, Angolans left the apartment in a hurry and were replaced by a white Portuguese-Canadian family, they did not live in that apartment for long, just one year, but during that one year they felt they were the top spies of Canada-Quebec, :-) you should see their arrogant faces and they were watching the most wanted man in the world, :-)) at least their attitude was like that. :-)) the man was just four feet's and fuck all inches but the attitude was, "I will make noise and also call police If you object". :-) this is the same attitude of the current tenant in the same apartment, an Algerian Arabic family. :-)

Trip to India from Canada-Quebec 2015 Part II follows.

Mar 18, 2017

Around the world 2017

Around the world 2017,







Mar 17, 2017

Hyperacidity/ Urticaria and its cure - Homeopathy

After I joined the active pharmaceutical industry in 1990 and while working with very acidic compounds for almost 15 to 16 hours a day and 6 days a week, sometimes even on Sundays, my entire system was so acidic that in 1992 I could barely sit for few minutes and the pain in the middle of the chest, just below Sternum was unbearable and there was pain in other parts of the body also, apart from the pain there were other related symptoms would not let me work, so like everyone else I took suggestions of the experienced, :-) take Gelosil they suggested, Gelosil (India) was a tablet made of Aluminuim Hydroxide which neutralise's the excess acid and gives immediate relief, this is the allopathic answer to Hyper acidity, it is a simple acid base chemical reaction in your stomach and esophagus.

So few days with Gelosil felt like the pain and other effects were subsiding and felt little better, but I ignored the capacity of the body, :-) particularly when you are 25 or 26, and it did and the acid release from the body doubled and the condition was very terrible, and the number of Gelosil tablets also went up, and for days I missed my work and medical bills went up, which were generously paid by the company, though few accountants (women) felt I was getting special treatment and she complained to me the way your medical bills (3500 Rs) are cleared by both the directors ours are not, even for 25 Rs they ask questions, now what can someone say to that.

But the project was culminating and was a commercial and technical success and we were the first to produce it in India and we beat many leading companies who were importing it from Japan or UK, the happiness that project was a success was much less then the pain due to hyper acidity. :-)

A known Gastroenterologist Dr Nageshwar Reddy who had a very very very busy clinic in Medinova in Hyderabad, Telangana, he was open morning 2 PM to midnight and people never stopped, he tried everything from Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, medicines, etc. but the condition remained as the sphere of work also remained, and during those days I took a decision to move out of Active Pharmaceutical Ingradients Industry otherwise called Bulk Drugs, which I did in 1995 to Pharmaceuticals where the compounds are much nicer or softer on skin.

Then I had to think about finding a cure for this terrible anomaly and work at the same time and after some research I found out that If water is used in a proper way one can get rid of Hyper acidity once for all and the time when you take your main meals like lunch has to be dot on particular time so that body doesn't have to keep adapting to your eating habits.

So from 1993 onwards I started taking lunch at 1:00 pm dot on time. (Some people think I take my lunch at 1:00 pm because of some political reasons and had been working very hard to change that, I am sure it can not be none other then our bunch of stupid women. :-))

And then there was a hereditary issue with some anomaly in the skin, the Homeopathic doctor called it Urticaria, which my grand mother passed it to my mother and she suffered all her life and then I got it, it kept me busy all my teen years till I got rid of it in my youth  just before getting married, in fact I decided that I would never get married because of that terrible skin anamoly but since I got cured, I got married in 1995, and my father had a very dry skin and he would be scratching his body continuously and that also I got, :-)

So one thing was clear Allopathy would not do any thing but mask the symptoms so after some research I went for Homeopathy, a known Homeopathy doctor in Hyderabad, Dr Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary, I took his Homeopathic medicine for 2 years and then it vanished like it never happened, I really thank him for being very clear and patient to explain everything, he was already in this late sixties.

With this all Hyper acidity, and other anomalies in the skin vanished but the dry skin. :-)

I can say that I was cured of Hyper acidity with simple changes in food habits, and Homeopathy cleaned my system of excess sulphur so Urticaria was also gone, and since 1995 I never had a single episode of acidity or Urticaria, even though my in-laws were cooking food with high level spices, ofcourse work sphere also changed and I was just managing or working on high tech instruments.

