May 24, 2017

Questions from 26 Aug 2016 to 30 Mar 2017,

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Questions asked by people in comments sections of various posts from 26 Aug 2016 to 03 Mar 2017, 

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Question 1: Hello myself Kunal Mukherjee D.O.B. 03-08-1990; Place - Kolkata; Time- 08:55 a.m. I want to know about my future and my career prospect in future? which metal or ratna is suitable for me? i want to be an IAS officer is it possible to me? please tell me...thanks in advance on Tanu Bhava- IstHouse, Lagna/Ascendant, Signs/Houses.

Answer: Venus in 10th house, 2018 to 2019 is a favourable period for such an endeavour, like IAS, Jupiter is vargottam in Cancer 11th house and 5th in Navamsa, but in Rasi it is with Sun 14 degrees apart but still combust so try boosting Jupiter with a Yellow Sapphire (Pokhraj), as it is related with education it will help you in your quest for Administrative jobs and also appease Lord Ganesha.

If possible share with me how was your childhood and your parents by ending email to for my research on Moola Nakshatram.


Question 2: My dob is 12/10/1977 Azamgarh 9:12 am sun Moon rahu mercury in 11th house in virgo is it good or bad on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I, Amit Singh.

Answer: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus in 11th house Virgo, Sun and Moon together is always not good, Luminaries should be as apart as possible, Mercury is in its exalted house and his own house Virgo but only 5 degrees apart so badly combust, (burning due to close proximity of Sun), Venus is debilitated (Neecha Avastha in Virgo), this is the most powerful house in your chart and this is the most badly afflicted house also and on top of it it has Mars 8th house Gemini dhristi on it, 

So Lagna, 7th (Where Moon is exalted), 9th where Moon (Controls Mind) is the lord are effected badly, 7th and 12th house where Venus (Karaka for Spouse) is the Lord are also badly afflicted, 8th and 11th where Mercury is the lord is also afflicted, and then there is Rahu also, afflicting is further badly.

11th house is Labha bhava, elders, profit, money income, so multiple planets means multiple opportunities but at the same time too many issues to keep an eye on, advantage is 12th lord Venus is also in 11th but debilitated, it might not work to get a good or beautiful spouse but it will definitely help in lowering losses or other 12th house effects but bed pleasures is badly effected etc.

10th house is still good with Saturn in Leo in Rasi and Mars in Gemini in Navamsa, with out any afflictions, though both are Malefics themselves and their strength is average, Saturn is lord of 3rd and 4th house also and Mars is lord of Lagna Rasi and 6th in Rasi,

Current Dasha is Jupiter till 2024 and then follows Saturn Maha dasha where you will achieve what you want to, it is till 2043 but after a lot of hard work, sweat.

Longevity of marriage is not very promising, all these planets in Virgo has 7th house dhristi on 5th house Putra bhava, which already has Ketu so it also gets afflicted and it is Pisces where Venus gets exaltation, and lord of 5th is Jupiter in 8th house, it is afflicted as far as progeny is concerned.


Question 3: I have mercury, Venus, Jupiter and rahu of Libra in sixth house what will be the consequences of this combination? on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I, Rohan,

Answer: Check for Mercury, Venus and Jupiter combination.

Question 4: Hello my name is Ajanta Choudhury dob 6th feb 1982 Place: namrup, assam Time 4:00pm,my husband Amitav Ghosh dob: 6th Aug 1971 Place:Cuttack Time 5:20 am we have been going thru prob in or marriage, majorly since last year oct. can you please help by giving an analysis on whats going on , my email add on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I Assisht.

Answer: OK.

Question 5: My date of birth is 15 December 1969 time 21:40 Place nangal dam. I have karaka Lagna the stars are as follows:2nd house Ketu of Leo, 4th house Jupiter of Tule, 5th house Venus of Scorpio, 8th house Mercury and Sun of Dhanus, 8th Mars , Moon and Rahu of Kumbha, 10th house sat aries retrograde at present going through Ketu Mahadasha since July 2015 in bhava chalit chart the only change is Jupiter in 3rd house of Kanya and Mars in 7th house of Capricorn kindly tell how will be my Ketu dasha regards Rajan on Astrology, Questions and Response, posted 01 Jan 2016.

