May 25, 2017

Seven Grah/Planets in one house at the time of birth

Aum Shri Gurave NamaH!

I have already presented the effects from conjunction of six grahs in one house in my previous post, and here are the combinations of seven grahs conjoined in one house at the time of birth.

If present in 1st house/bhava or 12th house /bhava or any other house, each house will have a different result, e.g. If Sun, Mercury and Venus are present in 1st house, the results will also differ based on which Nakshatram they are present in, how close Mercury and Venus are to the Sun, and many other factors, and then that  1st house can be Aries, or Virgo or Pisces, the results of such combinations in each house will be different, as the Sun is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra, Venus is exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo, Mercury is exalted in Virgo and debilitated in Pisces, so please don't read a combination and feel bad or good, these are very general rules which change depending on position, status, Avastha, Astakavarga points, strength, power, any combination needs to be seen from Lagna (Ascendant), the Moon or the Sun and not as an independent entity.

Note: Dhristi - Aspect 

Effects of 7 Planets in conjunction in one house,

1. Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: If Seven Grah/Planets conjoined in one house at the time of birth.....Let me find if there is any text available, then I will add this here.

When seven planets will be in one house, (My comment)

e.g. Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn, they will be hemmed between Rahu and Ketu in many combinations, which is called Kaala Sarpa Yoga or Kaala Amrita Yoga, though many learned Astrologers do not accept such a yoga, but there is a possibility of such combinations whether you call them yoga or not, in such combinations grah/planets are stuck between Rahu and Ketu, and all planets traverse in clockwise motion across the chart where as Rahu and Ketu traverse in an anti clockwise motion, there by as per Lal Kitab, the planets are swallowed or eclipsed by Rahu there by rendering them useless for a short period and this continues year after year till Rahu matures at 48 years of age.

Rahu and Ketu might also join these combinations and make them more serious or less effective, depending on Rahu (Enhances) and Ketu (Diminishes) respectively.


A person born when four or more grahs occupy a single sign of the zodiac becomes an ascetic of the following class, based on the most powerful Grah/Planet:

Vanyasana class - Sun, (An ascetic who subsists on the roots of the forest and is engaged 
                                           in divine meditation.)
Vridhasaravaka class - Moon, (Kapalika, A follower of Siva.)
Sakya class- Mars (Ascetic dressed in red robes, A Budhist,)
Ajivaka class - Mercury, (A jain ascetic, the term includes Vaishnava ascetics as well)
Bhikshuka class - Jupiter, (A Brahmin ascetic who abandons his house and family and 
                                                subsists entirely on alms.)
Chakra class - Venus, (Chakradhara is an ascetic who wears a discus)
Nirgrandha class - Saturn, (A naked ascetic)

If such a powerful grah suffers defeat in conjunction at the time of birth, the ascetic will revert back to his original life or situation and If there is no defeat due to conjunction then the ascetic life continues till death.

And If no grah be powerful then no Pravrijia (Ascetic yoga) will happen.


I am still looking for one such chart where seven Grah or Planets are posited in one house.

Aum Namah Shivaya!

Sianala,Montreal  25 May 2017

Brihat Jataka - VARAHA MIHIRA

Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira is one of the Hindu Astrological Treatise written by Varaha Mihira who was one of the 9 gems in the court of Vikramaditya of Malwa (Modern), India, during 505 CE (Common Era), 

Original work is Panchasindhantika, and he treated all the three aspects of Jyotish Shastra, 

1) Jataka or Horoscopy,
2) Samhita
3) Astronomy- Pancha Sindhatika, Original Manuscrips were purchased by Bombay government, M Thibant, Phil, Dr and translated in to English with the help of Pundit Suddhakara.

and he has another document also names Yogayatra, and a Manuscript copy of this work was with Dr Kerne who was in Leydon, Holland 1885.

Translated in to English by M Chidambaram Iyer B.A.F.T.B. of the Tiruvadi Jotistantra Sabha, Madras, printed 1885. 

For correct predictions he says two things are important, 1) Knowledge of Astrology, and 2) Your yogic jnana should be awakened.

Few important figures.

1 Kalpa is 4320000000 sidereal years (1 Kalpa is equal to I Brahma's day)
1 Kalpa has 1000 Chaturyugas 
1 Chaturyuga consists of 4320000 Sidereal years and four Yugas,
1 Yuga is 432000 siderial years, 
Satya Yuga 4 x 432000 years,
Treta Yuga 3 x 432000 years,
Dwapar Yuga is 2 432000 years
Kali Yuga is 1 x 432000 years,

Rasi Chakrams, probability of number of Rasi Chakrams possible with all possible combinations is 537477120 Rasi chakrams. which is about 537 millions, the point he wanted to make was that Rasi chakrams are limited to 537477120 only and not infinite

Definitions and Elementary Principles (Zodiacal),

Sun - May Sun give us speech, who by his light illumines the Moon, 
         Who is the path of those who have no rebirth,
         Who is the Atma of those who know the Atma,
         Who is the Deva worshipped in sacrificial rites, 
         Who is the Lord of the Devas and of the lights of the sky,
         Who is the Author of the origin, growth and annihilation of the worlds, 
         Who is possessed of many rays and
         Who forms the lamp of the three worlds.

Veda - "Surya RasmiChandramah", meaning The Moon is the rays of the Sun.