Allopathy would have killed me or turned my stomach into a reaction vessel with tons of tablets of Aluminium Hydroxide or then the research suggested that If continued then the spot at the junction of duodenum and stomach, where the acid is released turns in to an ulcer and then bleeding ulcer or peptic ulcer and then cancerous growth, so all that can be avoided by making changes to your food habits so that body doesn't have to work overtime trying adapting to your habits.

Bottom line: For immediate (Emergency) relief Allopathy is good and there is no cure for skin related ailments in Allopathy, but for long time permanent cure Homeopathy or Ayurveda or Unani medicine is perfect.

The reason why Homeopathy works for skin related ailments because such ailments have no common reason, every person has his or her own special reason and Homeopathy finds that reason and then cures it, like in my case it was Sulphur.

Allopathy works to numb the reactions of the body giving immediate relief but the it never cures it or heals it like Ayurveda or Homeopathy or Unani systems do.

Bottom Line: We have to find the cure for each ailment in all the systems and use the one which is the best.


Mar 15, 2017

Hackers Everywhere-3 Electronic Pollution.

When we say hacking it generally means someone has taken control of your electronic device by forced entry and then they manage, :-) but If you see this is what most companies we deal with do with our lives, like:

1) Banks,
2) Cable TV and Internet providers, (My Experience)
3) Car Manufacturers like Chrysler, (My Experience)
4) Car dealers like Dodge Boulevard (My Experience)
5) Car repair garage like Canadian Tyre, :-) (My Experience)

Banks (like any other company which provides products or service) in Canada-Quebec has learned that it is very easy to take the customer in Canada-Quebec for a ride because no one from government or any other forum will come to their rescue, most media barons are working as mouth pieces of propaganda department or extension of intelligence community.:-) I am surprised CBC TV took up this investigation on banks in Canada, :-) how did the cowards allow this. :-) because the cowards are always on the opposite side of the fence. :-)

Every month I pay 20$ only for having a chequing account with 250$ overdraft protection, then after 15 years I thought why not open another account in National Bank since the bank was in the same building, and the broker in the bank asked me very funny questions, like I was asking him for parole and then he opened an account with a monthly fee of 3.5$, while everyday we hear about tax free, service fee free accounts being made available by the government but the banks don't talk about them, and even before I tried to recollect my SIN number, he said I think you don't remember your SIN number, do you? and he opened an chequing account with out my SIN number, but I furnished it within few days. :-)

Second thing is the banks rip the customer off, If you buy USD then the exchange rate they offer is 1.39, meaning you pay 139$ CAD for every 100$ US purchased and when you buy back CAD with USD wire transfer then the rate given is 1.20, meaning you get 120$ CAD for every 100$US. :-)

Then for 100 USD they paid 120 CAD, and for 150USD they paid 175$, they charged 5$ more. :-) so they don't leave any oppurtunity to rip of the customer, a dollar here a dollar there, like that every month they take close to 25$ for a cheqing account of mostly no balance. :-)

And when it comes to Credit Card interest rates the prime rate is 3%, even If you have an excellent credit score also you will not get  3% prime rate they will tell some cock and bull stories and give you 11% or 7%, while I get 15% because my Credit Score is being managed by someone I have no clue who that person is. :-)

Store cards interest rate is from 19.9 to 29.9%, and If you get stuck in them with some balance you are in deep $h!/ , I have been trying to get rid of all my credit cards and live a debt free life since 2008, but it seems the other side is more determined then me. :-)

Then there is a catch with cash advances, let us say your balance is 10,000$ on some credit card of TD Bank or CIBC, and suddenly one day you need 100$ cash and you use your credit card to get that 100$, the bank will charge you 5$ cash advance fee immediately and then they will keep charging cash advance fee till you pay the entire amount of 10,000$, :-) which means you might end up paying more then 100$ within 2 years for taking that 100$ cash advance.

Then If you see the profit margins of these five sharks, they make not less then 5 billion $ CAD every year each, just the profit, and Royal bank leads this pack of sharks, :-) and there must be hard competition to beat each other at the cost of the customer. :-)

My daughter took some student loan from Royal bank and she did not use much of it because she is a careful person and I am constantly telling her not keep credit cards, just one is enough for emergency, the bank started sending her letter after letter to pay back the entire loan of 1600$ immediately and the words in the letter threaten her of dire consequences, credit score damage, collection, etc. :-) so she paid the entire amount back, :-) she told me before the loan was given the Royal Bank told her she can pay back 50$ per month. :-)

The banks in Canada remind me of the old feudal system where bonded labours paid their dues their entire lives and still the principal amount remained as such. :-)

