Jun 5, 2007

Minor Lines of the Palm

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

I have already dealt with the six Major lines of the palm, The Line of Fate, The line of Head, The line of Heart, The line of Life, The line of Health of Life and The line of Apollo, let us deal with the minor lines of the palm, which are not common lines present in every hand, few hands have very prominent minor lines, and few do not have these lines at all.

Minor lines of the palm: Line of Intuition, Girdle of Venus, Influence lines, Worry lines, Line of Marriage or Affection, Stress lines, Travel line, Rascettes,Via Lascivia, Line of Mars.

Line of Intuition: Fig P8A1 & P8B6, Look for this line on the percussion side of the palm, starting from the base of the palm to the little finger, the presence of this line is a indication that the Intuition of the person is active or awakened, because Intuition (Sixth sense as it is called) is a compulsory item that comes with this human body, other signs which enhance the Intuitive abilities are a whorl in the Ring finger third phalange, a mystic cross below the Saturn Finger and Ring finger, between the Heart line and the Line of intelligence, well formed mount of Luna or Moon.

Girdle of Venus: Fig P8A2, I am sorry I could not understand how someone called it Girdle of Venus, it is a arc between Little finger and Saturn finger, or Ring finger and Saturn finger or may be Index finger, I am not aware of its function or prominence and also it has nothing to do with Venus and love, only possibility is this line could be a secondary heart line, so it is in a way enhanced craving for love or affection, better not to have this.;-)

Influence Lines: Fig P8A3 & P8B5, Fine parallel lines emerging from the mount of Venus or Mount of Luna and flow towards the major lines of the palm, in a way to influence them in the life of the native, these lines are indication of influence of the family members on the native, each line indicates a member and if it cuts different major lines, it means they influence that sphere of the natives life in a positive or negative way, similar lines from teh mount of luna are influence from external circles.

Worry lines: Fig P8A4, Parallel vertical lines in the mount of Venus, more lines indicate more worries and absence of lines indicate lack of emotions.

Line of Marriage or Affection or Union: Fig P8A5, Small line on the percussion side of the palm, just below the little finger, here it is little tricky, because in a country like India where two opposite sex can only unite through marriage, then these lines should be called lines of marriage, and each line would indicate one marriage, and the health of that line directly indicates the health of marriage, but like in west, union of opposite sex is not necessarily through formal marriage, in that case this line should be called as line of affection or union.

The length of the line is normally up to 1 cm, a healthy line is a 1 cm horizontal line ending bluntly without any change in thickness and color of the line, with out any cuts or gaps, very fine hair like vertical lines on top of each marriage line indicate the number of children, thick straight lines indicate male and thin slant lines indicate females, but this area is not very clear in many hands and might not be visible to a naked eye, few hands I have seen have very clear patterns and the no of children living and dead match perfectly with the pattern, because of lack of clarity of this area, the scope of wrong prediction is very huge.

If the line of Marriage droops down towards the base of palm and ends somewhere below, little finger, Ring finger, Middle finger or Index finger or right into the mount of Venus indicate end of that marriage or union due to communications, ego, financial issues, understanding and respect for each other and influence of a family member respectively, if the line turn upward, it is a good sign, and if it bifurcates, it indicates flexibility in the union or more informal union.

The timing of marriage is determined by dividing the distance between the line of heart and the base of little finger in to four divisions, each division is equal to 10 years, the point on the line of heart will be 14 years and the base of the little finger 70 years, then determine the time of marriage or union, multiple healthy lines of marriage or union will indicate multiple partners.
Compatibility between the couple can be determined by looking at the health of the line of marriage.

Stress lines: Fig P8A6 Small vertical lines in the phalanges of the fingers, the upper, middle and lower phalange indicate soul, mind and body resp. the stress lines in these phalanges would indicate stress of the native in that part of his being, most people will have few lines in the lowest phalanges in almost all fingers, but few people have stress lines in the middle phalanges also, they are very stressed individuals, and people in deep perils have stress lines in almost all phalanges, they need a long vacation, any hand without any stress lines is rare.

Travel Lines: Fig P8B1, Small or long lines from the base of the palm on the percussion side of the palm and travelling towards the Mount of Jupiter or Index finger indicate the Travel the native had taken or will take in future, but I am not sure about this line either, I have seen only small lines from the percussion side reaching up to the middle of the palm, and these natives have traveled more than 15000 miles in one go.

So if there are few lines in this area you will travel or you have already traveled.:-)
Rascette: Fig P8B2, others names for Rascette are Bracelet or luck line, One, two or three single, double or triple plain or interwoven chain like lines on the wrist on the base of the palm are Rascette, these are like index of the life of the native, a plain line in this area would indicate uncomplicated life of the native, and a chained line indicate complex or complicated life due to hassles, a cross in this line would indicate a difficult period, each line indicates around 40 years of life, three lines account for 120 years of life, but this is not the only parameter for life calculation.

The first line on the Rascette if forms a deep curve towards the palm in the hands of women, would suggest possible delivery problems, and in the hands of men, possible delivery problems faced by their mothers during their birth and some believe weakness in reproductive system.
Via Lascivia: Fig P8B3, A horizontal line crossing the mount of Luna and might join the Fate line, as the Latin name suggests it was believed to be associated with Lust, drunkenness and debauchery, but actually this line has to do with spending capacity of a native, A person with this line is like a Natural accounts manager, with just 100$ he could feed many people, and a person with out this line might not be able to fill his of tummy with 100$, just an example.
Line of Mars: Fig P8B4, This line starts form the mount of mars between the Index finger and the Thumb and runs inside the line of Life, this adds to the vitality and life force of the Native, it is also called as sister life line.

There are other small and very minor lines not at all common, like sex line, money line, spirit line. do not worry about them they do not affect your life in any way.

More to follow............................marks and signs.

ॐ श्री गुरावे नमः !
ॐ नमः शिवाय!

SIanala, Montreal, June 2007

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