Ref: Parasara, Garga, Badarayana, Satyachrya and others,

Sun - Soul, King, Heli is another name of Sun, Red and dark brown colour, Agni, East, Male, Fire,
         Kshatriya, Satwaguna, Short, Yellow eyes, sparse hair, Strong in bones, places of worship,
         Copper,  6 months, Pungent, 
Moon - Mind, King, Seetharasmi is another name of Moon, White color, Varuna, North West,
            Female, Water, Vyasa, Satwaguna, Thin, Round body, Windy, Phlegmatic, Soft voice, 
            Beautiful eyes, Strong in blood, Wells, Gems, 2 Ghatikas (48 minutes), Salty,
Mars - Strength, General, Hemna, Vit, Bodhana and Induputra (Son of Moon) are other names, Is not
            a tell figure and is both Red and White, Subramania, South, Male, Kshatriya, Tamoguna, 
            Sharp and Cruel eyes, young body, generous, bilious nature, unsteady mind, Narrow middle,
            Strong in marrow of the bones, Fire places, Gold, A day, Ascerbity,
Mercury - Speech, First Prince, Ara, Vakra, Kruradrik, Avneya (Son of Earth) are other names, 
                Green, Vishnu, North, Female Hermaphordite, Sudra, Rajoguna, Speech, jokes,bilious,
                windy, Phlegmatic nature,  Strong in Skin, Play Grounds, Brass, Two Months, Mixed 
Jupiter - Knowledge and health, Counselor, Jeeva, Angirasa, Suraguru (The preceptor of Devas), 
              Vachasampati, Jiya are other names of Jupiter, Molten gold colour, Indra, North East,
              Male, Brahmins, Satwaguna, Big body, Yellow hair and eyes, high intellectual powers, 
              Phelegmatic, Strong in flesh, Store rooms, Silver, Month, Sweetness,
Venus - Desire, Counselor, Sukra, Bhrigu, Bhrigusnta, Sita (The white planet), Asphujit are other 
             names of Venus, Not very white nor very black, Indrani (Indra's wife), South East, Female,
             Brahmin, Rajoguna, Comfortable life, beautiful body, fair eyes, windy, Phlegmatic nature
             black curling hairs, Strong in Semen, Bedrooms, Pearls, Fortnight, Sour,
Saturn - Sorrow, Servant, Kona, Manda, Suryaputra, (Son of Sun) and Asita (The black planet) are 
             other names of Saturn, Black, Brahma, West, Male Hermaphordite, Chandala, Tamoguna,
             Lazy, golden eyes, thin and tall body, large teeth, stiff hair, is of windy nature, Strong in 
            Muscles, Garbage dump, Iron, A year, Bitter,
Rahu - Tama (Darkness), Agu and Asura are other names of Rahu, 
Ketu - Sikhi is the other name of Ketu,

(Note: Colour of the person will be that of the planet most powerful at the time of his birth)
(Note: Useful in ascertaining the colour of stolen articles)
(Note: Useful in determining the colour of flowers for the worship of planets,_
(Note: Powerful planets at the time of birth indicates the deva to be worshiped,)
(Note: To determine the entrance of the delivery room of a women, )
(Note: To determine the direction of escape of a thief.)
(Note: Jupiter in his own house presides over Gold)
(Note: Moon has no enemies, but Moon is enemy of only Mercury)

Aspect: All Grah have 25% aspect on 3rd and 10th house,Saturn has 100%
Aspect: All Grah have 50% aspect on 5th and 9th house, Jupiter has 100%,
Aspect: All Grah have 75% aspect on 4th and 8th house, Mars has 100%,
Aspect : All Grah have 100% aspect on 7th house.


Sun - Saturn and Venus are enemies, Mercury is neutral, rest are all friends,
Moon - The Sun and Mercury are friends, rest all are neutrals,
Mars- The Sun, The Moon, and Jupiter are the friends of Mars, Mercury is his enemy, Venus and 
           Saturn are his neutrals.
Mercury - The Sun and Venus are friends of Mercury, the Moon is the enemy and the rest are his
Jupiter - Mercury and Venus are the enemies of Jupiter, Saturn is his neutral and the rest are his
Venus - Mercury and Saturn are friends, Mars and Jupiter are neutrals, and the rest are her enemies.
Saturn - Venus and Mercury are friends, Jupiter is his neutral and rest are his enemies,


HORA  - Origin from AhoRatri,  A and Tri are dropped to form HORA.
HORA - means both a rising sign and one half of a sign of the Zodiac.

Malefic - Waning Moon, The Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Mercury when in conjunction with any of these.

12 Signs, Body parts of the Kalapurusha, 

Mesha - Aries - Head, - Begins with Aswini, - Shape of Sheep, Ram, Red,
Vrishabha - Taurus - Face, Shape of a bull, White,
Mithuna- Gemini - Breast, Shape of a Man with a stick, and a Woman with a lyre, both seated on one
                               seat, Parrot color.
Karkataka - Cancer - Heart, Shape of a Crab, Trumpet flower,
Simha - Leo - Belly, Shape of a Lion, Back white
Kanya - Virgo - Navel, Shape of a virgin in a boat with crops in one hand and a light in other, 
                         Variegated in color, which is not white and not black,
Tula - Libra - Abdomen, Shape of a person with scales in his hand, Black,
Vrishchika - Scorpio - Groin, Shape of a Scorpion, Gold Colour,
Dhanus - Sagittarius - Two thighs, Shape of a man with his lower part of a Horse,Paddy husk colour
Makara - Capricorn - Two knees, Shape of a Crocodile with the face of a deer, White Red,
Kumbha - Aquarius - Two Ankles, Shape of a Man with a water pot, Mongoose color, 
Meena - Pisces - Two feet, Ends with Revati, Shape of two fish in opposite directions, Fish colour,

Synonyms of Rasi - Kshetra, Graha, Riksha, Bham, Bhavana.

Greek names of the Zodiac signs - Kriya, Tavuri, Jituma, Kulira, Leya, J'athona, Juka, Kourpi, Toukshika, Akokera, Hridroga, and Antyabha.


Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn - Night signs, 
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn - Rise by their feet's, Prishodaya Rasi,
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn - Powerful by the night,

Gemini - Night sign, Rise by its head, powerful by the night,

Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scoprio, Aquarius and Pisces, - Day signs,
Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scoprio, Aquarius and Pisces, - Rise by their heads, Sirshodaya Rasi,
Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scoprio, Aquarius and Pisces, - Powerful by the day,

Aries - Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Musculine Malefic,
Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces - Feminine, Benefic, 

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Movable,
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Fixed,
Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces - Dual,

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - East
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn - South,
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - West,
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces - North,

Two Horas of the Odd signs are Solar and Lunar Hora,
Two Horas of the Even signs are Lunar and Solar Hora, 

Lords of the Drekkanas - Lord of the sign, Lord of the 5th sign, Lord of the 9th sign,

Lords of the Drekkana of Leo are Sun (Lord of Leo), Jupiter (Lord of Sagittarius the 5th sign) and Mars, (Lord of the Aries the 9th sign,).


Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (Movable signs) - The first, Central and last Navamsa are known as Vargottama positions.

For Aries - Aries (First Navamsa), Leo (Central Navamsa), Sagittarius (Last Navamsa).

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquariua, (Fixed signs) - 5th Navamsa is Vargottam positions, 

For Taurus - Taurus itself is 5th Navamsa of Taurus,

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces (Dual signs) - 9th Navamsa is Vargottam positions,

For Gemini - Gemini itself is the 9th Navamsa of Gemini,

Kendra, Kantaka or Chatushtaya (Quadrants or Angles) - 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses, are naturally powerful,

(If these four houses happen to be Biped, Aquatic, Centipede and Quadruped they then possess strength)

Biped Signs - Gemini, Libra, Virgo, the first half of Sagittarius, and Aquarius, powerful by day,

Aquatic Signs - Cancer, The last half of Capricorn, and Pisces, 

Centipede Sign - Scorpio, powerful by sunrise and sunset,

Quadruped Signs - Aries, Taurus, Leo, the second half of Sagittarius and first half of Capricorn, powerful by night,

Panaphara Houses - 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th  (next to Angles or Kendras or Kantaka)
Apoklima Houses - 3rd, 5th, 9th and 12th (next to Panaphara houses)
Duschikya - 3rd house,
Hibuka, Ambu, Sukha and Vesma - 4th house,
Jamitra - 7th house,
Trikona - 5th house,
Tapas abd Tritrikona -9th house,
Meshoorana, Karma - 10th house,

Power - Kendras/Panaphara/Apoklima in decreasing order.

(Note: Panaphara and Apoklima are Greek terms and not Vedic)


Karma Bhava - 10th House - Varaha Mihira

Karma Bhava - 10th House, Avocation - Varaha Mihira,

A person gets wealth from his father, mother, enemy, friend, brothers, wife, servant, according to the grah that occupies the 10th house from the Lagna or from the Moon,

Sun - Father,
Moon - Mother,
Mars - Enemy,
Mercury - Friends,
Jupiter - Brothers, 
Venus - Wife, 
Saturn - Servants,

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets so not included.

If such a yoga grah occupy a friendly sign, then the native will get wealth in the dasa or antara dasa of the such grah through a friend.

If such a yoga grah occupy a enemy sign, then the native will get wealth in the dasa or antara dasa of such a grah through an enemy,

If such a yoga grah occupy his own sign, then the native will get wealth in the dasa or antara dasa of such a grah through self means,

 If the Sun happens to be that yoga grah, and If it occupies Aries its exaltation sign then the native will get wealth through his own power.

If powerful benefic grah occupy Lagna, 2nd or 11th house the native will acquire wealth from various means.

If there is no grah in 10th House, the avocation of that native will be from the:

1) Lords of Navamsa occupied by the lords of the 10th house from Lagna, The Moon and The Sun,

Note: If 10th from Lagna, The Moon and The Sun occupy respective 10th houses, all three will be the source of wealth for such a native, and If multiple grah occupy the 10th house then the native will get wealth from several sources.

A Native will get wealth If Lord of 10th house from Lagna, the Moon, the Sun occupies Navamsa and:

If Lord of Navamsa be the Sun - through Perfumes, gold, woollen fabric, medicine, and the likes.

If Lord of Navamsa be the Moon - through Lands, productions of water, or from women

If Lord of Navamsa be the Mars - through Metals, Minerals, Fire -Engine driver,dealer in matches,

If Lord of Navamsa be the Mercury - by being a Writer, an Accountant, and various handicrafts like 
                                                            painting, book- binding, arrow-making, flower-wreaths, sandal 
                                                            - paste, perfumes.

If Lord of Navamsa be the Jupiter -  through a Brahmin, Devas, Learned men, mines,acts of virtue,

If Lord of Navamsa be the Venus - through gems, silver, and other metals, in cows, buffaloes

If Lord of Navamsa be the Saturn - through hard labour, acts of torture, carrying burdens, low deeds,
                                                         not suited to his rank.

Karma Bhava -10th House - Kalyana Verma Saravali

Kalyana Varma Saravali: Tenth House And Effects There of:

1. Sages have explained effects relating to the Signs coinciding with the 10th House, planets posited therein and planets Aspecting the 10th House. I shall now explain those results.

2. The 10th House counted from the stronger among the Ascendant and the Moon, is called Karma-sthana and, if the Lord of that (10th) House is with strength, the effects in regard to Karma will prosper. Otherwise, the same will decline.

3-6. The effects relating to the 10th House will depend on the nature of the Sign, viz. watery, biped, Aranya (like Leo), or Jangala (Centiped), the form of such Sign and the places indicated by such Sign. The 10th House should be carefully examined on these lines. The occupant of the 10th House counted from the Moon, or from the Ascendant will influence the livelihood of the native according to his (i.e. planet's) nature and disposition.

7. In a previous Ch., results of placements of planets in the 10th House from the Ascendant have been explained, while dealing with angular positions of various planets. Now specially explained are with reference to the Moon. 


If the Sun occupies the 10th from the Moon, the native will be successful in his undertakings, be very wealthy, very strong, be a king, will patronize others and be healthy in physique.

Mars so placed denotes, that the native will be interested in valorous deeds, will live in foreign places will long for sensual enjoyments, be cruel and will be akin to an outcast in conduct.

If Mercury occupies the 10th from the Moon, one will be learned, rich, will have abundant knowledge of sacred affairs, like Veda etc.), be dear to king, famous, acquainted with many an art and be intelligent.

If it is Jupiter, that occupies the 10th counted from the Moon, the native will be successful in achieving his desires, righteous, affluent, will have excellent history among men, be a king's minister and be famous.

If Venus occupies the 10th from the Moon, one will be fortunate, beautiful, famous, will be successful in his undertakings, be rich and be honoured by king.

Should Saturn occupy the 10th with reference to the Moon, the native will have physical diseases, be poor, grieved, bereft of children and be always emotional. 