And our Prime Minister says it is your personal responsibility. :-)) while he is watching STAR WARS. :-) wake up please!!!!!
Donald Trump and Wire taps, :-)

First Mr Donald Trump should make it public the kind of wire taps used by various investigation departments, like CIA, FBI, Police, and Pirvate Investigators, so that people also can look for them in their private residences and private business places.:-) the current technology used by Intelligence agents is not just physical, :-) it is not in your flower pot or behind some unmoved piece of decoration. :-))

At least in Canada-Quebec they are every where, which means USA, UK should be more advanced, go to any store they are always watching and listening, but the adage "walls have ears and eyes", has become old, now walls have x-ray vision they can actually look into your body and make changes to your internal system, like GI tract, with one button you can feel like going and with one button it might stop movement of your GI tract muscles, :-) does not matter you are in a mall or a store or in your car or your home, they have total access and your body is also totally hacked and in their control. :-)

Apart from my Office, Mr Car, and My home in Canada-Quebec, I experienced it in India in 2010 and 2015, and also in the British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Frankfurt airport, Munich airport, London Heathrow, Hyderabad shamshabad airport, Bengaluru airport, :-) then in Niagara falls, Pittsburgh USA, Toronto, Montreal is the hub, :-) they are every where. which means they have spent billions and billions of dollars on illegal surveillance. :-)

Then they have Infra red based some kind of fans which when focussed on you sometimes make your body very sweaty and hot and sometimes very cold and shivering, I know one wavelength of Infra red waves is very cold and one wavelength is very hot, so they play with cold wave when it is winter and when you are cleaning snow outside, so with in minutes your fingers will go numb, which is a surprise, I am like, that fast I just came out, :-) then in summer or when it is hot you profusely sweat which is again not normal because I have lived 15 years in Hyderabad, Telangana, India where the summer temperatures are 45 degree and I never had that kind of sweat, but here just 25 degrees. :-)

Then now a days they play with hot and cold waves when you are having your lunch or dinner, the moment you open the spice bottle you start to sweat profusely, :-) and one spoon of middle level spicy food and same thing, :-) and sometime for middle level spicy food mouth is covered with blisters, so I did an experiment, I made the food with little spice and instead of eating it I ate sugar from my plate and my mouth was again filled with blisters and I was sweating profusely, :-) all this is your intelligence friends working on you from your neighbours apartment. :-)

When you are cooking, they also add spices from your neighbours apartment, the distance from the electronic gadget he is holding in his apartment in the laundry room, which is just above our kitchen and the cooking vessel is about 10 to 12 feets through the wooden walls and even cement floors it works, people who have no idea of this might not even doubt that while they were cooking someone from their neighbours apartment had just added additional spice making your food blistering hot, all most impossible to eat, but then when that happens I also add enough curd to nullify the spice effect, :-) that is because I know the cowards also cook with me in the same pan I am cooking. :-) well living in Quebec has some advantages apart from having parallel government sending you letters like they are from Quebec government or income tax related department, they use the same color of paper, light sky blue. :-)) and the after you finish your food the desert is served directly into your mouth, it is a dab of gasoline, :-) so keep some condiment to change that taste always, as long as you live in Canada-Quebec.:-)

And Mr Donald Trump being the President of USA can not find the wire taps in his Trump Tower, No Surprise!! the wire taps are not separately placed like olden days or like in the movies now we are in the age of Internet, electronic gadgets, overseas operations and satellites, so If you have purchased....any...try to visualize google map and then your home space with some electronic device you have purchased or ordered online, :-)...

TV, the eyes and ears are pre installed in them even before you buy them with the help of the store like Sears, George Orwell who wrote 1984 would be turning in his grave, :-) because he predicted through his novel 1984 that this will be the condition of Russia in 1984, but this has happened in Quebec-Canada. :-) which means entire west....:-)

If you have purchased Cable TV from Bell Canada or Videotron, then it is your receivers and modem, :-) common eye can not figure out which is what you need some expert with electronic bugs and eyes with government because government uses lower frequencies which are not allowed for private detectives, which means private detectives might not be able to unearth them, you need government help. :-) see where the buck stops, there where you will never get help but lies. :-) thanks to Uncle Chretian, Harper, Clinton, Bush, Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandy, and even Obama, and thanks we stopped Madam Hillary Clinton. :-)) otherwise we would never be hearing things like we are hearing from Mr Donald Trump. :-)

If you have bought a Refrigerator with electronic panel from Sears or any other store, they are pre installed in them by your friendly intelligence agencies and agents, common the local police have access to all these. :-)

If you have bought a cell phone does not matter which company all are pre installed with the software to allow access and Apple tells cock and bull stories that no one can access their I phones.

