Jun 3, 2007

Meeting the God

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

A person frustrated starts praying in a very secluded places to appease GOD, after 25 long years of penance, GOD appears in the form of Lord Shiva and asks the ascetic why did you remember me, dear!

The person is used to consult his wife for every small or big decisions, so he requests GOD, please wait for a minute I will be back in a moment, I have to ask my wife what exactly she wants.

GOD: Okey Dokey!

Person returns with a long list: Please take this list.

GOD: OK, Please wait for a minute I will be back in a moment, even I have to ask my wife before I promise anything (and GOD vanishes).

A year passes GOD does not return, meanwhile seeing the plight of this person, ever roaming saint Narada appears and asks what happened.

Person tells the whole story.

Narada: Oh! O, dear! When GOD says 1 minute it is equal to 100 years of Earth time. I am sorry, instead of waiting,better start all over again! good luck and he too vanishes.


Two neighbours ( N1& N2) ever competing with each other on every small and big things in their lives decide to call upon the GOD.

So the great penance starts, after 25 long years of penance, GOD appears before the first neighbour N1.

GOD: Hello dear! Let me know why you called me!

N1: Well I want many things but I would like you to do me a favour.

GOD: Ok! What is it.

N1: Are you going to answer my neighbours call also.

GOD: O' Yes, sure.

N1: Will it be possible if you find out what he is asking.

GOD: No problemo.

GOD appears before the other neighbour ( N2)

GOD: Hello dear, let me know why you called me!

N2: Thanks for coming, my lord! before I ask I would like to know what my Neighbour is asking, GOD says OK.

GOD returns to N1, like this GOD moves up and down for a couple of times, finally GOD is tired, I am sorry if you do not ask for anything, I am going, I have others calling.

N1: OK, Give me everything double the quantity of what ever N2 will ask.

GOD: Tathastu! ( Meaning, so be it).

God goes to N2 for the last time.

GOD: OK ask what do you want.

N2 is a persistent fellow, please let me know what did the N1 ask.

GOD: Oh my GOD! Ok, he wants everything two times of what ever you are going to ask.

N2: Ok! then cut my one hand, one leg, one ear and one eye.

GOD: Tathastu! and he leaves with a heavy heart, complaining, Why did I make Humans.


A person in Europe is looking for GOD, he asks a saint, the saint points at a Telephone booth.
The person pick up the phone and calls a number written on the wall" God's PRIVATE NUMBER, please dial 011 before the no and it is a long distance call.
The person disconnects and travels to North America, even there he finds a Telephone booth with same no and same instructions, again it is a long distance call.
The person travels to China, Japan, Australia, Arctic, Antarctica, Middle east every where he finds the same telephone booth with same instructions and it is always a long distance call.
Finally he decides to travel to India and looks around for that telephone booth and he finds it with the same no, but as he dials the number, the recorded message says, please do not dial o11 before the number, it is a local call from here.;-)
Contributed by friends.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

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