Should the Sun be with Mars, while being in the 10th counted from the Moon, the native will be a laborer (karmakaran), will suffer severely from cough and pulmonary consumption, or consumption in general, be an astrologer and will be an expert in the science of marks and Signs and also in logic.

Should the Sun be with Mercury in the 10th from the Moon, one will enjoy robes and ornaments, be a trader and will live through the means of water.

If the Sun is conjunct Jupiter being in the 10th from the Moon, he will be successful in his undertakings, be honoured by the king, brave and famous.

If the Sun is conjunct Venus in the 10th from the Moon, the subject will patronize his people, be fortunate, dear to the king and will increase his possessions through the help of his wife (or women).

The Sun and Saturn being together in the 10th from the Moon will make one liable to imprisonment, a servant, poor, wretched (or miserly), lose to thieves and prattle. 

When Mars gets the company of Mercury being in the 10th from the Moon, one will have many an enemy, be skillful in archery and be very valorous.

If Jupiter be with Mars in the 10th of the Moon, one will be a mighty leader, will gain wealth via friends, will live thereby and be fortunate.

Venus and Mars being in the 10th from the Moon indicates, that the native will be interested in living in foreign places, will trade in gold, precious stones etc. and will progress through women.

Saturn and Mars conjunct in the 10th from the Moon, indicates, that the native will be adventurous, base and will suffer from diseases. 

If Jupiter and Mercury be together in the 10th from the Moon, the subject will be rich, honored by the king, righteous, be leader of men and be famous.

If Venus and Mercury are conjunct in the 10th counted from the Moon, one will be endowed with friends, learning, wife, wealth and happiness, be a king's minister and a provincial head.

If Mercury is conjunct Saturn being posited in the 10th from the Moon, the person concerned will be a potter, be famous, imparts knowledge and be an author of books. 

If Jupiter joins Venus in being in 10th from the Moon, one will serve a superior king, will head Brahmin's, be devoid of grief, be an impart knowledge of learning and be skillful.

Saturn and Jupiter in the 10th from the Moon denote, that one will be base, will cause grief to others, will act, like an aged person, will have a firm residence and will successfully begin his undertakings. 


One with Venus and Saturn in the 10th from the Moon will be an artist, will trade in scents, be a doctor and will deal in black-salt and camphor.

Notes: “Neelam” apart meaning black-salt also indicates poison, antimony, sapphire etc., while Churna means apart from camphor flour, chalk, lime etc. 

If the Sun, Mars and Mercury are in the 10th from the Moon, one will be fortunate, excellent among men, equal to king and be honored by all.

The Sun, Mars and Jupiter in the 10th of the Moon denote, that he will be fortunate, will destroy his enemies and will be plentiful.

The Sun, Mars and Venus in the 10th of the Moon will make one cruel, adventurous, steal others' wealth and highly skillful.

Mars, Saturn and the Sun posited in the 10th of the Moon denote, that he will be intent on doing cruel acts, be foolish, sinful and bad in conduct.

The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in the 10th of the Moon indicate, that he will be learned, beautiful, righteous and be dear to his relatives.

Famous, righteous, devoid of anger, unconquerable, fortunes and plenty of robes these are the effects produced by the conjunction of Mercury, the Sun and Venus, in the 10th of the Moon.

When one has the Sun, Mercury and Saturn in the 10th of the Moon, one will be cruel, fickle minded, be not virtuous and will be afflicted by weapons and fire.

If the Sun, Venus and Jupiter be together in the 10th of the Moon, one will be fortunate, will earn by learning, be righteous and will always enjoy pleasures.

Saturn, the Sun and Jupiter in conjunction in the 10th counted from the Moon will make one devoid of (worthy) history, still honorable and valorous.

Venus, Sun and Saturn in conjunction in the 10th counted from the Moon will make one miserly, fickle minded and prohibited by all.

If Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are in the 10th counted from the Moon, one will be righteous, will have a large family and many children and will be learned and wealthy.

Mercury, Mars and Venus in the 10th of the Moon will make one interested in fine arts, a dealer of garlands, goldsmith and dear to all.

Saturn, Mars and Mercury in the 10th of the Moon will make one righteous, addicted to sleep, wicked and dirty.

If at the time of birth one has Mars, Venus and Jupiter in the 10th from his Janma Rasi, he will be wealthy, valorous and be interested in honoring Gods and Brahmin's.

If Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are in the 10th counted from the Moon, one will be bereft of learning, wealth and near and dear, be mean, bereft of happiness and be deformed (or distressed).

Mars, Venus and Saturn in the 10th counted from the Moon denote, that one will be a minister, or an excellent personage, interested in others' religions, wealthy and have many professions.

Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the 10th (with reference to the Moon) identical with Taurus/Libra denote, that all his desires will be fulfilled (i.e. he will be happy in all respects).

Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the 10th (with reference to the Moon) in Signs other, then Taurus/Libra denote, that one will suffer from diseases.

Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th of the Moon denote, that one will be interested in authorship and literature, be wealthy, be a very modest servant, be fond of wandering and be beautiful.

If Saturn, Mercury and Venus be together in conjunction in the 10th counted from the Moon one will be endowed with wisdom, be a boxer, be interested in living' in foreign countries, diligent and tamed (like an elephant).

If Jupiter, Saturn and Venus join in the 10th from the Moon, one will be learned, righteous, kind and truthful.

49. Those are the results of planets up to 3 in number joining in the 10th from the Moon. Different results will be experienced, if more than 3 planets join in the 10th of the Moon, as explained below. 


If the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter be in the 10th from the Moon, one will be valorous, physically hurt, charitable and interested in all deeds.

With Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 10th from the Moon one will be a garland dealer, writer, or an artist.

With Mars, Sun, Saturn and Mercury in the 10th from the Moon one will be endowed with wealth, conveyances and elephants.

The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in the 10th from the Moon denote, that even though one will have a mean profession, he will be excellent, will have sons and will have agricultural living.

The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th from the Moon denote, that one will be skillfully cunning, cruel and will cheat others.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn being in the 10th of the Moon, will make one hardhearted, fortunate, eloquent and interested in agriculture.

The Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn being in the 10th of the Moon, will make one interested in foreign places and have many an acts to do.

If Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are in the 10th from the Moon, he will be skillful courageous and unconquerable in battle.

If Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter are in the 10th from the Moon, one will be dirty, ever longing for war and will destroy enemies.

Should Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn join in the 10th of the Moon, one will have abundant learning, be valorous and will be broad-bodied.

Should Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn join in the 10th of the Moon, one will be courageous and endowed with family and wealth.

If Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are placed in the 10th from Janma Rasi, one will be calmly disposed, intelligent and dear to people. 


If Malefics occupy the 10th House counted from the Moon and Aspected by benefic's, one will be a doctor, Purohit (a religious guide), an astrologer, or will be interested in cheating others.

63. Whatever effects have been ascribed so far in this Ch. will specially reveal beneficially, if benefics aspect the 10th House from the Moon. If malefics aspect, the benefic results may not be there. 


Malefics in the 3rd, or in the 6th with reference to either the Ascendant, or the Moon will prove favorable, while in the 8th, 12th, or the Ascendant they are inauspicious more so in the Ascendant. 


One's livelihood should be predicted based on the 10th from the Moon, or from the Ascendant; whichever is stronger will prevail. The earnings (livelihood) will also be indicated by the stronger of the Lords of the 10th counted from the Moon, or from the Ascendant. 


If Aries, or many of its divisions be in the 10th, one will live through gardens, intelligence, service, agriculture, trading in juices (Rasa has other meanings, like liquor, poison, mercury, mineral/metallic salt etc.), or be an envoy.

With Taurus, or a majority of its divisions in the 10th, one will live through carts, quadrupeds, birds, wild animals and by gathering grains.

Similarly Gemini denotes trading through water, precious stones, vessels, conch, writing, accountancy etc.

Cancer in this context means weapons, golden ornaments, arrows and hunting.

Leo on the 10th, or many of Leo divisions related to the 10th denote livelihood through precious stones, gold, stones (like construction material) agriculture, cows and the like and grains.

Wealth comes through vehicles, gems, gold, scents, music, arts and writing, if Virgofeatures, as above.

Libra in similar condition indicates livelihood through teaching, dealing in gold, many ways and means, friends, cows, buffaloes, many salable articles, things emanating from water, grains, fruits, agriculture and arts.

Similarly Scorpio denotes livelihood through female association, agriculture, thieving, serving the king, sinful acts, rendering physical treatments (i.e. medical profession), blacksmith and grains.

Ministership under a king, protection of forts, cattle, horses, firewood, indicating omens, machinery, mathematics, medical treatment etc., are denoted by Sagittarius in a similar manner.

Capricorn in similar condition denotes livelihood through cots, gardening, chemicals etc. and abundant income through waterborne items.

Aquarius indicates weapons, burning, separation (or creating inimical relationship between two), thieving, carrying head loads and through physical stamina.

Pisces in similar manner denotes living through weapons, waterborne items, sale of horses etc. 


The Sun in the 10th indicates income through father, the Moon mother, Mars enemies, Mercury friends, Jupiter brothers, Venus females and Saturn servants.

82. There will be gains in many ways, if the Ascendant, the 2nd and the 11th are, respectively, occupied by strong (favorable) planets, so say the preceptors. 

Thus ends the 33rd Ch. entitled “10th HOUSE AND EFFECTS THEREOF” in Kalyana Varma's Saravali.

May 24, 2017

Questions from 26 Aug 2016 to 30 Mar 2017,

Questions asked by people in comments sections of various posts from 26 Aug 2016 to 03 Mar 2017, 

Please send your queries to

Question 1: Hello myself Kunal Mukherjee D.O.B. 03-08-1990; Place - Kolkata; Time- 08:55 a.m. I want to know about my future and my career prospect in future? which metal or ratna is suitable for me? i want to be an IAS officer is it possible to me? please tell me...thanks in advance on Tanu Bhava- IstHouse, Lagna/Ascendant, Signs/Houses.

Answer: Venus in 10th house, 2018 to 2019 is a favourable period for such an endeavour, like IAS, Jupiter is vargottam in Cancer 11th house and 5th in Navamsa, but in Rasi it is with Sun 14 degrees apart but still combust so try boosting Jupiter with a Yellow Sapphire (Pokhraj), as it is related with education it will help you in your quest for Administrative jobs and also appease Lord Ganesha.

If possible share with me how was your childhood and your parents by ending email to for my research on Moola Nakshatram.


Question 2: My dob is 12/10/1977 Azamgarh 9:12 am sun Moon rahu mercury in 11th house in virgo is it good or bad on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I, Amit Singh.

Answer: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus in 11th house Virgo, Sun and Moon together is always not good, Luminaries should be as apart as possible, Mercury is in its exalted house and his own house Virgo but only 5 degrees apart so badly combust, (burning due to close proximity of Sun), Venus is debilitated (Neecha Avastha in Virgo), this is the most powerful house in your chart and this is the most badly afflicted house also and on top of it it has Mars 8th house Gemini dhristi on it, 

So Lagna, 7th (Where Moon is exalted), 9th where Moon (Controls Mind) is the lord are effected badly, 7th and 12th house where Venus (Karaka for Spouse) is the Lord are also badly afflicted, 8th and 11th where Mercury is the lord is also afflicted, and then there is Rahu also, afflicting is further badly.

11th house is Labha bhava, elders, profit, money income, so multiple planets means multiple opportunities but at the same time too many issues to keep an eye on, advantage is 12th lord Venus is also in 11th but debilitated, it might not work to get a good or beautiful spouse but it will definitely help in lowering losses or other 12th house effects but bed pleasures is badly effected etc.

10th house is still good with Saturn in Leo in Rasi and Mars in Gemini in Navamsa, with out any afflictions, though both are Malefics themselves and their strength is average, Saturn is lord of 3rd and 4th house also and Mars is lord of Lagna Rasi and 6th in Rasi,

Current Dasha is Jupiter till 2024 and then follows Saturn Maha dasha where you will achieve what you want to, it is till 2043 but after a lot of hard work, sweat.