I experienced hacker on a newly purchased Apple Macbook purchased in 2017 from Apple store. :-)

If you have bought a computer, any company, and now a days If you see carefully all gadgets come with pre installed cameras on both sides even this is Intelligence agencies idea to get the hay processed without much hardwork, money and at your cost, :-) and I think Trump Tower is also a part of that hay, If I understand them now it should be. :-)

Or If you have taken you computer for repairs to Future shop or Best buy, the geeks will install them for the big boys and gals from behind the wall. ;-) hush! hush! it is all for few dollars more.

If you have purchased a car, they are also installed with eyes and ears, and If by chance you got a car free from such bugs then don't worry when you take your car for the first free service they will be installed. :-)) my friend they are obsessed and suffer from a strange disease and with out playing with their electronic toys they can not sleep. :-))

If suddenly your electronic gadgets does not work that means it is time for the eyes and ears to be installed where ever you will take it, the integrity level of people is in rock bottom, or it is time for that gadget to go in to recycle because the pre installed eyes and ears are not working like they were meant to so they need some repair or replacement. :-) do I understand them well or not. :-) I have studied them for 17 years while they watched and worked on me all these years. :-)

Reason for watching: No reason, just like that they are obsessed and they have money, access, and power, and time, and they developed a new technology so time to use it on someone, so  Immigrants, refugees, and people in no mans land are the best, and in Quebec-Canada you will find them all in Saint Laurent, Quebec. :-))

Then your childrens, toys, video games, game boys, etc. every thing can have eyes and ears, my goodness imagine the amount of money and man power wasted on installing, watching, listening, writing reports, books, and books on people and yet that one lonesome guy never gets stopped from doing the damage. :-)  does not hold water. :-))

Bottom line: We are living in a world which is packed with eyes, ears and even x-rays vision eyes every where, and yet some people are able to blow bombs, again does not hold water, because it is the same people who watch you, who plant the bombs and who also play ISIS and who also investigate and who also blame you and who place the wiretaps and who also deny the wire taps.
:-)) some time back I asked the Police Station no 6 on Rue Grenet to help me with this and they said they have no such device to scan for bugs and the next week I saw them scanning seats and people in an Auto bus near Cote Vertu Metro.:-)

So how do you catch the guy who is in total control, the hacker of your life. so everything is about intelligence, intelligence and intelligence, you are just crap, your life also has no value does not matter you are an elected president or a pauper, all that is important is Intelligence should be able to carry out their obesession. :-))

If President of USA is so help less imagine the plight of the ordinary people, they are like sitting ducks who are being pecked from all sides 24/7, the list is given above. :-)

People born in 1920's, 1930's, 1940's and 1950's are directly responsible for the current world.

So have some shame!!!!!
How to get to the TRUTH. :-)

People might argue that everyone has their own truth, some times your truth is my lie and vice versa, but still there is a TRUTH, we can say 'the truth' which is mostly the real situation, and how to get to that real truth, the actual situation.

No matter how good the liars might be still they give away the real truth in their lies, :-) and when someone like Mr Donald Trump is surrounded by such liars, and masquerades it becomes kind of difficult because the pressure to act on day to day events and then keep tab on people around him and to find out who is misdirectling him and who is not is again another charade he will have to play every minute he is in Oval office. :)

First find out all the parties, it is very important to know those who might not be known to him directly but they might be pulling all the right or wrong strings from Canada or UK or some other country like Australia through some parasite, etc.

Second benchmark all patterns of information and rebounds, :-) this needs some lonely time and some deep brooding, then isolate all the false distractors from your circle and from outside, it could be from opposition also.

In 6 months you should be able to pinpointedly tell who is who and from where each bit of information is emanating, this needs some focus and some benchmarking and keep all this information to yourself and not let it out even in your bedroom, :-) because women can never digest secrets, it should be a default rule one should follow.

Once this is done then play your game and move from defensive position to offensive position and then see how people run to their mummies and papas for cover, :-)

And there are lot of people who are parasites but they move upwards very fast, take them out and keep an eye on them, e.g.

