May 7, 2017

Nakshatra Phalam - Jataka Parijata

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Nakshatra Phalam - Jataka Parijata.

Aswini - The native will have great of intelligence, wealth, modesty, sagacity and fame and will be happy.

Bharani - The native will have a defective limb, be addicted to another's wife, cruel, ungrateful and will possess wealth.

Krittika - He will be energetic, lord like in status , not dull but with some valuable learning.

Rohini - The native will know weak points of others, be lean, enlightened but addicted to women not his own.

Mrigasirsha - The native will be soft hearted, wandering, squint eyed, love sick and ailing.

Ardra - The native will be destitute of wealth, fickle with much physical strength and addicted to base actions.

Punarvasu - The native  will be dull witted, strong in wealth, famed, learned and lusting for women.

Pushya - The native will love Gods, possess wealth and intelligence, enjoy royal favour and have a large circle of relations.

Aslesha - The native will be silly, betraying, ingratitude by his speech, of hasty temper and depraved.

Magha - The native will be lustful but devoted to virtue, indulgent to his wife, proud and wealthy.

PoorvaPhalguni - The native will be restless, practising evil, liberal strong and longing for women.

Uttara Phalguni - The native will voluptuous, with a lofty sense of honour, grateful and intelligent.

Hasta - The native will devoted to love and to virtue, be friends of learned and live in opulence.

Chitra - The native will be very wary, good natured and endowed with a high sense of honour, though longing for other men's wives.

Swati - The native will try to please Gods, devote himself to enjoyments and will have much wealth but little intelligence.

Vishaka - The native will be proud, but uxorious (having or showing an excessive or submissive fondness for one's wife.), overcome his enemies and betray much irritability.

Anuradha - The native will be very affable in speech, opulent, ease loving, honorable, famous and powerful.

Jayestha - The native will be ill tempered, addicted to women not his own, lordly and lust.

Mula - The native will be eloquent, but dishonest, with his happiness marred, ungrateful and indigent.

Poorva Ashadha - The native will be uniformly well behaved, endowed with a high sense of honour, well off and calm minded.

Uttara Ashadha - The native will be honorable, of a tranquil nature happy, possessed of wealth and be learned.

Sravana - The native will have reverence for Gods, be of governing class, opulent and pious.

Sravishtha (Dhanistha) - The native will be credulous, wealthy, plump in thighs and neck and joyful.

Satabhishak - The native will be an astrologer, tranquil, sparing in diet and daring.

Poorva Proshthapada (Poorva Bhadrapada) - The native will be bold in his speech, mischievous, cowardly and weak.

Uttara Proshthapada (Uttara Bhadrapada) - The native will be gentle in his nature, liberal, opulent and learned.

Revati - The native will have a broad mark in his person, will be love sick, lovely, clever in counsel, will have sons, family and friends and will enjoy steady continuous  prosperity.

Ref: - Jataka Parijata, By Vaidyanatha Dikshita (14/15 century astrologer) his work in Sanskrit translated by Mr V Subramanya Shashtri in 1932.  His Ref: Horamakaraada, Varahamihira, Yavanaeshwara, Devakirti.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, 07 May 2017.

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