Longevity of marriage is not very promising, all these planets in Virgo has 7th house dhristi on 5th house Putra bhava, which already has Ketu so it also gets afflicted and it is Pisces where Venus gets exaltation, and lord of 5th is Jupiter in 8th house, it is afflicted as far as progeny is concerned.


Question 3: I have mercury, Venus, Jupiter and rahu of Libra in sixth house what will be the consequences of this combination? on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I, Rohan,

Answer: Check for Mercury, Venus and Jupiter combination.

Question 4: Hello my name is Ajanta Choudhury dob 6th feb 1982 Place: namrup, assam Time 4:00pm,my husband Amitav Ghosh dob: 6th Aug 1971 Place:Cuttack Time 5:20 am we have been going thru prob in or marriage, majorly since last year oct. can you please help by giving an analysis on whats going on , my email add on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I Assisht.

Answer: OK.

Question 5: My date of birth is 15 December 1969 time 21:40 Place nangal dam. I have karaka Lagna the stars are as follows:2nd house Ketu of Leo, 4th house Jupiter of Tule, 5th house Venus of Scorpio, 8th house Mercury and Sun of Dhanus, 8th Mars , Moon and Rahu of Kumbha, 10th house sat aries retrograde at present going through Ketu Mahadasha since July 2015 in bhava chalit chart the only change is Jupiter in 3rd house of Kanya and Mars in 7th house of Capricorn kindly tell how will be my Ketu dasha regards Rajan on Astrology, Questions and Response, posted 01 Jan 2016.

Answer: Varahamihira said there are two professions where everyone has an opinion, Medicine and Astrology, so please just birth details are enough, Ketu Antara Dasha in Mars Maha dasha April 2016 to Sep 2016 already finished, Ketu is in 4th house with 7th house dhristi of Mars from 10th house with Rahu, Venus Antara Dasha starting Sep 2016 till nov 2017, Ketu Maha Dasha also over Oct 1968 to 1975. please send your query to I don't publish those questions.


Question 6: Hi, S P Ianala, I liked your blog very much lot of good information about Astrology, thanks you, This new post of Moola Nakshatra, I would like to know more about Moola Nakshatra, I saw Moola Nakshatra (1st Pada) in my Horoscope, could you email me advice me, it is a fact my father died dated 11/April 1972, my DOB 14/April/1963, 7:45 pm Mumbai, Name Surinder, Email: on Mula Nakshtram, Surinder Rati.

Answer: Please read following posts,


Question 7: What about Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in 4th house ruled by Virgo all retrograde? on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I.

Answer: Pluto, Scientists at NASA USA are trying to figure out If it is a Planet or a wandering rock criss crossing our solar system, so our Scientists thousands of years back did not give admission to Pluto in Vedic Astrology, :-) Saturn and Jupiter retrograde some unfull filled desires from past lives.


Question 8: Hi, my DOB is 30 Jan 1990...It shows 4 planets in 4th house...but basics problem is ...I can not enjoy company of anyone...Mind is frustrated with past events and body is decreasing in internal strength, Help and suggest something...thanks on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I T.G.

Answer: You are just 27 years old, 4 planets in 4th house has nothing to do with it, read Bandhu bhava, you need to calm your Mind with meditation and check for Anemia or Low RBC levels, get your blood checked for complete picture. thanks!

Question 9: Sir, I have Sun-Mars-Mercury-Saturn-Ketu in 12th house. I couldn't find this match on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I Kamalika Dey.

Answer: Ketu is a shadow planet so you will not see it included in any combination, and Ketu reduces the positive efffects of other planets it is posited with and of the house it is posited in, it is a head less demon so see for Sun-Mars-Mercury-Saturn in four Grah/Planets combinations of Kalyana Verma Saravali and also check their degrees see how badly Mars, Mercury and Saturn are combust (burning due to close proximity to Sun) and their Maha Dashas and Antara Dashas. thanks!

Question 10: This Blog has so much information, Thanks for creating and posting information, Astrologers in Chennai Astrology Matching in Chennai Gemstone Consultant in Chennai Astrologers in Advar Chennai on Kal Sarpa Yoga-I Vedic Astrology Foundation.

Answer: Thanks!!!!!

Question 11: I am suffering thru Shani Maha Dasha please tell remedy, going to Hanuman temple since starting of Shani Dasha no benefit, cannot reveal birth details, also having Jupiter and Venus in 1st house, Sun in 12th house, somebuddy please help, Tanu Bhava-1st House Lagna/Ascendant, Sings/House, Samir Kothari.

Answer: Please some one help me, I have pain in my body I will not tell where, and I will also not tell what I ate, please take Ibuprofen based formulation it helps pain due to inflammations. thanks :-)

Anyway first understand what Hanuman stands for read carefully Hanuman Chalisa and then see due you deserve to get help or did you put yourself in a position that you deserve help.

Question 12: Can any body tell effects of conjunction of Mercury Venus and Saturn in 3rd House in Aries Lagna Kundli, Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I.

Answer: Anybody please.....please please please.....:-)

Question 13: Sir I am Scorpion, dob 02 June 1966, sir I want to end up by helping maximum people is it possible on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I.

Answer: You don't need to check your Horoscope to help people, there are so many people who need help badly and India is a country where you don't need to look for them, they are everywhere, you will get tired of helping but they will never end, so just go and help the first person you meet and do it one person at a time. thanks!

Question 14: Kindly inform all of us that why all bhavas in kundli  said respectively tanu bhav dhan bhav rog shatru bhav etc. why first bhav said to be tanu bhav, who names it n why? on Bhavas First House (Tanu Bhava)- BPHS.

Answer:  Tanu means self, so that house which projects everything about is Tanu Bhava, 2nd house is Dhana bhava because 2nd house projects everything about money, Shatru bhava is 6th house because it projects possible enemies along with diseases and income, when Vedic Astrology was being studied thousands of years back by many scientists (sages like Parasara, Bhrigu, etc.) they named them.

Question 15: Nitish Kumar, Aries Mercury and Venus -1st house Sun and Moon - 2nd house Ketu - 3 Mars----5th Jupiter---7th Rahu--9th Shani---12th house Sir when I will get job on Astrology Questions and response, posted from 01 Jan 2015 to Dec 31, 2016, Nitish Kumar.