Answer: Varahamihira said there are two professions where everyone has an opinion, Medicine and Astrology, so please just birth details are enough, Ketu Antara Dasha in Mars Maha dasha April 2016 to Sep 2016 already finished, Ketu is in 4th house with 7th house dhristi of Mars from 10th house with Rahu, Venus Antara Dasha starting Sep 2016 till nov 2017, Ketu Maha Dasha also over Oct 1968 to 1975. please send your query to I don't publish those questions.


Question 6: Hi, S P Ianala, I liked your blog very much lot of good information about Astrology, thanks you, This new post of Moola Nakshatra, I would like to know more about Moola Nakshatra, I saw Moola Nakshatra (1st Pada) in my Horoscope, could you email me advice me, it is a fact my father died dated 11/April 1972, my DOB 14/April/1963, 7:45 pm Mumbai, Name Surinder, Email: on Mula Nakshtram, Surinder Rati.

Answer: Please read following posts,


Question 7: What about Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter in 4th house ruled by Virgo all retrograde? on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I.

Answer: Pluto, Scientists at NASA USA are trying to figure out If it is a Planet or a wandering rock criss crossing our solar system, so our Scientists thousands of years back did not give admission to Pluto in Vedic Astrology, :-) Saturn and Jupiter retrograde some unfull filled desires from past lives.


Question 8: Hi, my DOB is 30 Jan 1990...It shows 4 planets in 4th house...but basics problem is ...I can not enjoy company of anyone...Mind is frustrated with past events and body is decreasing in internal strength, Help and suggest something...thanks on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I T.G.

Answer: You are just 27 years old, 4 planets in 4th house has nothing to do with it, read Bandhu bhava, you need to calm your Mind with meditation and check for Anemia or Low RBC levels, get your blood checked for complete picture. thanks!

Question 9: Sir, I have Sun-Mars-Mercury-Saturn-Ketu in 12th house. I couldn't find this match on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I Kamalika Dey.

Answer: Ketu is a shadow planet so you will not see it included in any combination, and Ketu reduces the positive efffects of other planets it is posited with and of the house it is posited in, it is a head less demon so see for Sun-Mars-Mercury-Saturn in four Grah/Planets combinations of Kalyana Verma Saravali and also check their degrees see how badly Mars, Mercury and Saturn are combust (burning due to close proximity to Sun) and their Maha Dashas and Antara Dashas. thanks!

Question 10: This Blog has so much information, Thanks for creating and posting information, Astrologers in Chennai Astrology Matching in Chennai Gemstone Consultant in Chennai Astrologers in Advar Chennai on Kal Sarpa Yoga-I Vedic Astrology Foundation.

Answer: Thanks!!!!!

Question 11: I am suffering thru Shani Maha Dasha please tell remedy, going to Hanuman temple since starting of Shani Dasha no benefit, cannot reveal birth details, also having Jupiter and Venus in 1st house, Sun in 12th house, somebuddy please help, Tanu Bhava-1st House Lagna/Ascendant, Sings/House, Samir Kothari.

Answer: Please some one help me, I have pain in my body I will not tell where, and I will also not tell what I ate, please take Ibuprofen based formulation it helps pain due to inflammations. thanks :-)

Anyway first understand what Hanuman stands for read carefully Hanuman Chalisa and then see due you deserve to get help or did you put yourself in a position that you deserve help.

Question 12: Can any body tell effects of conjunction of Mercury Venus and Saturn in 3rd House in Aries Lagna Kundli, Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I.

Answer: Anybody please.....please please please.....:-)

Question 13: Sir I am Scorpion, dob 02 June 1966, sir I want to end up by helping maximum people is it possible on Three Grah/Planets in one House at the time of Birth-I.

Answer: You don't need to check your Horoscope to help people, there are so many people who need help badly and India is a country where you don't need to look for them, they are everywhere, you will get tired of helping but they will never end, so just go and help the first person you meet and do it one person at a time. thanks!

Question 14: Kindly inform all of us that why all bhavas in kundli  said respectively tanu bhav dhan bhav rog shatru bhav etc. why first bhav said to be tanu bhav, who names it n why? on Bhavas First House (Tanu Bhava)- BPHS.

Answer:  Tanu means self, so that house which projects everything about is Tanu Bhava, 2nd house is Dhana bhava because 2nd house projects everything about money, Shatru bhava is 6th house because it projects possible enemies along with diseases and income, when Vedic Astrology was being studied thousands of years back by many scientists (sages like Parasara, Bhrigu, etc.) they named them.