Leech the demon used to sit in my neighbouring office, :-) 2002 to 2004, while she moved from department to department but her office remained next to mine.

Then she had to show that she is also working though the management was playing mismanagement game and all those who were in close circle knew they had to play mismanagement so they played, even Leech knew it but to show people that she is working, she had to do something.

She would come to me and ask, how do you write SOP for a PH meter, :-) (note she had a PhD from some university in Switzerland :)

I told her for beginners you can always go to the world health organization website and copy from there, she goes and copies it word by word. :-)

Then she comes back with another question, (at that moment an insignificant employee walks by)

The soft polite tone immediately escalates into a loud redicule,


The employee is gone, there is silence she knows she stepped on something which might have consequences but she musters some strength after few hours and again in soft tone, another question.


I saw this behaviour many many times in my previous 12 years of experience in two separate companies by many such parasites and this one was in Quebec after I already found a way to deal with them in my previous experience, next time they ask a question just smile and ignore, but this one was political so it got complicated, otherwise they would kiss your ass. :-) one such 15 years senior to me pleaded with our common friend please tell him to leave the company I am not able to breathe, :-) the common friend called and said, "you can work anywhere but he can not and he will retire in few years so let him survive", :-) then the Canadian Landing papers came, so I left, but this got repeated in Quebec, Leech also told me you can work anywhere like a Project Manager why only here, because it became difficult for her to breathe and keep her image at the same time. :-))

Now the truth is she created an image for herself among the people ofcourse along with Bitch from hell and her 40 thieves (It was like Ali Baba and 40 thieves :-)), whatever 30 or 40 employees in both places Varennes Quebec and Markham, Ontario, not that Bitch from hell was bothered about the truth, Bitch from hell was the one who was looking for someone like her so that she can play her stupid games, so she kept trying with almost every women and she found Leech perfect for the recipe or her MO, but in the end of 2004 Bitch from hell got kicked out along with her CEO. :-) so folks don't invest in Bitch from hell, she will loose and you will also loose, everyone who has worked with her has always lost in one way or other, she is a born looser, jinx. :-))

Simple doubt: When everyone is involved and ok with lies, manipulation and fraud, where is the need to even play stupid games. :-) to show me that they are all actually working for the company, I was no one then and I am no one now, :-)) I fail to undestand why so much attention If everyone is ok and already cooperating in whatever it is. :-)) Stupid bunch of women. :-))

Leech told our common supervisor, "If you need any help please don't hesitate to ask me", :-) that kind of image and then to execute there is nothing other then just talk and hype, so she needs someone who can actually do the ground work and she can just take the credit, so this one was one such parasite, and then she replaced all names on all documents as prepared by herself, she did not see the dates that few were prepared beven before she joined but who cares, the person to impress was Bitch from hell. :-) another parasite, infact a parasite with a disturbing mind.:-)

And she moved upwards, :-)

The point to note is when she reacted aggressively every time some employee walked past our offices that was her real truth, so you should be able to note that and make changes and see them fall and shudder with fear and hate. :-) Leech also did but the management was not on the company's side so I got alone and got kicked out. :-)

Why I got so upset and angry because of her behaviour is: Because before her there was this women another PhD from Univeristy of Montreal, and she was also pet of Bitch from hell, and when I joined Bitch from hell told me, that women was not able to do anything so she needs someone who can throw things around, :-) and this women also created an image with the help of then director Surge de corbeil and when I came he expected same thing, I do everything she takes the credit, but I like equality, :-) in real terms, :-) which women don't like, women want special treatment and then complain they have no equality when it comes to pay, so this women was not able to work and she complained, complained and complained to cover up her deficiencies, and when Leech joined I told her this story and how that women behaved and acted like this and that to keep some image with the people, and when Leech repeated all that behaviour I felt very upset and angry. :-)

It is very unfortunate thing that all these women were PhD's from western universities and they lacked the basic knowledge how to even do simple lab work, and on top of that deficiencies they had this useless Bitch from hell with all her stupid games. :-) so where would they go, nowhere.

Hackers did some changes after reading this post, :-)

The hackers from local police station on Rue Grenet, Saint Laurent, and my Algerian neighbour in Apt no 3, 1480 Rue Crevier, did some changes to the hacking methods, so suddenly my Internet was down, and telephone was not working, so I had to reset the Modem. :-)

So they are reading. :-)