Answer: Mercury and Venus in first house is a huge positive for opportunities, for detailed look I would need your birth details, please send them to thanks!

Question 16: Respected Sir, I could know about my future, which business or line would be suitable for me, I am working and working ...But no positive comes to me for years and years...Plz guide me on career and would I ever live stable peaceful happy and rich life sir ? Name Hemang My Dob 31/01/1980, Time - 3:20 am. Place - malad east Mumbai. Thank you sir on Karma Bhava - 10th House - House of Action/ Social Status/ Fame / Authority/Career/Honors, Hemang Solanki.

Answer: Lagna is Scorpio, 3rd is with Sun 17degrees and Mercury 23 degrees, 4th with Venus and Ketu, 9th with Moon, (own house) Sun and Mercury 7th house dhristi, 10th Jupiter (Retro), Mars (Retro) and Rahu, 11th Virgo with Saturn, Navamsa Lagna Sagittarius with Ketu, Saturn (Retro) in 2nd, Venus and Sun in 6th, 7th with Rahu, 8th with Mercury and Moon (Own house), Jupiter (Retro in 9th and Mars (Retro) in 11th.

Rasi chart: 6th, 8th and 12th are empty and 6th and 12th are free from any dhristi also, which is very positive, so you are free from Enemies, Loss, or too much expenditure or expenditure more than Income, Ketu maha dasha April 2016, so there will be confusion in almost everything, till 2023, Venus Maha Dasha from 2023 till 2043 will bring big changes in your life for good, and also from 2017 things will start to look up towards bright side. thanks

Question 17: Mercury , Saturn, Mars in 8th house of Cancer Ascendant aspected by Jupiter in 4th house, Please explain the effects on Tanu Bhava -1st House, Lagna/Ascendant, Signs/Houses,
Ritesh Dassani Jain.

Answer: Cancer lagna is where Jupiter gets exalted, and Jupiter in 4th house Scorpio has 9th house dhristi on Lagna also, 8th house is Randhra bhava (hole) where you have Mercury and Saturn and Mars, Saturn and Mars are both Malefics so Mercury also becomes a Malefic, and you did not mention the strength of these planets, so generally speaking with out full information it is kind of difficult to write about details, Jupiter 5th house dhristi bestows long life but the three Malefics  cause loss of life force from time to time which far greater than what Jupiter can give, but you need to see which house they are lords of and strength of Lagna also, etc. please send your birth details to

Question 18: Sir, My DOB 10-may-1973 POB machilipatnam, India, Tob-5.10am Currently running Mars-Jup, Lost job in Mars-rahu, May I know why , Also let me know when will I get a job, Regards on Karma Bhava-10 House-House of Action/Social Status/ Fame/ Authority/ Career/ Honors, Venkat Gorty.

Answer: Jupiter is in Capricorn and it gets debilitation and Mars at the same time gets exalted in Capricorn, though your Mars in 11th house and both Mars and Jupiter are mutually friendly to each other, Saturn has 10th house dhristi on 11th house and Mars and Mars has 4th house dhristi on 2nd house and Saturn and Venus, you did not tell when exactly you lost your job, 2021 has a very good prospects for a government job or a government contracts, try and put all your efforts it will come to pass.

Question 19: I have ketu of leo in second house and Sun in 6th house of mula nakshatra, since ketu has come its effects on material was bad but mentally was good due to my meditation in my young age, just want to know will Ketu effect will dilute after my 48th birthday so that I can take care of my family on Questions as Comments-Astrology, Rajan Kalia.

Answer: Normally Ketu looses its effects after 48th year of life for every person, and as you said you are already in to Meditation, so a controlled Mind is in a much better position to handle crisis.


May 22, 2017

We Are Busy- Pale Cowards/Radicals (Domestic Terrorists)

There was a time in 2003 -2004 when Bitch from hell was so reluctant to even reply to my new year or Christmas greetings, she took days to reply and I always activated the reply message when read, she took days and would reply with a lame comment Oh! I was so busy, didn't have time, it was so painful for her how to avoid replying to those greetings, :-) and see today:- :-)

Her pale representatives (Domestic terrorists) are looking for her political future in dirty dishes and dirty or washed laundry in my home, :-) and I am kind of very busy keeping an eye on every move of the pale cowards. :-)

So yesterday my wife wanted to give a treat for her 49th birthday, so we wanted to go to the Royal restaurant on St Jean on west island, it is run by Indians, or Pakistani, last year we ate there on my elder daughters birthday the food and ambience was good except a couple of pale folks kept coughing and few others were staring at me :-) through out the evening, that pale guy could have gone out or to a wash room and cleared his throat but now a days manners in pale folks is in its nadir point. 

So when we reached there it was under construction, and it seems they are turning it in to a buffet style restaurant, which is always a hit, so we turned back and drove 20 km to an Indian Punjabi small dhabba like restaurant, Malhi on Jerry Street, where I have been there before many times but not my family, so when we reached there we found few places available so we parked our car and took a centre table right under the view of the camera. :-)

So apart from my family there were some three pale families, and a lone Indian server who served with a funny smile on his face, may be he was amused to see an Indian family in an Indian dhabba, and eating Punjabi food, :-) or he was amused to see an Indian family among all pale folks.

Though I was aware that never order Soup in an Indian restaurant, but I took chances and they let us down, it was a Chicken Soup and it was pipping hot with extra spice and more or less it was like slightly diluted Chicken curry with shreds of white chicken meat, my younger daughter could not finish it, it was too spicy for her and very hot, I finished it but I was sweating like always, these days I sweat even when I am eating curd rice or sweats. :-)

Red Chillies is also a proxy for some pale coward, so it started with Red Chillies and then like always pale cowards extend their sickness to almost everything, :-) remember Red Chillies entertainment of Raees, Sha Rukh Khan Movie, :-) so you will see everywhere Red Chillies, because it is a proxy for a some pale person who never ate a red chilly in her life. :-)

So Red Chillies means sweating, so it started with spicy food and now almost anything I eat, I sweat profusely, even sweets. :-)) it is like the terrorist drama, first it started with few fundamental Muslims now it is everyone irrespective of your origin as long as you are not pale. :-)

How do they do it?