Question 15: Nitish Kumar, Aries Mercury and Venus -1st house Sun and Moon - 2nd house Ketu - 3 Mars----5th Jupiter---7th Rahu--9th Shani---12th house Sir when I will get job on Astrology Questions and response, posted from 01 Jan 2015 to Dec 31, 2016, Nitish Kumar.

Answer: Mercury and Venus in first house is a huge positive for opportunities, for detailed look I would need your birth details, please send them to thanks!

Question 16: Respected Sir, I could know about my future, which business or line would be suitable for me, I am working and working ...But no positive comes to me for years and years...Plz guide me on career and would I ever live stable peaceful happy and rich life sir ? Name Hemang My Dob 31/01/1980, Time - 3:20 am. Place - malad east Mumbai. Thank you sir on Karma Bhava - 10th House - House of Action/ Social Status/ Fame / Authority/Career/Honors, Hemang Solanki.

Answer: Lagna is Scorpio, 3rd is with Sun 17degrees and Mercury 23 degrees, 4th with Venus and Ketu, 9th with Moon, (own house) Sun and Mercury 7th house dhristi, 10th Jupiter (Retro), Mars (Retro) and Rahu, 11th Virgo with Saturn, Navamsa Lagna Sagittarius with Ketu, Saturn (Retro) in 2nd, Venus and Sun in 6th, 7th with Rahu, 8th with Mercury and Moon (Own house), Jupiter (Retro in 9th and Mars (Retro) in 11th.

Rasi chart: 6th, 8th and 12th are empty and 6th and 12th are free from any dhristi also, which is very positive, so you are free from Enemies, Loss, or too much expenditure or expenditure more than Income, Ketu maha dasha April 2016, so there will be confusion in almost everything, till 2023, Venus Maha Dasha from 2023 till 2043 will bring big changes in your life for good, and also from 2017 things will start to look up towards bright side. thanks

Question 17: Mercury , Saturn, Mars in 8th house of Cancer Ascendant aspected by Jupiter in 4th house, Please explain the effects on Tanu Bhava -1st House, Lagna/Ascendant, Signs/Houses,
Ritesh Dassani Jain.

Answer: Cancer lagna is where Jupiter gets exalted, and Jupiter in 4th house Scorpio has 9th house dhristi on Lagna also, 8th house is Randhra bhava (hole) where you have Mercury and Saturn and Mars, Saturn and Mars are both Malefics so Mercury also becomes a Malefic, and you did not mention the strength of these planets, so generally speaking with out full information it is kind of difficult to write about details, Jupiter 5th house dhristi bestows long life but the three Malefics  cause loss of life force from time to time which far greater than what Jupiter can give, but you need to see which house they are lords of and strength of Lagna also, etc. please send your birth details to

Question 18: Sir, My DOB 10-may-1973 POB machilipatnam, India, Tob-5.10am Currently running Mars-Jup, Lost job in Mars-rahu, May I know why , Also let me know when will I get a job, Regards on Karma Bhava-10 House-House of Action/Social Status/ Fame/ Authority/ Career/ Honors, Venkat Gorty.

Answer: Jupiter is in Capricorn and it gets debilitation and Mars at the same time gets exalted in Capricorn, though your Mars in 11th house and both Mars and Jupiter are mutually friendly to each other, Saturn has 10th house dhristi on 11th house and Mars and Mars has 4th house dhristi on 2nd house and Saturn and Venus, you did not tell when exactly you lost your job, 2021 has a very good prospects for a government job or a government contracts, try and put all your efforts it will come to pass.

Question 19: I have ketu of leo in second house and Sun in 6th house of mula nakshatra, since ketu has come its effects on material was bad but mentally was good due to my meditation in my young age, just want to know will Ketu effect will dilute after my 48th birthday so that I can take care of my family on Questions as Comments-Astrology, Rajan Kalia.

Answer: Normally Ketu looses its effects after 48th year of life for every person, and as you said you are already in to Meditation, so a controlled Mind is in a much better position to handle crisis.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !

ॐ नमः शिवाय!

Sianala, Montreal, 24 May 2017


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Alok from bhilwara 13/2/1977 10:10 am bhilwara(raj) is my birthplace.what is best suitable field to earn money till date I have worked in various fields medical,suiting, agency self business service etc.last I have a brokerage work I m doing small stock market work .pls tell is it right ...because I have spent 7 years in this field...