When you are exposed to particular Infra red wavelength your body temperature rises and you sweat depending on intensity of the rays and another wavelength makes your body cold and shivering, it is all electronics, thanks to our numb and insensitive elected and nominated folks, they have pumped so much money into these sick technologies developed by pale cowards (Domestic Terrorists).

But surprisingly all pale folks were minding their business and no coughing, or may be I did not give enough time to the pale cowards to arrange for the paid puppets to play that part, :-) or pale cowards did not expect us to go there, it was already 9 PM, and then a Punjabi family with many children came around 9:30 PM, and the coughing started, :-) a Punjabi women kept coughing till we left at 9:45 PM,   I ate well but the three ladies felt full just after the Chicken Soup, they said they feel like vomiting.

Again, Vomiting is also a effect developed by the pale cowards, they pump air into your G I System, they can do it from anywhere wireless, which pushes contents of your stomach towards your mouth and air in intestines pumps contents or just gas out of your other end, this is also a technology developed by pale cowards (Domestic Terrorists)  for National Security. :-)

They try this when I am sleeping, so idea is to push the contents of the stomach into the lungs which is troubling, but pale cowards have all the access, money and time and approval from all the sick suckers to carry out openly without any remorse.

You reap what ever you sow. :-)

Some time back, we ordered some food from another Punjabi restaurant in Montreal, Indian Beau Village, The Biryani was mixed with Raw Red Chilly Powder, Chicken appeared more like Sea Gull Meat, the legs were so thin, and Naan were like old, this restaurant is also a proxy for another pale coward. :-)

This is all ignorant Pale Cowards testing us under the racial profiling or Radicalization program.

They are not able to understand how I can understand and speak language spoken by Indians from Punjab to Indians from Telangana, to Indians from Bihar or Bengal, and even a Pakistani or Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan or Nepali, it is a billion dollar question for the ignorant pale coward to digest that I can speak so many languages, mostly it is Hindi or little Urdu. :-). 

But for pale folks fighting over two languages English and French it is little too much to digest that we all speak and understand one language, that is terrifying for the pale cowards, such unity how will pale folks even sleep, many pale cowards in London would die, gosh!! their life time efforts would go to drain. :-)) don;t worry pale cowards we are very divided and very isolated. :-) you can sleep.:-)

I think when a foreign family comes to Canada/Quebec, as an Independent immigrant or Refugee, a pale coward male or female is assigned to that family, that pale coward's job is to follow the entire family and see where they go, what they eat, where they should work, how many hours they should work, how much money they should earn, what they should do, where they should live, where they should study, what they should study, many things like this, the pale coward in a way wastes his or her life doing this and may be after him or her his or her children take over, :-) they are not yet tired watching us day after day after day expecting one day you take flight. :-))

That is what they want, they want you to take flight so that they can make you run to the Middle east some how. :-) 

Let us see what Mr Donald Trump will do with 50 Sunni Muslim countries, they left Iran because it is a minority Shia Muslim Country, again for Pale folks stuck in English or French language it is little
too difficult to understand that how two sects of same religion can be so brutal to each other, it is like Protestants Vs Catholics, same equation, some time back in history it was followers of Shiva Vs followers of Vishnu, :-) followers of Shirdi Sai Baba Vs Satya Sai Baba, this was not brutal, but funding and all loyalties went to Satya Sai Baba, even Presidents of India sat at his feet. :-)

So where is Saudi Arabia and other 50 Muslim countries pushing Donald Trump or is it pale cowards pushing Donald Trump through the Saudis towards where Madam Hillary Clinton wanted the world to go. 

Well in case there is a world war III, two countries which will fall on their knees before any other country is India and Saudi Arabia, reason, these two countries are the two major regional powers which are totally dependent on foreign arms manufacturers and given the western mindset the arms might as well fail during such a war pushing them to replace them at a higher price, China has removed itself from such a possibility, I was impressed at their first home made Air Craft Carrier, and India is still buying second hand old useless for western navy Air Craft Carriers, :-) bloody crabs.

In 1984 we heard that India will manufacture their own fighter jet, and it took 40 years to hear that they have come up with a proto type light fighter jet by HAL, :-) other wise almost every family has one engineer, :-) the reason for such tardiness is the caste politics, I went through all that the output is nothing, but MF's so busy scratching each other ass because they belong to same caste, the country or the company is the last thing to worry about.

I am not sure now but back then the central government scientific organizations application for Scientist B, read something like this, "Did you visit any foreign country", :-) then apply for Scientist C directly, so going to a foreign country is seen as a big qualification. :-) Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Bara Bar.

And be it a Scientist or an Industrialist or a politician there are two or three most important things for any Indian to attend to, 

1) Daughters marriage or accumulate for her or their marriage,
2) Construct your dream house, 
3) Send your son or daughter to a foreign country,

People have sent their kids to Ukraine, Africa, Middle East, South America, of course Europe and North America, but Mexico was never on the menu. :-)

Hope nothing of this sort happens but it is just another thought. :-)

My neighbour has been very upset since morning, he did not get his share of flying kisses, :-) his hijab clad 4 feet tall wife jumps in the bath tub in her home, which exactly above mine, whenever I take my shower. :-)

Taking shower is also a proxy game for some pale cowards who never takes shower and smells like a skunk. :-)

Before pale cowards games were designed by them and people were pushed by force into them whether you like it or not, but now pale cowards are so desperate and helpless their proxy games are like, 

He got up, :-)
He is brushing his teeth, :-)
He is using toilet, now tissue paper, :-)
He is taking his breakfast, :-)
He is washing his laundry, :-)
He is washing dishes, :-)
He is sorting washed dishes, and laundry, :)
He is cleaning his floor, :-)
He is on his computer, :-)
He is eating, drinking, sleeping, waking, driving, shopping, etc. :-)

They are just short of crying like babies, it is ok to cry, go on a side road and cry to your heart's content, I will not write about it.....:-))